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Digitalisation is generally known as the procedure which help in transforming all the data and information in some digital format, where information are managed and arranged in better manner. In this context, small scale business organisation, it is necessary for company is use digital technology which help in providing their effective goods and services in easy manner. It is not useful for software in this sector but it can determine innovative and creativity in the firm. After adopting digitalisation, organisation can design or frame their products and goods in better manner along with this they are also able for offer desired services and facilities to their customers. Advancement in technology help in reducing the time and minimise the wastage that will lead towards achieving high level of productivity in the company.  With the assistance of digital technology, organisation can easily provide effective and efficient facilities to their customers (Broekx and et. al., 2011). This project is based on Softwire company which is networking tunnelling products and they are providing better services to their customers. The company major aim is to increasing communication facilities in the small business enterprises in the united kingdom. It is small scale company that are try to adopt digital technology which help in providing best services and facilities to their buyers. In this report, understanding the aim and objectives of company along with project management plan, work breakdown structure with small scale research.

Task 1

P1 Research aim and objectives

Digitalisation has creating positive impact on business organisation with each person or an individual. For small business organisation, it is necessary for them is to adopt modern technology which help in providing effective and efficient services to their customers in the market place. The concept of digitalisation is used by Softwire company and its main purpose is to increasing quality of their serving goods and presenting products. With the assistance of this process, they are capable for capturing the eye of customers in large market area which attracting more customers towards effective goods and products (Denzin and Lincoln, 2011). Digitalisation provide assistance for managing small business marketing, financing, accounting and communication impact that can easily sort with the help of advance features, communication methods, networking for grab and identify the benefits of digital technology development. Therefore, small size sector will able for considering the application of modern technology in the procedure of planning. For adopting this, company can make effective operations and functional activities for gaining high success and growth in future time period, digital technology help firm for gaining competitive advantages.       

Background of project:

An organisation need to adopt different alteration that are related to time where various modern technology of innovative services or facilities correct position in the external environment. Digital technology is important for manufacturing their innovative products and services that assist in increasing small business growth in the large market place. It help in developing and making effective business operations and functions in which all goods and services are require to produce and satisfy all demand and needs of the customers. Along with this, it is not necessary for all people is to transfer all essential data and information which are easily managed by electronic mails that can be done by financial divisions. It is also required to select data technology which mainly secured the outside individual interference that can be reduced at the same time period. With the assistance of digitalisation, company will appropriately promote their effective goods and services among customers of all the different nations (Fleming and Koppelman, 2016). Also they are providing accurate information about each goods in proper manner. There are various types of products and items that has been produce by organisation person for fulfilling all needs and demand of buyers and it will assist in supporting the small business growth and success. In addition to this, social media and mobile technology assist in connecting with different individual with each other in all over the world. At the time when an organisation introduce innovative project which have some common aims, objectives that are necessary for monitoring the entire business functions and activities in better manner.

Topic- “Impact of digital technology on supporting small business growth and innovation”

Aims- The basic motive of this firm is to became “the symbol group of choice” for specific retailers. They also require for doing particular work which help in developing and making new innovative goods with the help of different promotional channels such as television, advertisement and so more. The project has different aims that are as follows:

  • They require to develop and making creative or innovative based products and services to their buyers in proper manner. They generally try to help in delivering various types of goods and services which target particular team people.
  • The appropriate changes has been done as per the demand of desired customers and also need to make alterations for attracting large number of customers.


  • To determine the direct impact on innovation activities and growth of firm
  • To identifying the digitalisation which impact on innovation and growth
  • To assess the implementation and preparation of business on digital technology

Research questions:

  • Why digital technology affect on company growth and innovation?
  • How the digital technology is implementation on business?
  • How the innovation activities and organisation growth is effective?

P2 Making project management plan

It is essential for formulating and developing project management plan for project development groups and some other developers. It will help in conducting appropriate research within an enterprise. Project management plan assist in determining different things such as time, scope, cost, quality, risk, communication procedure which can be followed and all the major resources are used for setting better position of specific project (Geraldi and Lechter, 2012). It will help the investigator for saving their time and they require to decide that they need to analyse appropriate situation and condition. There are several project management plan that are described a