The Implications Of Digital Technologies On SMEs


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Today, digitalisation is the most vital process of a company. It aids business organizations in converting information into digital format which remove redundancies as well as shortening chain of communication. In  context with mobile technologies, it has made communication process of businesses and individuals in easier manner. Without usage  of this technology, a company cannot operate its business in desired manner. As it helps in conveying information in different departments and give direction in what way that they have to conduct activities.

Mobile technology also give advantage to make proper interaction with large number of customers and assist them to buy products or services as well. This research is based to address the implication of mobile technologies in organizations. For this purpose, a Plan.Com is selected, which deals in telecommunication sector. This research entails specified aims and objectives to cover the major purpose of research where a proper literature review is also conducted. It provides a proper theoretical base on the basis of opinion of different authors. Moreover, an appropriate judgment based upon reviews of clients also provided by utilizing some methodologies of data analysis.

P1 Research proposal which define questions and hypothesis with literature review

Digital technologies has completely revolutionized the process of conducting a business. It aids organizations in operating different functions in easier manner. It also improves the efficiency of company's process, quality, consistency and minimize operating cost as well. Mobile technologies is the best example of digitalisation which allows companies to interact, connect, communicate and build relationship with customers and stakeholders on global scale. But implementing digitalisation and technologies in small businesses like Plan.Com is not an easy process. It creates lot of challenges and assist enterprises to adopt and deal with change management. They have to recruit talented workforce, make investment in new technologies and respond effectively to situation. All these processes, will give opportunity to increase competitive advancement as well.     

Background of the project:

Mobile technologies today, make life of people more easy. Through this technique, they can develop and maintain connection with each other for long time purpose. In context with organizations, this system aid in conveying messages to staff members and other departments in short period of interval. Plan.Com is one of the fastest growing company of UK and provides customers based solution to other business. It is also a member of IWF (Internet Watch Foundation), which is leading organization and works on main purpose i.e. to make internet more safer place. Through mobile technologies in business, this company can effectively collaborate with stakeholders and provide proper solutions to its clients.  

Research Aim:

It is the most important part of project which give details to purpose of conducting a research. In this regard, research aims states the intention of investigation behind a project. While research objectives describes declarative statements that provides direction for investigating and preparing entire project. The main aims and objectives of present project are:-

Research aim - “To identify the implication of mobile technologies for innovative products and growth of business operations. A case study on Plan.Com”.

Research objectives – On the basis of aim, objectives of this research are -

  • To identify the impact of mobile technologies for expanding business activities.
  • To measure the implication of mobile technologies for maximising sales and profitability of firms
  • To evaluate the importance of mobile tools as it is beneficial in upgrading business activities
  • To determine relationship between mobile technologies and growth of business.

Research questions -

  1. How to identify the impact of mobile technologies for expanding business activities?
  2. What are the ways to measure the implication of mobile technologies for maximising sales and profitability of firms?
  3. How to analyse the importance of mobile tools as it is beneficial in upgrading business activities?
  4. What are the ways to determine relationship between mobile technologies and growth of business?

These mentioned questions of research, help in drawing the section of literature review. It provides a theoretical framework for a particular research in order to come on conclusion. Theoretical description is essential to collect relevant information by conducting an in-depth investigation for analyzing different views of writers.

The impact of mobile technologies for Plan.Com in expanding business activities

Strategies in business are evolved immensely today due to integration of various tools and technologies. It make process of business more easy and effective as well as increase productivity too. According to Apostol (2017), Mobile technologies is one of such trends which provide a platform to organization to connect with entire world. Mobile communication and connectivity has changed way of distributing messages and information in enterprises. It allows people associated with organizations to use data and resources of company in anywhere without being tied to one place (Impact of Mobile Technology in Business Communication. 2018). In context with Plan.Com, its members can conduct business meetings, promote products or services and provide information to customers and other stakeholders easily by use of mobile devices.

Mobile technologies also lead Plan.Com to search new ways for product development and attain growth of business. Providing information related to changes in business  to staff members, aid managers of this company to build creative and efficient team. Through this process, team members give support to Plan.Com in creating value of business and expand its market share as well.

Ways to measure the implication of mobile technologies for maximizing sales and profitability

According to perceptions of Bovea and Pérez-Belis (2018), it has evaluated that mobile technology helps in determining taste and preferences of customers about a particular products. So, by analyzing this, Plan.Com can offer its services accordingly in short period of time. This would help in maximizing sales performance and profitability of business.

It has analyzed that due to interactive and dynamic nature of mobile technologies, a company can get immediate response of customers. So, this process helps Plan.Com in getting reviews about complaints and effectiveness of a particular product or service. Through this evaluation, modifications and development in business can also be created accordingly in order to enhance sales performance.  Moreover, according to …, it has also seen that mobile technologies has provided a new way for advertising and promoting business of a company. Potential clients of Plan.Com can get information about services provided by this company, price rates and more. Thus, this process aid in enhancing sales performance as well.  

Importance of mobile tools as in upgrading business activities

According to Demertzis, Merler and Wolff (2018), Mobile technology has enhanced the ease by which people can stay in touch with each other. It provides various tools like cloud based techniques, video and text messaging by which employers and all staff members can transfer information for conducting business operations. It helps Plan.Com in improving services offer to business clients. As this company provides solutions to other companies in dealing with customer related problems. So, using mobile technologies, this telecommunication company can analyze clients' issues and offer them appropriate solutions. It enhance customer base line also. Communication plays an important rile in fundamental operation of a company. It includes from web-browsing to cell phones for instant messaging. So, this process aid Plan.Com in upgrading its business activities in applicable manner.

Ways to determine relationship between mobile technologies and growth of business

According to Humalisto (2014), mobile technology has changed the way of operating a business. Now, a company focuses more on conveying every single information to people who are associated with business. It will help in getting cooperation and support of employees in accomplishment of set targets and goals in given span of time. By using mobile technologies, marketing and sales department of Plan.Com can share each and every information related to customers. It will help in providing services to consumers as per their requirements which enhance brand image of business. Moreover, messaging services like Slap help in keeping employees and employers keep in touch. It leads to enhance business activities like sales performance, customer base line, profitability and more. Therefore, all these advantages of mobile technologies, aid Plan.Com in attaining its growth in business.

P2) Research methods and approaches

Research Methodology said to be a collection of various strategies which helps in gathering information related a particular topic. It provides different approaches and methodologies to achieve set objectives of a research in appropriate way. In this regard, some methodologies are given below which helps in conducting investigation:-

Qualitative Research: It is one of the important method in a research which focuses on obtaining information and data by open-ended communication. It includes an in-depth analysis where opinion of respondents are evaluated for further investigation. So, this lead to provide descriptive result where interpretation can easily be drawn from obtaining data.  

Quantitative Research: This research is used to quantify the issues by generating a numerical data. It is generally used to collect data from potential and existing customers by using sampling methods like questionnaire, online survey and more. So, to analyse the result, statistical, mathematical and other methodologies are required to be adopted by researchers.

Primary Method: This method helps in acquiring first hand data where investigators are required to conduct some experiments. It includes test marketing, online and offline survey etc. It also rely past statistics and give more reliable information about a particular topic.

Secondary Method: This methods provides information which are published by other investigators, authors and writers. Such type of documents are available on internet, books,  magazines, newspapers and more. As compared to primary research, it consumes less time but sometime gives unreliable information also.

Sampling: For the motive of investigating a project, investigators are needed to choose a proper sample size first. It will help in determining strategies used to conduct further investigations and obtain result in appropriate manner. In present research, there are 40 respondents will be taken by using Simple random sampling procedure.

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Impact of Mobile Technology in Business Communication. 2018. [Online]

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