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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Overview of the Research

It is essential for every business to conduct a market research so as to find out all those determinants which have a vast impact on its working activities and practices. The present research is lead the impact of digital technologies on performance level of a small business organisation. In this present scenario, area of SMEs are getting wider day by day which is also beneficial for an economy. In 2014, 30 million small enterprises was implemented which was covered 99% of business areas. Along with this, almost working activities of small entities are based upon technology which supports them to operates day to day activities (Basu and Bhola, 2016). From laptop computers with Internet capabilities to printers, online file storage and Web-based applications, technological advances impact small businesses across various industries. Thus, digital technology has a probable effect which hinder functionality of SME's in direct and indirect manner. On the other hand, research will include aims and objectives which are based upon research theme. A literature review will be done by considering viewpoints of different authors who have made study in area of concern. It aids researcher to achieve effective outcomes and reach on better conclusion. Furthermore, a research methodology will be described various methods which are being used in order to conduct this investigation.

1.2 Background of the Research

The entire investigation is going to be defined that how digital or new technologies affect efficiency or output level of small business. It states that adoption of these equipment supports in improving production process by reducing time, money and wastage.  As if a business execute new technologies in its procedures then they are tasked to render training to employees as they can make efficient use of these tools. As it also improves learning skills and knowledge level of people. Apart from this, digitalisation also enhance innovation or inventions which enable firms to generate unique products so as to accomplish higher customer satisfaction level (Freddi,  Biagi, and Falk, 2017). Small businesses are liable for economic upliftment as it brings growth for local communities in terms of raising their living standards.  In addition, Dixon Schwabl is the chosen organisation in this present assignment; it's a local marketing agency of . the firm offers various services, like - advertising, public relations, social media, digital marketing. But its primary service is to helping client thrive as they can reach their target and audiences in a certain time period. In order to accomplish its goals and objectives, Dixon Schwabi uses various new technologies which supports to improve its functional or operational area.

1.3 Research Objectives

  • To determine significance of digital technology for a business.
  • To identify the role of small business for growth of an economy
  • To assess the impact of digitalisation on performance level of SME's.
  • Recommend ways through which businesses can improve their production level and efficiency.

1.4 Research Questions

Research questions are made on the basis of research objectives so as to get proper answer of all research problems and arrive at better conclusion. Following are some research questions, such as -

  • What is the significance of digitalisation for Dixon Schwabi?
  • What is the role of small businesses in economic growth of a nation?
  • How acquisitions of digital technologies affect performance level of small businesses?
  • Justify the ways of improving performance level small business enterprises.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

A literature review involves survey books, scholarly articles and other resources relevant to a specific issue or problem for which the entire study has been conducted. It is a composition of authors point of view so as to reach on effective conclusion in the best possible manner.

2.1 Importance of Digital Tools and Techniques

According to Firnkorn, nd Müller, (2012) in this modern aura, every firms wants to remain competitive and successful so as to accomplish its goals and objectives in an effective manner. For this purpose, small and large both business associations are tend to acquire digital tools and techniques in order to boost up their operations and functionality. In respect of Dixon Schwabi, the firm acquires numerous tools for enhancing performance level and productivity of the company. Along with this, technology also permits a business to set up online stores and websites for attracting large group of people in a certain time period. As it provides ability to owners to get in touch with buyers via e-mail and social media sites and the recognise their needs and wants in the best possible. It increases the number of customers towards firm and raising sales as well.

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2.2 Role of Small Business in Growth and Success of Uk's Economy

In present scenario, even small business also generates much money than large associations, thus it can be said that they are vital component of improving economic condition of a nation.  With this viewpoint of Abou-Shouk, Lim and Megicks, (2013) small businesses plays a crucial role in growth and success of every economy in terms of providing job opportunities people as they improve their living standard.  Small businesses add to economy by conveying development and advancement to the group in which the business is built up. Private ventures likewise help fortify monetary development by giving work chances to individuals who may not be employable by bigger organizations. Independent ventures have a tendency to pull in ability who imagine new items or actualize new answers for existing thoughts. Bigger organizations likewise regularly advantage from independent ventures inside a similar nearby group, the same number of vast enterprises rely upon private companies for the finish of different business works through outsourcing. Along with this, Dixon Sicwabi is SME of UK which provides marketing services to various brands; the firm has executed various new and innovative techniques which improve and enhance its functional area. Small businesses are able to respond as well as acquire quickly market changes as they are more customer oriented. It results, many customers remain loyal towards their brand at the time of economic crises. In UK, SMEs also have aggregate less income than bigger enterprises, that means chances of having less to loss  are increased in the midst of financial emergency.

2.3 Impact of Digitalisation on Working Activities and Practices of Small Business

Digitalisation refers to transforming landscapes of business, redefining production boundaries, distribution and consumption. It develops many effective opportunities, techniques, producing new goods and consumption to small scale business. To these business, digital technology provides many advantages to company and with the help of this they can make improvement in their business. Digitalisation is helpful for small business to do its business activities in a easy manner (Gillespie and Goddard,  2017). Dixon schwabi is a small business firm and it conducts its business scale so there is a need to this firm to use and adopt the advanced technology in business. With the help of this, organisation can make improvement in its working practices as well as activities in an effective manner. Digital technology is helpful in make changes in its business. It gives advantages to staff members in a form of minimum work. From adopting the digitalisation, cost of production, labour change will be reduced and time will be less consumed.

Through advanced technology, this firm can make improvement in its quality of goods for satisfying needs of consumers in a better manner. In addition to this, it is a responsibility of manager of  Dixon schwabi to give training to its staff members so that they can know about to use the new technology as well as machineries in a better manner. So, digitalisation provides positive impact on business and also its working practices as well as activities in a systematic or better manner.

2.4 Recommend Some Ways Through Which Dixon Schwabi Firm Can Improve Its Performance and Efficiency

Digitalisation provides effectiveness and also many advantages to business firms. There are many different methods by which Dixon schwabi can make improvement in its business performance. In addition to this, firm can use digital technology and effective training to employees so that they can use the technologies in better manner and chances of accidents will be eliminated. With the help of this their performance level will be improved. Through adopting digitalisation, firm can expand its business in to the other cities and countries (Degryse, 2016). After offering better quality of goods as well as services to consumers, then it should take feedback from them and know about their perceptions as well as opinions about products. From taking perception of people, firm can make changes in its existing goods and services accordingly. It will be helpful in attracting more consumers and also make them loyal towards the firm. Through using digital technology, Dixon schwabi firm can make improvement in its business process and also also perform its activities in a systematic or effective manner. With the help of digitalisation, company can communicate with consumers through using many different techniques like for an instance social media, emails and other different technologies. It will be helpful in attracting more new consumers and retain the existing for long period of time.

Chapter 3: Research Methodology

It is a procedure to gather data as well as information for purpose of the making effective decision making. Methodology many consists publication research, surveys, interviews and some other investigation techniques through which an organisation can involve historical and also present information.

3.1 Type of Methodology

This research part indicated method which use through an investigation to carried out the research in a systematic manner. Under this Qualitative as well as quantitative are two different investigation methods. In qualitative research, data is measured in the form of quality and to collect this researcher use statistical techniques. On second hand, in quantitative investigation researcher evaluate data or information through determine figures and facts in a better manner (Scholz, 2015) Under this research, researcher uses the qualitative method of research in context to carried investigation in depth.

3.2 Data Sampling

It is important topic which includes the selection of respondents from total population to carry out their research activities and gather their real views. Out of many methods, random sampling method is used regarding selection of respondents which makes the work of research more simple. Primary source is one of the important method which helps in collection of real and unbiased information. In this regard, questionnaire is prepared which covers all the topics of research. There is huge importance of these methods in improvement of the decision making ascertaining important results.

3.3 Data Collection

It is known as most necessary function of an investigation. It makes a researcher to gain some information regarding different aspects of an investigation. In addition to this, there are different sources which can use through an investigator for collect relevant data. There are two different methods of data collection primary and secondary. Under primary methods, an investigator gather data concerned with topic through questionnaire, observation, surveys, interviews etc. On the other hand in secondary methods, research collect data by using libraries, internet, books and many sources (Berger and Frey, 2016). But in this research proper, researcher uses primary data collection method in which research prepare a questionnaire on which different questioned are mentioned regarding research topic.

3.4 Limitations

At the time of conducting the research, there are many different obstacles or complexities which are faced through researcher. In order to draw a valid conclusion, it is necessary for researcher to handle all kinds of problems in a better way so that research can be conduct in better manner. The main problems which are faced through a researcher are related to time and cost. So, it is essential for researcher to manage all these issues in a betters manner.

3.5 Ethical Considerations

Ethics refers to moral rules, values and regulations which are necessary to follow an organisation as well as researcher. Under this, research should be conduct in a ethical manner. It is the responsibility of researcher that questions should not be related to any cast, community and should not be harm feelings of other people.

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