Enhance Employee Retention in Hospitality Industry - Marriott Hotel

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Question :

Some of the main questions which are needed to be answered are like:

  • What are the comprehension0 in which the awareness with the current thinking can be specified.
  • Evaluate all the methods through which analysation, collection and presenting of business is managed?
  • What are the ways in which research proposal and objectives are being drawn with the career interest.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marriott Hotel



To ascertain different strategy which is used to enhance employee retention in hospitality industry. A case study based on Marriott Hotel.


  • To analyse the importance of employee retention in the hospitality industry
  • To identify different challenges faced in the process of employee retention.
  • To analyse different factor which used to impact the employee retention for Marriott Hotel.
  • To recommend the way through which employee retention can be enhanced in the Marriott Hotel.

Research Question

  • What importance does employee retention brings in hospitality industry?
  • What are the different challenges which are faced in the process of employee retention?
  • What are different factor which used to impact the employee retention for Marriott Hotel?
  • What is the best way through which employee retention can be enhanced in the Marriott Hotel?

Research Background

Hospitality industry is one of the most growing industry in last few years. The biggest issue which is faced by this industry is the employee retention as employer always find it they are not able to maintain the good amount of Human resources in the organization. This report will highlight the same with the help of explaining the importance of employee retention (Aruna and Anitha, 2015). After that the report goes on to highlights the challenges faced in the process of employee retention and the different way through which employee retention can be brought in the organization.



Hospitality industry is the industry which used to see a good amount of the competitor in the organization, so it is very important for all the organization to retain their employee to be successful in the long run of the business (Aguenza and Som, 2018). Marriott hotel is also facing the same problem of retaining the employee. This report will explain will help the Marriott hotel in understanding the different aspect of employee retention in the hotel.

Literature Review

Analysing the importance of employee retention in hospitality industry.

It has been stated by the Nwokocha and Iheriohanma, (2015) that employees is referred as technique that companies employ for retaining the employees within the organisation for longer time period. Employee retention are deeply used by the organisations as hospitality industry faces high employee turnover as compared to any other industry. It is important to retain the employees that are adding value to the organisation. Employee retention is important as hiring and recruitment of employees involves high cost of company. The recruitment process is time consuming as well expensive. They have to pay more to the new employees as compared with existing ones.

Organisations invest both time and money in training and development of employees for making them sound so that they can put their efforts for increasing the efficiency of organisation by contributing their efforts. Employees who are working with the organisations have better understanding about the policies and procedures of the organisation and have developed experience in dealing with problems and issues that organisations generally face.

The low employee turnover represents a positive image of the company in ten market. I show that company is having good working environment that helps in attracting more talented people towards the company. On the other hand, Özçelik, (2015) states it is essential for companies to have new talents with new ideas that can help the organisation in the market. New employees could be appointed only when the existing unproductive employees will leave the organisation. The management of the company should identify the factor that are insisting employees to leave the organisation so that it can take steps accordingly for retaining the employees. If the experienced and knowledgeable employees of the organisation helping to grow leave the management of the company may be disturbed. Therefore, it is essential for the company tro retain employees by giving them incentives and satisfying their needs.


Challenges faced in process of employee retention

It is important to retain employees within the organisation but here are factors that influence the employee retention as stated by Bhattacharya, (2015). Main factor influencing the employee retention are when the employees have salary dissatisfaction. They are not getting the salary according to work done by them. It becomes problem for organisations when employees start quoting higher salary that are crossing the budgeted figures of company. Other challenging factors is when employees are having better growth opportunities with other companies in this cut throat competition. Employees do not stick to job when they are not having multiple tasks to perform that enhance their individual personality. Employees could not be retained if employees are getting unrealistic targets for achieving that is pressurising them. In this competitive world employee retention is becoming a big challenging as employees are attracted towards the organisations that are paying them higher for their work and giving them a better working environment in comparison to the existing company. Also employee will not be retained in an organisation if the employment is not adding to their knowledge and experience. Therefore it is essential for hospitality industry to retain the employees by giving them reasonable salaries and providing them work environment where they feel satisfied. Also the work of the employees should be recognised by the company for developing feeling that their contribution is being recognised by the organisation.

Different factors impacting the employees retention in Marriott Hotel

There are various issues that are faced by the Marriott Hotel but employee retention has been major problem for the company. Though company has increased the efforts for retaining the employees within the organisation, there are still factors impacting the retention of employees in hotel as per Mitchell, Ozminkowski and Hartley, (2016). Monetary dissatisfaction is the major cause that affects the employee retention. Hotel is operating over very large scale therefore it has fixed budgets for the salary expenses. This does not allow the company to pay more than their basic salaries. It is very difficult to retain employees for long if they are not paid in addition to their salary. Hotel hires person from the specific field for particular jobs that do not give the growth opportunities to lower level employees. Employees switch over other hotels that provide them with growth opportunities. Marriott for retaining the employees have to give extra perks and incentives to the employees. They are also required to give opportunities to lower level employees by giving them responsibility for performance of specific tasks.

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Research Methodology

Research Type:

Research is the study which is conducted with the sole motive of finding out the result of the issue which is faced by the organization (Kumar, 2019). There are two commonly used research type which can be used by the scholar for conducting the research on topic namely Qualitative and Quantitative research type. Scholar will be taking the Qualitative research type to conduct the research as it will be difficult for scholar to find out the outcome in numeric ways.

Research Philosophy:

A research philosophy is a belief about the way in which data about a phenomenon should be gathered, analysed and used. Interpretivism and positivism are the two type of research philosophy which are generally used in the field of the research to conduct the research. Scholar will be using the interpretivism philosophy to find out the outcome for Marriott Hotel. As this philosophy will help the company in understanding the human interest who is also involved in the preparation of the study.

Research Approach:

Research approach is the plan that consist of board assumption to detailed of data collection, analysis and interpretation. Scholar will have the option of choosing out any one approach from the two-option available that is Inductive and deductive approach of the research. Scholar will be using deductive approach to conduct the research as this approach will help the researcher in developing the new theory on the basis of the data which has been gathered for conducting the research.

Data collection:

Data collection is the process through which the scholar will be collecting the data from the different sources (Mackey and Gass, 2015). Scholar will be collecting primary data with the help of survey which will be conducted via questionnaire on the 20 manager of Marriott hotel. Secondary data will be collected with the help of data collection from the different books and journal related to the topic of the research.

Data Analysis:

Scholar will be using thematic data analysis tool to analysis the different data which will be collected with the help of primary and secondary data collection tool. Researcher will be making different theme and will present data in the different graph and pie chart so that it will get easier for the scholar to find out and interoperate the data in the better way in the research.


Sampling is a process used in statistical analysis in which a predetermined number of observations are taken from a larger population. Probabilistic and non-probabilistic are two type of sampling method which can be used by the scholar for conducting the research. Researcher will be taking help of simple random sampling method under probabilistic method to give all the respondent a equal chance to get selected in the cut. 20 manager of Marriott hotel are selected as a sample size for the research.

Ethical Consideration:

Scholar will be taking the consent of all the employee before hand itself before conducting the research and collecting the data with the help of the primary data collection tool. Also, scholar will make sure that high level of confidentiality is maintained throughout the research.

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