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Hospitality industry continuously works for providing amazing services to the consumers. Hotels always concern about needs of clients and accordingly they offer them services so that they feel satisfied in the business unit. Present study is based on The Old Bank hotel which is the fastest growing hotel in London (Davis and, 2018). There are more than 42 rooms ad 2 restaurant in this hotel. Interior and exterior of this hotel is amazing that attracts many people towards the brand. Present study will discuss front office services of different organizations. Furthermore, it will explain importance of front office area to effective management. It will discuss critical aspects of planning and management of accommodation service functions in the hotel. In addition, study will discuss purpose and use of forecasting within room division.


1.1 Accommodation and front officer services for  different organization


            Accommodations are such services that are offered by hotel to its consumers.  The Old Bank offers diversified rooms to its valuable guests and it also takes care of space so that no guest feel unhappy in the hotel (Hu and Liang, 2016). The main accommodation facility that provides by cited firm to its consumers are designed rooms. Amazing interior so that individual feel comfortable in the company. Room that are given to consumers are comfortable and have adequate space so that individual can live there easily. This attracts many consumers towards The Old Bank and they always plan to stay in this hotel whenever they come to London.  Housekeeping, administration services of the hotel are amazing that gain attention of mass audience. Housekeeping department take care of rooms and they fulfil all needs of consumers immediately (Pace, 2016). If the customer require extra services such as taxi etc. then also The Old Bank provide these services to them. Firm offers laundry, maintenance services to the guests free of cost.

Front office services

            Front office department of The Old Bank works properly they greet consumers well . Their work are allocation of rooms, keeping accurate records of guests and maintain records of arrival and departure of the person (Secchi and, 2016). Furthermore, front office department also engage in bill payments, cashier, auditing etc.

1.2 Role and responsibility of range of accommodation and reception service staff

            There are many departments in The Old Bank hotel. All these departments perform their work effectively (Li and Wang,  2010). These are such as marketing, front office, housekeeping etc. Each employee have been allotted their own duties and they perform their work with responsibilities. Responsibility of reception staff and accommodation department are described as below:

  • Front office employees are responsible to manage records of data properly. They have to main a register in which detail of customer check in and check out are maintained. They are responsible to manage cash properly. They have to keep record of all cash flow (Kusluvan,  and, 2010).
  • Housekeeping employees are responsible to clean room and maintain hygiene.
  • Accommodation employees are responsible to provide quality accommodation services to the customers immediately.
  • As  The Old Bank is the five star hotel staff members have to play crucial role in the organization. They have to take care of food and beverage of guests. They are responsible to provide 24*7 services to consumers (Šerić and et,al, 2014).

1.3 Legal and statutory requirements

            To follow legal requirements is essential for each organization. These regulations explains standards of the hospitality services that are essential to follow by each hotel.  The Old Bank always follows this regulation strictly (Leung and et. al., 2013). It gives training to its employees so that their employees fulfil their responsibilities as per these standards. Hotel take care of security aspects, it has made arrangement of cameras and security officer to provide security to the guests and their luggage.  The Old Bank has made contract with security agency and this agency has sent 10 security officers in the hotel those who take care of security aspects of the organization (Nunkoo and et. al, 2013).

            Legal requirements of hospitality industry are that hotels have to provide entertainment facility to their guests.  The Old Bank has entertainment room which has enough space where person can enjoy easily. Company takes care of confidential detail of its all consumers. It has implemented software in which it records all detail of customers. No employees leak confidential details of consumers with third person (Ariffin. and Maghzi, 2012). Furthermore, The Old Bank hotel follows hygiene requirements and serve food to the consumers as per these standards. As per the legal requirements The Old Bank hotel take care of cleanliness and provide clean environment to the consumers (Bowie and Buttle,  2013).

1.4 Services provided by room division

            It is the first duty of The Old Bank hotel that to provide amazing services to consumers. Company provides amazing travelling facilities to its guests. Whenever guest demand for the taxi then it makes arrangement for them immediately (Leung and et. al., 2013). It has contract with many taxi firms thus,  whenever hotel staff call the company they send taxi immediately. Company also provides foods and shelter services to its valuable consumers.  The Old Bank hotel takes care of  hygiene and accordingly provide immediate services to the consumers. It looks upon the income of the person and according to their budget it offers them services.

            It treats guests as assets of the firm whenever consumers ask for any additional services then company do not refuse them and immediately make arrangement so that their needs can be fulfilled soon (Nunkoo and et. al, 2013). If the consumers demand for security then it provides separate security guard and techniques. Though entity charge for these additional services but fulfil needs of customers. There are single, double, luxurious rooms available for the consumers. As per the budget and needs of guest it allots rooms to them so that they feel comfortable.  The Old Bank hotel officers discount facility to the customer ms those who come to the hotel with their family. Furthermore, it offers special discounts to college students as well. For students there are availability of 6 sitter rooms in which 6 students can live easily. Cost of this room are very low so that students can afford these types of rooms (Davis and, 2018). Furthermore, The Old Bank is five start thus, there are availability of spa, parlours, gym, swimming pool etc.


2.1 Significance of front house areas

            Front house area is responsible for the dealing with consumer. This department greet consumers, allot them rooms and take care of their needs. If employees of front office area offer satisfactory services to consumers then guests think to come to the place in future as well. Front office department in The Old Bank hotel is well managed (Hu and Liang, 2016). Interior and exterior of this hotel is amazing that attracts people towards the location. Employees of front office department book rooms for guests as per their budget and requirements. They handle calls of inquiry and give necessary information to clients. Receptionists records arrival and departure timing of guests. They look at check in and check up timing of consumers. If consumers demand for another facilities such as taxi etc. then reception staff call for taxi so that needs of guests can be fulfilled. Front office area coordinates with consumers (Pace, 2016). They send telephonic mails to guests regarding their booking confirmation. When front office staff members provide satisfactory services to clients then these people feel happy and they give positive reviews to others which supports The Old bank hotel in attracting mass audience (Secchi and, 2016).

2.2 Key aspects of planning and management of front office area

            Effective planning and management plays significant role in the success of business unit. The Old bank hotel is five star hotel, it is essential for the firm that to make necessary changes in its functioning so that it can meet with the needs of consumers (Li and Wang,  2010).

Property management system: The Old bank hotel needs to manage property well. There are several departments such as marketing, finance, operation etc. Company has to take support of information technology so that it can provide immediate services to consumers.

Reservation and room management: Cited firm has to manage rooms well so that guests feel happy and satisfied. Employees need to coordinate with consumers timely and have to inform them regarding their booking on time (Šerić and et,al, 2014).

Guest account management: It is another planning and management aspect. The Old Bank hotel should maintain guest account. They have to keep record of check in and checkout of customers.

2.3 Key operational issues in the firm

            The Old bank hotel is five star hotel but it has to face several operational issues in the business. Company has to take care of designing, quality of food, cleanliness etc (Nunkoo and et. al, 2013). If it gets failed to provide high quality food to consumers then guests may feel unsatisfied and they will not come to this place again in the future. Interior and exterior of the hotel needs to be attractive. If designing is not good that people will not come to this place. If there is inadequate space in the hotel then guests will feel uncomfortable and they will give negative reviews about the hotel which may impact on its brand image to great extent (Ariffin. and Maghzi, 2012). Unclear toilets, improper housekeeping services can create issue for the business. If front office employees are not paying attention of needs of consumers then it may create consequences for the business. If there is improper communication then guest will feel unsatisfied and they will not come to this place which may impact negative on profitability and productivity of the hotel (Nunkoo and et. al, 2013).


3.1 Significance of interior and designing

            The Old Bank hotel is popular brand in London. It always take care of competitors thus, develops its building in such manner so that consumers get attracted towards it. Company has taken care of needs of consumers. Interior and designing of hotel assist in attracting mass audience towards the firm (Davis and, 2018). If interior is good then consumers will feel satisfied. Guests like to stay in such places where they feel happy and they get amazing experience. If interior and designing is good then consumers will feel satisfied and they will spend their money.  The Old Bank hotel has spend huge money on its interior, colour combination that is used by company attracts many people towards the brand (Hu and Liang, 2016).  

3.2 Critical aspects of planning and management

            Accommodation service function attracts people and it creates positive image in the mind of consumers. Critical aspects of this function are as following:

It is very important for the Old Bank hotel that to provide clear space to the guests. Thee should not be limited space otherwise consumers may feel uncomfortable. If guests are receiving good environment then they will plan to come to this location again (Secchi and, 2016).

Cleaning services is another key aspect of accommodation service function. There needs to be clean rooms, toilets. If these things are missing then individual will not feel refresh and person will think to move in other hotel.

There needs to be proper decoration, infrastructure, and interior so that guests feel happy and like to stay in this location for longer duration (Kusluvan,  and, 2010).

The Old Bank hotel fulfils legal requirements. It takes care of all legal changes and accordingly it conducts its operations.

Employees have to take care of needs of consumers; they have to provide quality services. Staff members have to behave well with consumers and fulfil their desires. This can support in attracting people towards the location (Nunkoo and et. al, 2013).

3.3 Key operational issue affecting business performance and management

The Old Bank performance can get influenced by several key operational issues. These are described as below:

Physical condition: It is the main issue due to which overall performance can be influenced. If company’s physical condition is good then it can change behaviour of consumers and they will take more interest in staying in this hotel (Šerić and et,al, 2014).

Staff abilities: If workers are providing quality services to guests then people will feel satisfied and they will plan to come to this location again as well. But if staff are not able to offer quality services then it may creates issue for the business and can spread negative image of the hotel in London (Bowie and Buttle,&nb