How to Construct an Essay Plan to Make it Look Organized?

08 Sep 2023 788
How to Write an Essay Plan?

Essay planning is vital to ensure the essay is organized and accurate. When you work according to a proper plan, the essay-writing process becomes easy. When you begin writing with an essay plan, it helps you figure out the main idea, details, topic sentences, etc. As you know, different essay planning sheets and templates can help you outline your essay and improve your essay-writing skills.

However, it's like a bunch of ideas swirling in your head. Knowing how to portray everything in one document sometimes becomes difficult. But to help you out while writing an essay, do immense planning. To get in-depth information about it, know the meaning of the essay plan and the different elements of it.

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What Is an Essay Plan?

Before beginning the writing process, you must think about how effective your essay planning should be. It means rebuilding the line of thought in a proper way with logically combined sentences. Immediately after getting the topic of the essay, images, and ideas will start appearing in your mind. When you make an essay plan, you can draft the phrases or words that come to mind on a piece of paper. They can be developed for the entire task. Now that you have understood the meaning of an essay plan, let's head on to the next section of what you can include in the process.

What Is Included in an Essay Plan?

While making an essay plan, the basic structure consists of three sections: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. For more detailed information about it, read the information below.


In the introduction, you will present your ideas, arguments, or thesis easily. Start by writing an attention-grabbing hook or opening line that will keep the reader interested in your essay. It is one of the main parts of the essay plan. Thoughtful questions, interesting and good quotes, or trending statements can be good tools to use in your introduction.

Body Paragraphs

In the body paragraphs, you should start with a topic sentence that presents the central idea or argument that supports the focal point. You must include at least 3 - 4 supporting details in every paragraph. When you begin to make an essay plan, the main body is the main focus. These details should provide information from different sources, such as data, relatable facts, or any other information that gives weight to your topic sentence.


Writing a good conclusion is an essential skill to help the reader remember the central idea or argument of your writing. You should state your thesis, main points, and vital points in your supporting paragraphs. It can be about introductions. They can be sentence starter for essaysbut in a concluding way.

Now that you understand what an essay plan looks like, it's time to know what to include.

What Does an Essay Plan Look Like?

While writing an essay, the essential aspect is to make a proper essay plan to write systematically. It is vital to make the document look structured and properly organized.

how does essay page look like

Steps of Planning an Essay and Its Example

To make an essay plan with every element, it is necessary to know the step-by-step process first. Now let's begin with the process to get clarity.

1. Create a Proper Structure

It might be easy to sit down and write, especially if you have a tight deadline to complete an essay. But it's vital to know that before writing, you must create a proper structure for the details the essay will cover. When you create an essay structure, you must ensure that every paragraph is aligned. Also, if you need assistance, you can take the essay writing service option.

2. Do Effective Brainstorming

Once you know what ideas you need in the writing process, it will help make the flow of the content structured. Either way, your query about who can write my essay perfectly will get resolved. As you know, there are different ways to make a proper essay plan. You can either mind map or write out all the ideas on paper. When you do this, remember the questions you have and the things you need to look up.

3. Drafting a Detailed Outline

Once you have done the brainstorming, it's time to draft a proper outline and put it into a clear format. While you complete the idea generation process, you should start creating an outline because, when you do so, it will gradually reflect in your actual essay. It helps a lot in making a refined essay plan.

4. Organize Research and Ideas

You can either mind map or use an essay planning sheet or planning tools to organize your research and ideas. Organizing the research and ideas will help you plan out the main topic sentences for each paragraph and their order. You can also use this step to outline your research into supporting sentences for each main topic. There are different types of essaysbut the structure remains the same.

5. Research Your Thesis Properly

It might be possible that your teacher has provided you with reference material or links to reputable sources. If so, you can use this material to start researching the topic. Combine it with your findings as required. If you're starting from the beginning, use relevant sources to research the topic and keep a list of references needed to cite your information. To make it easy if you need a customized essay, you can choose the custom essay writing service option.

Now let's look at a given example of how to make an essay plan.

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Essay Topic: Why Marketing Techniques Are Important for Business?


The business world is more connected than ever before, and many businesses employ marketing techniques across the globe.

Introductory Statement

Businesses must promote their products with marketing techniques.


Doing so will help the business reach new heights, and eventually sales will increase.

Topics Order

Content marketing, marketing research, brand management, email marketing, social media, etc.

Paragraph 1, Includes: 

Topic Sentence

Tell about the marketing techniques used by businesses.

Two Supporting Details

Impact of marketing techniques

How does it help business growth?

Concluding Sentence

Marketing techniques help the business work more efficiently and play a major role in growth aspects.

Paragraph 2, Includes:

Topic Sentence

Being familiar with different marketing tactics used by the business.

Two Supporting Details

Benefits of marketing techniques

Why does a brand or business use marketing techniques to promote its products?

Concluding Sentence

How does using marketing techniques help the business achieve its desired goals?

Paragraph 3 Includes

Topic Sentence

How do marketing techniques make a brand's image effective and reachable?

Two Supporting Details

Marketing techniques help in brand building.

Significance of the implications of marketing techniques

Concluding Sentence

The use of marketing techniques in brand building helps. The advancement of business through image-building

Now that you understand how to make a plan for an essay let us know how our professionals help.

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