Intoduction to Business Operations and Management

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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Cadbury is a British multinational confectionery company established in England. What do you mean by business operations.
  • Analyse the companys operations management decisions.
  • Critically explain the main functions of business operations of Cadbury organisation.


Answer :
Organization Selected : h multinational confectionery company


Business operations & management refers to process including evaluating, streamlining and monitoring operational processes in an organisation. It includes the criterion of conducting the overall operations by managing them in terms of increasing the manufacturing of products or facilities (Grant, Trautrims and Wong, 2017). In context of given assignment, it will based on the case of Cadbury which is known as a British multinational confectionery company for providing various products like Dairy Milk chocolate, the Creme Egg and Roses selection box. It was founded by John Cadbury in the year around 1824, almost 196 years ago. This report will focus on main functions of business operations and relevant decisions for management.


Explanation of Business Operations

The business operations can be described as a set of activities which are involved on daily basis for increasing the values of an enterprise along with gaining profit. It includes various type of manufacturing activities and other administrative procedures which are carried out regularly. However, it consist number of operational activities which can be optimised for developing revenues in sufficient amount regarding coverage of expenses as well as attaining profits for owners of particular business organisation. In addition to this, it has been analysed that staff members of a company provide support for accomplishing objectives through working several functions such as accounting, production, marketing and so on. Meanwhile, it is necessary for managers and authorised individuals in an enterprises to manage overall operational activities and procedures in correct way so that desired productivity as well as profitability can be achieved (Kasemsap, 2019). Moreover, it involves the criterion of competing production of products and services on time which facilitate deliver them in market to fulfil desired demand of customers.

On the other hand, business operations includes various components involving functions of company like people, processes, systems and equipment. It consist the to serve main tow purposes which includes guidelines and limiting the risk to ignore relevant issue along with conducting business activities properly. Meanwhile, it involves the criterion of conducting several meetings, communication channels and emails to make desired conversation with staff having their specific specialisation in particular area. Basically, it includes aspects if assigning roles and responsibilities to an individual as per their field of expertise which helps to encourage them along with improving overall productivity. It involves the important prospect of managing communication within organisation which is essential to perform with effective cooperation as well as coordination to achieve desired goal of business. However, it is necessary to carry out proper management of available resources to make their optimum utilisation for gaining maximum outcomes. It is required to prepare an appropriate roadmapping a plan that helps to execute operations in effective manner (Schaltegger, Burritt and Petersen, 2017). Moreover, it includes to make sure about compliance with mandatory regulations like upholding key cultural values or expense reimbursement policy can be difficult for tracking.

Main Functions of Business Operations

Business operations has number of functions which are required to be carry out effectively in terms of completing goals of a company. It includes the fact that these functions are conducted by employees within every specialised department or area. Meanwhile, it has been analysed that operational functions are connected with each other to focus on achieving same objectives & aims. It needs efficient conversation between employees to conduct these operations effectively. Hence, some of them are mentioned here.

1. Accounting –

This is a very important function of a company which consist several primary roles including measurement and summarising activities related to business. It includes to manage overall financial problem and requirement to maintain budget for conducting various operations. Basically, it involves interpretation of entire data relation financial aspects and communicate relevant outcomes for managing funds along with another decision making authorities (Cook and Billig, 2017). However, it includes to summarise overall financial processing which helps to appropriate decision making in future.

2. Finance –

The term finance refers to aspects related to money and funds which is responsible to overlap often with its functions. It is helpful in providing various resources as well as establish plan of action to support in operating and expanding the business. Meanwhile, it involves several tasks such as raising financial capital, tax compliance, safeguarding company assets and budgeting (Davis and et. al., 2018).

3. Production & Operations –

This can be defined as an essential function of business in regards to overarching the goal. It consist the utilisation of resources of an organisation for producing efficiently products as well as facilities which are desired by clients. However, its I necessary to fulfil actual needs and wants of customers by producing products of their choice top survive in market.

4. Production –

The production can be explained to manufacturing of good or services which are required by clients. It is essential for an organisation to focus on demands of people while producing products to attract new consumers along with retaining the current ones for enhancing entire profitability of business (Beckford, 2016). However, production management has a duty to manage entire procedures or activities of available materials to manufacture required goods. Basically, it involves several aspects like input, process, output and feedback which should be complete in correct sequence for satisfying needs of people properly.

5. Marketing –

This can be described as set of promotional activities and providing information about product to people in order to enhance sales. It consist main two aspects which are focussed like providing support to business in terms of determining products or services which bears potential to achieve success in market. Basically, it includes the criterion of promoting products in market for increasing sales of goods or services. However, the another major tasks of marketing involves several aspects such as advertising, customer service, public relations and developing a marketing plan.

6. Sales and Distribution –

The function of sales refers to an obvious task of managing and handling over a product and receiving its price. It consist the criterion of identifying the clients & potential consumers, promotional activities to promote products, actual selling through different modes and follow up.

7. Management –

This includes utilisation of staff and various resources available in an organisation to conduct function management. It includes several aspects including planning, organising, directing and controlling for reaching the business goals (Baumgartner and Rauter, 2017). However, management is favourable as it make sure about availability of proper tools & techniques for accomplishing responsibilities which are allocated to employees of company.

Considering the above functions, it has been analysed that these functions are based on size & scale of business, activities, type of clients, actual requirements of consumers and preference of owner.

A Brief Description of The Company

Cadbury can be known as a confectionery British multinational company which is consider as second largest brand of this industry at global level after Mars. It has may of products in which few of them are vary famous like Dairy Milk chocolate, the Creme Egg and Roses selection box. Basically, it was founded in the year around 1824 by John Cadbury which was happened almost 196 years ago. It was established in Birmingham of England initially and now owned by Mondelez International since 2010. It is observed that this organisation is internationally headquartered in the city of Uxbridge which is situated in west London along with operating in more than 50 nations across the world. Meanwhile, the initial products of this organisation was tea, coffee and drinking chocolate which was mostly liked by customers. Moreover, the Bournville estate has been developed further and then proper dairy milk chocolate was created by considering taste or choice of people.

In addition to this, the key people of Cadbury are Irene Rosenfeld, the chairman and Dirk Van de Put, the CEO of the company. It involves the efforts of around 71657 staff members who are working in different branches or stores of Cadbury at global level. Meanwhile, the Cadbury UK has various products like bars, boxes & rolls, multi-packs, beverages, cooking, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, desserts, ice cream, biscuits, travel exclusives and spreads. Basically, it involves different products with its unique taste in various countries which are liked by people and this strategy make this brand very much popular globally. Meanwhile, it has a Modern chocolate that people loves in today's scenario which was invented by Swiss manufacturer with use of conching machine that refined chocolate, providing it a smooth texture. It will facilitate to make people feel satisfied and attract new customer towards products.

Evaluation of Company's Operations Management Decisions

The management decisions are required to be based on operations of business or an organisation. It is necessary to make proper decisions for managing operations in Cadbury to achieve desired business objectives.

1. Production:

This includes the manufacturing products to fulfil needs and desires of customers for gaining better profitability. It includes an effective strategy to determine actual requirements and choices in regards to goods along with analysing their expectation about product features (Maylor, Blackmon and Huemann, 2016). However, it is essential for manufacturing department of given organisation to consider modified demands of consumers to provide unique and effective product to gain heir satisfaction.

2. Supply Chain:

This includes a network between an organisation with their suppliers to gain raw material in order to manufacture and supply product in market in desired quantity. It consist various procedures, people, entities, data and resources for producing goods to complete requirements of consumers. In context of Cadbury, they should make proper decision for their suppliers to gain raw material for fulfilling modified desires of customers for retaining them with brand. It is favourable to gain loyal clients along with ensuring about long term profitability or business.

3. Logistics:

In case of Cadbury, they can make decision according to organising and implementation of a complex operation. It includes the transportation of various products at different channels through which they will get delivered to customers (Harmon, 2019). However, it includes to analyse the demand in different market areas to supply the product in desired quantity.

4. Location Strategies:

The marketing and manufacturing strategies are required to made on the basis of location and nearby desires of customers. It includes that different country has differentiated desires and choices according to which Cadbury should make decision regarding strategy by considering every specific location which is essential to make brand more popular. Meanwhile, it is beneficial to develop strategies thorough concept of festivals and other special occasions which helps to attract more customers and increase profitability.

5. Quality Control:

This refers to focus on the quality of the product which is mostly a prior factor of every customer due to which if they are not satisfied then they immediately switch the brand. It is necessary for Cadbury to focus on the quality of goods or services which helps to satisfy consumers and retain them for a long time that is profitable for the company.

6. Human Resources:

Human resource plays an important role in terms of conducting various operations of company and convince customers to buy products (Wood and Logsdon, 2017). It includes that Cadbury should hire local people for operating in various countries in order to become popular there and earn competitive advantage at global level.


Considering the above information, it has been founded that various operations of business are required to be carried out in company. It is necessary to make make appropriate decision on the basis of concept of business in order to deliver better quality of product to customers. However, it has been determined that different decisions should be establish by considering specific nation and choices of people living there to make brand more popular and successful. Moreover, effective marketing strategies ad hiring of local people is beneficial for companies to gain growth at global level.

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From the above assignment, it has been concluded that business operations & management can be described as a procedure that consist criterion of evaluating, streamlining and monitoring operational processes in an organisation. It includes basic information about given organisation along with basic functions of business operations like accounting, finance, production & operations, production, marketing, sales and distribution and management. Moreover, it includes operations management decision about production, supply chain, logistics, location strategies, quality control and human resources. To get more details about online assignment help ask our experts.

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