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Significant Life Events and Coping


This PPT is based on Bliss, which one of top the charity organisation headquartered in London. The company provides huge variety of services to premature/ sick babies as well as their family member to manage life event. It describes about effectiveness of services to premature babies. Further it discusses about different kind of services which are offered to families, carer and friends in order to support individuals in experiencing the


1 Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Service in Providing Support to Individuals Affected by the Life Event

Background of the Organisation

Bliss, a leading UK charity organisation was found in 1979 when a letter was sent to The Daily Telegraph in response to a story on neonatal intensive care units. The article revealed that no hospital in UK had all necessary equipments for the care of sick and premature babies. It was then that Allan Chilvers suggested to setup a society for raising funds to buy life-saving equipments for premature babies, like incubators. This led to the formation of BLISS (Baby Life Support System). In the next five years, Bliss raised a large sum of money to donate equipments to 82 hospitals. The organisation ran a campaign in year 2000 to reflect that neonatal units in UK were majorly relying on charity for equipment. This report made to the front page of The Daily Telegraph and a very large sum of money for neonatal intensive care was then announced. Since then, the organisation decided to spend less on life saving equipments and started funding medical training and  research. Bliss renders support services for families by a helpline, information available on their website, parent forum and through volunteers providing face-to-face support. Bliss makes sure to give every premature or sick baby in UK the best chance of survival and quality life.

Strengths and Weakness of Services

Care is considered as an important element for every premature baby as they are not developed properly in their mothers womb. It can be said that if proper care is provided to these premature babies then they survive without facing any kind of difficulty in future. Bliss is one among UK's top charity organisation which works with health care professionals in order to increase support families with premature sick babies. The organisation has already covered many areas with its satisfactory and valuable services which have saved life of many babies. But with some successful work organisation also owns some weakness that is affecting goodwill of the company. And its strengths and weakness are described as below:

Strengths: Bliss is helpful for families which owns premature babies as partnered medical staff of the company provide training to family members. It also guides and supports family that having a premature baby is normal and the situation can be managed properly. This has developed trust of people over the company as well as its services which helpful in developing name of Bliss in UK. In addition to this, the company also provides training to the medical staff belongs different hospitals which helps them to manage their work responsibilities that is caring premature babies effectively. As a result it has saved life of approximately 95000 babies every year.

Weakness: Major weakness of the services offered by Bless is that it only secures the life of the premature baby in neonatal age. As there are many chances that these babies might face other disabilities in future when they will grow up. It can be said that this organisation should also avail its offering for future when baby will grow and suffers from others diseases too.

Effectiveness of Services on Individuals

Bliss provides a huge variety of services to premature babies which not only saves their life but also helps them to perform their daily routine work effectively in future. It has been seen that children who do not get appropriate care in the starting stage they faces many problems in future with the growing age. These premature babies also needs special educational classes in school in order to gain basic knowledge for their survival.

Mainly, services of Bliss organisation are baby orientated and believes in providing high quality care to neonatal as they are not developed properly and requires some additional medical care so that their life can remain secure without any medical problems. It has been identified that the premature babies are weak as compared to other normal babies. These premature babies are more likely to own short term as well as the long sickness which becomes major problem of their whole life. Short duration problem of neonatal includes such as low weight, breathing problem, not able to intake provided food, less active as compared to normal one etc. These issues can easily reduced at Bliss charter centres which provides all the required help at centre only where parents can easily discussion their problem with volunteers who guides the way through which premature babies can be saved. As a result, it affects positively on health condition of baby and helps them to recover properly.

It can be said that Bliss charter centre is not only helpful for baby but it also provides emotional support to the mother and also teaches them basic caring tips like breastfeeding, exercises of baby according to its growing age, additional diet which can be given to baby in future to recover all of its problems which are generated due to prematurity. This services of Bliss organisation impacts positively on recovery of premature babies and also helps them to live normal life in future. It also helps baby minimise affect of their less immune system and gives them strength to manage with health which might impact more on them because of the prematurity.

In addition to this, family centred care provides high level of services to the parents of premature baby as well as baby itself. As these centres basically provides clear information to the parents about actual situation which helps them to adopt appropriate medical treatment for the baby. This is helpful for the baby reducing affect of its actual problems and its also minimises those health issues which might generate in future because of present disease. It can be said that Bliss is helpful for premature baby live a healthy life without feeling that they are not capable because of prematurity. This also helps them to make their own desire and future targets which will be achieved by them in future. Along with this, services also helps the baby in living a life with minimal chances of big diseases like hearing problems, blindness, physical disabilities, very slow growth, etc. in future.


2. Evaluate how the Service Helps Families, Carers, and Friends to provide support for Individuals experiencing the life event

Bliss organisation provides different kinds of services to families, carers and friends which further supports premature baby to face weakness. All of these services are described as below:

Services for Family

Bliss provides the following services to the families:-

  • Provides clear information: The organisation provides clear information to all the families who have had a sick or premature baby admitted for at least 24 hours in the hospital. The main focus of the company is on providing neonatal care information to the families.
  • Provides guidance: The organisation carry out practices and provide adequate facilities and support to guide the families throughout the journey of the premature or sick baby. It enables parents to have regular private time with their babies and guides them on how to take care of their premature or sick babies during the neonatal period.
  • Online Support: Bliss also provide support to families through helpline and information available on their website. It also has a Little Bliss Magazine that have real stories about life in neonatal unit and beyond.
  • Family-centered care: It provides family-centred care, an approach aimed at lowering baby's stress levels, reduce hospital readmissions, shortening hospital stay by providing hands on care to the families when they are in care units.
  • Bliss Nurses: Bliss has developed a network of Bliss nurses in neonatal intensive care units to directly provide support to sick and premature babies and their families.

Services for Carer

The carer for the neonatal units can also be considered as the staff of the healthcare organisations. Bliss provides the following services to the carers:-

  • Bliss Baby Charter: Bliss developed a Bliss Baby Charter which was designed to standardise high-quality family centred care across the UK. It is a framework for neonatal units to self analyse the quality of services they are delivering for premature and sick babies and their families. The analysation is as per seven core principles, namely social developmental and emotional needs, decision making, specialist services and staff, benchmarking, unit information and support for families, feeding and discharge.
  • Training and development programmes: The organisation conducts training for the medical health organisations for better provision of neonatal services. The Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education (FINE) program offers high-quality training to neonatal centres to improvise the quality of services provided to the families and their babies.

Services for Friends

Premature or sick babies need due care even in absence of their parents. Considering this, families of such babies provides complete guidance in regards to taking care of their babies when they are not present. Thus in such situations, their friends take care of the baby well.

Evaluation of services to support individual

The above mentioned services to the family, friends and carer are helpful for premature baby all of them supports the baby to manage with the life event. As it has reduced their immune system that can directly impact upon their whole life.

Family: Services offered by Bliss organisation helps family members of premature baby in understanding actual situation of baby. These services guides parents to use different ways in supporting baby in the weak. The neonatal time is very weak as baby requires much support and care from their parents. This helps the premature baby to recover soon. Along with this, services of Bliss organisation also includes additional nutrition which is required by the baby in order to strengthen their immune system. As it will help individual to fight with major diseases which can happen to them future.

Carer: Bliss provides proper training to neonatal centres for provision of high quality neonatal services. The medical staff gains expertise in handling and taking care of the premature and sick babies and guiding the families about the journey of such babies. Thus, they can render better services to the families. Bliss in last some years has succeeded in expanding the number of its face-to-face volunteers in intensive neonatal care units. It has accomplished in training neonatal centres regarding the prenatal and postnatal care of premature and sick babies also.

Friends: After taking guidance from neonatal care centres regarding taking care of premature and sick babies, families pass on the same information to their friends. These friends can thus handle the babies in absence of their parents. While handling the premature and sick babies, practices taught by the parents help their friends at all the times. Also with the help of the information available on the organisation's website, friends can take account of the ways to tackle severe situations while looking after the babies.

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From the above mentioned report it has be concluded that prematurity is considered as major problem in babies as it initiates many diseases which are faced by them in whole life. It has been evaluated proper guidance to the parents as well as family members can minimise the impact of prematurity and sickness on the neonatal baby. It has been identified that if proper medical care is given to premature baby in the initial stage only then it will strengthen immunity system and protect them from various harmful diseases.


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