Managing Customer Experience


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Consumers are the people which purchase goods and services from organisation in order to avail it for personal use. They are the people which assist in sales and revenue of organisation. Restaurant is the place where food is prepared and served. These days, there is more scope of restaurant because people prefer to go out and eat fast food. In order to maintain long run existence in industry, it is essential to work according to demand of consumers (Peppers and Rogers, 2016). There is difference in demand of consumers so it is responsibility of manager to take care of changes. This report is based on hospitality sector organisation i.e. Bar 61 Restaurant. This restaurant was situated in London, UK. This is the restaurant which has bar with Vintage Darkwood decor with stripped floor. In this report there is discussion about needs and expectations of market segment, customer experience map to create business opportunities, effective customer experience management to increase customer engagement


P1 Explain Value and Importance of Understanding Needs, Wants and Preferences of targeted consumer

In restaurant, customers are one of the important component which helps to maintain long term relations with them and this assist in increasing brand image of organisation. Managers of Bar 61 Restaurant serve varieties of food and beverages but there is difference in demand of consumers on the basis of behaviour changes, geographical changes, etc. Hence it is essential to provide services according to desire, age, and income of consumers (Lemon and Verhoef, 2016). There are disabled customer, business person, gym instructor, primary school children, holidaymaker, hospital patients. There is discussion about some customers with their demand and requirements.


Type of Customer

Different Types of Customer Needs

Disabled customer

Menu in Brail

Sufficient space to pass between table

Access ramps

Hospital patients

Easy to eat food

Instant services

Nutritious food

Gym Instructor

Calorie information
printed on the menu

Nutritious food

Pool side services




Bar 61 Restaurant has focus on satisfying different customer needs this is relevant and significant for creating good image and provide best services to customers. There is difference in demand of disabled person, hospital patient, gym instructor.

  • Out of above discussed need of disabled person, availability of ramp is must. This is essential because it might be tough for them to enter and move in organisation. This provides satisfaction to them that manager of Bar 61 Restaurant have restaurant for them (Homburg, Jozić and Kuehnl, 2017).
  • For hospital patients, easy to eat food is one of the essential need which has to be satisfied by Bar 61 Restaurant. For patients it food which they can easily eat might be used.
  • Gym instructors are more or less health conscious, so there is requirement of some nutritious food in their menu. This assist in maintaining health of gym instructors and hence this creates good brand value of organisation.

P2 Different factors which influence customer engagement of different target customers

Customer engagement means commercial connection between external stakeholders of restaurant. This connection can be with the help of communication channel. In simple word, customer relationship means relationship of client with a brand. It is essential to maintain good brand. There are different factors such as ambiance, quality of food, delivery services, employees courtesy which affects customer's perception related to brand (Fatma, 2014). Some factors which has to be considered by managers of Bar 61 Restaurant are as under-

Ambience- Ambience means interior of Bar 61 Restaurant. Interior of Bar 61 Restaurant is good, so this makes customers to make deal with changes. There must be dim light, slow music, bright colours, etc. which helps to maintain good impression in mind of consumers. This factor is essential and relevant for increasing customer engagement. There is requirement of little improvement in ambience of Bar 61 Restaurant so this attracts consumers and they prefer to enjoy with photographs, etc.

Pricing Strategies- Bar 61 Restaurant must not be over- priced otherwise customers do not visit it. For instance: if college going students wants to treat their friends, then they prefer Bar 61 Restaurant because of appropriate price. This is the core factor which helps to maintain brand image and improves sales of Bar 61 Restaurant. Managers of Bar 61 Restaurant can use some discounts offers for first time visitors (Klaus, 2014). This increase craze among customers to visit this place.

Services Offered- Bar 61 Restaurant provides different services such as bar, dinning, etc. Managers of Bar 61 Restaurant provide best services with good hygiene factor. There are charger points, Wi-Fi facilities, ramp access for disable people these services assist in providing good response from consumers and they prefer to avail services from them. For instance: business people want to pursue official work, then there is requirement of laptop and mobile charging points. This assist on employment engagement at Bar 61 Restaurant.

Quality of Food and Services- Sales of Bar 61 Restaurant are good because they have good image in hospitality sector in London, so Managers of Bar 61 Restaurant must focus more on quality of good products with hygiene factor because this helps to keep consumer satisfied and hence positive impact on sales can be seen.


P3 Create a Customer Experience Map

Customer mapping is a process through which individuals contacts with organisation (Blázquez, 2014). Customer gets knowledge related to restaurant with the help of different aspects such as website, online sources, etc. These factors assist in improving brand image of Bar 61 Restaurant. Hence they are the base through which managers of Bar 61 Restaurant can create brand image in industry. It is essential to make alterations which are relevant and significant according to market trends in such factors.

Website: Website is the stage which covers complete information related to Bar 61 Restaurant. When individual wants to know about restaurant services, reviews from customers, rating, etc. Organisational dishes, food beverages, etc. are taken into consideration through website. At website there is information related to discounts, offers, services, facilities, etc. Hence managers of Bar 61 Restaurant must update their website timely, so customer may get knowledge related to them.

Telephone: Telephone is personal way through which customer can enquiry related to services of Bar 61 Restaurant. Contact number of Bar 61 Restaurant are provided at website, so discounts, offers, etc. are known with the help of telephone. Front office personnel are polite with consumers and provide appropriate knowledge. This is relevant for improving image of Bar 61 Restaurant in industry (Spiess and et. al., 2014).

Review Sites: There are many reviews from online sites of hotels. This is one stage of publicity which provides knowledge related to organisation. When some customers visit Bar 61 Restaurant, they provide their reviews on online sites and this is relevant for improving brand image. Managers of Bar 61 Restaurant must motivate employees to provide good services to customers, taking feedback, resolution of queries frequently, etc. are the aspects which are relevant and significant for getting positive review on sites (Lee and Kang, 2012).

Restaurant Environment: Environment of Bar 61 Restaurant is most effective element which is essential and relevant for creating base. Customers look for good environment at restaurant. This attracts them to be part of Bar 61 Restaurant and they convey this thing to other people also. Peace, delightful environment, etc. are part of good and effective environment (Torres Fu and Lehto, 2014). Managers of Bar 61 Restaurant must focus on creating good environment, so people prefer to visit with their family, friends, children, etc. With good food there is requirement of good environment too so consumers prefer to spend good time with dear ones.

Restaurant Staff: Staff of Bar 61 Restaurant is crucial because they deal with customers through providing services. If employees of Bar 61 Restaurant are friendly, polite, courtesy with consumers. For instance: there is difference in demand of consumers, then if chef in person ask for taste of new dish, then this gives good impression in mind of consumers. This gives good impression to consumers and they are satisfied. When good food, there is requirement of good tone and calm behaviour of personnel which helps to increase customer satisfaction and hence positive impact on sales and revenue can be noticed (Cetin and Dincer, 2014).

Restaurant management- Restaurant is managed and organised by operational department. There are many responsibilities which have to be considered in order to enhance brand image of Bar 61 Restaurant. In restaurants different activities such as cooking, purchase, sales,, serving, accounting, etc. which assist in providing appropriate quality services to consumers. Managers’ of Bar 61 Restaurant must give more emphasis on performing work in effective and relevant manner through creating balance in operations of Bar 61 Restaurant

P4 How Customer touchpoints throughout Customer Experience Create Business Opportunities

Touch-point is refer as an effective Brand's point of client contract, from start to finish. This means, there are some points on which customer judge performance of restaurant. These days there are many online applications which shows, review, rating, dishes, ambience, etc. of venue, so creates more customer base. Managers of Bar 61 Restaurant works to improve overall performance which ultimately helps to attain good image in society (Garg, Rahman and Qureshi, 2014).

Touch point also refers to views which arise in compliance with availing services from restaurant. People prefer t avail services if reviews are good and this review can give positive impact after availing services. Hence managers of Bar 61 Restaurant must emphasise to give best services. If is essential for managing business activities and increase customer base because word to mouth is most cheap promotional technique but most effective. These days, consumers wants full retur of their money. They invest money after proper analysis. Hence managers of Bar 61 must focus on providing best services, so this is relevant for attaining targets. There must be marketing of product and services provided by managers of Bar 61 Restaurant. In this some stages are involved which are determined as under:

Stage direction: It includes different phases which are determined as under:

Waiter makes eye-contact with the customers: Waiter is the person who deals with customer to take their order, provide services and analyse their desire (Bilgihan, Kandampully and Zhang, 2016). Waiter must keep in contact with customer, so client can understand, that waiter is giving attention and times to grab it. The wait must be pleasant and happy while dealing with customers. This gives positive energy to client and they are satisfied.

Waiter: Good morning, Ma’am.

Customer: Good morning.

Waiter: how can I help you ma’am?

Customer: I want to take breakfast, bring me egg omelette.

Waiter: Wait a moment, sir. I am serving it.

Customer: How much bugs I have to pay.

Waiter Only 50 it.

Waiter: Thank you, ma’am.

Customer: Thank you.

Above discussion shows chat between waiter and customers. There is different in demand of customer so if waiter interacts with them, they can analyse demand. Customer want polite responsible from personnel so they can share grievances in case of any. Waiter personally contact with customers, so they can implement changes in effective and relevant manner.


P5 Examine how digital Technology is Employed in managing the Customer experience within the Service Sector, providing Specific examples of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

Digital technology means use of different digital techniques in performing operations. Use of digital technology assist in performing work with more efficiency and frequently. This assist in dealing with internal and external parties of Bar 61 Restaurant. Use of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram are part of digitalisation. Customer relationship management is an approach through which there is inter relation among different departments and personnel. With the help of CRM, there is improvement in relations of workers. This is relevant and signifiant to know review about Bar 61 Restaurant.

With the help of social media, customers of Bar 61 Restaurant give their reviews which helps them to take corrective actions. This helps Bar 61 Restaurant to compete in external environment. There is requirement of software which has to be considered by managers of Bar 61 Restaurant while implementing CRM model at work place. Bar 61 Restaurant is the organisation which thinks to implement CRM model under digital technology. Opera is the model which must be used as computer software. This model will link with various departments in organisation such as production, purchase, customer service, cooking, front office, etc. This is essential because there is ease in linking with such departments.


  1.  What was the name of the hotel for which presentation is preparing?

Bar 61 Restaurant

  1. Who made presentation for hotel?

Julian Hook

  1. which software programme is used for CRM activities?


  1. What are the key components of CRM programme?

EPOS system, open table, booking. com, etc.

  1. Name some relevant customers of hotel?

IGH, Travelodge, Hilton Hotel

  1.  How long have they been in business?
  2.  How does the Company see these programmes developing in the future?

With the help of CRM software, there is synchronisation in business operations, customers demand can be analysed. This is effective and significant for improving customer service and taking feedback from customers.


P6 Illustrate about Customer Service Strategies

Customers in hospitality industry are king, satisfaction of client may lead to business upward or downward. It is essential to make changes in product and services according to service demand and requirement (Shah, Kumar and Kim, 2014). This provides satisfaction to them and they prefer to avail services. Instant and up to the mark e-services helps to maintain long term and good relations with client. For instant: if one customer is satisfied, then he prefers to avail services from Bar 61 Restaurant again. This is effective and relevant for attaining good brand image. Customer experience is one of the important factors to be considered in service sector. Some of the strategies are defined below:

Be attentive to guest's needs: Restaurant Bar 61 can expand business and enhance business with the help of satisfying need of customers. In order to enhance customer base, satisfaction to consumer can be provided. Employees of must ready to serve what is demanded by client.

Deliver on your promises: there are various promise related to product and services, quality of services, etc. Hence these must be fulfilled. This assists in providing satisfaction to customers. Merely advertisement does not attract consumers (Yang, Liu and Li, 2015).

Reward loyal customers: In Bar 61 Restaurant works there are some customers which visit on regular basis/ they come with new friends, known person. Hence there must be reward to them because they assist in improving brand image and sales of Bar 61 restaurant.

P7 Demonstrate how customer service strategies create and develop customer experience

Customer Audit Trail, Critical Observations

Name of hospitality business visited:

Bar 61 Restaurant, London

Date and time of visit:

14th November, 2018

The ambience and First Impressions

Things that I observed that were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Soft music attracts the most.

Colour combination of furniture and walls are not good.

There is requirement of some more bright colours for wall with match to furniture.

Signage, Tariff Boards, Labelling, etc.

Things that I observed that were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Fire exist, do not touch, danger, etc. sign boards are placed at various places.

There is confusion between vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

In this case I use proper sign of green and red colour sign.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Some dishes are pocket friendly with customised feature.

Bar facilities are overpriced.

As name indicates bar facility, so I use different brands of alcohol, so consumer can avail service according to income.

Range of Products

Things that I observed that were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

They serve different varieties of food dishes.

Italian food is not ggod in taste.

I prefer to cook food from Italian chef.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Staffs were polite and humble.

I feel there are fewer employees sop there is delay in food serving.

I prefer to appoint more skilled workforce.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Services are within specific time.

Regular call is done to order further dishes.

I prefer to provide a man for regular visit for collecting orders after specified period of time.

Supplementary Items

Things that I observed that were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Supplement services such as charging point, Wi-Fi are good.

Internet speed was very slow. This affects working style for business personnel.

I have option o use good speed internet.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Credit cards and cash are the mode of payment.

Sometimes there is issue in payment style of restaurant, so this increases waiting time of consumers.

I prefer to improve mode of payment.


From the above discussion it is clear that consumer satisfaction is essential in hospitality industry. There are different types of consumers such as disabled person, gym instructor, etc. which has different demands, so this must be satisfied. Ambience pricing strategy, quality of services, etc. are some base which are important and significant for attaining long term sustainability. Telephone, website. Review sites, etc. are source for employee mapping. Website is best it provides knowledge about discount offers of restaurant. Brand loyal customers must be reward because they come with new people in order to advertise restaurant.


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