Dissertation Introduction Writing: 7 Simple Steps to Ace it

02 Aug 2023 4568
Know what are the steps to write a dissertation introduction

How to Hook and Engage the Readers with a Dissertation Introduction?

If you are pursuing any degree in any field, you cannot bypass working on a dissertation. It is so because it is the document based on which you will be evaluated in the final year. Thus, you need to make it up to par from every single perspective involved in it. Although the entire paper is challenging, one section makes students struggle the most and think about how to write a dissertation introduction effectively.

Thus, this write-up is for you, as it will guide you in making this section appropriate. In this, you will find all the necessary details that you have to consider before you ask how to write a dissertation introduction. So, begin to perceive the steps to follow.

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How to Write a Dissertation Introduction? 7 Quick Steps

To draft an interesting and compelling introductory section for the dissertation, you must know what to include in the introduction of a dissertation. This is crucial as it will help you to make the process smother in no time.

Thus, this segment will guide you in write a dissertation step by step:

Question and Perspective

To begin working on the dissertation introduction, you must understand the question you have provided and the perspective from which it must be solved. To do this, you have to consider the "what" aspect of the question. It is crucial, as it will help you perceive the direction you must walk in with your paper. Doing this is necessary, as without it, you cannot move ahead with your dissertation introduction.

Focus and Central Theme

Once you are well-versed in what there in the question, it is time to find the central theme of the whole topic. Now you might think how to write a dissertation introduction topic that you have to work on the entire theme. No, you do not have to consider the whole thing; rather, you should find a central or focal point to take it forward. To do this, you have to narrow down your research by:

  • Time Period
  • Population
  • Specific Area

It will help you find the scope of your study, and this is how to write an introduction for a dissertation which will attract the attention of the readers.

Background and History

Giving background information about the topic you are working on is another crucial thing you must consider. It is so because doing this will help your reader know what has been done in the particular field previously. Thus, while writing a perfect dissertation, you need to provide a history of the topic. In addition, it will help you identify the gap in the previous studies and guide you to bridge it with your research.

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Connection and Application

In this step, you have to justify the motive for conducting the research. It is so because your audience must know how your dissertation topic will be impactful and effective in a particular area. Besides this, you can also mention some insights into what you are planning to include. Doing this will help you engage your readers and make them read further. Therefore, this is how to write a good introduction for a dissertation that attracts the attention of the audience.

Aims and Objectives

In this part of your dissertation introduction, you should convey to your readers the objectives of the research you are conducting. To do this, you must reveal some of the secrets that the rest of your paper will include. But doing this does not mean that you tell everything in detail. Rather, you have to give a hint of the goals you are working to prove in your dissertation. Although maintaining secrecy in this section is challenging, online dissertation help from professionals can ease it.

Plan and Outline

Once you know what the central theme is, how you have to bridge the gap, and other things, it is time to plan and prepare an outline for the dissertation introduction. To do this, you must create a layout for the paper you will be constructing. For this, you must create the headings and sub-pointers that will justify it. In addition, you have to include some pointers or phrases that will help you during the actual writing part. Doing this is the most challenging when students ask how to write a dissertation introduction effectively.

Proofread and Edit

In this step, you have to work on the dissertation proofreading and editing process to make your document flawless. Many times, this step is skipped and the document is submitted. But this must not be done, as without it, there might be silly mistakes that can impact the overall impression of your content. Thus, you must ensure you have proofread it after you know how to write dissertation introduction and looked for all the grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and structural errors in the document.

These are the steps that you must follow while creating a dissertation introduction. Now, move ahead to perceive the do's and don'ts while drafting this section.

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What Are the Do's and Don'ts of Dissertation Introduction Structure?

You have to follow some basic guidelines for drafting a dissertation introduction; thus, here are some pointers that you have to follow and avoid, in other words here is the dissertation introduction checklist:


Here are the pointers that you must work on while you draft a dissertation introduction:

Make It Catchy

Your dissertation introduction example must be attractive and should hook the attention of the audience.

Include a Thesis Statement

You must include a thesis statement in the introduction that gives the gist of the entire paper. It might be a challenging task for which you can seek dissertation introduction help from experts.

Make It Concise

An appropriate dissertation introduction length is crisp and concise, providing only a hint of the paper.


Here are the pointers that you must avoid while you draft a dissertation introduction:

Do Not Make It Broad

You must keep your introductory section to the point without mentioning anything in detail.

Do Not Explain Anything

The introduction in dissertation must not be lengthy and not reveal the essence of the entire paper.

Do Not Go Off-Topic

You must not get diverted from the topic in this section. To understand you can refer to dissertation examples available.

These are the do's and don'ts that you have to consider while creating a dissertation introduction structure. Now, move ahead to explore what the appropriate length of this section is.

How Long Should an Introduction be for a Dissertation?

As per the general guidelines for dissertation chapters writing, this section must make up 10 percent of the total document. In other words, if the total word count of your complete paper is around 10,000, then the word count of the introduction must be around 1,000 words.

Although it is the basic guideline that is followed as a default, you need to check the one provided by your professor to make it appropriate according to them.

Thus, this is the answer to the query, How long should an introduction be for a dissertation? So, if you are still facing issues in the middle of this section, you can seek help from experts.

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