Professional Development and There Importance in Work Premises


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Question :

Questions- This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • TUI Group is one of the worlds leading tourism business. Examine the significance of on-going professional development and self-directed learning to increase career opportunities and professional identity.
  • What are the appropriate development approach used to analyse the own skills and capabilities to develop personal and professional skills for the specific job role in the TUI Group.
  • Produce a comprehensive development plan that applies underpinning learning and development theory for achievable targets and strategies learning in the TUI Group.
Answer :
Organization Selected : TUI Group


Professional identity is formulated on individuals attitude, motives, beliefs and experience through which particular people can present themselves in the existing professional life (Attenborough and Abbott, 2018). In order to grow the career graph over the years it is essential to make improvements in professional skills, knowledge and competencies. By taking proper training and closely observing other co-workers skills associated with professionally can be groomed accordingly with the phase of time. For the completion of this report TUI Group is undertaken. It is a successful travel and tourism business in Germany. This came into working in the year 1923 and the CEO of this leading company is Friedrich Joussen. This assignment covers benefits on on-going professional development. Necessary skills and competencies expected by employer from employee are highlighted. Self abilities and skill are assessed for specific job role. Brief explanation of various learning theories and approaches adopted by professional development processes are done respectively. Development plan is illustrated for improvements for skills and competencies. Additionally, interview is undertaken and their strengths and weaknesses are reviewed.

LO 1

P1) Evaluate the Key Benefits of on-going Professional Development for various Stakeholders in an Organisation.

TUI Group is a international travel and tourism firm located in Hannover, Germany. Across the globe this is the leading leisure, travel and tourism organization which is successfully meeting the emerging needs of the customers on priority level. This successful organization owns five European airlines as well as numerous tour operators based in Europe. It is listed in Frankfurt Stock exchange (Broadhead, 2017). The area served by this travel and Tourism company is North America and Europe. In order to bind targeted customers over the years TUI Group provide distinguish products services such as, Hotels, cruise lines, package holidays, passenger airlines, resort and many more.

Some of the subsidiary airlines provided by TUI Group are, corsair, TUlfly, TUlfly Nordic AB, TUI Airways LTD and so on. Organization is training their staff members to work effectively in order to achieve the emerging needs of the customers (About TUI Group, 2020). On the other stakeholders (employees, suppliers, creditors, directors, shareholders, government, unions etc.) are invited in their decision making process so that most suitable decision can be made. In the global market this is the world's largest tourism group that includes whole tourism value chain under one roof. 27 million customers are build by travel and tourism industry as well as provide unmatched holiday experience in 180 region.

On-going professional development is showcased as procedure of documenting, developing and maintaining professional skills. TUI Group workers skills can be enhanced through training or by observing other teammates working in the premises. On the other hand TUI Group keep record regarding what staff members experience, gained and applied in their day to day working style. Continuous professional development is important to conduct at the workplace so as to ensure co-workers to be competent in own profession. Additionally, this aid in uplifting carrier graph of the TUI Group employees in positive way which will benefit the employees in the coming years (Connolly and Snook, 2018). In some condition it assist in raising salary packages of the workers. In the open market place there are various positive side of on-going development from the perception of distinguish stakeholders. Below are the brief explanation of these :

  • TUI Group conduct on-going professional development in order to raise the skills, competencies and knowledge in such a manner so that professional services can be given to customers and employees. By this consumers can be made satisfied and can be bind for longer time duration.
  • Stakeholders plays a vital role in making the TUI Group successful in the international market. On-going professional development helps employees to make meaningful contribution in working of team in order to meet emerging needs of the customers. Through this huge monetary value can be gathered by full-filling their expectation level.
  • The confidence level of stakeholders (suppliers, employees, customers and many more) are raised gradually. By this issues can be tackled by them easily. The confidence level upgraded in employees will assist them to manage and handle problems associated with investors, co-workers, suppliers and so on.

From the above discussion it is cleared that how on-going professional development are beneficial to various stakeholders. Moreover, it directly or indirectly helps TUI Group to maximize huge revenue by full-filling their expectation level up-to their standards (Cruess and Steinert, 2018).

P2) Identify Professional Employer Expectation of skills and Competencies in TUI Group

Employer has some expectation of skills and competencies in TUI Group so that right candidate can be placed in the vacant position. In the open market place employer are the one who create and provide job opportunity to the employees. Some of the skills and competencies expected by employer who are applying for the post of assistant manger in TUI Group are illustrated as follows:

Communication skills: Candidates applying for the post ofAssistant manger in TUI Group need to have effective communication skills in them. This is the expected skills from employer side which should be there in the nominee who are applying for the post. Effective communication skills is must because they are the one who will transferring important information to their subordinates with the help of suitable sources. Gap in communication or incapable to express the idea or information in proper manner will results in unproductive outcomes. Having this skills is must in participants because it will results in attainment of set goals and objectives of TUI Group.

Self motivational skills: There are huge responsibilities assigned to the nominee who are placed in the position of assistant manger in TUI Group. So it very essential that selected candidate should have the skills and competencies of being self motivated. This is another skills and competencies which is expected by TUI Group from their selected candidate. Employees who can self motivate can work in adverse condition as well as push other team members to work effectively in order to reach to the set targets (Erickson and Pinnegar, 2017).

Decision making skills: In order to compete with rivalry it is very essential to have the skills and competencies of decision-making in adverse condition. It is the expected skills which TUI Group think that participant should posses who are shortlisted for assistant manger post. They are the one who will be taking decision in many conditions and should not be change because of external influence on them.

Flexibility: To survive TUI Group in the dynamic environment flexibility in working and thought is must. Assistant manger should be flexible in nature in order to mould themselves as well as the team according to the external environment needs. Flexibility is the expected skills and competencies from employer side. Candidate having flexibility skills will help the travel and tourism business to be in the leading position as compare to competitors.

Life-long learning skills: Best results can be provided by Assistant manger of TUI Group if the selected candidate is keen interested to learn things life long. Employees can justify with assistant manger post if they continuously learn things for betterment. They are one who will take the business to next level in the market for which having this specific skill is must. For this specific job profile employer is seeking life-long learning skills in the candidate (Fawcett and Mullan, 2018).

LO 2

P3) Study Self Skill, Abilities and Competencies for Assistant Manger in TUI Group

This is my very first job in TUI Group after completion of my higher education. For the job profile of assistant manger in TUI Group I am highly interested and excited. When I cleared the telephonic round with the HR of TUI Group I was highly impressed and decided to pursue the job role of assistant manager in TUI Group. The call from the management of this leading travel and tourism has pushed me to get ready for the job profile with a vision and strategic objective to increase my career on the next level. The HR of the firm sound positive with my performance which acquired after long practice. In order to crack the interview I started assessing my own skills and competencies. By doing so proper steps can be taken to uplift the skills which are lacking behind. In order to flourish in the career I need to develop my personality more attractive as well as more responsive for the job role (Harden and Loving, 2019). Below table explains rating 1 states good, rating 2 indicates average, rating 3 poor and rating 4 as very poor.

Serial Number

Skills and competencies

Rating 1


Rating 2


Rating 3


Rating 4



Interpersonal skills






Decision-making ability






Problem solving skill






Listening ability






Verbal communication mode






Negotiation power






Interventions Skills






Conflict management






Counselling skills






Empathic relationship






Group facilitation skill






Training work





Which skills are strong: From the above table it can be concluded that decision making ability and conflict management are those skills and competencies in which I have strong command (Hökkä and Mahlakaarto, 2017). As I am good in this skill it will help me to perform the roles and responsibilities of assistant manger effectively. Additionally, empathic relationship and listening skills are my average, I need to work bite more to have good command on them. This skills will help me take best decision for the betterment of the employer and employees. Good and average skills possessed by me will direct me to achieve the set standards of TUI Group in cut throat competitive world. Additionally, by self evaluation it has helped me to better understand my skills and competencies which are mandatory for the job profile of assistant manger.

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Which skills need to be improved: Through self assessment I came to known that I lack behind in problem solving skills, verbal communication skills and counselling skills. I need to work on my skills so that I can perform the roles and responsibility effectively. In order to remain in the position of assistant manger in TUI Group I need to discover various ways to improve weak skills and competencies with the phase of time. Lacking behind in this skills affect my day to day activities so it is essential to improve (Hulse and Owens, 2019).

P4) Range of learning theories and approaches

For personal and professional development process there are certain learning theories. In TUI Group regards the theories are illustrated as under:

  • Behaviourism: In this theory behaviour of human resource is studied so that they can be motivated to perform better in the competitive world. Through this TUI Group frame strategies to improve the attributes of he employees towards their job role (Joynes, 2018). By this positive results can be attained and tough bench mark can be created for others. The adopting this behaviourism theory effectively and efficiently TUI Group can raise the employees personal skill through condition occur within working premises. Apart from this behaviourist believes that response to environment stimuli shapes actions of employees.
  • Social constructivism: According to this theory human construction through interaction with others is been developed in socially situated. The staff member of TUI Group can uplift their professional skills by interacting with other team mates who are the part of the company. By this many skills and competencies of individual can be raised automatically which is a positive mark for the organisation.

LO 3

P5) Prepare development plan

Development Plan is explained as process through which people do planning of their loop holes improvements. By preparing development plan weak skills and competencies can be improved in better way. In TUI Group manager prepare development plan by examining skills as well as the necessary resources required to support their career aims and objectives.

State my development objectives

What activities do I need to undertake to accomplish my objectives

What resource do I need accomplish my objectives

Target dates for achieving my objectives

Actual dates of achieving my objectives

Problem solving skills

In order to accomplish my skills I take part in debate competition so that problem solving skills can be improved. But by taking part in debate I am able to resolve issue which are emerging but low level. With the phase of time I will be able to resolve the issues at large scale in an organization for the betterment of the company.

I need support from my superior so that I can take best decision for the company in the coming years. As well as I need to actively participate voluntary in debate competition so as to enrich my problem solving skills (Losano and Villarreal, 2018).

It is a lengthy process so it will take more time in accomplishing. So the process of improving problem solving skill is on-going.

Accomplish till march 15, 2020

Verbal communication skills

In order to improve my verbal communication skill in need to interact with people and try to understand their gestures and body language (Zhu and Zhu, 2018). By this I will be able to accomplish my set objectives of uplifting verbal communication. I need to watch you-tube video.

The resources which I need in order to improve my verbal communication skill is you-tube. By actively watching online video regarding how to improve my communication skill.. And actively interacting with people will help me communicate with people fluently.

It will nearly take 3 to 4 month for learning decision making skills.

The set objectives will be accomplished till 30 June 2020.

Counselling skills

To reach out to their set objectives individual need to watch online video and to need to take voluntary participation in the activities conducted by TUI Group.

The relevant resources which are required by firm to uplift counselling skills I need top spend precious time with senior members and examine how they work on their counselling skills

Around 1 to 2 month will be required to accomplish set objectives (Olsen and Buchanan, 2017).

On August 20 the set benchmark can be attained.

Therefore through this professional development plan I will be able to uplift my skills which will be needed to perform the job role of assistance manager in TUI Group.

LO 4

P6) Conduct a job interview

Interviewer Good morning sir

Interviewee Good morning, please take your seat.

Interviewer: Why are looking for IHG Indigo Hotel

Interviewee: This is the best platform where I can use all my skills and abilities effectively. The skills which I have will help me to perform the job role of assisting in managing and training the reception team.

Interviewer: Why do you think your are capable to perform the job roles and responsibilities ofmanaging and training the reception team.

Interviewee: I am good in communication skill and posses management skills. So in order to handle reception team in the organization this skills will help me to perform the job duties properly.

Interviewer: How much year of experience do you have in management field.

Interviewee: 2 years sir

Interviewer: What is your salary acceptation

Interviewee: : £25,000.00 /year

Guest Service Manager

Hotel Indigo, Leicester Square

Professional Summary

I am a highly productive and effective Guest Service Manager who has an experience in overlooking each and every activities of Guest Service Officer and also make ensure about rendering good customer experience. Some of the duties which I performed as Guest Service Manager performs is managing check-in- process, solving customer complaints, training personnel, and gaining feedbacks from guests.


  • Team building
  • Effective communication skill
  • Management skill


2 year of experience as Guest Service Manager in New Parkland Hotel & Resort i.e. 2017 – to present

  • Preform duties delegated by Management deemed
  • Coordinating with other departments employees clients in which mainly handled housekeeping and accommodation.
  • Managed and developed procedure for reception tasks
  • Performed as a assistance in conducting induction programmes
  • Develop, implement and execute problem resolution strategies.


Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Management, Central Michigan University



P7) Strength and weakness of applied interview process

The Interview conducted with TUI Group have their strength and weakness which are highlighted as under:



Transparency was the major strength of this interview (Sherwood and O’Donnell, 2018). Due to which interview was conducted smoothly. However the interviewer was quite informative and confident with this questions which he put forwards to me. Along with this positive vibes was coming while interacting with interviewer. Additionally, timing of interview was perfect to crack the interview (Zhao and Zhang, 2017).

Lack of information was the major loop hole in the whole interview. Along with this I was quite nervous to attend the question confidently .


From the above it can be conducted that on-going professional development is important to perform in the working premises so that best results can be attained. Own skills and competencies are examined in order to work on the weak skills. By doing so career graph of the employees can be raised in the coming years. Various theories like, Behaviourism and Social constructivism is studied in order to retain the co-workers accordingly. Development plan is prepared by the individual in order to make improvements in the skills through appropriate resources. By this in leading companies they can be placed with high salary. However, interview is being conducted for position of managing and training the reception team in IHG Indigo Hotel. The positive and negative side of interview is explained in order to avoid further mistake in next interview. By this most suitable candidate is hired for the vacant position.

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