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BMT7345 Research Method For Business Assignment Level 5

Part A

Conceptual  framework

From the above conceptual framework, it is analysed that there are three types of factors that independent, dependent and mediating variable. Independent variable is that which variation is not depended on the any other variable. On the other side dependent variable is that which is measure in experiment and it get affected during the experiment. Mainly dependent variable responds to the independent variable. Mediating variable is that which lead to cause medication in the dependent and the independent variables. It can be stated that it shows the relationship between dependent variable and independent variables. Therefore, entire process of complete mediation is known as complete intervention which is cau

There is significant relationship between independent and dependent variable.

The present study will endeavour to elucidate the following problem statement. That is to what extent there is relationship between tourism employee’s perception and their attitude toward sustainable tourism. The variables which are tested are three independent and the dependent variable’s.

The independent variables were

Socio demographic characteristics of the residents

The way people observe tourism impact and they way it leads to evaluate these impacts?

The way people observe socio-demographic characteristics which is different in their perceptions and evaluation of tourism impacts

The dependent variable is

People support for sustainable tourism development

1.5 hypothesis

H1 = There is relationship between customer satisfaction and product development in Maldives.

H2:  There is relationship between protection and climate change in Maldives.

H3: There is relationship between customer satisfaction and product development in Maldives

If the ideal of viable tourism change should be moved closer, it must be through extended nature with exercises included and through association of among others private territory and close-by business. Among others business from the tourism business. Researcher maintained this declaration by showing that the in neighborhood aggregate should similarly be related with this system. Contrary to the ahead of time of indicated clarifications. It is communicated in their revelations that, tourism may cause moderate change in an overall population's characteristics, feelings and social practices and that area people may be inclined to change their lifestyle. Not to neglect the environmental perspectives, the examination from the similarly found that a gathering's physical normal should be secured, and genuine ethics and standard should be kept up through planning and guideline programs. Despite the way that the association between regular supportability and support for tourism was not quantifiably gigantic, the relationship and the delayed consequences of these two Variables could be essential chooses for a temperate tourism change in Maldives

Part B

5 journals which are selected ad relevant to the proposed model are as follows


Essay review

Kundur, S.K., 2012. Development of tourism in Maldives. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 2(4), pp.1-5.

Marcu, A., Stoefs, W., Belis, D. and Tuokko, K., 2015. Country Case Study–Maldives: Climate for Sustainable Growth.


Tourism is the largest sector of the economy in Maldives. It can be stated that tourism product play significant role in respect to enhance customer satisfaction. People are now becoming more aware of the sustainable tourism and support government in order to enhance it. This research clearly justified that there are various factors which are dependent on other factors such as customer satisfaction and product development.

The purpose behind this examination is to uncover some understanding into how tourism specialists in Maldives see viable tourism impacts and its change and their availability to help. This examination consider has been coordinated with three self-governing components (socio-measurement, tourism influence and the general evaluation of tourism) and the destitute variable (support for tourism). The theories attempted are:


The qualification among delegates' socio-measurement properties with respect to the perspective of plausible tourism impacts, general appraisal of viable tourism impacts and their assistance for supportable tourism.


The self-ruling elements (socio-measurement characteristics, agents' perspective of viable tourism impacts, specialists' evaluation of practical tourism impacts) don't on a very basic level illuminate the dependent variable (reinforce for supportable tourism change).

Scheyvens, R., 2011. The challenge of sustainable tourism development in the Maldives: Understanding the social and political dimensions of sustainability. Asia Pacific Viewpoint, 52(2), pp.148-164.


The political province of Maldives is tricky the political affiliations are fragile to perform bitterly in light of the fact that the political social affairs are not fittingly planed and in a made inside structure. The essential issue of touchy of the political condition is that the social affair choices locally. The point and goals of the social occasion may disaster the character. These social occasions address the nation and make the coalition Government and run the system shamefully which is outstandingly fundamental in every Government to put their beginning and end imperativeness to keep up the coalition set up and moreover it's an industrious weight from the assistant gatherings in Maldives that is the reason the region is defying a colossal level of money related and political supportability in Maldives. These sorts of examples polices impact the external and inside factors of the Government.

Shakeela, A., Becken, S. and Johnston, M.N., 2013. Gaps and disincentives that exist in the policies, laws and regulations which act as barriers to investing in climate change adaptation in the tourism sector of the Maldives.


There are various barriers in sustainable development. Economic factors, environmental factors can directly impact the sustainability and growth of tourism. There are large number of people initiated in sustainability development. Variables such as employment opportunities are directly depended on tourism product. On the other side, customer satisfaction is dependent variable while tourism product is independent variable.

Sadiq, W., 2013. Identifying the Factors that Affect the Financial Sustainability in Balochistan Province of Pakistan.


Issues of power and administrative problems are vital to the change of the travel division and its prospects for adding to prudent progression. This is shown through a logical examination of the advancement of Maldives tour and tourism, an indulgence tourism objective where the governing body has taken after a solid system of 'significant worth tourism' that has routinely been alluded to as a prime instance of practical tourism. Regardless, starting late issues is increased about normal debasement, human rights abuse, relationship between the political and money related top of the line, and massive financial disjointed qualities related with tourism here. Research on supportable tourism needs to see the state's fundamental part in planning tourism change and consider how states modify the fighting interests of other extreme tourism accomplices

Sadiq, W., 2013. Identifying the Factors that Affect the Financial Sustainability in Balochistan Province of Pakistan.


Economy tourism headway is a determined system, and consistent checking of impacts is essential. Similarly, the imperative preventive and in addition helpful measures must be displayed at whatever point is basic. Meanwhile an unusual condition of guest satisfaction must be kept up to ensure a huge issue to the voyager. A champion among the most imperative segments that physically and adequately add to a supportable advancement of a guest objective is the delegates working in the tourism business. These delegates could be considered as a fundamental determinant for sharpening sensible tourism. They are the visitor's first contact and the rule providers of the organizations and things promoted. Tourism delegates ought to at unequalled have an elevating attitude toward a viable progression of a vacationer objective.

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