A Brief Study of Hospitality Operations

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Question :

Some of the main assessment questions which are needed to be answered are like:

  • What are the appropriate recommendation and justification with suitable food and beverages services system.
  • Elaborate the diverse areas in costing and menu planning for hospitality business in Savoy Hotel.
  • What are the roles and responsibilities for manager fort food and beverages.
  • Critically analyse menu planning consideration with all the food and business operations.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Savoy hotel


Hospitality operations refer to work done in different area of hotel sector effectively with talented workers having at workplace to cater good service to its consumers. Hospitality is connections between host and guests, the operations in this industry is manged by professional and expertise people by considering the requirements as well as demand of potential consumers appropriately. The present report is based on Savoy hotel, it is one of the luxuries hotels in London, founded in 1889 by Richard D’Oyly carte with profits from their Sullivan and Gilbert opera productions. It is known as the first luxury hotel in Britain presenting electric lights throughout electric lifts, building, bathrooms in most of lavish furnished rooms. This study explains the creativity and synthesis of food production as well as F&B services systems. It justifies accountabilities and roles of F&B manager, restaurant, bar manager within Food and Beverage department. Furthermore, the report clarifies factors affecting menu pricing within outlets of F&B and also define menu planning constraints and considerations within F&B operations.

Creativity and Synthesis of Food Production as Well as Food & Beverage Service Systems

Food production system encompasses Savoy hotel business which include in preparation of food stuffs, by converting raw materials into prepared food product for use by customers in their hotel. Creativity is the capability to create and develop new ways or ideas of preparing food that gain the attention of consumers.

In earlier era, people cut vegetables and other raw material by using their hands, without having the facilities it is quite difficult to manage food production system effectively. But with the help of technology the procedure of cooking food is too simple (O'Mahony, 2017). For chopping of vegetables and fruits management can use electric chopper that save time and provide better results. Different types of methods and techniques available within market that give opportunity to food production system of hotel to present the best quality of dishes.

Boiling and frying is one of the best creativities of food production system that they can manage with the help of technology. Food management of company prepare tasty dishes by using Oxyfryer as tool or technique to cook food without deep frying. This product help to circulate hot air around the raw material and cooked food item with less oil which make it health and tasty.

Marination is another creativity of food production system, it defines as procedure of soaking food in seasoned, liquid before cooking and often acidic. Marinade contains herbs, spices and oils to further flavour food product (Marcos-Cuevas and, 2016). Margination of food items is mostly using to give flavour and tenderize tougher cuts of meat.

Grinding of food under food production system present creative way of cutting products into small chunks or pieces before cooking. Grinder is used in many hotels for fine chopping of cooked meat or raw material such as vegetables, fish or fruits.

Pasteurization is procedure in which packaged and water and non-packaged foods treated with mild heat, less than 100 C to eliminate extend shelf life. According to this, procedure fresh food will be heated briefly to high temperature, in order to kill off bacteria after this creativity food management staff cooled food rapidly than being started to cooked.

Food and beverage services systems is defined as procedure of serving, preparing and presenting of F&B to consumers with good presentation. People visits Savoy hotel restaurant to avail food products or services. The organization kept well finished and well managed cooking services that help to attract people to available Food & Beverage service.

The creativity of this system is defined with then help of different categories of F&B service such as:

Table service, it is considered as wider category or creativity of service style that consists of American service, English and Pre-Plated service. In this kind of service, consumer is seated at long table with laid orders from available menu. According to this way, waiter or server normally address guest by madam or sir, they assist people in seating as per number of individuals.

Buffer service, it displays food products in chafing dish on tables and counters, guests help themselves to pick food as many as they would like to eat. Buffet is simple food spread to elaborate Beverage, dessert, food, salad and starters presentation (Aal and, 2016). In business employees consistently keep buffet containers full for people that consumer take easily.

Self-service is one of the innovative and creative F&B service system that gain consumer attention the most. Accordant to this type of service, guest required to help themselves as they take food independently without placing order. In this kind of system, guests pick up needed food from buffet, the layout of this facility will be done for people to flow service effectively.

Take away service is another creativity of F&B system that gain attention of consumers more than other services. Take away orders is received by potential guests over counter, telephone, driveway, mobile application etc.

Type of service-

  • Silver plate, in this type of service foods is being cooked at table side, like cart French service, people help themselves to assemble and foods their own plates.
  • English service, it is the approach of serving restaurant food and private dining room in which waiter serves its guest from large dish.
  • Cart service, during this service food is prepared table side, tasty and hot foods is cooked on hot plate that is on small table.
  • Snack bar service, it is usually refers to the inexpensive food area that is part of permanent framework where snack foods are provided.
  • Butlered service, in this type of service, foods is presented on big and clean trays from left of people, by servers with implement accessible for seated consumers to serve themselves.
  • French service, it is very highly as well as detailed skilled type of F&B service system, French service is expensive and elaborate type of service because it includes professional employees to server slowly and appropriately. Mostly all fine dining restaurants follow this category of service.
  • Important takeaways, while Russian and French cart services prepare food at table side. In Russian, food goes on platters for people to chose their own food, take ways is the best food service in which guests chose food according to their preferences.

Roles and Responsibility of Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager is the person in the who used to manage and control all the operation of the business in such a way that organization is able to achieve the organization goal very effectively in the organization. As explained above that Food and Beverage industry includes the mixture of more than one component to be served to the customer for satisfying there need. Restaurant Manager used to function broadly two type of function that is primary function and Secondary function. Some key role and Responsibility of Food and Beverage manager are as follows:

Delegation of work:

It is the most important responsibility which is enjoyed by the Restaurant manager in the Hospitality industry. As the restaurant manager in the organization used to delegate the work to the different staff and employee in the organization. The manager is the one who used to delegate the number of the employee and provide all the employee with the different task which has to be performed by the employee. Restaurant Manager in SH hotel used to delegate the work by looking at the skill set and knowledge which is possessed by the employee in the team (M BHAVYASRI and BHAVYASRI, 2017).

Direction to the individual employee and team:

Restaurant Manager in the organization used to direct the different employee including waiter, cook in restaurant with the purpose of achieving the goal of the organization. As in the Restaurant many types of the customer used to come and the employee has to solve the problem of all the employee, there are the situations that the employee is not able to solve the problem of the customer, and they used to feel the short heart-ed in the Restaurant. Manager used to monitor the performance of the employee and used to guide with the different solution to fulfill the need of the customer in the market.


Restaurant manager in the restaurant also used to play a role of the mediator in between the senior management of the organization and the employee of the organization. As Manager used to pass on the different policy and the objective of the senior management in the organization and also at the same time also used to pass on the suggestion of the employee to the senior management so that they can implement the same in the policy of the organization.

Policy Making:

Restaurant manager also used to provide the good support at the time of making and developing the different policy in the Restaurant. As manager are the one who used to see all the operation of the hotel (Jang, Zheng and Bosselman, 2017). They used to provide the valuable suggestion to the management of the hotel so that on the basis of the same different policy and strategies are developed in the organization. This is the supportive responsibility of the Restaurant manager in the restaurant.

Motivate the employee:

This is the secondary responsibility of the manager in the hotel. As manager in the hotel has to make sure that all the employee in the hotel are motivated enough to achieve the different goal of the business. As Food and Beverage industry is the industry which used to see a good amount of the customer in the peak season as a result the employee are forced to do lengthy shift in the restaurant. This sometime fall down the motivation level of the employee in the hotel. Restaurant Manager has to make sure that they used to offer the good amount of the rewards and incentive to the employee so that they feel motivated in the hotel.

Customer satisfaction:

As in the Food and beverage industry generally the customer used to come to the hotel and used to avail the services offered by the organization. Restaurant Manager generally used to see that all the customer who is coming in the organization is able satisfy the need which they are expecting from the hotel side. This responsibility of Restaurant manager also used to come under the secondary responsibility (Grady and, 2018).

Factors Affecting Menu Pricing Within F&B Outlets

Menu pricing is useful and careful calculation of what it costs to cooked dish, along with other expenses, to get at final cost that permit for those prices to be covered and profitability to be made. In simple term, it refers to pricing of existing menus it help to increase profit margin of business rather than before.

Weather is one of the factors that affect menu pricing within Food and Beverage outlets, all crops and raw materials are affected by weather while growing period. When weather get changed the availability of crops getting low which directly impact on menu pricing within business. When growing season is too dry, wet, hot and cold all crops cannot be thriven, management in F&B outlets obtain it that affect menu which they can set with available food items. Heavy rainfall damage crops, which is not suitable for business as it does not provide access to get required food products. With sudden change in weather, availability of foodstuffs and taste of guest also change that make negative impact on menu pricing. In summer, ridge gourd, tinder, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, pumpkin etc are in abundance whereas radish, peas, tomato etc, in winters. Seasonal foods items also more nutritious as well as likeable. When the food is available in market it balances management effectively and permit staff to set menu prices accordingly. When the prices of foodstuffs is high the business will also set prices of their prepared food according to it.

Transportation costs is another factor that affecting menu pricing of company, when price of oil is higher, it increases costs of transporting food products through stage from farm to plate, it impacts price of goods and allow management in outlets to set cost accordingly (Patiar, 2016). When the prices of gas and oil is increased it impact on cost of foods which obtain by company through transportation. When F&B outlets receive costly raw materials, they set price of products accordingly by including charges for preparing it.

Food availability affect menu planning as well as pricing, availability of products with cheaper cost allow company to set their price of goods accordingly. For example, sea food is easily accessible in market, so it is staple food of consumers living there. Today with maximizing means of food preservation, transportation, storage and availability of raw materials is increased by which at that time different variety of foodstuffs will be added into menu that results as increasing menu pricing.

Lifestyle of people maters a lot it effects on menu pricing, F&B outlets always consider this factor that impact on menu pricing and menu planning effectively. Management add food items according to the preferences of its guest which depend on their living standards (Davis and, 2018). For example, number of consumers belongs to different cultures as they have different perspective which considered by firm in order to set menu prices.

Disease and Pest procedure damage crops which is available in market uses to prepare food due to shortage of these crops food staff acquire substitute products opposite to it that increase cost of purchasing by considering this cost authority set prices of each products accordingly as it can be said that damage of crops impact in menu pricing.

Further more economic and political situations also influence prices of foodstuffs which goes either up and down that affect menu pricing within food & beverage outlets. Bars, coffee shops, night clubs, cafeterias, restaurants in Hotel and other places is considered as outlets of F&B business.

From above analysis it has been summarized that all the factors affecting the menu pricing procedure and strategies within F&B outlets, it creates difficulties for management to handle the situation.

Menu Planning Considerations and Constraints

Menu Planning is the process in which the restaurant in the Food and Beverage industry used to decide different dishes which used to be offered to the customer in the market and at what rate the same t be offered in the market. It also entails knowing how many meals to plan for and when to serve them. Daily activities and scheduling variations may complicate the menu planning process. There are six principle which generally is look by all the organization in the food and beverage industry before planning the menu of the restaurant (Menu consideration, 2019)


This is one of the main constraint which need to be looked by all the organization at the time of planning the menu in the organization. Restaurant manager has to make sure that the offered menu used to offer the balance diet to the customer in the market. For example Lunch menu should offer starters, main course and dessert to the consumer so that they can satisfy their need successfully.

Available time to cook:

Hotel has to make sure that they include the dishes in the menu which are can be offered by the restaurant at a go. This means that the restaurant has to include the dishes in the menu which can be developed by the cook in the relevant period. The reason behind the same is that there are many customers in restaurant and the cook has to served all the customer in the organization together. So the restaurant has to make sure that they only used to include the product of the hotel which can be prepared in the hotel in the relevant period of the time. Hotel also used to change the menu as per the work load in the Hotel. As at the time of the workload the cook gets the less time to cook the food as compare to the low seasoned time period.

Variety of the offering:

It is the another big consideration which has to be taken care by all the restaurant at the time of planning the menu in the organization. Restaurant always make sure that they offer the variety of the product to the customer so that get the option to select the best out of the same. As explained previously also that in the food and beverage industry there are many culture customers used to come to the restaurant and all the customer used to have the different sort of the need (Cruz Moreira and, 2018). As a result all the restaurant has to make sure that they offer the variety of the product in the hotel so that the need of all the customer in the market can be achieved successfully by all the customer.

Availability of Food:

Availability of food also has to be seen by all the restaurant at the time of planning the menu in the restaurant. As the restaurant has to make sure that they include the large amount of the product which are made with the help of the product which can be easily available in the market. The reason behind the same is that if the organization is not able to serve the food to the customer on there demand it used to create the wrong impression of the company in front of the customer. This may affect the goodwill of the company.


All the restaurant has to make sure that they used to look at the different occasion in the calendar year beforehand itself. On the basis of the same restaurant has to make sure that they are including the occasional food on the menu to be offered to the customer in the nation (Katayama, 2018). For example at the time of Christmas restaurant has to make sure that used to offer the larger variety of the cake as compare to the past.

Different type of menu which can be included in the Restaurant are as follows:

A la carte menu:

This is the type of the menu which used to offer the price of the product separately.

Wine/Beverage menu:

This menu used to contain the detailed about the different drink which is offered by the restaurant.

Static Menu:

It is the type of menu which used to be offered all the year around, this is generally used menus offered by those restaurants those offer same dishes all year long.

Day Menu:

It is the type of the menu which are created for the specific day, as per the offer of the day. In this they have to make sure that the dish which is offered is in adequate quantity to be offered (Bufquin and, 2018).

Desert Menu:

This is the menu which used to offer the different type of the dessert. Restaurant has to make sure that they used to offer the adequate desert to be consumed by the consumer.

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After going through the above report it has been summarized that there are many syntheses and creativity of the Food production and Food & Beverage Services systems has been taken place in the today's era. After that the report goes on to summarized that there are many types of the roles and responsibility which are performed by the Food and Beverage manager to carry out the operation of the restaurant. After that the report has summarized that there are many factors which used to affect the Menu Pricing within Food & Beverage outlets. In the end the report summarized that there are many factors like availability of food, time and price which has to be considered by the restaurant at the time of planning the Menu in the restaurant as menu is one of the biggest factor which used to attract the customer toward the restaurant. Get more details about assignment help from our experts.

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