Sentence Starters for Essays: A Complete Guide on Its Use and Tips

26 Jun 2023 2021
How to Use Apt Sentence Starters for Essay

Studying in high school or college is surely one of the best phases of everyone's life. But even this beautiful phase has its own challenges. Writing essays for school and different academic writing tasks is a bit challenging for students.

It has been loudly declared by most high school students that pick suitable sentence starters for essays. This is the toughest moment they face whenever they think about writing something.

The jinx is over now. This blog will introduce many wonderful ideas about how and what sentence starter for essay to pick to start with. We have segregated the whole blog into different subcategories so that you don't miss anything important when it comes to the wise use of good essay sentence starters.

Even if this guide is not enough for you and you are still struggling hard to compose your essays, hiring a professional service can save you time and your grades. Such services are deliberately kept affordable to help out a large number of students. When you are ready to pay for essay, contacting us is best because their work ethics are unparalleled. Now, let's begin and learn what university essay sentence starters are.

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What Is a Sentence Starter?

Generally, a essay writing sentence starters can be defined as a set of words or phrases that we put at the beginning of a sentence. A sentence starter gives a strong indication of what your essay/paragraph is going to focus on and what type of essay it is.

Essay sentence openers are not at all necessary to be always sensational. It is best to keep it relevant and interesting to grab the attention of the reader. Now you know what it is, move on to the next section to learn the importance of sentence starters essay.

Importance of Sentence Starters for Essay

An essay should always have a vision and clarity as it explains or introduces something to the readers. How you open the door for them to your article plays a critical role in keeping their interest intact till the end.

A set of good essay sentence starters comes under the most crucial components of any write-up. They help the writer to set the stage for readers with a clue about what to expect next. Essay sentence openers hold the power to bring cohesion to lengthy pieces of writing, especially academic essays.

You can also put essay opening sentence/phrases to good use by using them to make a smooth transition from one paragraph to another. If you put the essay introduction sentence starters at a paragraph's beginning, it often the sharp shifts within your article.

The importance of sentence starters in any sort of writing cannot be overlooked. Getting help from essay writing service providers can assist students in making the best of it out of them. But, before that, you must know whether transition words and sentence starters for essays are the same or not.

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Are Transition Words and Sentence Starters the Same?

If we put it simply, transition words are the group of words or phrases that helps the writer to connect the thoughts or ideas between two sentences or paragraphs. This makes things less abrupt and more fluid.

Transition words can be used as good sentence starters for essays and vice versa. But not all transition words can fit the category of sentence starters.

If you choose professional writing help to make your essay outstanding, the service providers usually assign that task to an efficient UK essays writer. Such writers know exactly how to blend the right amount of transitional words and sentence starters. 

A Few Useful Transition Words as University Essay Sentence Starters

To help you in making writing more creative yet tightly knitted pieces, here is a list of some useful transition words:

  • Alternatively
  • Afterwards
  • Absolutely
  • Along with
  • Apart from
  • At this time
  • Clearly
  • Consequently
  • Despite
  • Definitely
  • Following
  • Firstly
  • Finally
  • In effect of
  • In contrast
  • Moreover
  • Despite
  • In other words
  • Whereas
  • Previously
  • Whereas

These transition words are quite simple to try as an opening sentence for essay or paragraph. They don't take much of your effort to improve your writing style.

Till now, you just get familiar with sentence starters for essays. In the upcoming section, you will know some tips to use it properly in essays.

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Tips on How to Start a Sentence in an Essay

Writing an essay is not just jotting down your ideas and expressing them in words. There is more to it, particularly when you are writing something related to your academics. Be careful with the words to use in an essay. The most difficult part remains the introductory part. So, take a look at the following tips before you start the essay:

  • Make a rough draft of your thoughts, ideas and how you want to execute that in writing.
  • Choose an interesting title for your essay.
  • List down a few good essay introduction sentence starters. Read carefully through your essay requirements to understand what is expected from your essay
  • Organise your points in a logical order
  • Keep sentences together that make sense with each other in a paragraph
  • Think about a way to grab the attention of the reader
  • Your introduction paragraph should say what the article is going to be about
  • Never skip the conclusion part
  • You can use previously written essay examples as reference

How to Find a Good Opening Sentence for Essay?

The quality of your essay's first paragraph heavily determines the whole writing's success. You must start the first paragraph interestingly so that reader gets hooked. A good opening sentence for essay can do that for you.

Here is how to pick a stimulating essay opening sentence:

  • Your language should be clear and strong
  • You can add some element of surprise
  • Find something that can help you to pop up the main topic
  • Don't use phrases like "I think" or "It may be". Instead, you may write "I believe" or "I am sure that", etc.

You can take the help of a professional essay writer to process essay for you. Such services are quite affordable.

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Different Types of Sentence Starters to Match Different Requirements

In this section, we have categorised a hoard of sentence starters for essays to serve different purposes. We hope these categories will help everyone, including students, to write more powerful essays.

different types of sentence starters

Starters for Writing Essay Topic Sentence

A topic sentence sets the stage for the reader by stating the subject of the essay in the upcoming paragraphs. Here is the list of topic sentences to give you a clue about how to start a sentence in an essay introduction.

  • This paper aims to…
  • Today's topic covered in the paper includes…
  • This write-up focuses on…
  • One reason why…
  • The first thing to note is…

Sentence Starter Ideas for Closing Sentences

Just like a captivating introduction, it is equally crucial to close your essay with the right tone. You can choose from the following phrases to draft the final sentence while looking for sentence starters for university essays.

  • In light of what we have discussed…
  • Put simply…
  • Pieces of evidence and facts suggest that…
  • As conclusion…
  • To conclude…
  • To sum it up…
  • Taking everything into account…
  • In the final analysis…
  • On the whole…

Starters for Hooks

To grab the attention of readers, you can use anything you like from the below list of essay sentence starters:

  • Just as… [for an analogy]
  • Do you know that…[for a fact]
  • As per… [for a statistic]

Starters for Denoting Orders/List

Here comes the group of starters for listing ideas:

  • Firstly…
  • The second…
  • Next…
  • Lastly…

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Starters for Elaborating

Looking for an essay sentence starter to elaborate on an idea? Take a look at the below-mentioned phrases:

  • In other words…
  • For example,
  • To elaborate…
  • Another way to put it would be…
  • In simple words...

Starters for Contrasting/Comparing

If you need sentence starters for writing essays for contrasting and comparing two or more things, here are some good ideas:

  • However…
  • The flip side is…
  • Whereas…
  • Rather than…
  • Apart from…
  • In contrast to…
  • Similarly…
  • Compared to…
  • On the other hand…
  • Even though…

Starters for Cause and Effect Essays

Here are some wonderful ways to start a sentence in an essay to describe the reason or effect of something:

  • That's why…
  • In that case…
  • Therefore…
  • Since…
  • This being the scenario…
  • So that's why…
  • Because…
  • Subsequently…

Starters for Sharing Background Info

Following are the good sentence starters for essays for giving brief background information in the paper:

  • As everyone knows…
  • In this age of…
  • As mentioned previously…

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Writing a good essay is not just about conveying your thoughts. You should make it intriguing to keep the reader glued to the last word. The sentence starters for essays are great tools for making the article more engaging. For any kind of professional help with writing academic essays, Assignment Desk is always ready to assist you.

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