BMT7021 Impact of Technology on Small Scale Industry Level 5


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Small scale industry is the backbone of the national economy which comprising 99 % of firms in the country. By increasing capital, employees, promoting workforce diversity and fostering increased participation in the global marketplace. Small entrepreneurs take the market activities in positive manner they upgrade the product and services into innovative manner. Present research will be based on Impact of digital technology on small scale industry. For that, Talent plus company will be taken into action. It is the small scale HR consulting firm with 113 employees in UK. Present study will be discuss about the aims and objectives of the research and different types of research methodology which is necessary to collect the research data. How digital technology gives more opportunity to the small firms. New entrepreneurs takes initiative to start new method or technology to perform the better objectives and task. Digital technology gives distinct impact on the company department such as administration, communication and storage and distribution and production.

LO 1

P1 Define research question supported by a literature review


Digital technology has simply modernized that traditional proposition thus causing the reliance on physical shops to reduce. Moreover, digital technology impact gives long-term stability in the market. Talent Plus is the HR consulting firm who highly influenced by digital technology and grab best talent source for the organisations. It provides overall opportunity and growth in terms of innovation. It describes the overall process of working and better opportunity and growth. Small scale business firms adopt better marketing activity with the help of digital technology tools and techniques. Digital marketing has increasingly affected towards the digital resources for their rudimentary wants and needs. Moreover, small scale company highly revolutionised from the new technologies and enhancing better opportunity target market goals. It also helps to bring new opportunity and growth for the company development. Digital technology also helps in greater connectivity and faster mobilization. Through company can easily grab their opportunity in fast productive manner. It also very much required for the organisation to resist changes in terms of new product and services.


Talent plus is the small based company which select people with the potential for near perfect performance. In other words, they recruit the best solution making employees for the organisation who has enough capable to deal with the company opportunities or threats. They identified. Talent plus structured interviews to built the highest degree of scientific rigour and integrity. They arrange interviews on online basis for better connectivity and flexibility. Moreover, it will be more convenient and flexible to form a new advantage and growth for the company development (Bouwman and, 2018). On the basis of the latest technologies it will be more prominent for the organisation to grab new more opportunity and growth factor. It established in 1989, it is an internationally recognized management consulting form with over 400 clients in 20 countries. They operate interviews with more than 30 languages.

Aims :  To identify the significant impact of digital technology on business activities.


  • To develop the impact of digital technology on small medium scale enterprises.
  • To identify the challenges and constraints of digital technologies.
  • To identify which department of the company will be more benefited from digital impact.
  • To outline the conceptual frameworks for digital technology on business activities.


  • What are the typical constraints found in digital implications ?
  • How to classify these constraints for easier identification and modelling ?
  • What are the current digital technologies trends in the market ?
  • What are the role of digital technology in business activities ?

Approach to literature review           

Small Scale industry thrives on new challenges or opportunities in order to dealing with digital technologies. According to Clohessy, Acton and Morgan, 2017 digital technology plays a very crucial role for getting new opportunity and growth. It gives new possibilities of growth for the firms who deals with small scale. Majorly big organisations take advantage of digital technologies to manage their functions and business operational activities. As per the view of Mazzarol, 2015 digital technology enables marketing every industry to increase their revenue, disseminate awareness or helps in promoting branding activities. It helps Talent plus to attract more candidates towards the selection process. It enables candidate to connect directly with the company through online interviews without going anywhere. As per the views of author digital impact on small scale firms are high in terms of betterment in day to day activities. It provides better opportunity for the firms to get more. However, there are many advantages for advanced technologies which enable company to get better profit revenue and cost effective growth. As per the Clohessy, Acton and Morgan, 2017 digital technology helps company in sharing and collaboration, small business are generally works closely with their clients to provides them their product and services according to needs. To give more flexibility in connectivity they used online technologies for greater connectivity in more flexible manner. With the ability of instant connectivity will enable to close client with the company for better profit revenue. It will be more perceptual and more contributing nature of thing. As per the view of small business owners count on technology to start and scale their companies. Digital technology gives better opportunity for customers as well as companies. Digital technology also provide better opportunity for the development of many functional task of the company into smaller form. They fix all client query in more efficient manner.

As per the view of Hernandez, Faith, Prieto Martín and Ramalingam, 2016 digital technology reduce the participation of human resource or manual power which might be create less productivity in performance.  They have more difficulties to find the data at the time of huge data storage. It creates inflexibility in working. Impact of technology will give negative impression at the time when employees are not understood the actual functioning of the techniques. It will be more difficult for the organisations to make corrective changes. Besides, cloud computing is the another form of advanced technology which helps to store high growth level. Cloud computing is the best option for the companies to store huge data in one place at one folder. Besides, the drawback of this technology is that to required data connection all the time. Without the internet connection cloud computing software does not provide their facilities. This is the limitation of technology through companies facing issues and time constraints.

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As per the view of Hutchinson and, 2015 digital technology is the process which enable work more flexible and user friendly. Employees take this opportunity to enhance their capabilities and growth. According to the small businesses owners the opportunity to hire talented from all over the world. It will be more flexible and nature growth. Another role of digital technology on SME  is that, it provides better opportunity and growth to form a better benefits such as cloud computing, mobile app, social media, online payments, better financial management software, collaboration solutions, websites, data analytics, helps in customer relationship management etc. social media is the another tool of advanced technology which enable to provide company more brand image and outcomes. It will be more productive and impressive goals making approach for the company development. Besides, social media also includes limited constraints of limited accuracy and involves competition high pressure of promotional activities. Company requires to introducer new services or products to make social media platform more productive and effective. Digital technology platform includes various forms such as internet, mobile devices and apps which helps organisations for better connectivity with clients. It also helps to promote company product and services with their high amount of growth.  They also need to acquire the best services and growth to make the better opportunity and growth. According to Jin and Hurd, 2018 digital technology also helps to discover new challenges and growth for the company development. Digital technology also plays a prominent role to maintaining customer relationship management with more effective manner. For example Talent plus hired candidates on the basis of online interviews with no physical attraction.  Digital technology helps to achieve the company objectives in the best possible manner. It helps to adopt new ideas and creative approach to attract customer attraction and better opportunity growth. Besides, according to the Jones, Alford and Wolfenden, 2015 digital technology involves high risk involvement of piracy, theft which might be dangerous for the growth of companies. Data is the most essential part of the organisation which needs to be safe and secure.

According to Khairuddin, Omar and Ahmad, 2018 digital technology also provides cash flow benefits. It involves some advanced software which might be helpful for Talent plus to manage their cash flows such as cash flow management software. It helps to integrate the existing accounting applications which helps to allow online payments to simply accounts receivable and payable. On the other sides, it also involves high risk of sharing account details of the users. Valentine and Stewart, 2015 This may occurs technology limitations. For that, company also need to make sure proper functioning and secure the data from hackers. On the other hand, business activity monitoring app is the another technology which helps company to alert changes before timely action plan Tang and, 2017. There are another technology which helps company to make fast payments such as e-signatures for fast assess. However, overall impact of the technology on small scale industries are highly demanding in terms to grab new better working environment. Small-scale firms has high opportunity and scope to take its operations into higher level. It also helps to control the uncertainty activities by adopting the use of digital technology. Besides, they also need to face negative constraints of technology in terms of data hacking, piracy of data etc. Talent plus also get help from digital technology in the for of providing online training to employees empowerment Morgan-Thomas, 2016. It gives better opportunity option to take its business operation into global manner Quinton and, 2017.

Stankovska, Josimovski and Edwards, 2016 Overall, online technologies reduced marketing costs or help to increase the sales. Further apart, it will be more helpful for the company for better client engagement. It will be more challenging and potential growth for the overall development. Digital technology enhance the quality performances of the organisation in order to beat the competition level. On the other hand, it also involves limitations such as high data protection cost, required high potential growth and attention of business activities. Risk might be impact on business profit or the overall performance of the company. It will be more challenging and effective management growth. According to Krishnan and Ravindran, 2017 greater exposure online has the potential to attract risks.  This might gives negative impact on clients and company get negative feedback from clients.

P2 Examine appropriate research methods and conduct primary and secondary research

Research methods is a wide term to be considered, it is the overall process which includes  overall methods of target market goals. There are some important and essential elements of research methodologies which brings new information and productive outcome results. It also helps to collect data and required information for the research. It helps to built new level of information to make the better outcome results. Research methodologies are the major gaol oriented techniques which full fill the needs and wants of the organisation. It also helps to full fill the objective of the organisation. Moreover, research philosophies refers different objectives and target market growth which makes better opportunity growth.

            Research philosophy : Research philosophies is associated with clarification of assumptions about the nature and the source of knowledge. Apart from that, it will be more significant and necessary. There are two types of research philosophy positivism and phenomenology which helps to study of business. Positivism approach which relies on the quantitative data. It is the process of making task oriented goals and objectives. On the basis contrary. Phenomenology under which they collect data on the basis soft data rather than hard data. This project will be based on phenomenology approach in order to collect data as per the research objectives. Research philosophy is the most required and essential part of the research without which investigator cannot make further action plan. 

            Research approach : it is the another method of research methodology which covers another process of working. Research approach is the another important methodology with directly effects the research methods. It will be more grateful and best target market goals to make better opportunity and growth. There are tow types of research approach inductive and deductive categories. If investigator finds answers of some specific purpose inductive approach is helpful to get the all answers. Besides, if investigator choose to accomplish the research objectives so in that manner scholar needs to acquire deductive. In present research proposal scholar has been select deductive approach to achieve the research objectives. This element helps to analyse the actual needs of the research project. This will also help to achieve the final objectives of research.

            Research design: it is the another element of research methodology which affect company structure in moreover method of research. It is the most significant element of research. This can be of two types exploratory or conclusive. Exploratory method help to explore the research problem or to produce the research problem evidence, for that exploratory research will be used. On the contrary, aims to provide final and conclusive answers to the research question, for that conclusive design will be used. For this research conclusive research design will be helpful to accomplish the project aims and objectives.

            Data Collection: it is the another and most essential research methodology. It is the process where researcher collects the data from primary or from secondary sources. Without the data research will not has been accomplished. For collecting data researcher choose either primary or secondary data for that, it helps to contribute better opportunity and growth for the better development growth. Primary data collected from many techniques such as questionnaire, personal interviews, observation etc. if investigator collects additional growth and information. This information collected from the population. It is the form of new data collection. Besides, secondary method of data collection under which researcher finds data which has been already exist given by some authors or scientist. Moreover, for this present research primary or secondary method will be taken.

            Sampling: It is the another significant type of research methodology. Sampling is a principle that specify the conditions which helps to guide the process of selecting the numbers of population to participate in the overall study. This helps to collect primary data in the form of direct contact with sample population. The choice of sampling method is just like to take participate in better opportunity. It will be more impactful and collective manner of growth which helps to make better opportunity and growth. The choice of sampling method determine the accuracy of research findings, reliability and validity of the study and gives the implications of the overall quality of the study. Without the helps of sampling researcher cannot fulfilled the research objectives and goals, further apart it will be more impactful and difficult for the organisation. It will be more grateful and process necessary task oriented goal and objective. Further apart from the organisation. Along with that, In present report growth factors are majorly given the better opportunity and growth. For collecting the data researcher take questionnaire from 40 employees to analyse the importance of digital technology on company behaviour.  This gives the better output and results to consider the business objectives and results.

            Ethical consideration: Ethical consideration is the have to abide by the researcher in order to meet the needs of research project. Ethical consideration is the obliged to address ethical aspect of writing the best approachable research method. Ethical consideration has to be creative and impactful growth factor to attempt the best possible manner of growth. This helps to avoid misconduct in the process of making good task oriented.

LO 2

P3 Explaining the cost, access and ethical issues

Cost : Cost relates to the overall projects which covers the most important target goals apart from that, it also helps to discoverer the things in more efficient manner. As per the present case study overall cost required in the project is £750. Overall, project activity will be held in reported mode. Cost is the necessary factor to enhance the total accessibility in order ton accomplish the task.

Data accessibility : Research can be accessible through different operations and functions. Apart from that, it will cover another major objective and goals. With the help of data and all required resources research project has been held in more efficient manner. Overall, there are two methods which identify the data resources such as from primary and secondary resources. This helps to discover the better objectives and growth. Primary research has been collected from questionnaire, survey, interviews which is newly discovered by the investigator. Apart from that, secondary research data has been collected from internet, books, journals and article which data is already been exit from other authors.

Ethical consideration: Ethical consideration is the legal and required framework which helps to set in systematic and approachable manner. It also requires some ethical consideration in order to meet the best objectives' action plan. It will be the best process to full fill the best approachable growth and target goals of research. Researcher needs to take legal information with legal source to analyse the data.

P4 Findings Data Analysis

  • Questionnaire
  • Name :
  • Age :
  • Gender:
  1. How Long You have been associated with the Talent Plus?
  • Less than 1 year
  • 1-2 years
  • More than year
  1. Is company timely updated from the new technology ?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure
  1. Which of these following is productive employed by the company ?
  • Online Reservation system
  • Online Customer service
  • Mobile Communication
  • None of these
  1. How frequently technologies are used by the organisation
  • Very Often
  • Often
  • Not often
  1. What are the benefits' technology gives to the Talent Plus?
  • Cost efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Improved work performance
  1. Is customer satisfied with the company by using new technologies and growth
  • Yes
  • No
  • Don't Know
  1. Does technology helps to resolve the conflicts between organisations.
  • Yes
  • No
  1. How would you recommend the management of Talent Plus to improve the tecyhnologies in the company ?
  • Increased investment
  • Upgrade existing technology
  • Train employees.
  • No Recommendation

LO 3

P5 Conclusion and Recommendation

From the basis of above section it can be concluded that, Impact of digital technology has given new changes in the management and new outcomes will enhance the best profit margin for the companies. Overall, it brings new opportunities for the organisation goals. Apart from that, this study covered the all necessary terminologies through which company can easily get the new process of learnings. Moreover, researcher also identified the significant role of the digital technology on overall business activities.

LO 4

P6 Reflective

From the analysis of the present study it has been cleared that, digital technology is highly required for the better productivity outcomes of the organisations. It makes better outcomes and results. Moreover, this helps to create new advancing growth. From the analysis of present data. I got to learn so many new different things which helps to discover the new importance areas. Overall study gives me better growth and opportunity to enhance my productivity and overall level of growth. Apart from that, this gives me power and new learning through I get new future opportunities and growth. It also helps to discover the new things and better opportunity and growth that helps to make better changes and growth.

P7 Consider alternatives research methodologies

In regard to lead the examination program, there are a few elective techniques exist that helps to assess business program in orderly way. Following are sure models exist that can be utilized to discover valuable data:

  • Scientific trial display: With the assistance of logical test demonstrate, there are a few systems assessed to thought about techniques and qualities. In this angle, needs ser with look into assessment.
  • Management arranged model: along these lines, specialist can actualize PERT and CPM show that helps to achieve wanted outcomes at working environment. These systems help to discover valuable outcomes at work environment

Qualitative model: It is likewise valuable technique that could be utilized by analyst to make powerful working in the business. It includes esteem and subjective data in the business condition.    


From the basis of above section it can be concluded that, impact of digital technology has been given the best approachable target market goals. Digital technology provides the best approachable growth to the small scale industry in order to achieve the best approachable target market goals and objectives. Apart from that, present study has been discussed about the impact of digital technology on small scale businesses. Apart from that, study also covered the part of literature review to critical and the views of different authors. Further apart it also includes better opportunity and growth. It will be more grateful and better opportunity and growth. Along with that, it is benefited for the Talent Plus to adopt better environmental growth to make the better opportunity and growth.


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