Marketing Achievements of Organisational Objectives Level 5 Regent College


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For any firm, marketing has greater importance. This is because, it is with the help of an effective marketing plan only a firm will be able to direct its efforts with regard to attaining its formulated goals and objectives in an effectual manner (Importance of marketing, 2016). The present report is based on Bournemouth City College. It is a private limited company which basically provides accommodation to both local and international clients. The present report will depict the marketing plan for the respective company.

Task 1

1.1 Explaining Marketing as a Tool in Management Process

In the management process, marketing is being considered as one of the most significant tools. This is because, with the help of the given tool only the manager of Bournemouth City College can assess the needs and demands of its respective buyers. Hence, on the basis of this, they can perform significant changes in the services which are being offered by the respective buyers. Thus, it is by complying with the given type of activity only Bournemouth City College can enhance the satisfaction level of its customers in an effectual manner. The given thing will lead to the firm in the form of increased profits and sales (Morrison, 2013).

Besides this, there is a difference that exists between marketing function and orientation. Here, the main role of the marketing function is to conduct extensive research. However, marketing orientation helps in developing and designing the products as per the needs of the buyers. Additionally, the marketing function is to spread awareness related to the company whereas marketing orientation focuses on ascertaining the needs of customers and developing products accordingly. Hence, marketing orientation is related to the input mechanism whereas marketing function is related to output. Moreover, the marketing function aims to compete with the competitors and also to develop the brand image. On the contrary, customer focus is laid on marketing orientation. Both concepts have a very crucial role in the task of attaining the organisational objective of Bournemouth City College. Here, the firm aims to provide an excellent environment to their customers that assists them in their careers and their studies. Here, with the help of marketing orientation and function needs of buyers can be assessed. Thus, by moulding the services of the firm as per assessed need, the cited firm can meet its objectives.

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1.2 Role of Marketing in Assessing the Needs of Stakeholders

Marketing has a very important role in the task of assessing the needs of stakeholders. However, in this regard, varied stakeholders of Bournemouth City College are identified and it consist of employees, customers suppliers etc. Here, by conducting thorough marketing research manager of the cited firm can get information about its stakeholders. Here, by giving an effective response as per the gathered information, the cited corporation can perform improvement in sales and profits. For example, if Bournemouth City College has identified that its customers are demanding more facilities in their room such as Wi-Fi connection and TV etc. Thus, by fulfilling all the demands of its buyers corporation can meet the needs of its current stakeholders (Ryan, 2014). Furthermore, with the help of research firm can also determine the demands of its employees as well as suppliers. Additionally, with the use of marketing, the firm can develop a very different range of target customers which can later on be termed as stakeholders of the enterprise. Thus, by complying with the given type of activity only Bournemouth City College can meet its objective in an effectual way.

Task 2

2.1 Evaluating the Current Position of Bournemouth City College

Bournemouth City College basically provides accommodation facilities to students and professionals. Hence, the firm belongs to the hospitality market or the sector. Herein, for the purpose of determining the current position of the cited company, assistance can be taken from tools such as SWOT analysis (SWOT analysis, 2016). A detailed explanation of the same is depicted below:


  • It has a team of highly efficient and competent individuals.
  • Highly effective culture


  • It only provides accommodation facilities to students and professionals.


  • It has an opportunity with regard to establishing the business of a firm in a new market.
  • It has the chance to develop different target markets for the corporation (Boone and Kurtz, 2013). 


  • From the other competitors which function in the same industry.
  • From the changing needs and demands of the customers.

The strength of the company entails the current position of Bournemouth City College. Herein, it has been identified that with an aim to gain success in the market, an organisation will require a team of talented employees. This is because it is with the help of talented and skilled employees that only the manager of a cited corporation can formulate different types of tactical goals which will assist it in terms of developing its competitive position in the market in an effectual way. In this context, it can be said that the success of a hospitality firm also depends upon its employee's performance only.

However, it has been evaluated that with an aim to achieve success in the market, it is being required by Bournemouth City College that it should make changes in its services as per its target market buyers need. This is because if it is not performed then it will tend to affect the current position of the firm in the hospitality market (Wilson and Gilligan, 2012).

Besides this, it is evident that the mentioned college faces competition from other colleges of the country and hence, it affects the market potential as well. A few of the prominent colleges that act as competitors of Bournemouth City College are Bournemouth and Poole College, Arts University Bournemouth, Loughborough University, University College London, etc.

2.2 Determining the Future Position of the Firm

The future position of the firm can also be examined through SWOT analysis. In this context, in the future Bournemouth City College will have an opportunity with regard to opening the respective accommodation facility in a new market. In this context, the organizational objectives of the mentioned company can be stated as opening a new set of courses that meet the changing corporate world in the best way. Also, it can aim to offer better exposure to the corporate world to students in order to boost their competency. In this respect, the company can focus on offering diploma courses as well. Here, at present firm is running its operation in Bournemouth. Thus, in the future firms can explore some new markets and thus can attract new customers. In this respect, new customers can be students who need to upgrade their skills and competencies on a regular basis. Furthermore, the firm can also enhance its market share in future by developing a completely new target market (Thompson, 2013). In this respect, students who desire to opt for practical courses such as mass media, fashion designing, photography, film direction and other related area can be targeted by the college in future. Here, it is through this way that only the cited firm can perform necessary improvements in its sales and profits. In addition to this, by fulfilling all the given opportunities cited firm can attain its goal to enhance as well as maintain the satisfaction level of its buyers.

2.3 Determining how other Department of the firm should be involved in the Marketing Plan

Bournemouth City College should make efforts in terms of involving all its departments in the process of developing the marketing plan of the enterprise. In this regard, a number of departments are assessed which functions within the cited corporation. It consists of the cleaning department, HR department, logistic, research and finance department etc (Breton and Martín, 2011). These sections have varied functions within the firm. For example, with the help of the finance department manager of the cited firm, Bournemouth City College's financial capability. Thus, on the basis of the given information, it can make a decision about the type of marketing promotional tool which can be used by the firm. For instance, if the firm has identified that its financial position is sound then in the given circumstance, it can make use of different expensive means of promotion such as TV and social media websites etc. In a similar way, with the help of research department cited firm can get information about its competitor's marketing tactics (Entezari, Karimi and Kianfar, 2014). Thus, here by performing the necessary changes in the firm's marketing tactic manager of Bournemouth City College can establish its remarkable presence in the highly competitive market. In this context, the positioning of the company can be developed by doing aggressive marketing on different platforms. The main elements of marketing will be infrastructure, facilities and classes so that the distinctive positioning of the company can be done.

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Task 3

3.1 Constructing the Marketing Plan for Bournemouth City College

A marketing plan is being prepared with the aim of providing support to the cited firm organizational objective. For example, Bournemouth City College has an aim to increase the market share of the enterprise by satisfying the needs of its buyers.

Marketing plan for the Bournemouth City College

  • Target market: The target market of the firm will be students and professionals. Here, the firm will target both domestic as well as international students who have come to Bournemouth for their studies.
  • Segmentation: For the purpose of segmentation, demographic criteria seem most suitable. In this regard, the group of buyers can be segmented on the basis of gender and age. Herein, it is being required by the corporation that it should change its services as per the gender and age of buyers. For example, room facilities should be given according to the age of buyers (Sardar and JAIN, 2016). For example, if the firm is offering room to adult or college-going students then in the given circumstance it should offer them a Wi-Fi facility.
  • Positioning: In order to position the mentioned college, the focus must be laid on the facility that has been provided by the college. Also, infrastructure and availability of the latest technology must be present in the positioning. Further, mass promotion needs to be done by the company so that awareness would increase. In this respect, the differentiated image of the college will be developed from that of its competitors.
  • Product: The firm should give all types of services to its buyers in order to maintain their level of satisfaction. For example, the firm should provide a Wi-Fi facility; it must build a small library as well as an area for playing. In addition to this, in-room firms should give high-quality mattresses which will relieve them from the whole day's stress and thus make them prepare for the next day's activity.
  • Price: Bournemouth City College has an objective to increase the market share of the company and thus with an aim to pursue the given goal cited firm should use a price penetration tactic. In this regard, at first firm should sell its services at low prices. With the help of the given approach, the firm can attract a large number of buyers towards it.
  • Place: For the purpose of booking an accommodation facility, the cited firm can make use of its website. This will provide an opportunity for the buyers with regard to making the booking for the accommodation from their home only (Xuan, 2014).
  • Promotion: Bournemouth City College must use social networking site for the promotion of the services which is being offered. The given mean is selected because with the help of this firm can attract a large number of target market buyers.

3.2 Strategy to Support the Implementation of the Marketing Plan

For the purpose of the implementation of the above-framed marketing plan, the cited firm can formulate an effective fund collection-related tactic. This is because, for the purpose of placing ads on social networking sites and making the arrangements for all the necessary facilities in the room, the manager of the cited firm will require sufficient finance. However, with an aim to obtain funds cited firm can make use of both internal and external sources (Rosenbloom and Dimitrova, 2011). This includes taking loans from banks and retained earnings etc. In addition to this, the firm should also enhance the capability of its marketing team with regard to placing ads on social networking sites. Hence, in order to do the same firm will have to organize training and development facilities for its employees. Thus, with the help of given tactics, only support can be given to the framed marketing plan.

In addition to it, a marketing agency will be hired by the company which will be doing marketing activity on a regular basis. In this context, two sets of marketing agencies will be contacted one for digital marketing and another for print media. Based on it, sound marketing will be done on varied platforms. In addition it, the marketing team will be developed which will create marketing content for colleges on a regular basis. This will aid in attaining the organizational objectives of attracting new customers in an effectual manner. For monitoring and control, a response rate of marketing will be reviewed and hence, corrective measures will be taken accordingly.

3.3 Implementing the Marketing Plan

The following steps are assessed with the help of which Bournemouth City College can implement its framed marketing plan.

  • Communicate about the plan with staff: The marketing plan implementation process starts with communication. Here, in the given phase manager of the cited firm should have to communicate about the frame plan with the other employees. Here, it is through this way only the effectiveness of the framed marketing plan will be assessed (Lee and Yoo, 2012). In this respect, the marketing manager will be responsible for communicating the plan with staff. In this respect, the time frame of 10 days will be taken as communication will be done with each staff present on the floor.
  • Gather the resources: Here, on the basis of the marketing plan Bournemouth City College must gather different types of resources which may be in the form of HR and finance etc. In this regard, human resources will be sourced in order to develop a marketing team. Further, the budget for marketing will be £45000 so that mass marketing can be done in an effective manner. It aids in gathering the attention and the time frame for this will be 30 days.
  • Work as per framed marketing plan: On completing above two mentioned steps, in the given phase firm will work as per the formulated marketing plan. At this stage, a marketing plan will be implemented by the newly developed marketing team along with the hired marketing agency. This will help in attaining the business objectives effectively.

3.4 Assessing the Progress of the Marketing Plan

Bournemouth City College managers can use tools such as benchmarking in order to track the progress of its marketing plan. For instance, here firm has a goal to enhance its market share. With respect to benchmarking, the college can set a benchmark target of approaching at least 100 new students per week on the basis of the aforesaid marketing plan. If this target is not attained then rectification needs to be made in order to fill the gaps in the desired manner.

Hence, if implementing the marketing plan it has been assessed by the cited firm manager that it is going in the right direction in terms of the organizational objective then, in the given situation effectiveness of the framed marketing plan will be assessed (Ferdous and Hossain, 2011).

But, in the reverse condition firm can make necessary changes in the existing plan and thus direct the efforts of the firm's marketing team towards the right path.

3.5 Evaluating how well the Implemented Marketing plan meets the Organizational Objective

Bournemouth City College has an aim to raise the market share as well as maintain the satisfaction of its buyers. The given goal will be met through promotional tools such as social networking sites. With this, more customers will be attracted towards the company and hence, awareness would get increased through it. However, follow-up and monitoring need to be done on a regular basis so that the overall efficiency of the firm can be enhanced in an effectual manner. By using this cited firm can attract the targeted buyers and thus meet its goal of raising the market share. Thus, the framed marketing plan is effectively meeting the firm's objective (Dibb and Carrigan, 2013).

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It can be stated that by employing proper and effective marketing tools, an organization can attract a large number of buyers towards it. Thus, it can make efforts in terms of increasing its sales and profits in an effective way.

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