Importance of Leadership And Management

Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Provide in-depth understanding of theoretical and conceptual approaches to leadership and how such approaches may vary according to geography, culture and sector.
  • Generate the debates about leadership and critically relate specifically to the field of leadership and management development.
  • Tesla is an automotive company. Analyse the current methods and themes of leadership used in the investigation of topical issues and practices in leadership and management
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tesla


Leadership and management are important factors which helps to achieve the success and growth of the organizations. For the effective and efficient results in the long run there is need of the skilled and talented leaders in the business. Organization invest large amount of money in their leaders to improve the performance level of the business in different conditions of the markets. Leadership helps to set the new direction and vision for the teams ion the business they will works to achieve the goals and objectives of the business. On the other hand as per the principle of the organisation management controls and directs the activities of the group of people to get the effective results. This file determine that Tesla is the largest company of automotive and energy. It is famous for its production of the electric cars with the help of Solar city and solar panels. The headquarter of the Tesla is at the California, US. This file focuses on the different conceptual and theoretical approaches of the leadership as per the culture, geography and sectors. There is also debates on the leadership and relates to the management and leadership development. In this report there are lost of current methods and themes of leadership which is used to identify various issues and practices of leadership and development.


Programmes of leadership and management development aims to reach the growth and success of the Tesla in the present future condition of the markets. The communication of the leader and manager must be effective so that every members of the teams clear about their goals and objectives and focuses in the business operations. Leaders are the only one works to achieve the targets of the business by leading the team effectively. The programmes of leadership and management is started with the needs and wants of the organisation (Thorpe, 2016). The successful leaders takes the accurate and effective actions and encourages the members of the team so that they increases the level of the performance and aims to get the objectives of the Tesla. The model of leadership and management development refers to the process and practices of the business and improves all the functions of the organisations.

The leadership and management development models is the better planning and process which helps the manager and the leaders to become more effective and efficient in their working. It is the integrated system which is used by any organisation for developing the ability and capability of the leadership and management according to the size, location and culture of the organisation. This models helps to expand the business in the international markets to increase the profitability (Bolden, 2016). Tesla uses this model in their activities of the business which develops the strategy and process of the managers and leaders towards the growth. In the business of the Tesla they uses the LMD model for development of management and leadership by using the system approaches which is known as the training cycle. In this training cycle is a specific process of continuous improvement in the activities of the leadership and management strategies. With the helps of the training cycle Tesla analysis the information and the data which identify the specific needs and wants of the business, development of the objectives, program design, implementation of design and the last is to evaluate and determine the performance of the company operations. In the first stage of the training cycle the leaders uses the formal instrument which helps to measure the knowledge and skills of the people and also measures the preferences of the employees (Renz and Herman, 2016). The training is required to improve the knowledge and understanding of the employees about the terms and condition of the business so that they improve the working and aims to achieve the organisations objectives. Development is necessary for the expansion of the company in the international markets so the leaders make the plans and directs the working of the subordinates towards the proper completion of task as per the plan. Tesla makes the plans which provides the safety ans security in the car while driving which increases the loyalty of the customer towards the brand and makes their driving safer.

As illustrated by Whaley and Gillis, (2018)Tesla uses the system approach for the effective planning and practices of the business it will helps to identify the ability and capability of the business to get the success and growth. This training cycle in the business evaluates the results by determining the various features. This approach of system creates the framework of the leadership and management by designing and developing the different strategies. The growth of the Tesla is depend on the proper managing the activities of the employees so that they works to achieve the specific goals. The LMD models gives the right path to the managers and the leaders which set their objectives and directs the working of the employees in the most appropriate manner. In the process design leaders of the Tesla make effective decision for development of the business which leads to the success and growth in the future. All the practices and process of the Tesla are design effectively by using different methods and approaches to reach the target. Training is given to the teams by the leaders for designing the structure of the car which gives the proper safety while driving. The development models of management and leadership in Tesla is used to make sure that the manager put the safety of their teams first before their own safety.

As stated by the Noe, and, (2017) in the business of Tesla this model of management and leadership makes the leaders and the manager more focused and skilled in their working and gives the better and efficient outcomes of the business. With the helps of this model the Tesla maintain the coordination between the employees so that they motivates and inspire towards the working environment and reach to the target of the organisation. System approaches which is used by the Tesla through this model is also termed as the training cycle which improve the level of the performance of the employees. With the help of the training cycle it gives the tips to changer the planning of the effective implementation. Role of the leaders and manager are increases for managing the employees in the business. Proper management of the people is essential for the development of the strategies of the leadership and management in Tesla.

As per the views of Rothaermel, (2017) programmes of training cycle is the best way to improve the plans and policies of the leader and mangers because it is the systemic approach which makes the employees more talented and skilled in their workplace. The model of the LMD is used to develop the strength of the managers and leaders so that they could motivate and inspire the employees by promoting to the higher level if they are working well in the business. Tesla uses the system approaches in their working environment which is used to determine the different factors of the markets which influence the profitability of the business. This approach includes the training cycle which have various phases and that is followed by the Tesla for making the good business in the market. It is the programmes of teaching the development skills of the management and leadership. It defines the clear theory which leads to the changes ion the behaviour of the manager and leader so they monitor and evaluate the impact of the employees working on their business. With the proper skills and understanding of the leader increases the productivity of the teams. By making the profitable strategies and decisions in the business leaders will make the best team of the organisation. Development of the management refers to the process of the training management so that the employees will receive the appropriate skills, understanding, attitudes to manage the working. Development of the leadership increases the ability and capacity of the person so that they could perform the roles of the leadership accurately and focused to achieve the targets. The roles of the leadership execute the different strategies by building the best teams, expanding the capability and achieving the goals of the Tesla. On the other hand it is the duty of the leader to make the effective teams so that they works to achieve the common goals.

According to the McCaffery, (2018) Development of the leadership and development is the process and techniques which helps to make the person better leader and manager in the organisation. It includes the effective communication with the employees which inspire them towards the organisational objectives. Leadership defines as it is the practices of the business to motivates the people to reach the goals of the Tesla. To develop the management there are lots of methods which used by the Tesla such as coaching method, job rotation method through this the people get the extra knowledge develop the leadership and management policies. By improving the performance of their own and develop their ability and confidence of the leaders. The development is very important for the business of the Tesla because it contributes towards the growth of the company in the present and future situations. Leaders also manages the conflicts in the organisation between the employees which makes the good working conditions of the business. They also try to make the effective relations with the employees and involves them in the process of decision making. Involvement of the employees ion the decision making.

As stated by the Iles and Preece, (2016) development of the better model of the leadership and development which enables the person to meet the needs and wants of the business in Tesla. To make the good image of the brand in the minds of the customer there is need to get the work done as per the needs and wants. The model of LMD helps to analysis and determine the requirements of the organisation through training cycle. In the first stage of the training cycle Tesla identifies their needs to organise the programmes of training which evaluated the issues and problems. Development of the objectives and goals is the second stage of the training cycle which involves two objectives such as objectives training and performance. The objectives of the training helps the trainer which aims to deliver and design effective programmes of training by setting the targets. In the starting of training programmes employees of the Tesla could learn about the theme of the learning and at the same time they learn about the training also. Third stage includes designing and developing the programs which leads to the success of the Tesla in the future. For development of the product and services the most essential part is to make the best design which attract the customer and leader trained themselves to make the design effective. Implementation of the design is the fourth stage of the training cycle in which the manager and the leader gives the full efforts in the preparation of the training programmes in the business which increases the profits and productivity of the business. This will improve the skills and the knowledge of the people and maintain the good working condition in the workplace of the Tesla. Last stage determine and evaluate the overall performance by analysing the objectives of the Tesla is achieved or not. This evaluation determine the future demands of the company and make the changes in the business if there is any requirement. This training cycle of the LMD helps to develop the strategies and techniques of the leadership and management which increases the effective image of the company in the global markets. Innovation in the process of the leadership makes the good working of the business. The employees works in the discipline and with the proper confidence which makes their working

According to the Pardey, (2016) The demands of the customer changes continuously so their need to changes the strategy as the real time strategy of the business. Best decision are made to develop the leadership and management which helps to increases the profits of the business. Development of the leadership is different from the management development because preparing the people for the situation and role while on the other hand there is need of the skills, knowledge and ability which will improves the performance. Developing the understanding and capacity of the person in the roles of the leadership is termed as the development of the leadership. Self awareness, management of time, delegation and planning are some of the programmes of the leadership and management development. For implementation of the good and better ideas there is need to develop the style of the leadership as per the current needs of the business on the other hand training only improves the skills and understanding but does not gives the practical experience so there is need of the practical experience by the leaders in the task of the Tesla. Leaders help to develop and business of an organization. Help to innovate services and make an efficient use of resources to develop at a large scale. Both leader and manager are important to develop business at a large scale. Their aim is to achieve objectives of organization with effective utilization of all available resources. They aim to motivate skills and abilities of their employees. Share objectives of organization with them so that they are able to and help in improvement of organization at an extreme level,. Design overall program for development of business. Bring creativity in organizations working.

As illustrated by the Bush, Bell and Middlewood, (2019) There is also the tailored approach which is used by the business for the development because it works with the needs and requirements of the business on the other hand training approach will train the leader and manager so that they will reach to the profitability of the Tesla. The effective leadership and management of the Tesla will get the advantages of the competition in the markets. For the better and effective performance of the organisation there Tesla invest large amount of money in the development of the management and leadership in their working environment. By investing it will improve the financial performance of the company, chances of the success will increase by making changes in the policies and strategies. The cost of the company will decreases, improve the satisfaction of the customer which makes the business good and efficient. Leadership refers to inspiring the people on the other hand management refers to the planning so both are different but necessary for the business. According to the Armstrong, (2016) Training helps in the fast development of the process of the leadership and management on the other hand when the needs are analysis in the training cycle then there is use of the tailored approach for the development. The delegation of responsibilities and authorities is done by the manager so there is need to develop the management strategies in the business so the duties are allocated as per the skills and talent of the people. With the development of the management skills it will provides the variety of resources in the business so this is strategy is updated when there is any requirement in the business. Training is the best way to develop the strategies of the business and makes the business effective and efficient.

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As stated by the Xu, and, (2016) every business wanted to brings changes in as per the demands of the customer so they have to change their plans and polices. Training is the process from which the function of the leadership done appropriately which gives the better results to the business. On the other hand the LMD model have the best planning for the expansion and growth of the business. For the development of the leadership and management the company uses the system approach which is known as the training cycle in which training is given to the leaders and manager for the improvement in the skills and talent of the business. As per the views of Bush, (2016) This model also focuses on the health and safety, equal opportunities, copyright and protections of the data and information which maintain the privacy and security in the business operations. But this model is also used for the development of the psychological feature to the growth of the leadership in the business for example the awareness of the cultural and social. The leaders of the Tesla develop their skills and the talent so that it will brings the effective success.


From the above study it can be concluded that the smooth working of the company is depends on the effective strategy of the management and leadership. It is the process which leads the organisation towards the successful growth. The business wants to increase the profits and Productivity by managing and maintaining the activities of the employees in the business. By using the LMD model in the business it helps to develops the leadership and management of the organisation. Training cycle involves in the LMD model which gives aims to improve the performance of the managers and leaders and motivates the members of the team so that they works towards the common goals. The person will improves their skills and talent with the helps of the training in the business make the effective efforts in the business. By maintaining the good relation with the employees leaders and manager develop their style working.

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