Impact of Technology on Children


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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • what is meant by society and sociological imagination?
  • How investigation techniques are useful in study of social science?
  • Explain the academic skills undertaken and also highlight the real-world experiences?


Answer :


Childhood and well-being play major role in the life of a human being. It assists various development stages as preschool, age of puberty (Alanen, Brooke. and Mayall. 2015). Report focuses on childhood and health and well-being. It focuses on the areas such as social construction, technology and society in Today's world and many more.



Childhood is known as the age of span that can range from birth to adulthood. As per the theory of the Piaget, it is described within the two stages such as preoperative and concrete operational stage. It can be described as the various development stages such as the stage of the preschool, school age as well as the age of the puberty. Many nations the age regarding the maturity is considered when the childhood legally ends as well as that person becomes adult legally that can range from 15 to 21 accompanied by he 18 the most common age (Gray. and MacBlain, 2015).


Childhood consider as the time for children to grow strong and confident in school and at the time of play with love and boost of their family. It is considered as the precious time within which children must live free from fear, protected, safe from violence, exploitation and abuse. It focuses on the time space between the birth of the child and attainment of the adulthood. It is the condition and state of a child's life regarding quality of those years (Alanen, Brooke. and Mayall. eds., 2015).


Age is considered as a crucial aspect that has important crucial bearing as it can determine what kinds of employment can gain by an individual, whether they can marry and many more. As per the Jane Pilcher within many cultures such as Chisunga and Hausa of Africa it has been the puberty that begins the adulthood not the age within years as many sociologists could argue about the western culture's age mark as they can talk about eighteen years old and seventeen years old that can implicit assumptions that can highlight the age at which an individual can be considered as an adult, also the middle-aged as well as old age. This can be described by the cultures about the measurement of age (Tolstoy, 2018).

Childhood social construction

In modern Britain society, the construction of childhood socially is that to pick up a high degree of separation between the spheres of adulthood and childhood.

Details are mentioned below

There are some places where child were supposed to go with trusted adults and children would be relatively sheltered from the life of the adult.

There are various laws that prevent children to doing as compared to adults,as they were supposed to that tasks.

There are some products for the children that adults are not supposed to be play with me .

Mention above all the differences among the children and adults have nothing related with the biological differences as children need special places only for them, they need special laws for their protection as well as need particular toys to play with them. They as a society have described that what are needed for the children as they want to construct childhood as very contrary to adulthood (Gray. and MacBlain, 2015).

Digital Technology in Childhood

The impact of technology on children are considers as complicated both in the sense of benefits and costs. With the help of the new technology that can b led through the internet are responsible for changing the shape of thinking. Within the West the generation of children also have the crucial development differences as compare to the children that can grew up with the television, smartphones ans video games. As today's children are more confident as well as more assertive. Also, they are involved within the sexual relationship within younger ages. They also posses some vastly improved spatial intelligence as compare to the earlier generations. The engagement of the media environment has changed more dramatically. They are responsible for the changes in children as they impact both the negative and positive impacts. Socializing through Social media can enhances the self-esteem and playing video games as well as exposure to the violent television leads to the ADHD kind of behavior or aggressive behavior (Alanen, Brooke. and Mayall. eds., 2015).

Today's sociality in children

In today's world social development is considered as an ability that enables children for more opportunities to practice as well as learn speech as well as language skills. It is considered as a positive cycle in today's world as due to communications skills to improve a child can be better relate the things as well as react the people all around them. It can build self-esteem as well as resolve the conflicts (Tolstoy, 2018).

Health and Well Being

These are the elements that are crucial to enhance or able to maintain the performance of the staff members, job satisfaction,productivity and engagement in the work environment.

Health and well-being is considered as the absence regarding the physical illness, mental diseases as well as mental distress, It is known as the negative definition regarding health. Also, the health and well-being is described as the maintenance and achievement of the mental stability and physical fitness as it is considered as the positive definition. It is a result of the combination regarding social, physical intellectual as well as emotional factors. It is considered as the Holistic definition regarding well- being (Musselwhite, Holland. and Walker, 2015).

Health and well- being is a process of becoming more aware as well as about the learning to make the long and healthy life. It is considered as the identification regarding deep interconnections between the psychological ,spiritual, social ,physiological needs that are crucial for the human beings to enjoy their higher level of the functioning. It is bout the make proactive approaches and make good choices that aids to support emotional, physical and social -functioning by highlighting the fostering sense and positive health of the general well-being.

Social Construction of Health and Well-Being

Illness is enhancing day by fay as public experiences that can be shared on then internet. Social constructivism can hold the groups and individuals produces their own conceptions regarding knowledge as it consider as the product of the social dynamics. For the profession of the medical profession ,a disease can be considered as biological condition ,unchanging and universal. There is also difference between the medical notion regarding diseases as well as construction regarding the illness's concepts. Also, social constructionist defines the illness that falls under the social meaning of that specified condition (Fattore. and Agostoni, 2016).

Technology in Health and Well-Being

The enhancing demands of fitness tracking technology within past years has meant the public is more conscious about health. Such as enhancing the availability of the seniors on the smartwatches are capable of giving feedback about the health conditions within our bodies. It indicates that more number of people are aware about their health conditions and wants to improve it.

Low blood pressure can be measured by the clinically approved wireless monitor of the blood pressure that is also super easy to utilize. With the help of this wireless device it can easily measure, share and record blood pressure data with the doctor and family via the app.

With the help of technology, and various medical websites available more people are turning to the internet to self diagnosed their illness before going to the doctor. Also there are thousands of people who died because of the prescribed errors of the medication. As in today's world people can wear specified medical bracelets with individual barcodes to assist the hospital staff's track about the medical dosage that able to reduces the errors. Here internet also plays a crucial role while described the prescribed errors because there are various websites that tells about the drugs and their usages (Musselwhite, Holland. and Walker, 2015).

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How Well-Being is Useful for the Public Health

It can integrate physical health ad mental health resulting in more holistic framework to diseases prevention as well as health promotion. Well-being is also associated with the various risk of diseases,injury, and illness which is better for immune functioning and enhanced longevity (Minvielle, 2015).


From the above report it had been concluded that Childhood is known as the time-space between the birth of the child and adulthood. The impact of technology on childhood is that they impacted in negative and positive both way. Furthermore, Health and well- being is approaches and make good choices make proactive in fostering sense and positive health. It also focused on the technological advancement such as smartphones to track the fitness of the body.

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