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Retail is a process of selling products and services to target individuals by crossing it from multiple channels of distribution for generating profit. It used to follow a supply chain in better and definite manner so that satisfied products used to deliver in better frame. This project is all about retail theory and practices on River Island whom are one of a major retail company in UK. They provide high standard clothes products to their customers by analysing all new trends. This project will going to describe about the key relevant changes arise in the UK clothing sector which need to understand by management so that better and effective strategies and tactics could be formulate (Bowen, 2016 ).

Introduction to Retail

Retail industry is one of the most seasoned area, this industry has developed at 5.5 percent consistently. Number of changes are there which happen in this and influence its development and rate of benefit. To make progress and development, it is exceptionally basic for maker and retailer of apparel to first look at the varieties happens in needs and in fashion patterns. Significant employments in ventures related with fashion are in the retail offer of apparel. Design market of United Kingdom is developing on non-stop premise since huge number of retailer move far from regular patterns and substantial reducing that have little connection to flighty figures.

Introduction about company

River Island is one of a major company whom used to deal various worldwide market area which was established in the year 1948 by Bernard Lewis. It is a private company which used to owned by Lewis family and have headquarters in London. In 1993, management used to expand them at new market area Ireland which enable and facilitate them an option to bring better and effective products to diverse range of customers as well  (Chudik and Pesaran, 2016).

River Island have 350 stores in the UK, Ireland, Asia, with 6 online websites operated in 4 currencies with shipping over on 100 more countries. With expansion of business, management used to determine the recent and current trends as well so that they could manage and expand operations in better and determined manner. Till the year 2012, business do not have any store in Singapore but by 2013, online fashion company Zalora acting as a link between the River Island and South east Asia.

Main Body

Key relevant changes in UK clothing fashion industry

Clothing industry is wide in nature where fashion trends are getting change and modify with every due course of time. It is really important to understand about the key relevant changes which arise in UK clothing fashion industry. River Island is a retailer company that work and activity with an innovative methods (Dalkir and Beaulieu, 2017). Changes in the business operations highly effects on its performance and profitability which is not good for them to achieve predetermined goals and objectives. Changes is also important and beneficial for the organisation to attract large number of the customers towards business products and goods. There are different variation in the fashion sector that is faced by the  River Island in an effective and efficient manner.

Business setting strong and long term goals: Changes in clothing sector highly effects on business performance and effectiveness. River Island is deals in different type of clothes which is essential for them to maximise their goodwill and image in marketplace. Changes in the business structure that effects on the business image and brand (Vargoand Lusch, 2011). In this role and responsibility of business manager is to improve their product quality and apply different kind of promotion mix. This includes advertisement, personal selling, public relation and many other. All these tools are highly support them to introduced their product features, quality, design and many other aspects in the marketplace and to the customers in a systematic manner.

 Harnessing the industry power: Today each and every organisation wants and needs to develop as well as maintain a long lasting relationship with their customers. For accomplishment of this,  River Island maintain and keep transference in their production process and supply chain. All these are highly essential for the company to attract million number of the audience towards clothing products (Drexl, 2012). Power of the company is more important part of its success and development in the market. For achievement of long term development, they are able to gain maximum am mount of fund and competitive advantages within an organisation.

Changes in technology: Digitalisation is more important and essential for the organisation to save their time and money. With the help of this they can easily attract large number of the audience by satisfying needs and wants of the customers. In clothing sector, River Island should tries to apply digitalisation in their production process. Thus, it assist in achievement of long term goals and objectives in allotted time period. It is also essential and useful for maintain long lasting relationship with clients and gain maximum amount of the capital. 

Modification in the customer taste and preferences: It is another changes in the clothing sector that impact on company performance and goodwill in direct and indirect way. Today market is dynamic which change day to day. There are large number of the customers whose needs and taste are different about the clothing products. So it is effects on the company sales and revenues which is not good for them to gain competitive advantages (George and Bock, 2011).

Changes in market trends: Market trends are change in regular basis which impact on company and is profitability ratio in a negative and positive way. In this role and responsibility of of marketing manager is to conduct a research program by which they can easily identify customers needs and tries to satisfy them. So it is beneficial and essential for the River Island to render quality products and better services to their customers at affordable price (Tate, Ellram and Dooley, 2012). In this they should tries to analysis market demand and customers requirement about clothing goods. Further they are understood all this and give better quality as per their requirement and needs.

Strategies which need to implement for dealing changes

Clothing or fashion industry face heavy and major challenges in their work while they used to deal with at global level. Such changes could be in the form of technological advancement, harassing customers, change in taste and preference of customer aspect. All these are define as major and dynamic alterations which suppose to be present in the working and need to understand by business managers of River Island properly. Hence, to deal with such changes, management first have to organise a macro environment analysis which facilitate them and enable them to manage such consideration as well as their evaluation become possible in nature as well (Grimm and et. al., 2013).

  • Political: One of a major change is related with political stability which could impacted the company ability to craft various long term goals and targets. Business need to understand the political interventions properly where 2016 and 2017 rocked hard the business due to Brexit. In UK, this act enable and reduce the ability of a company to manage and deal changes in better and definite manner. This aspect required to understand by business properly and to deal with this, appropriate and effective strategy required to develop.
  • Economical: Business need to determine the condition of a country in better and supportive manner. Although, if a country do not have better and define condition of economy then chances of profit for River Island are relatively low in tenure. UK have good economical condition which facilitate them in producing high quality products. Along with this,m they also used through online section which enable them in contribute in many countries economy. Thus, this could be change or alter as per the market trends. Hence, management need to estimated the scenario of market and then used to deliver products and services (Leigh and Blakely, 2016).
  • Social cultural: Another aspect is related with society which need to understand by business managers of river Island in better and effective manner. This belong to change in customer taste and preference which need to understand by managers of a company. As they suppose to craft their strategies which used to please them in order to made their clients satisfied. River Island will going to deliver the products and services as per the requirement of their customers which facilitate and enable them to generate more and more profit and maintain their keen competitive position at the time of change as well.
  • Technological: River Island is a famous organisation whom used to deal in branded clothes. Although, management of a company used to deal in various kinds of products and services through online medium which facilitate them to reach such market place where do not have any store yet (Rapp and et. al., 2015). This will going to enable them in order to maintain better position at market area which further enable them to managing operations in better and definite matter of course. Although, they need to work on this aspect properly because from past few days, they found that online fraud activities are taking place more and more. Thus, management need to utilise high security technological advancement software which assist them to deal with such stances in better and effective manner.
  • Environmental: Business need to understand about the environment aspects in better and supportive manner so that they could maintain their work in better frame (Stewart and Shamdasani, 2014). As sometimes, management operations used to harm the environment which suppose to be reflect negative image of a company. River Island need to understand this aspect in better and effective manner so that they could deal out aspects properly. Like they need to avoid to deliver their clothes in plastic bags and use paper bags. This will enable them in least harm environment as well as such bags are recyclable in nature as well.
  • Legislative: Whenever business used to focus their work in any field area, they have to determine all related regulations of such countries. Such legislation enable them to operate and deal out the things properly which facilitate and enable them to manage their working properly (Price, 2017). Like River Island have to determine and learn about the consumer protections acts in better and delightful manner as well as need to understand about online security system. Such legislations will going to support business and management in order to facilitate effective working which support them in deriving better and effective outcome.

Recommendations regarding strategies improvement

There are possibilities that business has to make  policies which help them to perform activities in better way. There are many factors which affect business operations, it must be important for growth of company. There is requirement of various policies which help in performing activities in better way. There are possibilities that manager has to changes policies which are related to operations of River Iceland. They must try to come with new and innovative ideas which help in achieving targets on time. Customer satisfaction is one of the best way to expand business and increase revenue of company. In clothing business, there are many competitors so it is important to analyse market regularly and take corrective actions.

There is requirement of resources such as raw material, cloth stuff, etc. which must be used in way so there is requirement of policies which help in achieving business objectives in proper way. Main aim of River Iceland is to earn profits, this can be done with the help of reduction of cost. There is requirement of proper policies which help in satisfying customers. In Fashion industry trends are changing very frequently, so there is need of proper planning so dresses will not become out of trends. It is not possible for employees to perform activities in perfection way, so it is necessary that manager must emphasise on working style of employees. There are many factors which affect business and it is essential that performing activities in better way.


These days there is requirement of various policies which help company to achieve task in proper time. There are possibilities that due to change in plans and policies, it must be conveyed to employees so they can achieve targets on time. As per today's ear regular changes are taking place so River Iceland must keep in mind and take actions proper so it does not give chance of loss. There are possibilities of over and dead stock, both situations are adverse for company, so proper planning must be there. Business runs in society so there are possibilities that there are fluctuation in external party of company, then there is requirement of flexible policies which help in performing task in more effective and efficient manner. There is important role of research and development department, as they come with needs of customer and as per change in acceptance of policies. There is requirement of various factors which must be probable for achieving targets. River Ice must give emphasise on performance of company and then take actions which help, them to improve overall performance of River Iceland.

There are possibilities that due to change in working style, employees may get deflected from their path and this may create confusion in the activities of company. There is need of proper analyse  which affect business in positive manner. Business environment is one of the important fact which help in achieving targets and then take actions appropriately. As these days modifications are taking place very frequently, so there is need of change in business policies also. Government plays vital role in smooth running of business, so there is requirement of proper monitoring which help in achieving targets in better way. It is essential that management of River Iceland must frame policies which help in achieving targets.

There are different actions performed by management to motivate employees, through there performance appraisal. It is necessary to convey that company's growth means development of workers. So this helps in achieving business targets in best and appropriate manner. If there is change in working style of company then there is requirement of training so employees can learn new things and it helps in growth of workers as well as River Iceland. Training not only improves workers performance but also make them energetic.


It get concluded from the project that retail theory and practices need to apply in business context so that better and effective outcome could be drawn. A business required to manage their working in better manner by evaluating all major changing trends and aspects properly and effectively. Moreover, business required to understand such stances in better manner so that they used to deal with such changes properly. For this consideration, macro environment analysis used to get ensure in better manner. Such strategies will incorporate business to deal with all kind of modifications in better and determine manner. Henceforth, management become able to manage changes properly which further assist them in gaining and deriving better and effective outcome for long period of course.


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