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Unit Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations Higher National Diploma in Business - Regent College


Project management plan helps to determine effective activity to set up the organisation.  This helps to solve any kind of business issue and improve internal working environment. Digital technology helps to change the method of organising. With the help of digital technology, one can manage marketing, operation, human resource management and financial department (Ward, 2016). Digital technology is revaluation the way is conduct new business. This helps to change the traditional model and transformation of business activities. Optimum utilization of resources is to be provided by human resource management. On the other hand, new technology is innovated new ideas and increase number of customer in market share. This is will be affect in many other de

  • Marketing:- In marketing department is used digital technology to improve customer involvement or increase profit rate. This is help top promote their new products in market and use different method for advertisement.
  • Human Resource Department:- In human resource department is use digital technology to manage internal working environment (Ramazani, 2015). This is help to check each and every employees working performance.
  • Operation management :- The overall work is to be involved in operation management in addition innovation is used inside work place. This allows small enterprise to avoid gainful labour costs along with worker benefits. Even cardinal business tech can have a major contact on worker execution.
  • Financial department :- The organisation use different type of software is help top improve financial performance. There is one DBMS software is use for addition overall evolution.

This all such kind of factor is give the direct impact on production process. This is also had new  project development (Keil, 2013). In addition, report is based on Tavistock House Hotel. The company basically located in United Kingdom. The report is to be provide the information about implementation of technology within organisation.

Part 1

P1. Aim and objective of project  

Aim – To identify the impact of digital technology in small business organisation to improve business functions and operations in UK

Objective :-

  • To understand the impact of digital technology in hotel sector.
  • To identify the support of project management plan.
  • To analyses the effect of customer relationship management.
  • To determine the transformation of organisational activity in hotel group.
  • To make some recommendation of project management plan.

Research questions

  • What is the use of digital application in food and drinkable sector ?
  • What are the implication is support by project management plan ?
  • What is the relation between digital engineering and project administration plan ?
  • What are the advice on project governance plan ?

P2. Project management plan incorporating: costs, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources

In project management plan is detail to explain the overall project studies and improve internal as well as external work. There are lot many activities involved in cost, time, quality and communication (Polonsky,  2014). On the other hand, overall project management depends on management activity. This gives the detailed information about each and every factor that is as follows:-

Project management plan

  • Cost: - In this context, research work is find out that work is to be completed with the help of financial factor. The work is managed if the cost is to be allotted as per the need of each and every activity.
  • Risk:- In this stage, identify the risk factors, which can give the negative impact of overall working state of affairs (Porter, 2019). Next, estimate the due date to remove all such kind of risk factor.
  • Communication:- There are some level of communication is help to give detail information about internal employees and external customer in work place. The level of communication is set as per the structure of internal organisation.
  • Create a project schedule:- In this stage, to create some project schedule as per the need of customer in hotel industry (Basu, 2017). Teamwork is doing a complete planning process. Time and amount is important factor to complete work on time. The people is doing the work to as per the planning is decided.
  • Identify the issue: - No project is risk free, identifying the issue or risk factor. This is help to solve such kind of issue to improve overall on the job state of affairs. To be conduct a risk assessment and development of risk management strategy for increase profit and number of customer will be increase in future time period.
  • Quality: - In this context, quality will be depended on all the above points. As per the research work, is finding out that quality work is taking time, but the result is given for long periods (Crane, 2016). In addition, management and responsibility to handle all such kind of situation to improve current market structure and increase profit.

P.3 Work break down structure and Gantt chart

Work breakdown structure and Gantt Chart

In this work breakdown structure, focus is on research project and different factors which would be used in research project work of an organisation. In this chart topic is most important to identify to improve overall working environment. On the other side, make some time frame and allocation of resource in proper way to, as per the need of market share. Some new methodology is to be used to improve current market structure.  In addition, some new finding is help to analyses the appropriate data and evaluation of finding. In addition, provide proper recommendation is help to improve internal as well as external working environment.

  • Gantt Chart

From the above Gantt chart, it helps  to achieve aims and objective as per the need of current market structure. With the help of research work, is finding out this chart is helping to antithetical activity has been boosted to make effective public presentation and results of the project. All such human action is to be used in the project administration plan. It is assistance to achieve net income and growth in institution execution.

Part 2

P4. Small-scale research by applying qualitative and quantitative research methods

Research work helps to find out some new methods to improve impact on digital technology in management operations. This additional give various types of method are to be used to improve condition of internal management (Cleden, 2017). There is proper process is used for such new part and some new information is found out some ideas. Further, it explains the process with the help of qualitative and quantitative research methods.

  • Research philosophy:- In research philosophy is focus on the method which is help at research time (Gangotra, 2016). Similarly, gives the external body part to the researcher to weighing about the origin that aides in manual labour and picking up message and nature of study. Investigator will execute a help from look into theories being formed comprehension over the scrutiny point and subject. Further, there are two benignant of research methodological analysis that are logical positivism and interpretive.
  • Research design :- In Research design give the research outline the information is to be made to improve current market structure. There are some new techniques is help to exploring the plan to identify the same new research and changes as per the need of operation management.
  • Sampling :- In sampling is applied with the help of qualitative and quantitative method. Quantitative plan of action for inquire about presume a cardinal part in investigate procedure on the grounds that in this research worker will decide the and focussing on the answering among the huge assemblage of public (Kendrick, 2015). To be collect sample in different way, focus group and one to one interview or face to face communication with anyone is help to collect the data. In this research the investigator collected information from 20 employees working the hotel by developing 5 themes or questionnaires.
  • Data collection :- After the sample to collect, data collection with the help of qualitative techniques must be used for such kind of activity. In display study, research worker has indispensable plan of action for info accumulation to assemble new and precise information from the workers which can be efficaciously look into and translated with the resource of drawing and figures. The researcher collected primary data by developing questionnaires for a sample size of 20 employees working in the cited organization. The employees provide unused information directly by answering all the questions asked to them. The secondary data has been collected by various sources such as journals, articles and books.
  • Data analyse :- After the assemblage of message, it is additionally basic for the investigator to deciphers the collection and data to get authorized phenomenon of research aboard the accomplishment of point and designate (Kendrick, 2015). With the help of digram is to be evaluate each and every data as per the need of research work. The researcher has used both quantitative and qualitative data analysis in the research to find the most beneficial information.

Part 3

P.5 Analyse of research data


organization :  Tavistock House Hotel

1. Age grouping

·       20 to 30

·       30 to 40

·       40 and higher up


2. Do you accept that digital engineering is significant in custom-made relation administration?

·       Yes

·       No


3. Activities of which section is mostly changed after executing of beforehand digital-technology?

·       Transaction

·       Selling

·       Account

·       HR


4. Does  Tavistock House Hotel give great value to Human relationship with custom-made?

·       Agree

·       Disagree

·       Not sure


5.Do you accept the organization is confident to offer effective employment to their customers?

·       Yes

·       No

·       Note sure

Theme – 1

Age group

Interpretation :- From the above graph is show that 20 to 30 is 12. In addition, 30 to 40 will be 5 and 40 or above will be 3. This is show that in the age group of 20 to 30 use more and more digital technology to for save time. On the other side, 40 and above is not used digital technology nowadays.

Theme – 2 : Digital engineering is significant in custom-made relation administration

Interpretation :- From the above graph there are total 20 respondents, out of which 16 is agreed with digital technology is help to improve customer relationship management. 4 will be not agree with such kind of statement. It is found that 20 is agreed with improve customer relationship management is help to increase customer in hotel industry.

Theme – 3 Activities of which section is mostly changed after executing of beforehand digital-technology



Dis- agree


Can't say


Interpretation :- From the above table is to be focus on out of 20, 11 members is agreed with such kind of statement and 7 will be dis- agree activity is help to use digital technology in work place. In addition, 2 will be Can't say for such comment. Nevertheless, plainly chore of show window office in lodging is for the most part denatured after usage of originative advanced invention.

Theme – 4 : Does Tavistock House Hotel give great value to Human relationship with custom-made ?

Theme – 5 : Do you accept the organization is confident to offer effective employment to their customize.
Interpretation :
From the above table there are 20 respondents, out of which 100 will be agreed with this statement. In addition, 7 will be not agree and 2 persons are can't say on it. It means hotel group is grate value with each and every customer in market place. This is help to improve overall improvement and increase growth rate in market place. In addition, human resource management is help to improve internal as well external performance and growth rate of organisation. It is help to increase profit or number of customer. If customer is give best services to the hotel industry is give positive impact on profit and change market.



Dis- agree


Can't say


Interpretation : From the above report is focus on organisation is improved organisation with the help of customer. In addition, out of 20, 11 will be agree and 5 will disaggregate with this statement. On the other side, 2 people will not say about it. 

P.6 Recommendation

In this context, to be focus on research work is to be find out that improve the marketing condition will be change and increase the overall melioration in inside as well as extraneous on the job surround. The digital marketing is one of the most crucial parts to improve overall marketing strategy (Keil, 2013). It is help to achieve new client in market. Through usage of imaginative precocious model and administration social group has dilated its organisation with the consumer and at the ready to gave 24 hours administrate to their custom-made. The hotel group is to be providing such kind of new activity is changed as per the need of number of new customer in market place. On the other side, customer relationship management and utilization theory is help to happening such gracious of modification in overall state of affairs. In addition, some new improvement is most needful for hotel group.

Use digital technology is help to increase market share and involvement in each an every factor. In used innovation techniques for hotel industry is beneficial for new customer as well hotel industry (Ramazani, 2015). Deductive system has been used by analyst deductive approach as the information and drawn hypothetical and correct results on the hugeness of CRM propelled development in changing the business exercises and its execution. Further, system for analysing which is used by scientist was effective and given him critical help in getting information anyway it is recommended to the analyst that it can moreover used efficient examining procedures which are furthermore useful for social event of information. From the accumulated data, it is contemplated that association needs to improve its business exercises and execution for which it is suggested that they should enthusiasm for foundation and utilization of new development .

For assurance of issues at workplace, holding up necessities to lead extraordinary planning program for its specialist with the objective that delegates will be work the new progressed technology system. Other than this, specialist can in like manner use diverse methodologies like positivism, inductive, exploratory for its examination close by furthermore focusing on the use fundamental data amassing system (Ward,  2016). As indicated by ask about accomplished by the scientist, it has been analysed that specialist has recognized mechanized development accept a key part in taking off change upgrades in the business errands of  motel. Through use of inventive propelled system and organization association has extended its relationship with the customers and prepared to gave 24 hours organizations to their customers. Nearby this, it is analysed assurance of effective research procedures has offered assistance to the analyst in satisfaction of beforehand said plot that there is genuine importance of CRM propelled advancement in changing the business errands and its execution. Use of interpretive hypothesis has offers assistance to the analyst in making the examination more strong and convincing. Usage of illuminating method for explore setup process by the scientist has give him support since it is feasible, most easy and less dull process.

According to the research finding it is concluded that digital technology is a significant concept which can help to improve business productivity and profitability. Tavistock House Hotel needs to focus on adopting digital technology such as online booking which can assist customers in booking their stay, the other form of digital technology such as online marketing can alsio be used to attract more and more customers. The online platforms such as social media account and pages can help the hotel to develop good relationship with the customers by taking feedbacks and solving issues directly. Furthermore, the hotel can also promote its business by using digital marketing methods, such as to introduce new offers, discounts etc to the customers.

P7 Reflection

Driving investigation is most capricious task for a specialist as it requires responsibility and application of irregular condition of attempts to accumulate the information from the overall public. It is especially important that scientist have positive regards towards the culmination of assignment ethically with the objective that suitable research can be driven and reliable data can be proficient. As indicated by the fruitful examination, clearly there are diverse kinds of research strategies which can moreover be used to comprehend the impact on mechanized advancement on the assistance of improvement and headway. Focuses and goals are being resolved to the preface of the subject which gives a significant learning of segments of mechanized development which has given noteworthy impact of business practices' motel functional units like exercises, publicizing, accounting and human resource division.

Effective wander organization was made which has offered assistance to get the investigation complete and assistants in making arrangements as per the possibility of the errand. Gantt graph was moreover developed with the objective that the course of occasions and the sorted out of completing the errand will be encompassed. Both subjective and quantitative systems for data collection was used by specialist which has offered assistance in social affair of information from the picked test size of 20 delegates of motel from different utilitarian units. Research has given a data of strategy for progression of overview and keeping request for examine in view of focuses and targets.

Promote system of rules for analyse which is used by man of science was effectual and given him critical help in getting information anyway it is recommended to the analyst that it can furthermore use efficient analyse procedures which is furthermore useful for social event of information. From the accumulated data, it is view that association needs to better its business exercises and capital punishment for which it is recommended that they should feeling for foundation and use of new improvement. The analogue marketing is one of the just about crucial part to improve overall marketing strategy. It is help to achieve new client in market. Through usage of ingenious precocious model and establishment social group has dilated its governance with the user and at the ready to gave 24/7 work time administrate to their custom-made. I have learned that to improve such kind of activity with the help of overall hotel group. With the help of research to be find out all the solution of the problem and increase the total working environment.

Performance evaluation template

Risk evaluation template


From the above research report is based on digital technology to manage marketing, operation, human resource management and financial department. Digital technology is revaluation the way is conduct new business. This is help to change the traditional model and transformation of business activity. As per the above report is based on quality will be depend on all the above points. As per the research work is finding out that quality work is taking time, but the result is given for long periods.


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