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Dissertation Structure - A Complete Guide with Layout & Chapter-wise Breakdown

18 Aug 2021 440
Dissertation Structure

How to Structure a Dissertation?

Students pursuing a Master’s or Ph.D. require to develop & submit a dissertation by the end of the course. It requires following various rules & guidelines to create a perfect paper. Every university proposes its own requirements for dissertation structure, timeline, research areas, chapters to include, and drafting style. Universities assign a supervisor to every student who guides them from start to end and helps them create a perfect & impressive document. Students get complete instructions from their supervisors to develop a paper that can meet the assessor’s expectations. 

The dissertation is score-based writing for which students get grading in their final result. The examiner checks student’s abilities through their writing, embedded information, style, tone & language, and structure of all the included sections. That’s why it is essential to maintain a proper format in dissertation writing. 

This blog will guide you on how to structure your dissertation. Let’s start with an overview of the dissertation structure layout that you must know. 

An Overview of Dissertation Structure Layout

A perfect dissertation structure follows several chapters; some of them are compulsory while others are optional. You need to read your university guidelines & instructions shared by your professor to know about all the chapters you will require to add to your writing. 

Various sections that create a perfect dissertation structure template are as follows:

  • Title Page: It is an opening page that contains all the relevant information about your dissertation writing. 
  • Acknowledgment Page: On this page, you need to thank all of those people who helped you in your dissertation research and writing process. 
  • Abstract or Executive Summary: This section introduces a summary of your whole research & writing. 
  • Table of Contents: This section reflects all the chapters and figures, tables, etc., included in the paper. 
  • Core Chapters: There are 6 core chapters of the dissertation that are mandatory in various universities. 
  • Reference List: A list of resources from which you take information to add to your dissertation. 
  • Appendix: All the supplementary data & material of your dissertation will be mentioned under the appendix. 

These are various sections shared by the dissertation structure UK experts that every student needs to follow to develop a perfect paper. Now, let us jump to some tips that can help you structure your dissertation perfectly without any trouble.

How to Structure a Dissertation or Thesis? [6 Easy Steps]

When it comes to writing, the 2 major steps that every student requires to take are formatting & outlining. Talking about the formatting, you should create a dissertation structure that leads you with the stages you need to provide in your paper. Here is the step-by-step process by the online dissertation helpers to structure a dissertation.

  1. Start with introducing your topic under the introduction section. 
  2. Provide surveys that should be relevant to the resources in the literature review section.
  • Explain the methods & material used in your methodology section.
  1. Provide an overview of the research outcome in the results section. 
  2. Discuss the various results and their implications in the discussion section.
  3. Mention your research contribution under the conclusion section.

Above are the various steps to guide you with the process that can help you create a perfect dissertation structure template. These are the 6 core chapters of dissertation writing. So, let’s study them in brief to know more. 

What Are the 6 Core Chapters of a Dissertation?

The 6 core chapters are explained as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction

This section is the first segment of the dissertation where the research on your primary topic starts. Develop a perfect dissertation introduction structure & make it more compelling. Here are the steps that can help you maintain it easily.

  1. Share the scope of your research. 
  2. Demonstrate your research question & objectives clearly.
  3. Provide a complete introduction of your dissertation topic with background information. 
  4. Share the existing researches for your chosen dissertation topic and how your research is relevant to the same idea. 

Chapter 2: Literature Review

A perfect literature review format depends on the answers to some questions. You require to justify your research by sharing:

  1. How your research fills a gap in the literature area?
  2. How does your research create an advanced debate?
  3. Howdoes your research data strengthen the existing knowledge?
  4. How does your research give a solution for the primary problem?
  5. What new theoretical or methodological approach did you take in your research?

Chapter 3: Methodology

A perfect dissertation methodology structure requires adding a lot of ingredients, such as:

  1. Share the methods you preferred for data analysis. 
  2. Present your chosen computer or lab tools & material. 
  3. Brief ofthe faced obstacles & the way you overcome them. 
  4. Containsoverall approach & conducted research type. 
  5. Provide an overview of the method used to collect the data. 
  6. Include the information-where, when, and with whom you conducted the research. 
  7. Give justification & evaluation of the methods you used in your dissertation. 

Chapter 4: Results

Points to develop a perfect dissertation results section are as follows:

  1. Use descriptive & inferential statistics & assert each relevant results. 
  2. State the result concerning the dissertation question. 
  3. Make the supported hypothesis crystal clear for the readers. 

Chapter 5: Discussion

Here’s what you need for the dissertation discussion chapter:

  1. Share the meaning of the results with the interpretation. 
  2. Declare the importance of the result by exploring all the implications. 
  3. Mention what limitations obstacles the result.

Chapter 6: Conclusion

Here’s the 3-step formula to draft the best dissertation conclusion chapter quickly. 

  1. Start with the main topic. 
  2. Sum up the research claim, evidence,& result. 
  3. End up sharing the recommendations for further research on the same topic. 

Above are the various chapters necessary to include in your dissertation. Now, let us look at the frequently asked questions by students to clear all the remaining doubts. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Format a Dissertation Title Page?
    You should write the project title, your name, your academic department, university name, name of the degree pursuing, submission date, and the name of your supervisor in the same sequence to format a perfect dissertation title page. 
  • What Is the Main Meaning of the Dissertation Acknowledgment Page?
    It is a section where the author thanks all the people who helped him while writing. They can be the editors, agents, friends, family, teachers, people interviewed, etc., everyone who supported your research, are mandatory to acknowledge. 
  • How Long Should a Dissertation Abstract Be?
     If we talk about the single-spaced and 12pt font writing with standard margins, your dissertation abstract size should be of two pages. Avoid exceeding this limit; just ask your professor for the word limit and write your academic paper while adhering to it. 
  • How to List Out Tables And Figures in the Table of Contents?
    List all the tables, figures, and headings in the table of content of your dissertation by numbering or using bullet points. 
  • How to Write a Bibliography Chapter in a Dissertation?
    You need to provide complete information of the resources you used in your paper. Start with the author's last name or first initial and a period followed by the year of publication. Then in italic, write the paper title, and at the end comes the publisher’s location & name.
  • How to Write an Appendix in a Thesis?
    Place all the figures, tables, raw data, and other additional information in the appendix section that support your research. 

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