Personal & Professional Development of Leadership

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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • What are the key personal quality that develop from various workshop exercises and module experiences.
  • Examine how personal quality is demonstrated across a variety of activities and experiences.
  • What attributes, value, preferences and behaviours underpin strength of the individual.
  • Explain various theories of quality.



Answer :


There are various skills that are necessary for the development as well growth of individual. It is very important a person identify those skills as well as develop it for better personal and professional growth (Wald and, 2015). This will be extremely helpful for achievement of desired goals and objectives. A person will be able to perform organizational activities in better manner as well as lead to full fill their needs and requirements. Personal and professional development refers to gaining new skills as well as experiences that will lead to enhance their current job roles. This is essential part in progress in professional career as well as personal life. This report include the leadership quality as well as theory of leadership. A proper evaluation of quality is done with the use of leadership theory. Different attributes, behavioural preferences and values that underpin its strength is also mention. In this report various difficulties and challenges that occur during workshop exercises and experiences that has been faced. Benefits of quality in future is also identified as well as evaluated properly.


Leadership refers to a skill or quality in which a person can influence as well as motivate others. This is considered as a one of the most crucial part of an individual as it will directly lead to growth and development. Leadership can be define as an action which lead to group of people towards desired goals and objective of organisation. It is a process in which a leader is directing or guiding the behaviour of other people with the motive to accomplishment of specific objective of goals. Leadership quality have potential to motivate as well as influence other behaviour. Leaders are able to direct as well as guide other individual towards to fulfilment of the organisational requirements. In an organisation leadership quality is very important as it will help in successful achievement of desired goals as well motives. leaders are responsible to motivating other employees so that they work in better and effective manner. Leadership consist of set of qualities that is essential in to become a strong and good leader. There are different types of leadership style in which each and every leader have different ways to influence other people.

Trait theory of leadership is completely based of the traits or characteristics of a leader. This will lead to define the successfulness as we as unsuccessfulness leadership of a leader. This theory of leadership is considered as the modern theory of leader of that will help in providing a proper framework for leaders. Trait theory of leadership states that the leadership  behaviour of a leader will be define by the characteristics of an individual (Marañón and Pera., 2015). This theory includes all those traits which is necessary for a person to become a successful leader.  Core traits that is required by a leader are such as achievement drive, leadership motivation, honesty and integrity, self confidence, knowledge of business, cognitive ability, emotional maturity, creativity and others. This theory is very helpful in distinguish between leaders as well as non leaders.

I have analysed that the leadership is one of  the most important quality. This play a crucial role in overall growth and development of a person. After exercises various workshop I have identified that an individual will not be able to achieve its desired goals and aims without leadership quality. According to me this quality is essential for a person as it includes accountability, empathy, vision, positivity, influence and many more. This quality will be helpful in person different task in better and effective manner (Clarke and, 2015). A person with leadership skills as ability to influence other as well as motivate them to perform in certain manner. I consider leadership quality as an crucial part in development of personal and professional career. I believe that leaders are not born they are made. It is very difficult to become a good leader as it include various skills and ability. By developing effective leadership skill I will be able to perform business activities in better manner. This will help me in enhancing my following as well as influencing other to right and correct path. I will be able to attain my set goals and accomplish motives. This quality will be extremely helpful in attaining personal and professional growth. There are different traits the is necessary for being a good leader such as honesty, inspirational, creative and innovative, appropriate decision making capability, delegation as well as empowerment. I have evaluated that leader must have strong communication skill as they have to influence as well as inspire other to attain set objective and goals of organisation. I have analysed that by leadership skill is quite well with the help of trait theory of leadership. For this, I have carefully identified the typical traits of good leadership and after this is started analysing my own strengths and weakness. This will help in clearly understanding which skills can be consider as my skills and which are my weakness. For example I have identified that my communication skills is very helpful in enhancing my leadership qualities. From trait theory of leadership I was able to understand which skills are helpful in improving my leadership quality and which will skills need to be improved for successful leadership. For my personal and professional development I needs to develop a simple plan of action that will help in improving my skills. So this it has been identified that communication skill is very supportive in improving my leadership qualities. This is very helpful in achievement of organisational goals and objectives.

There are different attributes, behavioural preferences and values that underpin leadership quality strengths. These traits and characteristics are such as honesty, ability to delegate, communication, confidence, positive attitude, creativity, intuition, ability to inspire and various others. All of these characteristics will help me strengthening my skills as well as leadership quality. I have analysed that these traits are very helpful in becoming a smart and good leader. As a leader I should always be honest towards my work as well as my followers. This will be very helpful in providing right direction as well as guidance to other employees (Kearney-Nunnery, 2015). So that they work in better manner as well as achieve required goals and objectives. I have strong communication which is my biggest strength. Communication is very important in overall development and growth of an individual. This refers to the ability of a person through which they can convey their thoughts and ides with each other in better manner. With the communication skill I was to able influence as well as motivate other people in better and effective manner. I have ability to delegate command in effective manner. This is helpful in providing direction to following in better way. So that I will be able to enhance my leadership quality as well as able to perform task in better manner. I have analysed that leader must have ability to inspire other people so that they feel motivate as well as work in required manner. With the ability to inspire other I was able to develop better relationship with other employees as well as develop my leadership qualities. Confidence can be consider as key to successful and good leader. When a person is confident that person is able to perform better manner. Confidant behaviour of the leader will help in motivating as well as inspiring others. this will be very helpful in develop strong relationship with the followers as well as gaining their trust. I have positive attitude towards my work and other employees which is very helpful in developing my quality of leadership.

I have been part of various workshops exercises and I have experiences different difficulties as well as challenges during these workshops. I have analysed that I is very difficult to become a good leader. I have identified that great leaders are not born they are made. I is very challenging to become as good leader as it required various skills and capabilities. Some challenges that is faced by me during workshops of enhancing leadership quality.  It is hard to manage long team as well as short term business requirements (Cruess and, 2015). As a good leader it is very important that a leader is able to meet with the requirements of the business as well as focus on achievement of organisational objectives. I found it very challenging to encouraging manager in order to develop their team member. Influencing as well as motivating employees will require huge budget that is provided by organisation. Size of the budget is always a problem for me as appropriate budget for motivating employees is not provided by the company. It is very difficult for me to retain the right and top talent of organisation. This will requires to determine the future workforce needs as well as necessary skills. Trait theory of leadership has been very supportive in identifying these challenges as well as overcoming them. This has been helpful in enhancing my quality of leadership. Trait theory of leadership will help in analysing those all those traits that is required for development of employees. So that they can perform business operations in better manner. With the support of trait theory of leadership I was able to identify high potential employees who have capability to perform in effective manner. This will lead to determining all those skills as well as quality that is required by a person to successfully accomplish goals and objectives of organisation. Trait theory of leadership helps me in identifying which is the most appropriate skills that will be required to influence as well as motivate employees of organisation.

There are some contradicter evident during my experience of workshop. I have analysed that my communications skills are the best along all my other skills. I have identified that I have good ability to inspire as well as influence them towards desired goals and objectives. Both of these skill has been very helpful in achievement of desired goals and objective of organisation. this was very contradictory evident as my communication skills as well as ability to inspire other has been very supportive in my overall leadership quality (Pihl-Thingvad, 2015). This has evaluated that this might be because of my strong communication skills. I am able to communicate in such a manner that it is very helpful in influencing my followers.

There are various benefits of leadership quality as it will help in enhancing performance as well as productivity of an individual. A person will be able to main advantages with the help of leadership quality and skills. I have analysed that leadership quality play a crucial role in overall growth and development of an individual. There are many benefits from development of leadership quality as well as increment in those skills. This will directly lead to achievement of desired goals and objectives within set time frame. My leadership quality has been supportive in retaining talented employees of organisation as well as influence them to work in more better way. This has been lead to development of strong relationship with other people as with the strong leadership quality I will be able to gain support as well as trust from my followers (Carrillo, Baguley and Vilar, 2015). Leadership quality has been very beneficial in overall employee engagement by implementing an effective leadership style. This will be help my personal and professional development.

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As per the above skill it can be concluded that leadership play a significant role in personal and professional development. Leadership quality includes accountability, awareness, confidence, empathy, focus and so on. This is essential to be a good leader as well as role model for other. Trait theory of leadership will be very supportive in identifying the most crucial leadership skills for overall personal and professional development. Leadership quality will lead to increase the reputation or image of an individual in organisation. This will help in successfully achieving more opportunity for growth and lead to accomplishment of personal and professional objectives. There are different attribute as well as behavioural preferences are essential in strengthening quality.  A good leader is always honest towards their work and has respect towards others. This will help in enhancing a leaders following and gaining better position in organisation. There are some challenges faced while development as well as enhancement of leadership quality.  Though leadership quality a person will be able to communicate in better manner as well as develop strong relationships with other.

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