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A. Front Office Essay

The Front Office Managers of the Hotel act as the face of the hotel, they are the one who welcome and greet the guests of the hotel, it also provides guidance and assistance to the guests during their visit and stay(Ammachathram, 2018). In hotel and hospitality industry front office plays very vital role as they are the one who interact directly with the customers and visitors of the hotel. They are the working unit of the organization, and their duties and responsibilities are very important and major for the successful working of the industry(Deeptha, 2018). Some of the major and most important tasks featured by the front office managers are financial accounting, monitoring front desk, analysing various aspect of organization, developing and reviewing the facilities for the customers and the staff members(Genc, 2018). The front office managers are the working unit of the organisation because they assess, manage, control and monitor various aspect of the hotel and hospitality industry. There are various  number of responsibilities that are encounter by these managers from check-in to check- out of the visitors(Giesbrecht,  2016).

They provide information about he occupancy and availability of the rooms and also helps in  managing and forecasting the average room rate, their prices and all the other facilities that are provided by them to their customers(Wirtz, 2018). The main purpose and responsibility of front office managers is to provide various type of assistance to the guests and visitors of the hotel so that they can stay their comfortably and in order to provide them full satisfaction and to reach beyond their comfort level(Melián-González,  2017). Their main purpose is to provide assistance regarding the luggage, transportation, various types of information regarding the city and the visitors attraction of that place. The role and responsibilities of such managers are very crucial and essential for the effective working of the hotel, because they are one who can create very good impression upon the visitors in order to make them motivated towards the facilities of their hotel and this will in turn helps in increasing the profitability of the organisation(Miller,2018). Loyal customers and visitors are most precious asset of any organisation. While on the other hand it is very important for the organisational heads of the hotel to keep there front desk managers satisfied because if they are not motivated and satisfied from their jobs then they will not give their full potential and it can adversely effect the working of the hotel(Modic, 2018). All the general staff members are being assess by the front desk managers and they manage and monitor their working their major responsibility is to fulfil all the desk related jobs and duties in order to enhance the working of the organisation(Vasadze, 2018). The  importance of front desk managers is very crucial for the success and the development of the firm because they are the one directly manage and control all the working and functions of the industry(Sousa,2018).

B. Accommodation

In general term accommodation is the occupancy and availability of rooms at the hotel where guests and visitors can stay comfortably. There are various number of laws and regulations are available in order to assess the working of the organization(Bauer, 2017). These laws provides certain guidelines and  regulations for the effective working of the firm. It is very essential and crucial for organizations to follow and conduct their working as per these guidelines so that firm can ensure proper growth and development. There are various number of laws that are used to assess the working of the organization(Bianchini,2017).

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation 1999:

this act was comes under effect in 1993, as per the act the main duty and responsibility of the employees are as per follows: Identifying the occurrence of risk to health and safety at workplace in order to  reduce them(Coenen, 2017). Appointing additional staff members to recognize and handle the health and safety of the workplace. Providing appropriate information and training to the workers for handling the safety and security of the workplace. Operating within the handwritten health and safety policy(Delp,2015).

The Workplace Regulation 1992

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