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In the recent market, there is a growth in the project management aspects. Many of the company are handling the project on the basis of the tools and the techniques of the project management. Project management is the process through which the company is able to plan the task or the activity involved in a project and can manage the resources required for every task. The time taken by every task or activity is the biggest issue that is managed by the company administration for future benefits. Due to the implementation of the project management concept, the company is able to deliver the product at the right time to the customers. The management of the resources is done in such a way that the company is able to utilize the available resources efficiently and effectively. Every task in the process of production is interconnected to each other. The delay of one activity can hamper the whole process of production. It is the major aim of the project management to provide the special quality of the product to the market at a reasonable price and at correct time. Due to the project management, it becomes easy for the management to prepare the budget of the project before the processing it.

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