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17 May 2024 361
Criminal Law Dissertation Topics | Assignment Desk

Oh no, selecting a criminal law dissertation topic is becoming a huge task? Do not fret! In this blog, you will find a list of ideas that can be helpful for you to select one for your paper. Moreover, you can also seek law dissertation help from our writers if you are struggling with research, writing or editing part. But, before all of these, first understand the meaning of criminal law and its types.

What is Criminal Law? Know Its Types

Criminal law is a legal practice where breaches and offences affect society as a whole. It applies to the one who commits them. Moreover, there are four different types of criminal law, that follows:

  • Felonies:  In this, the criminal commits a serious crime that directs to imprisonment of one year or more.
  • Misdemeanors:  These are low-level crimes, where the criminal is punishable by imprisonment by fines or in the local jail.
  • Inchoate Offence:  It is an incomplete crime where the criminal plans to execute another crime.
  • Strict Liability Offence:  In this crime, the criminal is responsible for the action without knowing the intent.

We hope that you have understood the meaning and types of criminal law. But, are you curious to read the list of topics by our experts? In the next part, your query will be resolved of seeking dissertation help.

How to Pick a Remarkable Criminal Law Dissertation Topic?

How to Pick a Remarkable Criminal Law Dissertation Topic

Are you confused and unable to select a remarkable topic for your criminal law dissertation? No worries, read the below points to clarify your query.

Decide Area of Interest

Select criminal law dissertation topics UK of your interest area. It will help you enjoy and learn more effectively to draft an outstanding paper. So, begin with analyzing what you find captivating.

Do In-Depth Research

To find the best criminal law dissertation ideas, you must go through the research process to come up with unique and catchy topics.

Consider the Guidelines

There are vast amounts of topics, and few universities provide guidelines that need to follow. Moreover, in it, you will find the instructions to look before choosing a topic. So, consider it and then look for ideas.

Narrow Your Topic Down

Keep your criminal law dissertation topics UK short by focusing on a single aspect. Many students add vague thoughts on a particular idea, which makes it unclear for the reader to catch your thinking.

Seek Experts Assistance

Many students hesitate to seek help from experts. But, the truth is that if you get assistance from our dissertation writing services to find catchy ideas to impress your reader.

These are the five ways to consider while picking remarkable criminal law topics. But, if you still cannot figure out one for your paper, read the list of ideas in the next part.

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An Updated List of 100+ Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

Here, you will find a list of criminal law dissertation topics by our experts. So, go through them and pick one that suits your interest area.

Argumentative Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

1. A qualitative review of how architectural design and the community structures of residential buildings help in preventing crimes

2. What role does immigration play in increasing the crime rate?

3. An analysis of the present case studies: Do marriages act as deterrents to crime

4. Does forensic psychology assist in the study of criminal law?

5. Does racist abuse towards International students contribute to the cause of violence and crime?

6. A review of the implications of the political backup of criminal activities

7. Parental supervision does help in reducing crime among teenagers. Justify

8. Why do more men receive capital punishment in comparison to women?

9. Does unemployment correspond with law violations?

10. Does street lighting reduce crime?

11. Is there a need for change in the education system in shaping character?

12. Qualitative review: Whether crime alleviates poverty?

13. Is there any mystery organization that backs the rise of youth gangs?

14. Is the crime rate dependent on the neighbourhood children are raised in?

15. Can we ever have a crime-free society?

Controversial Criminal Dissertation Topics

1. A literature review of police personnel deployed in the crime hot spots of the UK

2. Synthesis of relevant literature on how gender is related to crime in the UK

3. The use of digital environments and biotechnology for crime management in the UK

4. Can medicines such as sedatives, anxiety pills, and depressants be dangerous?

5. Debunking false ideas about crime and criminal justice.

6. Has information-sharing technology helped in the fight against terrorism?

7. How can a person defend themselves from planted evidence?

8. Are three-strikes laws effective, and should they be continued?

9. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to more hate crimes.

10. Explore the role of medical malpractice lawsuits in deterring negligence

11. What are the rights of patients in medical decision-making?

12. The regulatory effect of healthcare reform on medical law

13. What do you mean by legal issues in the medical profession?

14. Should the criminals be approached by trained nurses only?

Employment Law Dissertation Topics

1. How did the legal code about workers' legal status change throughout the years?

2. The peculiarities of maternal vs paternal leaves system

3. Workplace equality regulations: Is it functional?

4. The Effect of Employee Benefits on Performance in the Workplace

5. Efficiency of regulations about female vs. male workplace sexual harassment

6. Assessing the Impact of Employment Protection Legislation on the British Economy

7. Which groups of people are still discriminated against in the employment sphere?

8. Investigating the Effect of Minimum Wage Laws on Inequality in the Workplace

9. How may employment contracts be tempered, and how to avoid that?

10. Investigating the Impact of Workplace Well-Being Regulations on Employee Morale

11. The Role of Trade Unions in Enhancing Employee Rights in the EU

12. Analyze the trade unions employment legislation

13. In which cases laws of dismissal are invalid?

14. Examining the Effect of Employment Law on Social Mobility

Family Law Dissertation Topics

1. Child abuse signs: Repercussions for those who do not report them

2. Analyzing the Impact of Prenuptial Agreements on Marital Stability

3. Child relocation legislation transformations over the years

4. How heavily should a child's desire to stay with one or another parent affect the court's decision?

5. Shared residence peculiarities along with difficulties

6. What conditions might hinder a couple when pursuing divorce?

7. A Comparative Analysis of International Family Law Systems

8. Exploring the Impact of Alimony Laws on Gender Equality

9. An Analysis of the Impact of Adoption on Family Dynamics

10. Minimum marriage age limit: Is it sufficient?

11. Domestic violence repercussions for males vs females: Differences and similarities

12. Assessing the Impact of Divorce on Intergenerational Economic Mobility

13. When can law representatives intervene in a family's life?

14. Resources division in the divorce process: subtleties as well as possible complications

15. Exploring the Impact of Child Support and Custody Arrangements on Parenting Practices

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Commercial Law Dissertation Topics

1. Benefits or limitations of regulations aimed to stop corruption

2. Explain the meaning, history, & implications for the future of a corporate veil

3. Companies' Act amendments: Reasons as well as motivations

4. Should corporate governance be oriented towards soft or hard regulations?

5. How can a person's incompetence be determined from legal perspective?

6. What commercial laws should be applied against dishonest managers? If so, why?

7. Commercial partnerships: hidden dangers and their potential results

8. How has commercial law changed during COVID-19 time?

9. Use of outsourced work methods through the lens of commercial laws?

10. The Impact of Brexit on Commercial Contracts in the UK

11. The Role of Precedent in the Development of Commercial Law

12. Exploring the Regulatory Framework for Corporate Restructuring

13. An Analysis of the Duty of Care in Negligence Claims in Commercial Law

International Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

1. An evaluation of the Function and Application of International Maritime Law

2. What regulations should become international?

3. An Analysis of the Global Economic System and International Law

4. The Role of International Institutions in the Promotion of International Law

5. What international legislation that does not use yet should be applied?

6. International & national regulations: what are the differences?

7. What international criminal legal code requires corrections & amendments?

8. As a peacemaker: actions that government should take to address urgent world problems & military conflicts

9. An Evaluation of the International Criminal Court

10. How should political refugees become protected?

11. The Role of International Law in Conflict Resolution

12. What are the limitations of foreign policies regarding medical research?

13. The Use of International Humanitarian Law to Address Humanitarian Crises

14. What are the social responsibilities in India?

15. The International Legal Framework for the Protection of Human Rights

16. The effect of International Trade Law on Developing Countries


1. What are the determinants of crime prevention in the UK? An analysis of safety agencies

2. What is the relationship between gun ownership and breaking the law?

3. Is there a link between religious convictions and breaking the law?

4. Theory of cultural transmission: how criminal norms are passed along through social interaction

5. A study of direct and indirect benefactors of crime prevention

6. Is the UK Court system discriminatory?

7. How can copyright protect researchers' findings in the scientific field?

8. What are the quantitative research methodologies that provide numerical values to concepts to discover patterns of correlation in criminology?

9. An assessment of the behavioural genetic studies in criminology

10. An analysis of the criminal policies in the US and the UK

11. Is crime forecasting justifiable, or is it just another name for an enticement?

12. The main problems and hidden pitfalls of the prison system

13. How does the media's representation of minority groups affect criminal justice?

Finally, you have chosen criminal law dissertation ideas. But, the game does not end. There are plenty of students who face issues in writing and editing part. They can take our dissertation editing services. However, the query arises that how? For this, you need to have a glance at the next section.

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Hopefully, this write-up must have provided insightful knowledge about how to choose criminal law dissertation topics. But, the task does not end here because many students buy dissertation when they get stuck at the writing part. Therefore, you can also seek help from our experts any day. So, go now and place your order today!

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