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Function of marketing can be defined as the one which reveal major roles of business organisation that help in develop a featured product and help in do promotion of same. Marketing research, development process, promotion, product plan, customer service and sales are the major function. Marketing department of firm involve various responsibilities that remain responsible for growth and success of entity. Further various functions of marketing department perform various roles that support entity in achieve its set goals and objectives. Manager of marketing department use various communication tools to promote company's product and to influence customers to buy the same (Malhotra,  Birks and Wills,  2013). Overall marketing department play  a significant role in  every enterprise as this provide an opportunity to firm to communicate with target market. Cadbury, a British multinational confectionery firm is taken under this report for study. This is the second largest confectionery brand in world. Major roles and responsibilities of marketing function of an entity is detailed in this report. Further, interrelationship of marketing department with other major function of firm is also given in this. Application of major element of marketing mix by an enterprise for achieve its set marketing objective and marketing plan of Cadbury is given in this.


P1 Major roles and responsibilities of marketing function

            Various type of communication channels are use by a business enterprise to interact with its consumers and to make them inform about company's product and services. This function us perform by marketing department of company (Eslinger,  2014). Different roles and responsibilities of marketing department affect success and growth of entity so it is very essential that all should be perform in right manner. Major roles perform by marketing department are product, promotion, pricing, selling, distribution, marketing information system and financing. All these roles can be better understood by the following points:

  • Product: Every enterprise manufacture and offer goods to its target customers for satisfy their needs and wants and to keep them for a long time period. This is also known as mix of various tangible and non tangible features (Lane, 2014). For attract large number of individuals towards company's product and fulfil their requirements, it is very essential for firm to add unique and better features in its product. Manager of marketing department carry out research to identify the factors that influence individuals to buy company's product. Further, attitude, behaviour, needs and trends in current market is all analyse by marketing manager. With this, Cadbury can achieve sales target and can capture a large market share.
  • Financing: Financial resources are known as one blood of every enterprise or it can be said that a business entity cannot perform its operation without financial resources (Draelos,  2010). Proper amount of funds  help manager in execute all activities in effective manner. Manager of marketing department remain responsible to identify funds require to carry out promotional activities.
  • Pricing: Price is known as one of the most significant element of every product. This refer to the monetary value charge by firm from its customers in exchange product. Before set the final price of product, it is very important for manager to examine various factors such as how much customers are ready to pay, price of competitor's product and many more (Dibb and Simkin,  2013). All this help manager in set a right price for product and at the same time support in offer value to its customers. Marketing manager is the one who remain responsible to examine all these factors and determine the final price of product. Right price of product help firm in attract more customers and also provide competitive benefit to company.
  • Management information system: Needs and wants of customers are changing on a fast speed and survive in market, it is very essential for an organisation to satisfy their needs. For this various research are carry out by firm to better understand the needs of customers  and to influence them towards company's product. Management information system, help manager in collect, analyse and store huge amount of information is safe place. Further, this is use to present relevant data before managers which help them in take better decision.
  • Promotion: This is known as one of the most important and prime function of marketing department of entity. It can be said that marketing department is known for its promotion activity (Baker and Magnini,  2016). Manager of this department formulate plans to use various communication channels for carry out promotion of product. Marketing manager remain responsible to determine the most effective channel of communication. This help in encourage more individual to purchase company's product and increase its profits.
  • Selling: Manager of marketing department formulate policies and strategies for increase sale of company's product. Information collected through various sources is examine by marketing manager to serve more number of customers. Mainly, all efforts done by marketing department directly impact on sale and manager remain responsible to do efforts so firm can achieve its set sales target.
  • Distribution: Process of transfer final goods from warehouses to final hands of customers is known as the process of distribution. Various modes are there which can be use by manager for carry out distribution process. It comes under the responsibility of manager to examine cost and advantages of every channel and choose the effective channel. Right distribution channel save both time and cost of company and increase effectiveness of business process.

            All these are known as the major roles and responsibilities of marketing department of entity. It is very essential that all these should be well perform by the marketing department of Cadbury. With this, entity can attain its set sales target and at the same time can generate more amount of profit.

P2 Responsibilities and roles of marketing relate to organisation

According to the current market environment the competition has raised because of which may companies are now providing the best quality products to its customers at a very reasonable

price (Campbell and Martin,  2015). Therefore, it is sometimes quite difficult to pull the attention

a large number of people as consumers get a wider perspective of choosing the commodity of

their choices. Thus, for increasing their sales marketing plays an important role as they used

various marketing strategies for expanding their business and gross sales as well. Some of the

roles and responsibilities of various departments with other sectors are mentioned below so as to

understand it in a better manner:

  • Marketing function with operation department: Operation function performed by a company can be directly linked with the production process of a firm. Therefore, it is important that production department of an organisation manufacture goods in such a manner that they provide excellent quality products to its customer, this will increase their competitive benefits. As a result company can sustain a better position at market area. Other than this, the manager of marketing department must have adequate information about the resources that they can going to utilise for giving a suitable commodities according to the needs and wants of consumers.
  • Finance department with marketing function: In every organisation the department of finance plays an important role as they are the one who provide satisfactory amount to other sectors. With the help of this, company can execute their plans in an appropriate manner. Therefore, to attain the possible outcomes it is essential that managers of Cadbury have a ample amount of money so that they can produce goods effectively. For this, it is required that marketing department of the company have a proper relation with finance department this will help them in having proper decision in terms of making a proper budget for their future proceedings.
  • Sales and marketing functions: Sales and marketing are both can be linked with one another as for increasing the sales company must work on their marketing strategies. Therefore, they must apply the plans through which they can attract more and more people for increasing the sales and profitability.
  • Research and development department and marketing function: With the change in course of time the choices and preferences of customers are also changing so it is important that company must manufacture goods as per the needs and wants of consumers. This department has  become one of the essential part and through this they can gather information according to the requirements. This will help them in making alterations in their commodities according to the current market situations.
  • Marketing department with human resource management function: Employees are the most important element who perform their role in providing best results. Therefore, Cadbury has hired employees who are skilled and have adequate information about the field. Thus, through this, workers can have a better relation with customers. 
  • IT department and marketing function: Today every enterprise carry out various type of research for collect information about the trends exist in market and to identify the main features which influence them to buy company's product. Functions perform by marketing department are interrelate with the activities of IT department as manager store the collected information in software. All this help in store the information in safe place and at the same time support in use the same for future purpose which help managers in take better decisions related with business.

All these are the major departments run in an enterprise and execute various activities which support organisation in attain its set target (Al-Ekam and et. al., 2012). Functions perform by these department are interrelate or interlink with the actions or decision taken by marketing department. Manager of Cadbury require to consider this while assign roles and responsibilities to employees. With this, manager can formulate better strategy and at the same time can maintain the quality of its products. Further with this, cooperation can be maintain among various business department which increase effectiveness of business activities.  There should be proper coordination among activities of marketing and various other department as this help firm in achieve its objective.

M1 Roles and responsibilities of marketing function

            Carry out effective promotion of company's products  is known as one of the most significant responsibility of marketing function. For this, mix of communication tools are use by marketing  manager to make the customer's inform features of goods as this help entity in achieve its sales objective.

M2 Importance of interrelationship between functional and marketing functions

            Various activities perform by marketing department of entity are interrelate with various other department working in entity. It is very essential for manager to consider this while formulate plan and business activities. Different type of research are carry out by marketing manager for collect information about the trends exist in market and this information is use by other departments for take decision.

D1 Evaluation of major elements of marketing function

            One of the main reason why marketing department is known as one of the most significant department of an entity is that it provide opportunity to firm to communicate with its target market. Strategy, research, plan future actions and many more are the major key factors of marketing function.


P3 Application of marketing mix to marketing planning for achieve business objectives

Marketing mix is a combination of various factors which consists product, price, place,

promotion, people, process and physical evidence (Wieser, 2012).  Every enterprise implement

  • this concept to increase effectiveness of its marketing activities and attain its set sales target. One
  • of the main benefit of this is that it increase profits of organisation as this influence large number
  • of individuals to buy company's product. Application of all these elements remain different form
  • entity to entity. But it is very important for firm to apply all these factors of marketing mix in an
  • effective manner. Application of various factors of marketing mix by different
  • organisation can be understood by the following table:





Product portfolio of Cadbury is very rich. Different type of products are offer by firm for almost every type of age group. Dairy milk, Oreo, Bourneville, five star are the most popular products of Cadbury. Due to this, today this is one of the leading firm in chocolate sector.  

Hersheys is famous for all sweet and chocolates syrups. One of the main feature is that entity offer various type of products that are available in all size and shapes. Today products of Hersheys are positioned as tasty and healthy products for customers.


Due to its effective marketing activities, firm charge a high price for its various products such as Bournvita, Oreo and many more. But firm also offer its various quality products at affordable prices. Different type of products are offer by entity by pricing strategy of each product is different from the other.

Hersheys also chare a high price for all its products that’s why it also come under the premium brand. Upper middle class population is the major target of firm. Price of all products offer by this firm remain between $10 to $55.


Effective distribution channels use by firm is known as one of the biggest strength of Cadbury. Todfay’s company’s products are available in every corner of world but due to lower demand of its products in rural areas rural distribution of entity is not so strong.  But still overall presence of firm is very effective as its products are available in every local retail shop.

Various grocery stores are there that offer Hersheys products. In addition to this company use various for serve large number of customers such as online stores, vending machines and  many more. Overall its products are available in all major cities and populare areas.


Cadbury adopt a different marketing strategy for its every product. For example, company do marketing of its celebration to position it as a product that is use for the purpose of gifting.  Further brand recall of entity is very high due to its effective BTL marketing. Today, almost every individual think about Cadbury before purchase a chocolate.

Various advertising medium such as magazine Ads, billboards, TV Ads and many more are use by firm to carry out promotion of its products. One of the main focus of firm is to manufacture quality and tasty chocolates so that every individual van enjoy it. Further products called Milk booster tries to get a position as healthy drink for growing kids.


In every kind of enterprise, employees play a significant role as these are the one who manufacture products for satisfy the needs of final customers. Cadbury use effective strategies for use all knowledge and skills of its employees in better way.

Skilled workforce help firm in carry out innovation in its products that help in attract large number of customers. Further this also provide competitive benefit to entity and provide an opportunity to generate large amount of profits.


Cadbury set and follow a effective and simple process for manufacture chocolates and maintain its taste and quality. Further, this save time and cost of business enterprise.

Sequence of steps is also follow by Hersheys for manufacture healthy and tasty chocolates for its customers and to satisfy their needs.

Physical Evidence

Cadbury encourage collection of feedback firm all its customers. This help manager in identify the areas of improvement and support in offer featured products to its target customers.

company carry out research in order to add more features in its product and for influence large number of customers.

M3 Various tactics applied by enterprise to achieve business objectives

            Action and decision taken by firm for attain set goals and objectives is known as  tactics. Various tactics are apply by enterprise to complete more than one task (Perreault, 2010). Different tactics are apply by marketing department as per the situations exist in workplace and as per the changes take place in business environment.


P4 &M4 Evaluation of marketing plan for Cadbury

Marketing plan refers to the paper that reveal marketing objectives that entity wants to achieve in coming years. Various efforts are done by firm and different promotional activities are carry out for achieve that set marketing goal. Existing market position of entity is also indicated by marketing document (Moons and et. al., 2010). Marketing plan mainly formulate in formal structure but sometimes it is develop by follow informal structure which increase its flexibility. Formulate a marketing plan is known as one of the most important function of every enterprise as this guide marketing manager and at the same time highlight the major ways for attain set sales objective (Hsu,  2011. For formulate a better marketing plan, manager first identify the target customers and after that examine their needs for serve them in an effective manner. Further, an enterprise carry out various activities for prepare a marketing plan such as examine current market trends, formulate budget, sales forecast and many more (Lancaster and Massingham,  2010). One of the main benefit of marketing plan is that it help organisation in utilise all available funds and resources. For formulate a better an effective marketing plan, it is very essential for manager to first analyse the  strengths and weakness of firm. Following are the major factors that require to be consider by the manager of Cadbury for formulate marketing plan:

Overview of Cadbury: Various type of confectionery products are manufacture and sold by Cadbury. One of the main feature of firm is that it offer its goods in various categories such as drinks, bars, candies and many more. Large number of employees work in firm and support in manufacture featured products for its target customers.

Vision of Cadbury:  Vision refers to the place that firm wants to achieve in coming years. This largely affect the marketing objective and activities of firm so it is very essential for marketing manager to analyse the vision statement of firm. One of the main benefit of vision statement is that it provide direction to employees and managers to perform their job roles. Vision of Cadbury is to “Working together for create the brand that individuals love”.

 Mission of Cadbury: Mission statement highlight the major objective for which organisation carry out various activities. Mission  statement of Cadbury indicate “Cadbury means quality and this is the promise entity”. Reputation of organisation is depend on its quality products.

Goals and objectives of Cadbury: Various efforts are done by Cadbury for achieve its objectives which is to become world’s no. 1 largest and best brand in confectionery.

Manager of firm should have adequate information about the vision and mission of firm as this help in formulate a better marketing plan that help in achieve end results. In addition to this carry out SWOT analysis is also very important as this help in use firm’s strengths for fulfil requirements of customers.

SWOT Analysis of Cadbury

Strengths: World’s leader in category of chocolates is one of the biggest strength of Cadbury. This is second largest confectionery brand after Mars. Presence in more than 190 countries with effective channels of distribution is another major strength of firm. Large number of products are manufacture and offer by firm due to which it has a effective product portfolio. Company charge high prices from all its customers due to high quality of products. More than 40 type of products are sold by firm which help in generate large amount of profit.

Weakness: Ineffective distribution in rural areas is refer as major  weakness of Cadbury. Due to happening of various incidents related with the quality of firm’s product, company loose its market share.  

Opportunities: Penetrate rural area is one of the biggest opportunity available for Cadbury. With this firm can serve more number of customers and can generate more profits. Further, every individual like new flavour or taste so buy bring new flavour in its chocolate company can attract more number of customers.

Threats: Due to increase number of health conscious customers company face a fall in sale of its products and this serve as one of the biggest threat for firm. Today individuals like to prefer healthy juices and fruits. Further, due to increase price of its products company loose large number of its customers.

STP of Cadbury

Segmentation: Under this firm divide the whole population in small groups that share a common feature. Segmentation of Cadbury consists impulse segment, take home segment and impulse segment.                                                                                                                                  

Targeting: Cadbury has distinguished all its products according to the class of customers. Its various products such as Bourneville and temptations is only for the individuals who are willing to pay more.

Positioning: “Real taste of India” is the punch line use by firm to positioning its product in market. One of the main feature of entity is that it offer products for all age groups.

Marketing strategy: This is known as the plan of action use or execute by firm to influence individual to buy company’s product. If effectively implemented, this increase the profits of company. Cadbury do changes in its products as per the needs and requirements of individuals which help in attract and satisfy them.

Execution: In this all major strategies are implement by firm to achieve marketing objectives and to serve more number of customers.

Evaluation: All strategies, tools, methods and process use by manager are examine  under this for improve the mistakes. Analysis of sale and profit of firm is done in this. .

D2 Marketing plan with use of 7Ps to achieve marketing objectives

Every enterprise either small or medium formulate a marketing plan for attain its marketing objectives. Various elements of marketing mix such as product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence support manager in formulate better and effective plan which help firm in attain its set objectives


From the above information, it can be summarised that it is very essential for marketing department of Cadbury to perform all its roles and function in an effective manner,. With this, firm can achieve its sales target and at the same time can generate large amount of profit. Roles and responsibilities perform by marketing department not only increase sales of company's product but at the same time affect various other functions perform by entity. For formulate a better and effective marketing plan, manager require to use all components of marketing mix in adequate manner as this support in achieve marketing objectives. Proper funds require to be allocate to marketing department as this help manager in execute all activities in right manner and at the same time increase effectiveness of business process.


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