How Companies are Targeting their Audience


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Introduction to Event Operations

Every business organization performs their operations in an efficient manner so that they can attract number of customers towards their services. Event management operations are performed by such organization so that they can enhance their brand image at the global level. Through, these companies will be able to sustain their competitive advantage as compare to other competitors (Henry and Kinzel, 2012). The present report is based on new way events that perform their operations in the event sector. They are focusing on the new events so that their overall performance can be improved. In this context, the report  that is conducted and how companies are targeting their audience. Along with this, it explains the accessibility of the practices that are performed by an enterprise at the workplace. Further, it explains the risk management techniques and supply chain management.


Critical success factors of corporate event

Critical success factor can be defined as the term for management for the element which is important and necessary for a project or for an organisation in achieving its mission and objectives. It is critical factor which is required by a company to ensure success in an organisation. It is important to focus on the right factors of success, so that critical success factors can help. These are those factors or activities which is required by the company for its growth and success. Critical success factors are used significantly for presenting or identifying the the factors on which organisation should focus so as to get successful. It can be defined as the limited areas in which good results will make sure successful performance of department, individual or organisation (Kropotov and Ponomarev, 2015). Before starting the work , it is important to ,look at critical factors to realise that there are relevant factors for growth. Identification of critical factors are necessary as it helps firms to focus efforts on building capabilities. It is the quality improvement tool which is used by many companies to achieve success. It also helps in making several strategies for business which helps in the achievement of goals and objectives.

For a successful event it is necessary to have a specific objectives, so that the things will be on proper place as decided. Some objectives for making successful events are :

  • Determining the purpose and scope of the event is necessary to know what neds to be accomplished.
  • Sketching of preliminary meeting schedule, so as to get the general outline of what is going to take place and when.
  • Selection of venue is the another main objective that will help in considering the business plan for a event. Recommendations can be taken from staff to suggest venue that can guarantee a event company to create event on particular day.
  • Budget clarification should be there in meeting the requirements. It is there to get clear understanding to meet the budget.
  • To get organized is the important objective which includes the schedule, budget, contact, food , speakers, entertainment etc. All things needs to organised properly so as to make successful event which will also help new way events company to build reputation.

The type of event chosen by the new event company is the corporate event. Corporate event is defined as a gathering which is sponsored by business for their employees, clients, business partners. These events are for large audience which includes meetings, parties and conferences (Kim, Kyung and Yi, 2013). There are several reasons for a corporate event which includes marketing for creating lead generations, for rewarding employees and business partners, for introducing new strategies or for launching a product in market. With the professional event planning for corporates, events can be like that can be talked for months or years. Event company applies their connections, insight, experience and out of the box thinking to create a great corporate event which will satisfy the desired customers.

Target Audience

To make an event successful it is necessary to attract the target audience. Any corporate activity can be successful if New way events make the target persons and they have to be alert of the benefits of drive to encourage the event and activities. Once audiences can realise the benefits of using products, it becomes more easier to influence them.

Company can easily attracts a wider range of target customers by giving them special offers and incentives. Audience also can be influence by offering them special discounts and job offers and gifts (Koné and et. al., 2011). Along with this, managers are well being knowledge of organisational objectives and goals, according to this, they knows which strategy works in completing a event and which policies and plans are helpful in making it more effective and efficient. The best way to attract target customers is, searching your information for the clients that if increased, would be able to deliver New way events, to its goals and objectives. After finding the data base of customers, now company have to make policies and strategics , that influences customers for a particular particular product and objectives. In order to attract consumers, company have to manager their events, that dates, venues and list of people that going to be invited in event. Communicating relevancy and value to target audience is key to create first acceptation, and then group action and attendance. Getting inside their heads to understand these challenges requires thorough research.


Create an corporate event for getting attraction of customers is helpful in develops the growth of the organisation. While managers, have a moral responsibility in order to make their events more exclusive, it also makes cognizance from a business appearance (Artigues and et. al., 2013). It include attendance of the people, who have special approachability requirements. In New way Events organisation, is is more important to influences the customers, for that they are attracted on product easily .Ensure all event-related written material are reachable or can be converted to alternate and different formates. These events are helpful in generating awareness among peoples and now they knows very well all information about the product and services.

Public events need to be formed to ensure that they are convenient to all members of the society. Consideration of prospects such as the venue, a constant approachable path to the venue, evokes and hearing diminution are important. Corporate event organisers, must have to plan, design and conduct accessible services, public consultants, and events. the Commission has produced a booklet titled Creating Accessible Events. For New way events organisation. Corporates are focused on marketing strategies and market share of organisation. It gives business name and fame, also increases the profit sharing ration of the company. These events including advertising, publications and media supports so that product is become more powerful before using and peoples are able to knowing it in well mannered (Gupta, 2012). Such events are the best way of marketing in very large amount of people and sometimes it reaches on international; level of customers.


CSR is a main function which an organisation have to adopt. This helps in creating a different image in the society. Corporate social responsibility stands for the firms duties towards the society. They have to follow and use such ethical practices through which they can maintain their reputation in the competitive market.

In the proper allocation of all the activities a management plan is compulsory. In this plan all necessary activities are included which are helpful for making any task effective and simple. A management plan helps in simplifies the term, and helps in utilise all the resources in the proper manner (Chen and Huang, 2013).

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Their CSR activity helps them in getting the number of activities. In the format of event management, CSR stands for all such act through which the society interest not get harm. Like they can control the sound of their music, waste material, control the wastage of food etc. Though all such things helps them in setting a perfect example of the CSR activity. And it might become possible for the company that other agencies get motivated from them. The following are the some important terms which are related with the CSR activities in the society. Thu8s CSR is considered as the part of the project plan. This project plan includes all the risk factors, health and safety related issues etc. thus for the more elaboration this project plan is discussed in the proper form:

1. Health and Safety: This is the main issue which generally arise at the time of arranging an event. It includes the proper recruitment of staff which helps in making of the healthy food. Along with that cleaning staff also get included in this respect. They helps in cleaning activities so, that maximum number of bacteria get exhausted. Another important term without which a event will not get successful is the security. By adopting the proper security method, it helps in ensuring the safety of chief guest. And by hiring a number of security guards who can check each and every single person helps in making the event successful. But the cooperation of the general publish is also a mandatory term. If they make peace and cooperate with the management, then it is termed as the important factor (Beaudoin, LeBel and Soussi, 2012).

2. Some other important term for the health and safety features are using of the new machines through which the checking facility can be managed properly. The event is risky because many famous personalities are used to come here. And for this purpose proper equipments have to be used. Along with the crowd also have to be managed in a proper manner. Like by providing pass facility and after that checking the identity. Thus such factors are taken into account for the purpose of health and safety.

3. Risk is the major threat which affects the success of an event. Thus proper management of all the sources is necessary. Some of the major risk which are experienced during an event are the attacks, blast etc. This leads in affecting the event success. And for this concern proper management of risk is compulsory. In this concern some stages are include which helps in identifying all the risk factor.

4. At the initial stage risk factors are determine. After the risk identification all risk factors should have to be evaluated. This evaluation helps in taking such steps through which all the risk can be minimised.

5. At the control and mitigation stage it includes all such steps which are helpful in controlling the risk and such factors which may be spoil the event. This stage includes the plan which have to be executed on the basis of risk. The risk factors are determine and plans are made on take all such aspects as the base.

6. CSR stands for the duties which are in the favour of the society. So, all such activities are taken into plan which are in the favour of the society and not against the society. Like use of the recyclable things, control the wastage. Although it made a positive impact on the society. So, that they can survive for long run (van't Ooster and, 2013).

7. Provide sustainability which means to conserve the resources properly and take care about the interest of the society. Managers have to adopt such activities in the plan which are beneficial. Like by providing job to the group of people who are unemployed. Thus this factors is in the favour of the society.

8. CSR also stands for the employees as well as for the customers. In the event audiences are the customers. Hence, management have to provide quality service through which they can satisfy them. Along with that management also have to take care about the food quality because it is directly related with the health of the guest.

9. Control environmental noise pollution by conducting such activities which helps in reducing the noise pollution. This helps in conserving the environment.

10. The major problem which can be created at the time of event is the licences problem or legal permission. This is important term because without any legal authority permission such programmes conduction is illegal. Which leads in harm the name of the company. Thus this legal practise is compulsory for an successful and happening event.

11. Management waste is the term in which all the activities are not properly managed. Another term which can be used on this place is the bad management. If the guest do not get proper facility then it is term as the failure of management (Dagkakis and Heavey, 2016).

12. They get dissatisfy which further leads in the failure of the event. Thus proper management is compulsory and this can only be done with the help of proper management plan. It is an effective way in which all the activities get completed with the utilisation of whole resources in the effective manner. Thus if the resources are get properly utilise, it is a best example of effective manage plan.



As an operational manger there are certain changes taken place when all the process of events are planning. So at the time of planning several changes are made a vast impact on all the audiences. First of all the major change was determined in the menu card, in which all the food items got changed. This helps in creating the audience satisfy. Because previously, only start ups are providing.

Another important thing which is beneficial in making the event successful is the decoration. Changes in decoration helps in getting the view of the audiences. This helps in getting the large number of guest for the events (Taj and Mousavidin, 2015).

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If the menu and decorations are best then, it is the most appropriate remedies for an event in its success and survival. It also helps in increase the number of views. The major thing which said an event is the let the victory make noise which means if all the activities are getting done in the systematic manner then it mechanically increase the chances of prosperity.

Along with this the another important aspect is the facilities. If the facilities are excellent then, it opens the path of successful event.

Facilities like the event place is convenient for all the audience though they can easily reach there. They had not get panic for a single drop of water. All things are on their respectable places.

Hence, by conducting an event the major thing which I learn was the management of activities by conducting and coordinating in a systematic manner.

Coordination helps me in making this big happening successful. And thus I learn the team efforts very well from such events.


Operational management means conducting all the business activities in the proper and efficient manner. It includes some of the responsibilities in which all the business activities are operating in the efficient manner. This helps them in getting all the things done with the proper and in effective manner. Also they have to examine that all resources are utilise in the proper manner. Another thing which is taken into consideration is to provide the standard quality to the customers in the economically manner with the ethical values. Operational management includes all such things through which the raw material, labour and energy are converted into the finished goods (Guthormsen and et,.al., 2016).

Operational management always get criticized just for the inadequacy of its theory. This means that there is no special manner and theories which are related with the operational management. The major goals and ethical activities are the theory which promotes the organisational theory.

In this concern, effective production and theories of natural science are taken into consideration. The another thing is the how such theories are related with the development of the laws. Like if the organisation is using the performance frontiers it addresses that the workplace is able to perform multiple dimensions of work. According to clients purpose it includes that the manager have to use effective approaches through which they can control and attract many audiences for their working purpose. Like they can use the performance frontiers through which they can perform multiple number of tasks and satisfy the customers requirement. Thus it is the beneficial method for getting the many customers and audiences for their event. Thus it is the main fact of their event succession.


By conducting the event many challenges are faced by me for organising an event. Like for booking of the banquette, arranging the decorations, choosing the best one etc. All such facts plays an significant role and create barrier in my path. But by using the effective approaches I passed on all the restrictions and create a successful event (Robinson, 2015).

The major problem is about the chef guest but later on it get solved with the cooperation and team work. The main reason behind the success of the event is the team work. Sometimes some conflicts get arise due to change in interest between the people but they get sorted out.

Progress which is get by this occurrence is the self development. It helps me in improving many skills of performing the task. This is a important factor through which now I become capable to organise any event without so much problems. This helps me in getting the experience, and this experience is the life long benefit for me.

The development of skills helps me in arranging any event in the successful manner. Now I am capable for performing any task in the significant way (Kutas and Federmeier, 2011).

In organising any such successful events, for a fresher the proper guidance is compulsory. The effective guidance helps in managing all the activities in the proper manner. This helps in providing the growth for the life long. In this concern my senior manager helps me in arranging the event.

He helps me in providing the names list of all the guest which are going to invited in the event. Also, he helps in providing all the necessary information which have relation with the event.

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For any work professional guidelines are compulsory. That's why my senior manager help me in this manner. He already let me aware about all the risks which are associated with the event. Thus, from some of them I get easily covered. This helps me in managing all task in the proper manner. Also he helps me in solving out the issues which are arise at the time of team work. He guide me to divide the work according to each and every individual skills.

Senior manager is a very busy person but in this regards he help me out. He personally interact with me and taught me each and every single aspect which have to be taken into consideration. All factors which are helpful are provided by him in the form of list. The list of food items, guest etc. are included in this manner. Thus for making this event successful, senior manager role was most acceptable. With that professional person none of the task get accomplish and executed in the proper manner (Mobini, Sowlati and Sokhansanj, 2011).


From the above analysis it has been interpreted that it is helpful in considering out the risk factor as well as all the health and safety issue which can be affect the event. So, all such factors are taken into consideration. Along with that for the better accomplishment a operational manager plays an important role so that overall success can be achieved in a efficient manner.


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