Different Theories of Leadership and Management

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Question :

Topic- NVQ5

Lever 5 Diploma in the leadership for Health and Social Care among children and young people.

Services- England

Unit -70:  Understand the professional management and leadership in health and social care or children and young peoples settings.

  • Generate Research theories of management and leadership.
  • Evaluate how theoretical models of management and leadership can be implemented to a different situation in a work setting.
  • Evaluate how the values and cultural context of an organisation impacts on the implementation of management and leadership models.
  • Explain the interdependencies between leadership and management.
  • Evaluate the conflicts between the application of management and leadership models.     
  • Describe how conflicts between management and leadership models can be addressed.
  • Explain what skills required to be an – effective manager – effective leader.
  • Analyse why managers in health and social care or children and young people’s settings need both management and leadership skills.
  • Elaborate how leadership skills can influence the values of an organisation.    
  • Explain why leadership styles may need to be adapted to manage different situations.

4.1 Generate elements which influence policy drivers.      

4.2 Analyse current themes and trends that influence on management and leadership of health and social care and children or young people’s services.

Answer :


Leadership plays the active role in the business and thus they also carry major duties regarding protecting and securing the right of the person in the premises. As people want care and support if they are suffering with any of the diseases even if they are children or elderly people (Beck and, 2017). The happiness which they get is not through earning money or spending money on but to get support from their friends or family members if they are facing any conflict in managing their life. In this report, the role of nurse is undertaken which is responsible to manage the elderly people in the nursing home. Thus, in this report, it covers various matter such as examining the theories of the leadership and management and also how such models are applied in various situation.

1.1 Theories of Leadership and Management

Leaders play the role in respect of taking the action which helps employees to wok in right direction. Thus, leadership refers to equipping other to work in the set direction which helps other to maximize the growth in the business. It carries various theories of the leadership such as:

  • Behavioural theories: In this theory, the behaviour of the leaders is determined through interpreting the particular matters to gain longer term gain. It carried two types, firstly autocratic leadership in which the leader takes the decision without consulting to their team member (McCormack and McCance, 2016). In these aspects, the conflict raised regarding not sharing the information with each other which results in not building the strong team. Secondary, it is related to the Democratic theory in which the leaders before taking any decisions, ask every team member about their suggestion to choose the particular thing. Through this manner, it helps in gaining the interest of team towards the business.
  • Situational theory: In this theory, leader had to work according to the situation and thus they had to take the steps through the variation in the situation. This theory is useful in respect of adapting the new changes which is emerging in environment in better way. As through this manner they make changes in their running strategies and adapt innovative way to bring innovation at work place (Crosbie and, 2019). Employees are also motivated to attain such task in right way.

In case of management theories, this is mainly adapted in case of making changes in the management working through achieving the organization objectives at larger scale. The theories of management are stated as:

  • Administrative management theory by Henri Fayol: In this theory, it mainly carries five elements such as controlling, managing, coordinating, organizing and planning the overall activity to gain longer terms profits (Stanley, 2016). In this theory, the powers are given in respect of formalized administrative department, day to day management of the labour working and also delegating the power to take right decisions.
  • System Theory: In this theory, every person had to work in the system which is guided by the owner to follow the accurate instruction. Through this manner, it results in working as per the set instruction and also avoid confusion and disparities at work place.

1.2 Theoretical Models of Management and Leadership are Applied in Business.

By applying the theories of the leadership in the nursing home, it is stated that situational theory is the best theory which is applied on the elderly people to maintain their interest in the nursing home. As the mood the elderly people are fluctuated depending upon the situation and thus they can demand anything at any time. In such manner, the leader had to work as per the situation which is raised at work place (Ellis, 2018). For e.g. in case of elderly people demanded to move outside the nursing home, then leaders had to changes their normal routine in respect of fulfilling the demand of the people.

In respect of management theory, system theory is the best way to manage the people in right way. As every nursing home had to work under the particular system so that they manage the interest of the people and also the reputation of the nursing home in better way (Killett and, 2016). Thus, systems is to be followed in respect of not allowing any of the person once the set time for meeting is over. Through this manner they are following the ethics and maintaining standards in better way.

1.3 Values and Culture Influences The Application of the Management and Leadership

In the nursing home, the ethics and culture influence the working of the leaders and management at larger manner. Leaders role is to nursing home is to manage the culture and values of the elderly people in respect of setting a common objective which every person had to follow. In context of organization, every person is from different culture and carry their own values regarding dealing in particular things. Thus, in such perspective, the role of leader had to appreciate their values and then set the standards which not affects their right in any manner (Van Puyvelde and, 2016). In case of applying the theory of the situational leadership, the leaders had to change their way of the treating the elderly people and also had to set their policies and strategies by keeping in mind the values and culture of the people.

In case of management, the values and culture influence the strategies of the management which they are using in form of system management theory. As elderly people belong to different culture or values and thus they undertake the activities in different way. Usually in most of the situation the conflict raised regarding not carrying similar thoughts and ideas on particular segments (Goodman and, 2017). Thus, through this manner the impact raised regarding changing the system theory in which they had to make changes as per the needs and demands of the people. As it is necessary for the elderly age people to retain their interest in nursing home. Thus, to make the strategies which is suitable to them helps in maintaining their interest in longer way.

2.1 Interdependencies Between Leadership and Management

In any organization, it is necessary that there must be management and leaders who carry the right to manage the business activities in right manner. In respect of the work interdependencies means both are depended upon each other or with both mutual works, the task is to be accomplished easily. The role of management is to be organized, identify, plan and control the overall business activities to sustaining the business in market for longer way. Similarly, in case of leadership, their role is to direct the functioning which is guided by the management (Cable and Graham, 2018). As they both perform different task in business, usually in case of guiding the employees, it is mainly undertaken by the leaders. They play the vital role in the organization such as listening to the needs of the employees, taking strict action in case of violation committed by any of the employees or motivating employees to work as team.

Manager guides the leader to work in the set direction and leaders in return set the policies to their employees to work according to that directions. Through this manner, the organization mainly differentiate the duties of the managers and leaders, so that they maintain the hierarchy structure in the business (Belrhiti, Giralt and Marchal, 2018). The interdependencies in this case arises through setting the appropriate goal by the manager and instruct the leaders to motivate their team to achieve such goal within the set time period. As the similarity between the management and leadership is that they both work for the same vision i.e. for the company growth.

The major differences which is identified in such perspective is relating to the leaders sometime takes such decision which is not mentioned in the company policies but through this manner, they retain the interest of the employees at work place. But manger cannot work against the policies of the company even if there are chances of suffering losses to the business.

2.2 Conflicts between the Application of the Leadership and Management Models

In respect of identifying the conflict between the leadership and management models, it is stated that the conflict arises in respect of not taking care of the employees’ interest at the work place. It is necessary in the business that the employees’ interest must be retained so that they can increase the productivity through providing the quality products or services.

In case of conflict raised by leaders in nursing home, in context of managing the elderly people are that if they are not working as per the set guidance which is instructed to them (Bunn and, 2020). For e.g. if the elderly people are suffering from any infection, and they are strictly guided not to move out from house, thus in such case the conflict is raised regarding stopping them to not do as per their own willingness to do such things. This is one way through which the conflict is raised in respect of following the leader’s rules and regulation.

In context of management, the conflict is raised through setting the specific strategy which is imposed upon the person even if they are not carrying any such interest to accomplish such task. In respect of system management theory, the conflict is raised regarding working under the set norms and in case of any changes in working criteria, it feels difficult to adapt such changes in their existing working style. In context of the nursing home, the management set some system regarding the elderly people working and the strategy which they had to attain in the whole day (Ellis and Abbott, 2020). In such manner, the conflict is raised regarding not working for the whole day with the same scheduling. As the people demand variation in their system which helps them in adapting new things in their life.

In case of both, leadership and management, the conflict is raised in respect of situation leadership theory as in this both had different perspective of attaining the task, manager take such decision and instruct leader to work as per the set instruction. But leaders had to keep in mind, the stability of the employees and also motivate them to bring changes in their working style. Thus, in such aspects the conflict raised for the leaders regarding managing the interest of employees and also work as per the set instruction which is guided by the manager regarding attaining such task.

2.3 Procedure to Address The Conflict Between The Leadership and Management Models

In perspective of leadership, the conflict can be addressed through firstly identifying the reason behind arising the conflict. As usually, it is not necessary that the conflict must be resolved, firstly it must be identified that what are the reason behind the conflict arises and also what things not work properly, which results in facing conflict. After verifying all such matters, the second stage is resulting to the understanding the situation before giving any judgement or taking decision which is fair for the persons. In this case, the parties must be given reasonable opportunity of presenting their views and after that, the judgement is given to resolve the conflict.

In case of addressing the conflict between the manager and leaders, they both are equivalent and had to work simultaneously and through their instruction, company can achieve the goal in better way. In case of facing any conflict regarding not conveying any of the decision or not coordinating properly, in such case they both take the decision by judging each other reviews and also make the strategies which helps business to sustain for longer time period. In this case, the demands of the elder people is different, but they cannot go against the policies of the company regarding managing them, as per the set norms which is imposed by the government (Waterson, 2018). Thus, in such manner to address the conflict between the leaders and manager can be undertaken through working as per the norms which is fit for the elder people. This resulting in getting more improvement in their health and also bring chances in their lifestyle.

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3.1 Skills Required to be Effective Leader and Manager

Both leader and manager are necessary to be there in a nursing care home because the patients’ needs to be handled properly. This is majorly because of the reason that managing the patients in proper manner is very necessary because they came for treatment and if the management of nursing home is not good then patients will not be comfortable (Cherry and Jacob, 2016). Thus, for the leader and manager of nursing home it is necessary to possess some skills to manage the care home in proper manner.

Skills of leaders- The leader need to be very sensible and intelligent in managing the people within the care home. This is because of the fact that if the patients will not be satisfied with the services. Thus, for this the leader need to have effective leadership skills. The skill which are necessarily to be possessed by the leader of care home are as follows-

Integrity- This is the major skill which need to be possessed by the leader of care home. Integrity is the major skill which need to be possessed by leader because if they will not be ethical and correct in their practices then the patients will not be happy.

Critical thinking- The leader needs to have critical and logical thinking because they work in direction of protecting and taking care of the patients. Thus, they need to have critical thinking as what is correct for the patients and what is not (Gopee and Galloway, 2017).

Communication skill- This is the most important skill which need to inherited by the leader of a nursing home because without communication no person can work. Thus, for effective working of the nursing home it is essential for the leader to have good and clear communication.

Skill of a manager- The manager is the person who is responsible for the management of the whole nursing home and social care. These are the person who actually runs the nursing home in successful manner. Thus, it is very important for them to have good and effective skills which are discussed as follows-

Proper knowledge- This is the first and foremost thing which need to be inherited in the manager of nursing home (Weiss, Tappen and Grimley, 2019). This is majorly because of the reason that if the manager not have complete knowledge of caring of patient then they are not effective managers.

Relationship building- This is a necessary skill for care home manager because they interact with the patients and if they are not good in building relation then patients will not be comfortable with them (Giddens, 2017).

Interpersonal and communication skill- These are the most important skill to be inherited among the manager of the nursing care home. This is majorly pertaining to the fact that if they will not have good interpersonal skill and communication then they will not be able to interact with the patients in proper manner.

3.2 Manager Requiring Both Management and Leadership Skills for Managing Health and Social Care

For the effective working of the nursing and care home it is very necessary for the person to possess both leadership and management skills. The major reason underlying this fact is that the proper leadership and management skill assist the person in managing the care home in proper and effective manner. Hence, it is inferred that for person it is necessary to possess the good leadership and management skills. This is necessary for the effective delivery of good health care services to the person requiring it.

The nursing care home deals with taking care of people who are having some disease or are suffering from some trauma or grief (Brown, 2018). Thus, for their good and effective care it is necessary that the people within care home have good leadership and management skills. The leadership skills are important because it help the leader in strategizing for the vision and mission of the care home. Leadership help in setting up of goals and objectives for the employees within the care home setting. The leader is the person who decides for the direction in which the care home needs to go and work.

Thus, the leadership is very necessary for the leader to have goof leading skills so that they can lead the care home in effective manner. In the same way the management skills must also be good in the employees. This is majorly because of the reason that managers are the employees who are responsible for making the work in actual. It means that manager is responsible to bring into action what the leader is thinking and what goals they have established (Pihlainen, Kivinen and Lammintakanen, 2016). The major success of care home is dependent on the employees of the care home only and they will work only if the manager will manage their work in proper manner. Thus, for the effective working of the care home it is very necessary to possess both management and leading skills.

3.3 Analysing Ways in Which Leadership can Influence Value of Organization

There are many different leadership skills required to be possessed by the leader of care home. This is majorly because of the reason that if the leader will not be good then the working will not be in the intended manner (Huber, 2017). The leader influences the organizational values like honesty, ethics, respect, moral working and others to a great extent. This is majorly because of the reason that leaders are responsible for outlining the goals and mission of the company. Thus, they value of care home is decided by the leader only. Now if the leader will not be effective and good and then the values of organization will not be achieved. like for instance, if the leader is not ethical in its working and uses fraudulent practices then the value of organization that is care home is not accomplished. This is majorly because of the reason that the patients will not like to come to such place where wrong and fraudulent practices are followed.

3.4 Reason Behind Why Leadership Style Needs to be Adapted to Manage Different Situations

In the business environment there are many changes taking place very frequently and all the changes affect the operation of nursing care home to some extent. Thus, it is very necessary for the leader to use effective leadership styles in order to manage all the changes taking place within business environment. Also, there are many different types of threats and opportunities present within the environment and this may or may not be helpful for the care home (Johnson and Smith, 2018). Thus, this is the responsibility of the leader of care home that whether they have to adapt to the relevant changes or not.

Hence, for this it is very necessary for the leader of care home to effectively take care of all the changes taking place within the business environment. Thus, for this it is very necessary for the leader to use the situational leadership style in order to manage the care home. This is necessary because of the reason that every situation is different form one another and the decision also depends on the prevailing condition or situation. Thus, the situational leadership style will assist the leader of care home in managing every situation in proper and correct manner. This is done so that every patient is comfortable within the care home.

4.1 Factors Affecting Policy Drivers

Policy drivers are the factors and objectives which are considered at time of taking any decision for the betterment of the care home (Murray, 2017). There are many different types of factors which impact the policy makers at time of making different types of policies. These factors are important to be considered because of the reason that if the factors will not be considered then the people will be affected by it and this will not satisfy the patients coming to the care home. Thus, it is the duty of manager and leader to take into consideration all the factors which are impacting the policies of the care home (Cope and Murray, 2017). The factors impact the policy making and drivers of policy within health care setting are discussed as follows-

Social and economic environment- This is the major factor because of the fact that if the social and economic environment is not considered at time of policy making then the policies will not be effective. This is majorly because of the reason that if the person is of different social culture and the service being provided to the patient is of different culture then the patient will not be comfortable with those services.

Feedback- This is also an important factor which influences the policy drivers because the feedback of patients helps care home in assessing and finding the different areas in which they lack. Thus, this feedback will assist the care home in developing policy in the way the patients requires.

4.2 Emerging Theme and Trend Which Impact Management and Leadership in Health and Social Care

There are many recent changes and trends which impacts the management and leadership within the health and social care setup. It is necessary for the care home to adapt to these latest trends and themes going on within the business environment (Stolt, Charalambous and Suhonen, 2018). Thus, the latest trend going on in the business environment are as follows-

Quality of care- This is the most important trend which needs to be taken care by the health care setup. This is majorly because of the reason that if the care quality is not good then the patients will not be happy with the services of the care home. Thus, this needs to be taken care by the care home so that they maintain the high quality of care and the patients are happy and satisfied.

Older people and complex care- This is very another trend which needs to be followed by the care home for effective and successful working. This is very important trend to be considered by the care home as the older people requires a special treatment and care and if the scare home does not provide this facility then it will not be much liked by the patients and they will not come frequently (Huotari, 2018).

Complying with all act- This is another trend which need to be followed effectively by the care home. This is majorly because of the reason that if the care home will comply with all the rules and regulations and all laws. This is necessary because of the reason that if care home complies with all the laws then this will build trust of patients for the care home. Thus, this will make the patients feel comfortable in getting treatment with the care home.


Leadership and management are very important and crucial in order to manage any type of business. This is majorly because of the reason that if there will not be effective leadership and management then this will impact over the efficiency and effectiveness of the company. Leader is a person who is responsible for formulating the objective of business and formulating a road map which the employees need to follow. On the other hand, manager is the one which is responsible for the managing and delegating the work to the employees so that they can assist in attaining the objectives set by leader.

The current study highlighted the role of nurse in effectively leading and managing the care home setup. This also discussed about the different theories and models of leadership and management for the effective running of health and care home. In addition to these various skills required by the leader and manager in effectively managing the care home was discussed and analysed. In the end the different trends and themes affecting the management and leadership of health and social care was highlighted.

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