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Type of the management project

The current management project is research based dissertation under which particular organization as Marriott hotel has been selected to understand the impact of customer satisfaction on customer loyalty. The selection of project will be done to carry out in-depth analysis and complete the research activities by understanding the associated concept with the research problem.


To Analyse the impact of customer satisfaction on customer loyalty within the hospitality industry" -A case study of Marriott International Inc. UK.


Customer satisfaction refers to the term which is usually applied in the field of marketing. It assists management of the business to effective measure that how services and products supplied by the business meet the expectations of customers. The concept of customer satisfaction is associated with repeat purchase. It is because when a buyer get the product and services in accordance with his or her requirement then he is likely to do repeat purchase. The main focus of the dissertation is on factors which increase the level of satisfaction and its direct relevance with repeat purchase decision (Pizam and et. al., 2016). However, customer satisfaction tend to measure the attitude of customers whereas repeat purchase or loyalty of buyers indicate act of consumers who are making repeat purchase decision. This brand loyalty is derived from opinion and reviews about a particular project and service. In this manner, the success of an organization relies on customers and their action as well as attitude along with behavior. For this purpose, management of business has long term vision to gain customer attraction as well as their retention for its success its global level. These kind of practices are followed by effective plan of customer satisfaction and increasing their attention towards products and services offered by the business. Marketing activities remain at the top of such kind of plans whereby customers get attracted towards the services due to discount, uniqueness and different kind experience.Dissertation help online

The brand market put efforts to build the strong relationship with customers in accordance with their requirement and expectations. It is helpful for them to get the detail information regarding the consumers and accordingly bring necessary modification in the current products and services. This would be effective for the purpose of retaining them for longer time span. However, in the present era, companies face issue related to dissatisfaction among buyers due to huge gap or communication gap. Here, it is very important to bridge the gap and apply suitable strategy to make the customers highly satisfied and happy. Without focusing on specific need of customers, firm usually face issue related to low customer base and poor rate of return.

The positive link between customer satisfaction and brand loyalty reflects that companies must appropriately address the issues which are being faced by consumers. It leads to retain customers by offering them rich experience. In case they are not provided experience and right kind of services then it is likely they would search for other alternatives. Thus, customer is the center focus of companies and all marketing or operational strategies are framed as per their specific need only.

Provisional aim and objectives

The aim and objectives of current dissertation are formulated as follows. These mentioned objectives will formed in accordance with stated aim so as to collect and select the methods accordingly.


To analyse the impact of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty within the hospitality industry A case study Marriott International Inc UK


  • To understand the concept and different factors affecting customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Marriott International Inc UK
  • To determine the impact of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Marriott International Inc UK
  • To recommend ways to increase customer loyalty through increasing the level of customer satisfaction.

Rationale of the study

The role of customer satisfaction is higher for taking repeat purchase decision wherein business companies shed light on attracting users by implementing different kind of strategies. Further, ineffective implementation of marketing activities is the most typical factor impeding growth of the business. Now-a-days businesses operating in hospitality sector face issue related to low customer base because of lack of effective retention strategies for them. However, an organization cannot survive without loyal customers who are highly satisfied (The importance of customer satisfaction and loyalty research, 2017). Hence, low level of satisfaction among customers have several negative impact on hotel sector such as higher cost of operation, low profitability and poor image of the firm in the marketplace. Owing to this, current study will be conducted to assess the factors affecting customers satisfaction and its direct impact on repeat purchase. This would be effective to create competitive edge of the business and meet the expectations of all related parties. Furthermore, the issue related to low customer base and poor satisfaction level affect performance of the firm to great extent. Hence, the study will cover importance of customer satisfaction and how does it affect repeat purchase decision of the business.


The present dissertation is based on hospitality sector of UK which covers tour operator, travel agencies and tourist destination and hotels etc. However, specific hotel as Marriott International Inc UK has been selected to identify the impact of customer satisfaction on repeat purchase. The Marriott International is an American multinational diversified hospitality company which has broad portfolio of lodging related facilities an hotels in 110 countries. The wide range of food services and higher standard rooms of the hotel attract more buyers who lie in the upper class segment (Marriott, 2017). It is because corporation charge the premium price for its high end services and unique experience for buyers. This company apply different strategies to increase the customer satisfaction by taking their reviews. However, provided suggestions of customers are helpful to bring modification in the existing services. Thus, firm applies appropriate strategies to maintain higher level of customer satisfaction and thus promote their repeat purchase decision.

The multinational hotel adopts several kind of strategies for the attraction of buyers. Not only this but their specific preferences are already known to the company. This proves to be effective for customers to get the higher level of satisfaction. At the same time, company put efforts to meet their expectations by introducing several reward related program and marketing tactics.

For this purpose, reward program and customer loyalty related activities are implemented. These activities ensure to emotional attachment of customers with the brand and make it possible for them to purchase the same. The better integration among customers and management as well as workforce would be effective to develop a suitable strategy so as to understand the requirement of the business. A the same time, consumer-brand relationship has emerged as the navel approach. It enables corporation to build long term relationship with sellers and buyers so they can effectively focus on brand loyalty. It is because seller come to know about the specific preferences of customers and those preferences are updated under the current pattern of services. This proves to be effective for catering the requirement of parties associated with firm and ensure to provide the higher level of satisfaction through the offered brand.

However, previously companies focused on traditional method so as to market the brand by considering its function relationship with the customers. However, the customers in modern era refers to more compelling experience. Owing to this, experiential marketing is applied for appropriate consumer brand relationship and ensuring its significant impact on the brand image of the business. Here, companies need to consider that brand experience does not reflects its emotional relationship concept. The emotional boding is considered as one of the internal outcome which stimulate buyers to take the purchase decision from a particular brand. Therefore, appropriate brand experience is provided for buyers in order to derive the higher level of satisfaction among them.


The literature review sector of research proposal plays important role as scholar access varied sources of information n order to develop deep understanding and collect important information about the same. This section will be completed by focusing upon research aim and objectives so that accordingly valid outcome can be drawn. It is very important to complete the chapter of literature review in the line of objectives framed so as to make it possible to propose the appropriate suggestions. However, the chapter of data analysis also needed the both primary and secondary data. Hence, literature review is completed in order to accomplish the purpose of the research and effectively frame the valid outcome accordingly.

Concept of customer satisfaction and repeat purchase

The concept of customer satisfaction is related to attitude, need and expectations of customers whereas customer loyalty assess the behavior of individual buyer towards particular product or service. According to Fornell, Morgeson and Hult (2016) customer satisfaction is an input the derive the outcome as repeat purchase decision. It is because when customer is highly associated from a business then he is likely to purchase product and service from the same only. Owing to this, focus is laid on applying varied strategies to raise the awareness of buyers towards the quality products offered by the firm. This proves to be effective for corporation to cater their need and support business effectively to meet its long as well as short term objectives. Furthermore, repeat purchase decision ensures that a particular buyers is highly satisfied and become the assets of the business. This proves to be effective for future certainty of an organization and enable management to frame appropriate strategies to develop new product in accordance with requirement of the customers.

Identifying different factors affecting customer satisfaction

According to Ali and et. al., (2016) customer satisfaction is affected by number of factors such as quality of services, price, special offers and uniqueness associated with firm. The modern dynamic corporate environment requirement focus of companies towards the specific requirement of businesses so that accordingly they can employ the best possible solution to grab the attention of buyers. At this juncture, firm need to shed light on requirement of customers and consider the same at the time of developing new product. Here, it is important to focus upon intention to switch from the customer perspective. Here, research and development department of business find the reason that why customers are switching to another brand. In this manner, potential ways to retain buyers can be identified so they can accordingly put grab attention of those buyers. However, the first parameter is related to service quality that whether the staff service is good, room provided in hotel are clean and neat. It can be critically evaluated that inappropriate staff service disappoint the customers to a great extent. It is very important to focus on their requirement and then provide them services accordingly. However, pricing and special services also matter fro specific buyers who are giving preference to costly holiday packages.
Šerić, Mikulić and Gil-Saura (2016) asserted that customer satisfaction is derived with the help of aesthetic, durability, reliability and performance. However, customer satisfaction and service quality have positive relation so management of firm must focus on the same for extracting the valid outcome. This in turn firm can effective create competitive edge in the marketplace with the increased rate of return. Not only this but company can easily put efforts to meet the expectations of all related stakeholders. But, the importance of communication should be understood properly and contract can be established accordingly.

Aktepe, Ersöz and Toklu (2015) asserted that, varied factors are considered in order to determine the higher level of satisfaction among consumers related to a specific brand. It consists of perceived quality, equity and value. Owing to this, it is important for the corporation to focus on these particular aspects and ensure that specific requirement of the customers is considered at the time of designing the product or services. This would be beneficial to increase their satisfaction level of customers to a great extent. On a critical note, in case buyers cannot refer the product as of good quality then they would like to switch from one another brand so as to ensure the value of money. Furthermore, brand trust is another strong aspect in determining the satisfaction level. This is derived with the help of marketing and promotion activities of an organization. For example, in case hotel uses social media marketing strategies to grab the attention of buyers then at the same web page customers will get to know the worth of the brand. This enables consumers to take the purchase decision on the basis of available information and face related to organization.

Kim and et. al., (2014) explained that situational, personal and brand related factors are also significant for determining the higher level of satisfaction among customers. Furthermore, the personal factor such as higher or low budget, greater quality of services and gathering of people would force individual to do not look for further information regarding a suitable brand but directly approach the corporation or brand in order to get the right kind of services. It contribute towards the success of the business and also retain the buyers. However, only retention is not important but company must value the bonding with consumers. This can be made possible with the help of clear communication among consumers and offering them chance to contribute towards modifying the existing service quality by giving the feedback. Wu and Tseng (2015) asserted that appropriate facilities are arranged for increasing the satisfaction level of customers. It contributes towards increasing their attention towards a particular brand and accordingly shift their focus from one to another brand.

According to Oliver (2014) there are different factors such as billing timeliness, competitive pricing and variety of products and services are some of the factors which plays important role in attracting consumers and meeting their expectations. This is made possible by the help of offering right kind of service quality for users and cater their need effectively so as to retain them in a right manner. This proves to be effective for generating positive feeling among them and ensure their retention with the corporation. For this purpose, different factors and elements are taken into account by the business through which it becomes important for stakeholders to integrate all resources and produce valid outcome out of the same. For example, Marriott hotel improves the delivery system through which fair prices are quoted for these services rendered. In this manner, corporation can easily put efforts towards the increased attention of customers and provide them suitable work environment. Kaura, Durga Prasad and Sharma (2015) companies follow different kind of strategies such as offering occasion discount on some particular services of products which in turn customers can be attracted. It is not about the attraction only but buyers start having attachment with the brand and they feel very good to have services in a cost effective manner.

Meiseberg and Dant (2015) explained that feedback from customers is taken by the organization and it is updated or implemented in the services. This aids to influence them to a great extent and create positive image of the business. This leads to deliver good quality of services to consumers from wide range. On a critical note, absence of clear of communication do affect the retention of customers. In case they are not provided clear information related to products and services then it becomes quite typical for company to find the specific detail related clear communication and its potential impact on the attraction of the buyers. For this purpose, company uses the latest promotional tools like social media strategies so as to make it possible for corporation to attract as many as customers possible, This in turn business create strong goodwill in the marketplace and meet the expectations of related parties.

In addition to this, Wu and Anridho (2016) appropriate mode of communication is very important through which company build its strong reputation in the marketplace. This would be effective to increasing flow of operation and catering requirement of all related parties. In this manner, corporation can effectively address the issues which are being faced by customers and make them feel happy by preferring a particular brand. It leads to support firm in dealing with several kind of situation and provide the comfortable environment in a right manner. It proves to be effective for building the brand image.

Determining the impact of customer satisfaction on customer repeat purchase

According to Berezina and et. al., (2016) customer satisfaction is achieved with the help of repeat purchase decision of the buyers. Here, the major fact is associated with increasing the level of customer satisfaction in order to promote their repeat purchase decision. Lai, I.K.W. and Hitchcock (2017) further explained that in case service quality, product, promotion everything is good in accordance with preferences of buyers then it would be effective for them to enhance the brand loyalty of hotel among users. King and et. al., (2016) asserted that hotel sector frame the training program for increasing the expertise of personnel for raising their knowledge and competence. This proves to be effective to cater need of buyers and support all related parties to ensure well being of the business in the marketplace. Here, timely information to users, focused approach of business and appropriate marketing strategies are used by firm. Combination of all these aspect contribute towards successful operation of coronation along with their higher level of repeat purchase decision of consumer. Moreover, hotel sector also introduce schemes like club card system for offering discount to premium buyers and ensure their retention with the business for longer time span.

Therefore, customer satisfaction increases the brand loyalty of buyers and make them able to take quick repeat purchase decision. At the same time, satisfaction among customer is the key to increase customer base as buyers recommend the same brand to their friends and other relatives. It can be critically evaluated that, low level of customer satisfaction become the reason behind lack of repeat purchase decision because intention to switch is promoted at that particular point of time. Hence, better service quality, appropriate pricing decision and other related factors make it possible to increase satisfaction level of buyers and thus promote the repeat purchase.

According to Aktepe, Ersöz and Toklu (2015) the intention to purchase a particular product from a specific brand is based on the brand commitment. In a consumer is brand focused then it would be very easy for him or her to select the brand. However, many of the customers do not prefer the brand and just focus on other factors such as price and variety etc. Owing to this, they might seek for the same and accordingly get the services and product. For this purpose, it is very important to integrate all related parties and support them to stay connected with customers. It facilitates to cater the requirement of all related parties and make it possible for them to accomplish long as well as short term objectives of the firm. Kim and et. al., (2014) asserted that consumption experience of buyers determines his or her satisfaction level. This also indicates that whether customers satisfied with the quality, price and features of the corporation or not. In case they are not then satisfaction level of same would be equal to zero. For this purpose, companies put efforts to enhance their satisfaction level through getting timely feedback and offer them opportunity to amend the procedure related to growth and development. However, the satisfaction is also based on the ability of the corporation to evaluate the particular product and services on the basis of key factors and then accordingly they go for the purchase decision. For this purpose, they must be satisfied in accordance with factors they think are important in a particular product or service. In this manner, brand trust of customer reflects that buyers' particular expectations are met with the help of certain functions of particular brand. It contribute towards well being of both consumer and

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