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How to Craft a Dissertation Conclusion?| Assignment Desk

The conclusion is the final chapter of the dissertation, but it holds significant importance. You do not want to waste the hard work and precision that you have put into writing your dissertation. Therefore, you should pay attention to this chapter of the dissertation conclusion. Write it in such a way that it leaves a lasting impact on the readers' minds. In addition, it should solve all the queries and provide solutions to the research question. However, if you are struggling with properly crafting this chapter, then do not worry, our experts have got your back. We have brought this thorough guide on how you can write a dissertation conclusion.

Dissertation Conclusion: An Overview

As a student, you must know how to write a dissertation conclusion, it is a crucial part of any write-up. It is a summary of your dissertation in which you briefly explain all that you have written in your document. The significant purpose of this chapter is to reintroduce the topics and explain a bit about them. You should write it in a way that leaves the readers satisfied without any doubts. In addition, you must remember not to make it too broad, as the conclusion should be short.

This part is written to wrap up the discussion, so ensure that you do not introduce anything new in this part, as it should be done in the body paragraph. Instead, you should write about your experience and what research methodology you have used and reflect on your contributions. Try to write it in a way that makes an impactful impression on the minds of your readers. However, many of you might be confused about the dissertation conclusion length, so read the following pointer to know its word limit.

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How Long Should a Dissertation Conclusion Be?

For learning how to write a dissertation conclusion, it is crucial to know about its word limit. The length of the conclusion mainly de0pends upon what document you are writing. Conclusion usually consists of 5-6% of your whole write-up and should be written accordingly. However, many times, it can take up more space than that, for example, in the humanities dissertation, the conclusion may be broad, but on the other hand, in scientific research, it would not be too lengthy.

The best way to decide the word count is to consult your teachers and professors or read the college guidelines thoroughly. One must remember to finish it within the described word limit and not make it a discussion. These two are different chapters, which you will learn about in the next section.

Difference Between Conclusion vs. Discussion

Many students remain confused between conclusion and dissertation and use them interchangeably. They might consist of similar properties, but they are two different chapters. The discussion part is slightly lengthier than the conclusion. In the discussion, you discuss all the crucial parts of your dissertation, and in the conclusion, you wrap up the explanation and provide a summary. The following table will show you the differences more precisely.

Difference Between Conclusion vs. Discussion

The above tabular explanation would have helped you clear your misunderstanding between conclusion and discussion. So, do not get confused between the two of them and write it accordingly the next time. Now, let us move forward and learn about the steps to write a conclusion chapter.

Steps to Write Dissertation Conclusion Chapter 

Do you know that conclusion is the most neglected section of writing by the readers? It is because they do not find it relevant therefore, it is crucial to write an effective conclusion that does not get ignored. Follow the below-mentioned steps to know what to include in a dissertation conclusion that leaves a lasting impact on your readers' minds.

Step 1: Answer the Research Question 

Start with reintroducing your research question and provide an answer to it. You should be clear about your objectives and remind the reader about your topic. Provide all the answers and solutions to your research question and do not introduce anything new, you can also take the help of dissertation examples for better understanding.

Step 2: Summarize Your Discussion

The next step is to summarize your discussion and provide clarity to the reader about your subject. It is necessary to conclude the dissertation to solve all the remaining doubts of the reader. You can mention the methodology of your research and reflect on your experience.

Step 3: Make Recommendations for Future

The dissertation conclusion chapter is a place where you can also make recommendations for future writings. You can write about the credible sources you have used for the research. In addition, you can also criticize any point that you find irrelevant, but it should be justifiable. You can make your work beneficial for others through this.

Step 4: State Your Contributions 

The conclusion is a part where you can reflect on your contributions. Write about your research methodology and write about your experience. You can also tell the readers about the challenges that you have faced while writing and also about your learning.

Step 5: Review and Edit

Last but not least is to review and edit your conclusion by seeking our dissertation editing services. It is a significant part that helps you to ensure that it is error-free and accurate. You should always proofread every chapter that you write, including the conclusion. It improves your efficiency and accuracy and ensures that you have followed the correct dissertation conclusion structure.

So, that was it with this part, you might have understood the steps to write a dissertation conclusion. Follow the above-mentioned steps, and you will see the improvement yourself, if not, you can look at the dissertation conclusion examples for better understanding. However, if you are still confused, you can read the below-mentioned tips that will provide you with expert insight. So, let us move to the next section.  

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Tips to Give a Perfect Ending to Your Dissertation

The conclusion is crucial for providing the perfect ending for your dissertation therefore, you should write it accordingly. However, if you do not know, you can read the following tips given by our experts to learn how to write a conclusion for a dissertation. So, read the following pointers and learn how you can frame the perfect conclusion.

1. Write your conclusion clearly so that it does not create confusion in the readers' minds.

2. Avoid introducing new ideas and arguments in this part. Only summarize the existing question and wrap up the discussion.

3. Maintain a professional tone in your write-up and write it in formal language.

4. Avoid including any figures or statistical data in this part. You should write it in your body paragraph, not in conclusion.

5. Reinforce the thesis statement and every information that you have mentioned in your body paragraph.

6. Sum up your dissertation on a positive note and try writing it in a way that satisfies the readers and leaves no question in their minds.

7. In the end, seek dissertation help if you find any issues with it. You must get assistance rather than stressing about it.

The above pointers must have provided you with a few invaluable tips on how to conclude a dissertation to give a perfect ending. Follow them, and you will notice the difference. However, you can also look at the following example to know how the experts write their conclusions part.

Example of a Good Dissertation Conclusion

Most of the students ignore the importance of the conclusion part and write it abruptly. However, it is a crucial part that wraps up your dissertation and just like you give a compelling start to your dissertation, you should also finish it properly. Moreover, the following example can help you understand how to write a conclusion for conclusion dissertation.

Dissertation Conclusion Example:

This research has successfully developed and evaluated the strategies about...

The attained results have established the ways to eradicate the challenges with all possible strategies that go like:




The above strategies are implied theoretically and empirically to our selected domain to detect the potential challenges and aims. This research has provided me the opportunity to expand my horizon of knowledge and given me life-changing experiences.

So, hopefully, you have understood how to frame a perfect conclusion from this above example. Go through this example to identify the gaps in your writing and try to fill those. It will considerably improve your writing skills as well. However, if you still face any issues, you can buy dissertations from our experts, read the following section if you want to know how.

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That was it with this write-up about writing a dissertation conclusion. You must have cleared all your doubts regarding this chapter. Our experts have explained all about writing a conclusion and explained it with the help of examples and some bonus tips. However, if you are still facing some issues with the conclusion or any other chapter, you can seek our dissertation writing services. Our professional writers are well-versed in every subject and possess the expertise to write any type of document. As they are graduates from renowned colleges and many of them are PhD holders with years of experience, they can help you with any writing document. So, without wasting any more time, you should get our help now.  

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