Role of Strategic Marketing in Every Business

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Question :
  • Explain new or improved product with effective service .
  • Provide profile and persona in target market. how are the target market different in segment(s)
  • Discuss general implementation like co-ordination between departments along with role of internal marketing .
Answer :
Organization Selected : Satellite telephones


Strategic Marketing is a process that effectively separates themselves from their rivals through the company's strength as well as weaknesses. So that company provides consistently better brand value to their customers as compared to their rivals. The report also focuses on how marketing affect a company's brand image as well as maximizes the profit margin. Report present new product i.e. Satellite phone which is run in the telecommunication sector in which Africa is the target market of the product. Further, it presents the overview or brief description of the product which is launches in the new target market. Present study critically analyzes the market in which the product is launches and its segmentation, targeting and positioning. Moreover, report present recommendation through marketing mix and also provide some recommendation and issues which a company may face during introducing the new product in a market.


Satellite telephones is a simple type of mobile phone that actually connects orbiting satellites only. This type of products is helpful too in order to provide the same function which a normal cell-phone is provided such as voice call, SMS, Internet, and many functions. The connectivity of such digital transformation is quite good and helps to provide the exact message. The mobile equipment also varies from every state to state and every satellites phone have their own size and weight as compared to an early time where most of the phones are introduces. It has been critically evaluated that most of the satellite phones are similar in size as compared to normal smartphones (Chernev, 2018). Only some of them differ from each other. There are some satellites phones which are popular into remote areas in which terrestrial phones are not available. These type of phones are helping to connect the external antennas which have been installed in vehicles as well as building. Moreover, there are some satellites phones which are uses in geostationary orbits because they are used to remain in a fixed position.

As there are so many countries which are restricted to use such satellite phones because of their own rules and regulations. So that this type of countries does not uses but sell the product into the market. For this report the chosen target market in Africa. As per the satellites telephone market, they want a tremendous growth on the account of raising awareness and also accept the user sector so that there is an increasing demand in the market of Africa from a power outage, terrorist attack, some areas which are affected from natural disaster. Hence, it has been analyzed that the global satellites telephones are actually used where the market is vast and they have their end user. Moreover, some companies are also planning in order to integrate new cellular phone as well as satellite handset model in recent coming years so that many of the customers did not use the network without switching the device (Tomczak, Reinecke and Kuss, 2018). Therefore, the same need also arises in Africa and these hybrid and satellite phones are also expected to come with new functions in their upcoming trend for global satellite telephones market too.

There is a wide need of using satellites phones in the market because this type of phones are not required any connectivity as they even work when the land-based communication networks are also failing. Even during traveling in remote areas, only this type of phones gets better coverage as compared to other phones. Hence, people mostly prefer to use these phones because it has been analyzed that cellular network covers 10 percent of a network of earth surface and on the other side, satellite phones have a wide range of a global network that covers almost all areas. Moreover, the satellite phones are also useful and allow roaming across the network and also makes data more reliable or efficient to transfer at any area. This extra feature make satellite phone different from cellular phones and also helpful to use even in remote areas where the normal phones are not working.


Critical analysis of Market

Key market trends:

The market trend of satellite phones are huge and diverse such that even there are many companies which are also exploited. According to Varadarajan (2018) East Africa Nigeria becoming the leader in ongoing infrastructure development projects and in South Africa there is a chance to grow the market related to introducing new satellite phones. Therefore, the key market trend for satellite phones in Africa is Nigeria because the country is actually related to developing new infrastructure products which are helpful for their customers as well as helps to grow the economy of a country. It has been critically evaluated that there are almost 88 percents of the crew members are uses new and different technologies in order to develop their new country and make them more trained related to their working.

Hence, many of them are quite unaware related to the products which are offered to their customers and in Africa, there is the largest economy on the continent (McCamley and Gilmore, 2018). Moreover, there are many countries across the region which have the potential for the growth but on the other side, they also believe that to depend upon the appetite of the operators to invest more and also have the sustainable model. The companies in Africa are also hoping to make themselves more successful where other companies are failed.


If the satellite phones are introduced in Africa, then there are many competitors which may create some problem related to their profit. In the same case, while introducing a new product into a new country, the competitive analysis should be there so that it will be helpful in order to analyze the exact position. A satellite phone also has many rivals and they are positioned in a good manner such that global satellite which is positioned at the global level and hence operates their unit at worldwide (Abratt and Bendixen, 2018). This rival company are actually offered their best services to their customers and can affect the product when it introduces in the market. In addition to this, dish network is another rival company which also creates some problem for satellite phones. Even the satellite phone company are also trying to position its new services to new market and hence to collaborate with global mobile personal communication by satellite service so that it operates their own service to a new level or at a worldwide level. However, with regards to satellite phones, it has been critically evaluated that if this type of products is offered in Africa then it will enhance the position and also makes their customers attracted towards it to buy such.

Current customer attitude:

It has been evaluated that from last many years the purchasing power of the customers regarding the cellphones are increases. Hence, many operators are also introducing new phones which possess advanced features as compared to old ones. Even the satellite phones also become increasingly permeant and critical. But after some time, the range of customers trend is completely different regarding this new technique. Moreover, it has been evaluated that 25 percent of the sales increases because of introducing new functions with the latest products. Even, many of the customers are also relaxed regarding the safety and security of their data in these phones because the phones are used to connect many people without having a network. Hence, the current purchasing power of the customers is also affecting the industry at a wider level (Adhikari, 2018).

For the customers, security and safety remain the foremost priority and they always remain concern related to their new products which they are buying should also have such type of features and this affects their buying power in an adverse way. Recently there are many advanced technologies which also affect the purchasing power of the customers.


with regard to some social as well as ethical issues, there are many growth opportunities for the satellite phones in Africa such as the Nigeria, which is considered the most developed related to infrastructure and if the same is introduced in Africa then it will be more beneficial for the country. As the rival company, i.e. Globalstar also focuses to reach the global level and expand their business in Africa too so that it will help to maximize the profit and also help to sustain their brand image in the market (West, Ford and Ibrahim, 2015). There are many systems which are also replaced from other and hence, in Africa if the satellite phones are introduced then it will help to fulfill the demand of their customers. But on the other side, if the service will target those users who actually use slow bandwidth and they have to use the small antennas as well in order to receive the signals. Therefore, this shows that there is a wide opportunity for satellite phones to expand their business at the global level and provide best services through their phones so that it will become their customers quite efficient and effective to use the service at a higher level.

Therefore, though satellite phones have many rival companies still there are more opportunities which it can be used because the most important advantage of using this phones is such that it even run without having a network and it will be beneficial for their customers (Proctor, 2014). Hence, it shows that the people who belong to the remote area are much needed this product and this shows that there is a wide opportunity to expand their products at world level.

Segmentation, targeting, and positioning

Segmentation, targeting, and positioning is a process that is helpful for the creates the link between the overall market and how the company is actually choosing the best product in order to sell those into a market. It is the process that is helpful for in order to identify the exact market situation. It is further divided into many parts such as:



It is the process of splitting a market into many smaller groups so that the market is actually identifying the characteristics in order to select the appropriate target market. In the case of a satellite phone, the target market i.e. Africa which can be segmented into smaller groups which are further on the basis of satellite type, the end user and region. Some satellite phones also use the satellites even in geostationary orbit and it can remain in a fixed position and if this product is introduced into a market of Africa then it will help to provide best profit level as compared to other company. As the first segment is satellite type which is further divided into geosynchronous and low earth orbit so that it will help many peoples in order to use this service into their routine life (McDONALD, 2016.). In addition to this, the end user of the satellites phones are government, aviation, energy, and management of tourism and disaster etc. further on the basis of region segmentation, the market actually wants to introduce its new product into the market of Africa so that it will be helpful for them to maximizes their brand image in market. Through strategic marketing system, the product also reaches to many end users also.

While segmentation, before introducing a new product into new market survey or interview should be done so that it will let them know about the need of that product such that in Africa people actually wants to get the benefit of such product and hence, satellite phones are introduced for the people whose age is between 25 to 50.


It means that a company is a proactive selection for the suitable market segments and also have the focus on company's marketing offers and also the activities for the groups which are related to that products. The target market for satellite phones in Africa in which Nigeria is most suitable to introduce such phones because this is considered one of the most developed in infrastructure (Sargeant and MACQUILLIN, 2016). That is why introducing the product into such a market will be beneficial for and while targeting the market the foremost thing is to choose that whether the introduced product is the help to maximizes the profit or not. Moreover, the market size is also large in Africa and hence, it has been critically evaluated that each segment which is divided into segmentation and they are also able to receive the exact products which are introduced. The target market is also helped a satellite phone in order to produce more profit as well as maximizes the sales as compared to other company.


As the satellite phones position in other market is also good and there are chances to introduce into a new market so that it will help to let people use this product into a market. It refers to the target market positioned and their people should have their own preference such that whether the new product is helpful to maximize the products or not, their new offers are related to their rival companies or not etc. If this is fulfilled by the new product their brand position of the company is helpful to maximize the good market value as well as help to produce more profit (Kim, Shin and Min, 2016). Hence, in the case of satellite phones, it also has their own benefit in another country where the product is actually existing and when in Africa when the product is introduced, people analyze different benefits so that it will be helpful for them to get the best position in the market.

Recommendation extended marketing mix

The marketing mix is a total of some factors which are further controlled by a company because that may influence the purchasing power of their customer's product. It is the combination of 7 factors which are as mentioned below:



It includes the product which is satellite phones which are introduced in the market of Africa and there are many countries where the product is already existing. The product also includes the branding and packaging and also provide the best service to their customers that is why the demand for this product also increases (Josephson, Johnson and Mariadoss, 2016). Satellite phones also provide all the services which a cellular phone already exist but the biggest advantage of using such that it also operates its function even if there is no network or coverage, which no other phones allowed.


when any new product which is introduced into a market should have the least pricing strategy in order to attract a wide range of customers. Moreover, if the prices of the company are the least and follow the competitive pricing strategy then it will be more beneficial for the firm too to maximizes the profit. In addition to this, the pricing strategy will directly affect the customer buying power and hence, it has been analyzed that if the prices of the offered products are low then it will directly attract the wide range of customers towards them.


It is the technique that directly to draw the attention of many customers towards them. For promoting products, it uses digital media which is encoded in machine-readable formats (Hamzah and Sutanto, 2016). This type of promotional tools is actually used social media too in order to let people know about new offers. The Internet can be another important promotional tool which satellite phone can be used so that it will help their customers to generate profit for a company. But on the other side, digital media is considered one of the most advanced technologies that is actually helpful for a product for promoting itself.

Channel or distribution strategy:

Foe satellite phones, the place for introduction in Africa, because the product has their unique and potential impact upon those countries where the product is already existing. Therefore, if the distribution and channel strategy of it is good and diverse then it will reach to a wide range of customers. The channel and distribution strategy will directly affect the company's overall brand image in the market. Hence, in Africa, the channel and distribution are well structured and while promoting the product into the market, it is quite necessary for a company to have such a wide and diverse distribution channel so that it will be helpful for them to maximizes the profit and sales (Fan, Lau and Zhao, 2015).


it includes all this person who has their important role while introducing the product into a market. These are the customers in order to create the value creation process and even the employees who help to make a better relationship with their customers. Staff members are also considered as people for introducing a new product in the market and to face the challenges of marketing, the marketing department of the company are also taken into account. The biggest role of customers has also involved the people which are actually helping to build a better relationship with employees and through this, it will help to maximize more profit and raise the company's overall structure.

Physical Evidence:

It includes all those evidence, which are helpful to promote the products into a market. This further involves all service cape that creates a direct impact on the physical environment in which all services process takes place (Pavlou and Stewart, 2015). Therefore, this physical evidence also helps to raise the production level of the company and as a result, it also includes all essential peripheral evidence such as marketing, the product itself and hence, for satellite products, the physical evidence is their product and the brochures in which the promotional tool is used.


the process of the satellite phones is unique such that in Africa, the distribution and selling process is also diversified and in addition to this, the more sales are to be involved such that by increasing the staff members into the working area will be more helpful for the company if the process of delivering the product on right time. In addition to this, if the process of the product is good then it will be helpful for the company to enhances their current profit margin.

Implementation Issues

Whenever any company wants to introduce a new product into a market then it will further face some issues related to their products introducing and this is as mentioned below:

Co-ordination between different department:

to manage the entire work related to their management system will be quite difficult when a company introducing a new product into a market. Such that for a manager, it will be a more difficult task to assign duties to each and every department and if this is not completed on time then it will create conflicts among them and as a result, the production level got a decline. Hence, the foremost issue which may face when a company introduces a new product into a market (Chernev, 2018). Hence, it has been analyzed that whenever the company introduces a new product into the market, there is a need to manage the system between the different department and through proper coordination between each other department will help to attain the goals as well as objectives of the company.

Internal marketing:

it is the promotion strategy in which the company's all objective is attained by the employees in order to attain all objectives through products' differentiation. It is another problem for the company because to keep engaging the employee into the working area is quite necessary because they all help to enjoy the services and complete the task in defined time. Hence, it is another implementing issue which a company faces during the introduction of the product into the market. If the marketing of the product is not up to the mark and then as a result, if the people did not realize that the product is introducing in a market then it affects the overall position of the company and hence, the profit of the company also declined.

Resource and capabilities requirements:

Resources and another basic requirement of the company are also may affect the company's overall performance (Abratt and Bendixen, 2018). Such that if the company did not get enough resources in order to implement new product into a market then it creates some problem regarding the implementation of the products. Hence, it is also considered another issue for the company and on the other side, the labor shortage has also advised another problem. If the company have enough resources in order to introduce the new product in a market then it will be beneficial for the firm to let people know about a new product into

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