Roles And Responsibilities Perform By Marketing Department of ALDI


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Question :

This assessment will cover:

  • Evaluate the key responsibilities of ALDI.
  • Make an effective marketing plan of ALDI.
  • Give the effective roles and responsibilities in ALDI.
Answer :
Organization Selected : ALDI


Marketing is considered as a process of promoting company’s goods and services with help of various communication channels. This is the only process which provide an opportunity to company to interact with its target customers. Main purpose of this is to make customers aware about special features of company’s product and influence them to buy the same (Mihart, 2012). ALDI, a discount supermarket based in United Kingdom is taken in this report. Different roles and responsibilities perform by marketing department of company to achieve marketing goal is given in this report. Further, interrelationship among various functions performed by different department of company and application of various components of marketing mix to sustain in market for long run is also detailed in this.


P1 Explain the key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function

Marketing is a strategy of an organisation to increase sales, maximise profit, satisfy the need of customers and beat competitors. Market is a place where large number of buyers and sellers are gathered to buy or sale of goods and services. There are basically five concepts of marketing: product, production, marketing, selling and societal marketing concept (Baker and Magnini, 2016)

These concepts helps ALDI to make strategy and implement plan for action. According to this, company analyse the market condition and then take decisions regarding production of those goods and services that readily meet customers demands.

In concept of current marketing trends, ALDI focuses on customers value and perform work with more efficiency and effectiveness. Technologies are used which are more updated with current inventions. Advertising and selling on social media trend is more popular in recent years. Online marketing and digital payment option is also available to customers through which they get product easily. It is helpful to save time and increase sales (Martin, Campbell and Harmsen, 2014).

Future marketing trends help the organisation to make long term strategic plans and estimation of future production and sales. In future, market will depend on 4Es approaches, which are: Experience, Emotion, Engagement and Exclusivity. Customers will ignore brand name and focus on the quality of product with best possible price. ALDI should also focus to maintain one to one relation with their customers because a company will run for a long time only with customer's support.

Overview of Marketing Process:

Marketing process is a series of some different steps that helps to identify the vision, mission and objectives of the firm and a path which helps to reach their goals. The steps of marketing process are: Situation analysis, Marketing strategy, Marketing mix decisions, Implementation and control.

  • In situation analysis, ALDI has to examine the market condition, recent trends in market and need of consumers.
  • After analysing the situation ALDI has to make marketing strategy to attract more customers and to beat competition.
  • In marketing mix decisions ALDI take decision regarding the product development, distribution channel, promotion techniques and pricing decisions.
  • After completing the above steps, ALDI to implement their plan for action and control those factors which create the barriers in the success of an organisation.

Roles and Responsibilities of Marketing Departments:

Effective use of Marketing Information System:-

In this role, departments of different organisations gather information about customers like what type of people and what are their needs. ALDI has to observe the market trends and competitor's strategy. Company can use their sales department for feedback.

Ensuring proper product distribution:-

This is a process of deciding that what are ways or channels of distribution by which customer get the goods and servicing. Sales department handle the distribution of products (Brooks and Simkin, 2012). Personal selling, online selling, retail marketing etc. are the different types of distinction channels.

Product modification:-

It is the responsibility of production department to identify the demand of product in market and add features to make product different from other similar products with some unique qualities. ALDI have to improve and develop their products with reference to customer needs.

Setting up strategies related to Pricing:-

The price of a product should not be more or less. ALDI has the responsibility to decide price of their foods and beverages as per quality, quantity and ingredients that is used to make product. Every customer cannot afford high prices goods so, company should focus on all people and competitors strategy about pricing.

Ensuring effective product promotion:-

This is a technique used by every company to increase sales and profit. ALDI can promote their product by advertising on radio, television, newspapers, social media etc. this increases cost of company as well as their sales too. Firm uses those option which reduce cost and enhance profit (Lipsman and et. al., 2012).

Undertaking Selling:-

When firm determine the needs and desire of customers it the responsibility of ALDI to sale right product which is based on customer's needs. There should be proper communication between buyers and sellers because it make a strong market relation.

Arranging proper Funds :-

Finance department of ALDI has responsibility to manage finance statement of company and proper record of inflow and outflow of cash. They also manage cost and utilisation of funds. It also play a role to take money and invest money in those resources from where firm get maximum return.

P2 Explain how roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the wider organisational context

Marketing refers to the process of promoting good and services in order to attract attention of customers and then persuading them to make purchases(Desai, 2013). It is a never ending process which begins with the inception of product to provide after sale services to its purchasers in the hope of making profit. ALDI is supermarket present in UK which belongs to retail sector and marketing plays a crucial role in functioning of this organisation. Following are the points that describe about the importance that marketing have for ALDI:

  • Marketing help ALDI in communicating about the product or services that company offer to its target market and product categories that they included in their stores.
  • Marketing also help in attracting customers toward its stores that in turn increases the volume of sale.
  • This function also help in making customers satisfied by handling their issues that are faced after purchasing of goods or services.

Marketing function is interrelated with other department of an organisation which help in performing actions more effectively which provide positive outcome. Following points describe about the interrelation of marketing department with other unit of organisation:

  • Marketing and Finance unit:-

    This department is responsible for managing the money so that each activity within an organisation can be performed effectively without any shortage of fund. Main function of finance department is to identify of need and provide them to each unity in timely manner. Functions performed by marketing unit is interlinked with financial department as they get money for promotional and other activities from this section (Draelos, 2010). Marketing manager of ALDI coordinate with financial manager in order to estimate the fund required for its promotional activities so that tasks can be performed effectively without any delays or shortage of fund.
  • Marketing and Research & Development unit:-

    This department is responsible for conducting the research in order to identify the market opportunities and requirement of customers in order to develop the product according to the demand of customers. Therefore, marketing unit is required to coordinate with R&D manager in order to formulate promotional strategies that can attract and influence customers more effectively (Jones and Rowley, 2011). ALDI invest more over research in order to determine the changing demand of its target market so that firm could produce product as per customers requirements.

  • Marketing unit with HR department:-

    HR department is mainly responsible for hiring most proficient employees for the company that is present at right job profile at right time whenever required (Durmaz, 2011). The Marketing department works in close coordination with HR department to recruit most appropriate employees as per the job specification and personal requirements of the marketing unit. For instance, it is essential for an employee belonging to marketing unit have a good interpersonal communication skills so as to inspire customer or investor to try products of the company or to invest in its project. Thus, marketing manager along with HR managers work together to hire the most professional and proficient candidate.
  • Marketing with production department:-

    Production unit is mainly concerned with creating innovative goods and services as per the needs and requirements of the customers, managing quality and quantity of goods and arranging deliveries of the finished products (Hsu, 2011). In this task, it is supported by the marketing unit that provides a detailed information about the market demand, various suppliers options, latest technology to be used in logistics etc. Thus both these departments work in coordination work together to attain firm's objectives.


P3 Marketing mix of ALDI

Definition of marketing mix:

Marketing mix refers that it is a set of plan of action in which an enterprise use to boost and trade it's products in the market. These plans or tactics range are develop the products and decide places and prices of products. This is the set of manageable, military science, marketing instrument that a organisation uses to make a desired outcome from its target segmentation. Marketing mix involves everything in which an organisation can do to influence supply of its commodity ( (Mihart, 2012). Marketing mix is designed for achieving the market goals and satisfy customers need.





Aldi is an honourable brand name because it serve quality products to its consumers. This company has 1350 products if customers are unsatisfied with product then company give guarantee to replace the product and refund the money this company offers the many type of products like- vegetables, fruits, seasonal products, baby products, home goods, fresh meat, beer, wines etc.

Lidl is a first-rate market which is based on discounted products. This is best for those customers who are interested in Ordinary quality products because it can buy at lower rate (Papasolomou and Melanthiou, 2012).This company offers many types of products like vegetables, fresh meat and fish, pet products, baby products, bakery products, health related items and beauty products etc.


Today's costumers having a greater taste so marketplace is very competitive. Aldi identify the consumer's needs and preferences and take proper steps for satisfying the consumers needs and wants. This company use competitive pricing strategy and sell its products at lower price. This company adopt bulk system so customers can purchase quality products at lower rate (Perreault, 2010)

In order to provide quality goods at competitive price Lidl make use of market penetration and competitive pricing strategies. This helps organization to set the prices of its products in accordance to pricing strategies adopted by its rivals. .


Aldi have10,366 outlets in 20 countries like Spain, United states, Portugal, United kingdom, China, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Luxembourg, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, , China, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Australia, France and Germany. Availability is an essential factor for easily reach at the stores. This company also provide adequate parking area so that consumers are not meet with troubles. Its focus on areas with adequate visibility.

Lidl's international existence in 10,000 locations in which 28 are European countries and in united states. Its headquarters is located in Germany and headquarter of united states is located in Virginia (Scarborough and Zimmerer, 2011) This company has outlets in these countries like Denmark, Germany, Austria, Greece, Poland, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, United kingdom, Sweden and Spain. This company is deal directly with market and eliminated the mediate system.


Aldi use various tools of communication with its consumers for maintain its impact on international market because it is a global brand. They want to lead its consumers towards its outlets for this they take initiative. This company adopted both below-the-line and above-the-line marketing policy for attract the consumers. This company built the message of “quality products at lower price”. Ads posted via newspapers, magazines, billboards etc.

Lidl has choose many types of marketing policy to built and keep its brand visibility. This company's ads posted via television, newspapers , leaflets, hoardings, billboards etc. This company wants to update its consumers via send SMS and digital marketing. This company launched Ldil app for consumers and also give weekly offers to its consumers (Wieser, 2012)).).


Aldi provides training to its new employees and pay higher than its challengers. This company reduce the number of employees on every floor by adopting a simple, systematic store layout having shelves to sequentially arrange each products.. It is also provides computers on every floor for scanning top management

Top managers of Lidl develop their employees by giving them training and proper motivation. The company include different different departments like financial , It department, HR department, sales department etc.


Aldi makes layouts in easy way so customers can find products easily.

This company follows specific process like identify customers needs and make strategy according to consumers desire which is satisfy their needs.


Aldi is best known for its simple business procedure, global pricing strategy and standardization. It every day low price strategy round the world marks as strong evidence for its physical presence in the market. Due to these competitive strategies it is easy be recognized by its customers.

LIDL use a bright icon of blue and yellow colour which help in grasp the attention of large number of customers.



P4 Produce and evaluate a basic marketing plan for ALDI

Marketing plan is legal and formal official document which shows guidelines for performing commercial activities. There are various different activities in business organisation such as marketing, production, etc. so through this document budget can be estimated. This helps to forecast sales, also (Griffitts, 2016). In business plan, SWOT analysis, objectives, estimated budget, monitoring and controlling are included. Marketing plan of ALDI for launching herbal beauty products are as under-

Overview of ALDI:

ALDI is the big brand in retail supermarket chain. This organisation has around 10000 stores in 20 countries. This organisation was established by two brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht in 1946. it has headquarter in Essen. ALDI deals in food, beverages, household items, etc. They operates in Denmark, Australia, China, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Great Britain, etc.


Mission of ALDI is to provide lowest quality product at good quality.


The vision of ALDI is to compete with other organisations in grocery industry through unique business model.


Objectives of ALDI is to launch herbal beauty product in market,. These days consumers are more conscious about their health, hence managers of ALDI are thinking to launch herbal product in society. Hence SMART objectives are framed to achieve it.

  • S stands for specific. Launching of herbal health product is specific. This gives an direction to perform business operations.
  • M stands for measurable. As this aim can be measured in terms of increment in profits and sales ratio of organisation. Sales of ALDI gets improved by 20%.
  • A stands for achievable. This targets is achievable. Managers of enterprise is required to plan business operations as per market trends and demand of consumers.
  • R stands for realistic. Target and aim of launching herbal product in market. This is realistic as there are certain measures which has to be considered by managers of ALDI.
  • T stands for time bound. This product is launched in market within 6 moths. So targets and strategies are framed within specified time limit.

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT is the technique which is used by managers in order to deal with internal strengths and weakness of ALDI. There are some policies which has to be considered by managers so they can overcome weakness of association.  

Competitors Analysis:

There are various competitors in retail industry which compete with other parties. LIDL, Sainsbury, Wait-rose, etc. are competitors of ALDI which competing by accepting new techniques which are important and significant for organisational growth. There are possibilities that if ALDI does not accept changes, then this hurdles in growth and long term sustainability of association (Eslinger, 2014). As there are many other brands such as Faces which deals in beauty product, hence they are able competing in same sector. Hence while framing policies, fixing prices all these organisation has to be considered.

Segmentation, Targeting and positioning:

  • Segmentation: Segmentation means to bifurcate customers on various basis. This helps to deliver product and services as per customer segment. ALDI is launching new herbal product in industry with the help of segmentation, it is market and sell herbal beauty product.
  • Targeting: Main target of ALDI for its herbal beauty product is the young ladies.
  • Positioning: By introduce its new herbal product, ALDI wants to position itself as a brand which provide quality and featured products to its products.

Marketing Budget:

Marketing budget



1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Initial money


















Marketing expenditures












Sales promotion






Direct marketing












Available balance







Monitoring and Controlling:

Monitoring and controlling is one of the part of marketing plan. This is crucial because there are possibilities of exceeding budget, which affects profits of association. With the help of monitoring it is possible that association is able to take corrective measures in case of negative results. As per above mentioned budget, there is increment in set budget by 10% because of lack of planning. This budget gets mismanaged because of advertisement of product is not proper. Apart from negative point, there is positive point also that organisation is able to increase sales by 25%.

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From the above given project report, it can be summarised that marketing department of organisation perform various functions to attain set marketing objective. proper resources and funds should be allocate to marketing department of company so it can perform all its roles in better manner. Further, functions perform by different department of company also interrelate with each other and this require to be consider by manager while assign roles and responsibilities to various department. It is very important for company to apply all components of marketing mix is effective manner as this help in achieve set marketing objective. Development of marketing plan should be done in right manner as this help company to increase sales of its products and help to sustain in market for long run.


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