The Role of Leadership in the Organisational Transition


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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Johnsons of Whixley is a family run plant nursery business in UK. Describe the ways organisations motivate workers.
  • Analyse the role of leadership in the organisational transition.
  • Examine the relationship between organisational structure and culture within organisational transition.
  • Discuss the attributes of effective teams
  • Produce the strategies used in the case study to motivate teams.
Answer :


People or employees are one of the major resource to an organisation. An employee always put its huge efforts in daily operations of a company or business. A company can’t achieve their targets in decided time period without workforce or employees. Top-level management within a company should properly manage their people in workplace. it is necessary task to existing manager, because proper people management always contributes in increasing all over performance of the company. Currently each business is trying to provide an effective work culture to their employees, because this type of work cultures mostly helps to employees for increasing their productivity. This report discusses people aspect of Johnsons of Whixley. It is one of the largest commercial nursery companies in Europe. There are ways which company uses to motivate their employees or people also has discussed in this report. Structure, culture and leadership aspects of the company has included in this report, because these aspects plays very great role in the Johnsons of Whixley.


Structure, Culture and Leadership

Currently existing business structure of Johnsons of Whixley is too wide, because it is one of the largest commercial nursery companies in Europe. Top-level management of company always uses different ways to motivate their existing employees (Ruch, 2016). Structure, culture, and leadership aspects highly supports to company in its transitional change. Existing workforce of company is too effective, because it can easily run their nursery operations with the support their employees or workforce. The management always takes various productive decisions towards motivating their employees. For example; management has taken different steps for building an ethical and positive work culture, because positive work culture always gives opportunity to company for motivating employees. According to upper management of company, an employee always puts its huge efforts in positive and ethical work culture. That’s why existing management is continually trying to improving or developing their work culture. On the other side, company choses various ways or methods to motivate their employees, in which these ways have been discussed below.

Ways to Motivate Workers or Employees

The top-level management at Johnsons of Whixley uses various ways or methods or theories to motivate their employees of workers (Carmichael 2018). Some major ways to motivate has been discussed below;

Maslow’s Hierarchy Theory of Motivation

This is one of the most popular motivation theories which this company uses to motivate their employees. This theory was developed by Abraham Maslow in 1943. It includes five major needs of people which motivate them to work hard. Reason is, when a person is working hard, then it can easily fulfil their prime needs. These five needs of Maslow’s hierarchy motivation theory have been discussed below;

Physiological Needs:

These needs include such needs of people or employees which they always highly need to improve, because these needs are base of human life. For example; food, water, air, sleep, shelter and clothing etc. That’s why each person or employees always get motivated to fulfil these needs.

Safety Needs:

After fulfilling physiological needs, an employee and people always takes various steps towards fulfilling safety needs, because humans always want a safe and secure zone around them (Gouveia, 2016). People always think about their personal security, job security and health security etc. That’s why top-level management within Johnsons of Whixley mostly tries to provide a safe and secure workplace to their employees.

Love and Belonging Needs:

A person is not able to survive without love and belonging in this world.  There are employees and people always takes various steps towards fulfilling these needs. Many time existing management of company appreciate their employees. This step of management increases motivation and dignity employees of employees.

Esteem Needs:

An employee always need to high status, recognition, freedom, dignity and strength in personal life. In this situations, existing management always give rewards to their employees to increasing their dignity, status and recognition etc.

Self-actualization Needs:

These needs include such needs where a person expecting to become the most intelligent and best performer. For fulfilling self-actualisation, an employee takes various steps. For example; employees get special training to put great efforts in the workplace (Winkler and, 2017). Under these needs, the management motivate their employees to develop some unique skills and talent.

Some other ways to motivate workers


The nursey business is rewarding their employees to motivate them. Existing management always give reward to high performers in the front of all employees. This way motivates to high performers to more improve their existing skills and talent. On the other side, when management rewarding high performers in the front of other employees, in this situation those rest employees also get motivated to work hard.


Promotion is another productive way to motivate workers or employees. The management has required to give promotion opportunities to those employees who has well performed in the workplace. Promotion method always highly motivate to employees for putting huge efforts in workplace.

Friendly Workplace:

This is too productive way to the company for motivating their employees (Tudor and Dutra, 2018). Currently management mostly tries to maintain a happy and healthy work environment in their workplace, because this type of workplaces always motivates existing employees and worker for improving their productivity.

These are some major ways and methods which Johnsons of Whixley company uses to motivate their employees and people. Currently it has very effective workforce because of these motivational ways, theories and methods.

Role of Leadership in Transitional Change

 A leader always plays its great role in each most activities of company. Currently this nursery not able to run their daily operations without a leader. It has various leaders in workplace which helps to company for taking extra-ordinary work from existing workforce. A leader plays very effective role in transitional change as well. There are transitional changes refers those changes which an organisation does in their daily operations to improve existing performance. Concept transitional change says, each business or company always need to do some productive changes in their existing operations to get better and excellent results in the market. In this situation, a leader always takes various steps towards informing their employees or team members about transitional changes (Stenvall and Virtanen, 2017). Some major roles of a leader in transitional change has been discussed below;

Implement Decisions:

When top-level management of company takes decisions towards change something in daily operations, in this situation a leader is responsible to implement manager’s various decisions in workplace. For example; existing management has decided to improve productivity of employees. In this case, a leader plays great role in implementing that change decision in workplace.

Develop Plan:

A leader is responsible to prepare a specific plan as well to run their all leadership activities in proper manner. During changing process, a leader is able to do their best with the support of a specific plan. That’s why this role of leader is also too important in terms of organizational change.

Inform Employees:

A leader always informs their employees or worker in Johnsons of Whixley about what to do, when to do, how to do and where to do various activities within organisational changes task. It plays great role in directing employees about how to conduct each activity during change.

Remove Conflicts:

There are various conflicts always raises in a teamwork and workplace. In this situation, a leader plays effective role in removing different conflicts from the workplace. It need to use some productive team development theories and approaches to remove such conflicts from existing teamwork.

Supervise Processes:

During organisational or transitional changes, a leader has highly required to properly supervise each process within change (Magalhães and Proper, 2017). It is too necessary task to a leader to achieve positive results from organisational change.

Role of Organisational Structure and Change

There are organisational structure and change also plays very productive role in transitional change. For example; existing structure and work culture of Johnsons of Whixley is too effective. On the other side, existing employees has completely satisfied with company’s culture and structure, so this factor of company is influencing these employees and workers to put their great efforts in operations of organisational change. Top-level management of company always tries to make their business structure and culture happy and healthy. Reason is, existing management completely understand that, if company provides positive work culture to their employees, then these employees can put their great efforts in transitional change operations.

On the other side, when company develop their structure and culture more effective, then it can easily gain positive results from their organisational change process. An effective structure and culture always gives opportunity to existing management of nursery for properly conduct each activity in its changing processes (Aaltio Mills and Mills, 2017). According to many business experts, a business or company which has poor and ineffective structure and work culture, in this situation that business can’t conduct their organisational change task. In this case, top-level management of Johnsons of Whixley should maintain proper and effective environment in their business structure and work culture. These steps of management should give opportunity to this company to gain positive results from their transitional change operations.


Motivation and Effective Teams

Currently motivation and effective teams are giving great contribution in all over growth of the Johnsons of Whixley. Top-level management of company always takes various steps towards highly motivating their employees and teamwork. Existing management uses various strategies to improve productivity of their employees. Company should continue conducting these steps in their business environment. managers and leaders always want to make their teamwork highly effective, because effective teamwork gives opportunity to company for gaining high competitive advantage (Voordouw, 2018). Management is completely understanding the actual value of an effective team, because without effective teamwork this company can’t achieve their objectives in decided time period. The company still need to employ various effective team development theories to makes an effective teamwork.

Attributes of Effective Teams

There are some major attributes of an effective team has been discussed below;

Effective Leadership:

This is one of the major attributes of effective teams. Each effective team always has an effective leadership, because this type of leaderships plays great role in making an effective team. A leader within these teams always properly conduct its each activity in the workplace. Currently Johnsons of Whixley has many effective teams because of this effective leadership.

Excellent Communication Skills:

In each effective team, existing employees or team members always has excellent communication skills. These skills also play great role in making an effective teamwork, because without communications skills a team can become ineffective team (Kukhnavets, 2018). That’s top-level management of nursery always need to promote effective communication skills in workplace to develop an effective teamwork.

Stay Focused:

People or employees within these teams always has focused for their final target and objectives. This is another major attributes of an effective team, so existing employees and worker of Johnsons of Whixley always need to stay focus for achieving their targets on time. Existing management should motivate their employees to stay focused in teamwork.

Problem Solving Abilities:

Employees within an effective teamwork always has productive problem solving abilities. Each teamwork mostly faces various challenge, problems and issues in their daily operations, so with support of problem solving abilities a team can easily solve various problems in workplace.

Take Risks:

An effective teamwork always has ability to take various risks. Risk taking abilities are too necessary to face different risky situations in workplace. Without risk taking abilities, a team can’t become an effective team. That’s why employees of this company should improve these skills for dealing different risk factors in teamwork.


Motivation aspect play very great role in an effective team. Currently those teams are only able to become an effective team which has highly motivated team members or employees. In this case, top-level management of company should use various strategies, methods and theories towards motivating their employees (Schoultz, 2017). Reason is, without motivated employees or members a team is never become an effective team.

High Trust:

Employees and members within these teams always high trust on each other. Trust is too necessary to run all activities of teamwork in productive manner. That’s why employees within Johnsons of Whixley need to trust on each other to develop and make effective teamwork in company.

These are some attributes and qualities of an effective team. Top-level management should always improve quality to of their employees or people to makes an effective team. Currently various productive strategies are available to company which existing management is able to use for motivating teams. Provide proper motivation to employees is very necessary task to the management, because motivation aspect promotes effective teamwork within a business or company. A productive team development theory is available to company below which can support to company for making effective teamwork in their business environment.

Ways to Build Effective Teams

There are various innovative ways or methods currently available to company which will contribute in its business success (Mehta, 2019). Existing management is able to employ various team development theories in its workplace to build effective teams. In this situation, one major team development theory called Tuckman’s team development theory or model. This theory will help to company for motivating employees and making effective teams.

Tuckman’s Team Development Theory

This theory of team development introduced by Bruce Tuckman in 1965. The theory includes five major stages of team development. According to Tuckman, leaders at Johnsons of Whixley should highly need to consider these five stages of development in their teamwork to develop or make an effective team. These five stages of team development have been discussed below;


Forming is the first stage within this team development theory. According to this theory, a leader is always responsible to inform each information of existing teamwork to their employees or team members. For example; what to do, when to do, how to do and where to do any task to activity within teamwork. Leader need to clarify roles of each member in team to remove various conflicts, barriers and errors (Hughes, Kinder and Cooper, 2019). Forming term basically refers formulation where a leader need to formulate their team work in proper manner.


Storming is the stage where a leader need is responsible to communicate with their employees or team members to know their different opinions on how to conduct various activities in teamwork to achieve common goals and targets in decided time period. Through this stage of team development, a leader can easily get some productive idea to properly run various operations in their teamwork. According to this stage, a leader has always required to involve their all team members during decision-making process. Reason is, when a leader involves employees in decision making process, in this situation employees feel values by leader. On the other side, this stage helps to leader for motivating their team members to work effectively.


In this stage, team leader need to encourage its each team member for appreciating each other. This is too necessary stage for a company to highly motivate their employees within a teamwork. When a team member appreciates other member, then these steps of all team members motivate them to work more effectively in teamwork. A leader is always responsible to rewarding those team members who are well performing in daily operation of teamwork. It need to appreciate high performer in the front of other members, because when leader will do this, on that time other members also get motivated to perform well and effective in the teamwork.


In performing stage of team development, leader need to give some freedom to their existing team members for taking few decisions on self-basis (Walton, 2019). This stage give opportunity to leader for making their employees more confident and motivated. Leader need to run their teamwork without high supervision, because when a leader highly supervises teamwork, then existing team members become frustrate in workplace. That’s why leader always need to give some freedom to their employees or members.


Adjourning is the final stage in Tuckman’s team development theory. In this stage, the leader is responsible to terminate activities within its existing teamwork. A teamwork has always started by the company for achieving only a specific target or goal. Once team achieve that target, then Johnsons of Whixley need to terminate that team for focusing on new future project and task. But before terminating existing teamwork, the leader has required to celebrate achievement with their all team members. This step of leader motivates employees and team members for work more effectively in the future teamwork.

These are five stages of Tuckman’s team development theory which top-level management should highly employ in their business environment to make or develop an effective teamwork (Arch., and, 2019). This is one of the major ways to the company to motivate their employees for working hard in the workplace. Without employing these various innovative ways, methods and theories in the daily operations, this company can’t achieve an effective teamwork and can’t motivate their employees as well. That’s why existing management should necessarily consider these all ways to gain huge return from their business operations.

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It can be concluded that top-level management of Johnsons of Whixley always needs to employ or implement different innovative strategies, ways and theories in their business environment to achieve productive results. For example; currently, various motivational theories are available to company which will help it to highly motivate their employees. On the other side, culture, structure and leadership play very great role in operations of organizational changes. Without effective leadership and work culture, company can’t easily conduct various operations of transitional change. Existing employees within company should improve various skills and abilities to make or develop effective teamwork. Reason is, an effective teamwork always gives very high contribution in success of Johnsons of Whixley nursery business. The management of company should consider different team development theories and strategies towards develop or improve productivity of employees and teamwork. These strategies and theories will give opportunity to this company for gaining huge competitive advantage in the market.

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