Roles And Responsibilities of Marketing in ASOS Plc


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Question :

This assessment will cover:

  • What are the roles of marketing in ASOS Plc
  • Elaborate the marketing mix and their effective elements in ASOS Plc
  • Give the strategic marketing plan and functions.
Answer :


The way of maintaining good relations with customers by using proper method of attracting. All organisation works for the purpose of selling their products and services in wide range which helps to increase the profits. Marketing is the process of creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offering in order to satisfy the customers and make profits (Folinas and Fotiadis, 2017). This is wider concept to understand which are used by business organisation for selling their products. To understand the concept of marketing, its essentialism and role of managers ASOS Plc is chosen that is online fashion and cosmetic retailer company, sell its products at retain prices. This report discusses about roles and responsibilities of marketing, relation to wider organisational and marketing mix which is method of setting strategy to deal with competitors and maintaining profits. Moreover, a market plan by involving vision, mission, objectives and budget will conclude in this report.

Task 1

P1 Roles and Responsibilities of Marketing Function

Marketing is the is function which is important in every organisation that helps to run a business successfully by attracting people. This is used to influence people and provide information about new product and service which helps to maintain profit. This perform by a manager who research the market and gather information about people's needs and wants then introduce products as per their choice which provide satisfaction to them (Baack, Harris and Baack, 2013). Customers are the priority for business organisation because they are one who decide the sustainability of business by giving their feedbacks. For instance, ASOS Plc is a online fashion retailer company that offers different types of products at retail prices which highly attracts customers and create a goodwill of business organisation.

Marketing Function -

Marketing function is the process of researching data and gathering information about people choice and provide information for new trend or latest products (Lidstone and MacLennan, 2017). If any business organisation introducing something new, provide products at discount, Festival sale etc. marketing function are used in all activities which helps to increase the organisational sales.

Roles and Responsibilities of Marketing Functions:

Gathering and Analysing Market information –

This function is associated with marketing where manager are playing a role of market analyst who analyse the market and gather various information that what people wants. This helps to run a business by collecting information and providing products accordingly (Baines, Fill and Page, 2013). For example, the marketing manager of ASOS perform their analyst role in which relevant informations are collected by manager which helps to know that which cosmetic product has best opportunities in market. Responsibilities of manager is to understand what customers wants, which type of product and price people wants and how they can be satisfied which helps to continue a business.

Market planning -

Planning is the first function in every organisation which helps to take further steps in order to run a business. This is important function which helps to attain organisational goals by taking further steps (Hanssens and Pauwels, 2016). By using planning a business organisation can move further and achieve their targets. For example, ASOS's management has decided to raise their online sale 30% by 2021 where manager's role is strategic manager in which different strategies are formulate by manager in order to complete targets. The responsibility of marketing manager is to prepare a plan for the purpose of level of production and promotion. This decides that who will do it, when and how in order to raise organisational performance. By using this market planning helps to increase the productivity and profitability.

Product design and development -

To sale the product effectively product designing is playing an important role which attracts people to purchase the products. In context to ASOS Plc marketing manager's roles and responsibilities are as design and development of products are selected by manager who select design of products which attracts customers and emphasis to purchase products (Blythe, 2012).

Pricing of products -

This is also important function which are used by organisation to set the prices of its products and services. Price is the most effective element which helps to make buying decision by analysing pricing of products and services. The prices of products affected by cost, competing product pricing, rate of profit and government policy which attracts people to buys products (Rundh, 2016). In context to ASOS, responsibility of marketing is to set the prices of products by analysing all cost and it should be suitable and relevant for customers which helps to increase business sale effectively. Role of manager is price fixer who decide the price of product as per customer income level which helps to attracts customers.

Standardisation and Grading –

This refers as determining of standard for size, design, weight, raw material, colour and quality of product. This helps to increase the productivity or organisation by influencing them (Campbell, Martin and Fabos, 2018). By maintaining standardisation and grading customers believes that product have some peculiarities and value. For example, ASOS provides clothes, beauty products, accessories and shoes by maintaining good standard and grade of products which influence people in order to buys products. The management of such organisation get test of its product time to time which categories the products in A grade that means best quality of products which attracts people to buy easily. The role and responsibility of manager is tester who provide sample to use the product which create trust on product as well as organisation.

Customer support service –

It is important for organisation to maintain the good relations with customers which helps to increase the productivity and profitability continuously. This is depend on organisation how they do this function (Fernandes, 2017). Customer support service is a effective function of marketing which provide satisfaction to people and make decision to buy next time more. Herein, role and responsibility of manager are customer care which helps to provide satisfaction to people and attracts them positively. For example, ASOS is online fashion retailer company in which marketing manager's role as customer support which helps to solve customer problems by providing optimum solution which attracts people.

Therefore, all marketing functions are important for ASOS organisation where marketing manager are playing different roles and responsibilities in order to attain organisational goals. Management focus on customer needs and provide products accordingly by using marketing function (Saura, Palos-Sánchez and Cerdá Suárez, 2017).

M1 Roles and Responsibilities in Context to Marketing Environment

Marketing environment consider various companies where managers have different roles and responsibilities to complete the targets. The management of ASOS Plc company understand the needs of people and provide products accordingly which helps to attain business goals. In this organisation role of manager as research analyst, price fixer, promoter, setting design and standard etc. helps to complete the functions and make efforts to attain business goals (Clow and James, 2013).

P2 Relation of Marketing Roles and Responsibilities to Organisational Context

Marketing is those function which are used by companies in order to develop their products and services. This is a process which is used to promote and sale the products effectively that increases productivity and profitability. This helps to increase the customer relationship with organisation by satisfying them effectively and maintaining higher profits. In context to ASOS Plc uses marketing to provide important information to people which helps to attract people and maintain profits. By using this function business organisation can attain the business goals and objectives effectively (Dibb and Simkin, 2013). The relation of marketing with different roles and responsibilities are as defined:

Relation between marketing and research department -

Research is the first function of business organisation which is used to collect the information effectively and provide products and services according to customers. Marketing function is used to attract the people by using different techniques which helps to increase the sale of business organisation. Both functions are interrelated as research department collects information that what people wants and what are the trend which helps marketing department in order to use marketing and provide products and services accordingly which helps to attain organisational goals (Dahl, 2018). For example, research manager of ASOS Plc analysis the information and gather data and shares with marketing department by performing their roles and responsibilities which helps to attain business goals effectively. Managers are playing significance role and responsibility as they collect the information and uses marketing activities to provide information to people. Both function are related with roles and responsibility of manager which helps to attain organisational goals and objectives.

Relation between marketing and HRM –

HRM is those function which are used to fill the vacancy of employees within organisation and maintain a proper system in organisation. Whenever organisation needs employees HRM is single function which recruits the employees and also formulate policies for organisation welfare. Marketing function and HRM function are connected with each other where marketing manager uses different advertisement and activities to provide information about people and helps HRM department to get pool of applicants (Finch, Nadeau and O’Reilly, 2013). For instance, ASOS Plc is fashion retailer organisation where marketing manager understand the requirement of organisation and give advertisement for the purpose of hiring the people with the help of HRM function. Both function are helpful which increases the business performance by hiring the people for particular department by analysing the skills and knowledge.

Relation between marketing and Finance -

Finance is main function which is used to perform all functions. It is needed at every place that helps to perform all business activities efficiently (Usui, 2017). Through this organisation can attain business goals. Both functions are interrelated and also related with roles and responsibilities of manager in context to ASOS Plc in which marketing manager get funds from finance department who manage all funds systematically. To use marketing functions there is need to have money which is provides by finance department which helps to attain the organisational goals that incremental in business productivity and profitability. Different planning are also set by managers which are perform to complete the goals effectively and increase profitability.

Relation between marketing and IT –

IT function means Information technology which is used to introduce new technology and new method to work. This function is also important in business organisation as manager can introduce new technique and technology in order to develop the productivity and profitability. IT is becoming most important department in business organisation that pressure to digitize and automatize every aspect of business. In context to ASOS Plc role and responsibility of IT and marketing manager are website development and e-commerce, database development and CRM, marketing automation and triggers, data analysis and product enhancement which helps to increase the organisational productivity and profitability. Both managers maintains level of accountability for becoming successful and increasing profitability (FISK, 2013).

M2 Significance of interrelationship between marketing and other functional units.

All functions of business organisation are interlinked with other functions which helps to perform business activities effectively. Function are important for business organisation which helps to understand the goal of business industry and make efforts to accomplish them. In context to ASOS Plc organisation marketing function is related with HRM, Finance, IT and research function where manager collects the information, employees are recruited by HRM, finance department provide finance to marketing etc. are completed by managers in order to improve the business performance and increase profitability (Martin and Javalgi, 2016).

D1 Critically analyse and evaluation of key element of marketing function

Marketing functions are those function which are used to focus on all activities and complete the task. Marketing is main function of business industry in which manager decide the plan and make efforts to accomplish them (Pasquier and Villeneuve, 2017). All function are interrelated where manager understand their role and responsibilities in order to work accordingly. By using different activities organisation can attain business goals effectively.

Task 2

P3 Compare the ways where different organisation apply marketing mix

Marketing mix is the collection of different factors such as tactics and actions which helps to compare with other organisation and strategies are formulated accordingly. This helps to promote the product and services of a particular business organisation. If a company wants to raise its sale and business performance then it need to develop different policies by comparing with other organisation which helps to attain business goals effectively. Moreover, marketing mix consider as putting the right product at right place at right prices (Marketing mix, 2018). The management of ASOS Plc company uses marketing mix by involving product, price, place, promotion, process, people and physical evidence which helps to attain business goals. The marketing mix of ASOS and Boohoo .com that is also a online retailer company provide cosmetic and beauty products online by using different strategies that are as explained:

Source: Marketing Mix, 2018

Marketing mix of ASOS Plc and Boohoo com



Boohoo com


ASOS Plc is multinational company that provides different types of products such as footwear, accessories, clothes, cosmetics, coats, shirts etc. It maintain the high quality of products. Moreover, it provides helpline and credit facility to customers which increases customer's trusts.

How ever, Boohoo com sells its products in 5 category by serving different types of products. This provides cosmetic and clothes to customers and also give benefits to customer such as warranty, delivery, credit, helpline service and after sale services (About Boohoo. com, 2019.).


It follows reasonable pricing strategy, however some products are expensive due to brand. It provides its products and services at less prices which attracts people (Hair Jr and ., 2015).

Currently, this organisation adopts competitive based pricing strategy in which managers compete the prices of products with competitors. It also uses bundle pricing strategy for selling its products.


It has good relations with other countries which helps to sell the products wider range. As it have head office in Greater London and other places where it provides products online and offline.

Boohoo com has products present over than 500 retailer all over the country (Marketing mix of Boohoo Com, 2019).


This uses different promotional activities such as social media, You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, television and brand ambassador to promote the products and increase organisational sales.

Conversely this uses traditional media such as television, radio etc. in modern media this Facebook, You Tube, Twitter etc. which benefits to large reach (Nufer, 2016).


This make sure all products are available easily at stores as it has online delivery process where customer can order through online system and generate market opportunities (Joshi, 2012).

This uses two marketing process or channel such as direct sale to customer through online websites and next is sale to whole sellers who sale their products to retailer.


People in this organisation are the employees who work for business, customer service, helpline, customers, IT department, marketing managers etc. who are performing their roles effectively.

On the other hand, people works as a team, takes consideration in to customer preference. Moreover, customer service department are considered in people strategy which helps to perform all function easily.

Physical evidence

This involves online websites, mobile application different logo and easy to convenient in physical evidence which helps to sale the products in wide range and maintain profits.

Conversely, this uses different colour packaging which is easily identifiable .It also focuses on omni channel system which is integrated with online and offline stores. This helps customers to select the product through online and increase business sales.


Therefore, marketing mix is used by ASOS Plc and Boohoo Com who are online retailer company that offers variety of products and services and increase organisational sale. This helps to maintain the high profits by providing variety of products and services.

M3 Different tactics are applied by business organisation to attain business goals

Tactics are the regulation and strict plan which are used to run a business successfully and maintain the profits. By using all tactics organisation can attain their goals effectively and also increase market share (Agic and et. al., 2016). Such as ASOS Plc is using marking mix which helps to to define what products are provided by organisation, at what price, place, by using which promotional activities, process, people and physical evidence which helps to understand the goals of organisation and attain business objectives. Different element are used by business organisation which helps to maintain the high production level by generating profits.

Task 3

P4 Basic market plan for a business organisation

Marketing plan is consider as written document or strategy which is used to attract people and sale the products accordingly. By using marketing plan any business organisation can sale its products and services effectively which helps to attain organisational goals. Marketing plan is also used to increase the product line by introducing new products which attracts people and emphasis to purchase products (Kongstvedt, 2013). The marketing manager of ASOS Plc set marketing plan whenever they introduce something new, festivals time and so on which helps to increase the sale of business organisation and maintain profitability. Currently, manager set a marketing plan in order to attain future goals that are as defined:

Executive summary:

ASOS Plc is a online fashion retailer company that provides different types of products through online system. This helps to increase the sale of business organisation by providing products. The marketing manager of such organisation make plans to introduce new products in order to attain organisational goals and objectives. Such company is going to introduce new product that is anti ageing cream as per customer demand which helps to keep customers young and fair. For this marketing plan is defined as:

1.) Objectives:

The main objects of ASOS Plc company are as:

  • To increase organisational sale 20% more by 2021.
  • To capture high market share that other company.
  • To expand the business in other country such as china, Spain, Italy etc.
  • To provide satisfaction to customers by providing better quality of products and services through online and offline.

3.) Strategy:

The management of ASOS Plc company uses different strategy such as:

STP: This refers as segmentation, targeting and position which are classified-

Segmentation: The management of ASOS Plc company focus on demographical and geographical segmentation in which it provides products at all location to all ages people.

Targeting: This targets male, female and children as all needed beauty products, clothes and other item. Mainly targets women who purchase beauty products and accessories.

Product positioning: The position of new product is at wider level that will attracts more people and helps to develop the product. Moreover, it provides product differentiation which helps customer to choose product accordingly.

4.)Action Plan:

This plan is prepared by management of ASOS Plc company such as:

Budget Allocation: To introduce new product that is anti ageing beauty cream manager has allocate the budget that are as defined:

Research and development

1000 £

Marketing activities

2000 £


1000 £

Investment activity

1000 £


5000 £


Marketing Mix: Marketing mix of ASOS's new product is defined as:


ASOS Plc is introducing new product that is Anti ageing beauty cream that will attract more customers.


The cost of this cream is 500 £ by involving all taxes.


The product will launch in greater London, UK.


To promote the product it uses You Tube, social media, print media etc. which helps to promote the product.

Physical evidence

Company's websites and mobile application is simple to provide information that will help to gain profits.


It has online portal, cash on delivery, creditability, and online process to provide products.


Employees, customer support, warehousing, IT and marketing employees.



From the above information it has been quantified that:

Cost: The management has evaluated that cost of product is identifiable which is relevant and suitable for people.

Sales: The sale of the organisation will increase 15-25% by 2021 with the help of launching new product.

Profits: By launching new product organisation supposed to earn profit 100000 £ by launching new product.

Market share: By using new product organisation captured more market share.

6.) Control:

In this step all activities are controlled by management by evaluating all activities and organisational structure. ASOS Plc has attractive organisation structure which helps to perform all functions effectively in order to attain organisational goals.

M4 Coherent evidenced based marketing plan

Marketing plan is helpful for all organisation as it helps to develop the products and services effectively. This is prepared by managers who introduce new products and services in business market which helps to attain organisational goals and objectives. In context to ASOS Plc, marketing plan is prepared by managers who evaluate needs of people and bring new product in market (Mahmoud, 2018). To sell this new product there is need to have marketing plan which can attract customer and emphasis to buy products. This marketing plan helps to increase the productivity and profitability of organisation and retain the customers continuously.

D2 Strategic marketing plan that apply tactically to attain marketing objectives

Strategic marketing plan means a plan which is used by business organisation to complete the task and attain business goals. In context to ASOS Plc, different tactics are applied by managers such as situation, objectives, strategy, action plan, forecast and control which valuable and relevant for organisation that helps to introduce new products and increase business sale of organisation. Resulting accomplishment of organisational goals and objectives. Moreover, by using this organisation focus on productivity and profitability of their business.


Marketing is the function which need to be well integrated in to all functions of an organisation because it is responsible for its brand and customer experience by convincing them. Marketing mix is used to set strategic plan by comparing with others. Tactics and different regulations are used by business organisation in order to attain business goals. Marketing plan is set by managers which helps to perform all activities and maintain the profitability.


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