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28 Dec 2023 705
How to Draft an Exceptional Essay Conclusion? | Assignment Desk

Writing a conclusion essay is a crucial part of your academic papers. However, many students find it challenging to draft one for themselves. Therefore, this blog is a guide for students who are keen to learn how to write exceptional conclusions for their essays.

What is a Conclusion in an Essay?

Summarizing your content is a significant part of your academic paper. Once you have taken care of the main body and introduction, giving it a conclusion is crucial. It should ensure that your ideas validate what you have already written. You can provide a final note on your topic through your conclusion essay. It comprises a single paragraph that gives the readers what they aim for. In the end, they should find your essay's meaning. Therefore, drafting your conclusion on point is crucial. It can require you to take paper writing help to write your final notes. For now, the following sections will guide you in drafting your conclusions properly.

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How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay?

Writing a conclusion essay is one of the most challenging tasks of drafting an academic paper. It is because there are various things that you must adhere to while reaching the end. Therefore, the following pointers will guide and explain the requirements of the conclusion paragraph for an essay.

Gather the Pointers

There is no need to search for new ideas while writing the conclusion of your academic paper. You can gather pointers from the introduction and main body of your topic. Once you do so, it will become easy finishing essay conclusion.

Emphasize Your Idea

Your idea depicts the theme or intent with which you write your academic paper. Therefore, it is crucial for you to validate the same towards the end. It means that you should mention or highlight the theme of your content in the ending essay.

Avoid Repetition

Writing a summary does not mean repeating the content of the introduction or the main body. It simply means writing the pointers in a manner that they are able to provide meaning to the content. Therefore, your finishing essay must not repeat the content.

Break Off Arguments

If there are any arguments in your content, then they must find their result in the conclusion section. It means that if there are any questions raised in the text of your academic paper, you must put an end to it in the concluding essay.

Provide Insights

Sometimes, you are keen to prove your points with the help of your content. In such cases, you are free to use your finishing essay conclusion. It provides a platform to portray what you think about a specific theme or questions related to the same.

Along with the above pointers, there are various components necessary for a conclusion essay. To get more knowledge about essay writing help to write your ending paragraph, keep reading the following section.

What Should Conclusion Include?

While writing a conclusion paragraph for an essay, there are various elements you must keep track of. They will enable you to avoid any possible errors in drafting an ending for your academic paper. Therefore, you must go through the following pointers thoroughly.

Clear Note

Many students do not have clarity on whether they should end their essays with a positive note or a negative note. It is your primary motive to decide upon the same before writing your conclusion essay. You must ensure that you do not leave the reader with an abrupt end. Therefore, give your content or theme clarity on your theme or intent.


The conclusion of your essay should also signify the reason for which you started writing it. It must give your readers all the answers that were raised in the content. Hence, there should be meaning to any arguments or information you are writing about. Nothing can be vague while drafting your concluding essay. Also, the meaning should be easy to figure out.


The core intent of writing conclusions is to provide closure. Take it as your favourite movie, how would you feel if there was no proper ending? Your essays also work the same way. It is essential that you provide complete closure to your audience. Otherwise, it will be a waste of their time. Therefore, you must provide a closure to your finishing essay.


Most students think that conclusions are all about providing a summary of their academic paper. However, you must realize that it is simply a part. It means that you should undoubtedly mention the above pointers in a short summary. However, there are various other pointers that you must include while writing your ending essay.


The topic or the theme of your essay lays emphasis on a specific point. You must ensure to put clarity on that subject in your conclusion. It means that there should be a proper statement to highlight the theme of your academic paper. Therefore, you cannot miss to mention the intent with which you started writing your essay.

The above components provide you clarity in writing your conclusion essay. However, you can always seek online assignment help to draft better endings for your academic paper. Therefore, you need to have a good eye on such things. The following section will provide you with practical examples of writing exceptional conclusions.

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Essay Conclusion Examples

Now that you have read the tips and tricks for framing good conclusions, let's look at the practical examples. The given topic will help you compare good, bad and better conclusion paragraph for an essay. It will also enable you to understand how to draft a proper ending for your academic paper.

"Does Technology Have a Positive Impact on Society?"

Poor Conclusion Essay:

While technology has certainly increased our standard of living in various ways, it is also bringing a whole bunch of new challenges and dangers that must be taken care of. Our lives are now more connected than it has ever been, and this can come at the cost of our privacy and security. Cybersecurity threats are now very common and can cause severe disruption to our lives, while issues such as crime, cyberstalking, and bullying have all become issues that must be addressed by responsible adults and students. Nevertheless, technology also has the potential to reduce employment opportunities for people and increase the economic disparity in the world. It is vital that we, as a society, remain aware of these dangers and take steps to reduce them while still enjoying the benefits that technology provides.

Better Conclusion Essay

The scope of technology in the future is exciting and dynamic. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, 5G networks, augmented and virtual reality, the cloud, blockchain, biotechnology, quantum computing, robots, and cybersecurity are just some of the most significant technological breakthroughs that will entirely change our world in the following years.

While there are various positive outcomes to the increased use of these technologies, there are negative outcomes also, such as technology dependency, privacy violations, and cyberbullying, that must be addressed. Better communication, more productivity, easier access to information, and higher quality healthcare are just a few examples of how technology has benefited civilization.

Best Conclusion Essay

Technology definitely is not going anywhere. If anything, we will always become more and more dependent on the intellect of our smartphones and various other devices in the future. However, we have to make sure that this reliance on technology is not making us lethargic or less curious about the world around us. With more knowledge available than ever before with today's technological advancement, people are less aware of what kind of materials they read and whether or not those materials are of any benefit. People are also less likely to make personal connections with someone while they are out in the world, which can increase levels of stress, depression, and anxiety. Ultimately, we have to learn how to work with technology in a way that is both healthful and constructive.

We understand that framing your conclusion essay can be a challenging task. Therefore, our expert team of Assignment Desk writers have now made it convenient for you to seek assistance. You can pay for essay writing and avail best services. Our professionals provide you with according to your topics. You can rely on them for drafting top-notch and original content for your academic papers. They can also make it easy for you to overcome any challenges you face while writing your essay conclusion.

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