Marketing Design And Innovation


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Marketing is the activity which helps the company to promote and develop the identity of its products and services in competitive market place. This is such a concept that needs several sorts of concepts and perspectives so that innovative product design can be developed and at the same time, it will also inspire other activities to be conducted well enough (Verganti, 2013). The present research report is thus made with the purpose of comprehending the essentiality of product design, concept and shape and its value over time. Other section of the report has been emphasizing on self reflection report which consists of learning and findings of the study. Hence to support the content, present study has been emphasizing on products and categories of Apple IPhone which is changing from past many years for the motive of coping up the needs and demands of customers. Demand for IPhone has been increasing as that assists in reflecting the status of people and it highly deals with technological aspects.

Moreover demand is also increasing because of several crucial elements such as range of services; IPhone is delivering, facets of technology and quality life. The company has been targeting only high profile customers as they can only prefer such products. Since technological is developing from past many years; therefore company has been making favourable changes in existing product line. However the products of Apple are quite costly and thus because of that price conscious people are unable to buy it (Vaccaro, 2009). Still the company is getting huge appreciation from different customer segments only because of the advanced technical products. The company has been producing range of new category product so that to satiate the needs and preferences of all types of customers. Hence the company is seemed to be focused towards changing needs of end users.

Characteristics of the Chosen Product

The present case has undertaken Apple IPhone which is getting customer appreciation as well as recognition and which is also the one and alone reason which increases ratio of market growth. Customers of IPhone claims that they are satisfied enough with the current products and services; hence price actually does not matters to them. Since past many years, Apple has been trying to value the customers by identifying their needs and demands and which also makes them satisfied enough towards the usage of products (Stamm, 2008). Moreover Apple has introduced different category of products in terms of innovation for instance- earlier only normal IPhone was there in the market; however as per the passage of time changes perspective have been taken place in the category of products. This is the main reason that the growth rate and market share has been increasing up to a certain limit. The company is seemed to be focused towards branding model which is the only reason that develops the life cycle of Apple’s products (Slater and Olson, 2001).

The Benefits as Well as the Value Derived by the Clients or Customers

Apple IPhone provides number of values and benefits to the customers since the product is of great use for all sorts of customers. From customer’s point of view, it can be said that they are getting varied advantages from the products such as technological learning, internet facilities, status symbol and many more elements (Singh, 2013). Apple has come up with IPhone5 because of satisfying the needs and preferences of customers and at the same time, demand for smartphone has been increasing. The major competitors of Apple IPhone are Samsung, HTC and Sony Xperia. Apple IPhone and all its products are high tech which even provides online services to the customers where in they can chat with people without having internet services. They are also allowed to access information about the company which assists in dealing with range of products. This also increases the ratio of market share and growth as well (Saunders and, 2004). Although the phones of Apple are expensive enough; still it is useful for different category of people as it ensures several types of applications which they can make use even at office. On the other side, youngsters are the main segments which are using Apple IPhone5 only for the motive of reflecting their status symbol.

Young generation of all the countries use Apple IPhone5 for the sole motive of entertaining themselves and also to grab more opportunities and information about technological sawy (Martin, 2009). Recently Apple is also providing 4G internet services in which large pool of information can be derived about different aspects and similarly one can also pass time with distinct applications. Apple IPhone5 facilitates consumers to use multimedia at wider extent so that end users can remain connected with different types of customers (Linus, 2001). It is the quality of smart phones that helps people to remain connected with people through different social networking sites which is also becoming a major source of entertainment. However such high use of internet makes people addicted towards social networking tools and this also detaches them from their family. This however is also affecting health of human being as sitting in front of computer system for longer period is injurious to eye, eye sight and retention aspects.

Value of the Products

As per the study of various articles, it has been found out that smart phones are very much crucial for Apple as that assists them to get huge customer satisfaction and at the same time it also manages current customer base. Since Apple is focused towards customer orientation approach, therefore the products of Apple helps the customers to fulfil their needs and demands associated with subsequent product (Lin, Chen and Chiu, 2010). However this assists the company to provide valuable benefits to end users. Customers of Apple IPhone5 are provided with range of services and applications which aids them to share information and other aspects successfully to people. The company has also started innovation in maintaining safety and security aspects of data contained in the mobile phones; thus innovative work can be performed in such smart phones (Lamb, Hair and MacDaniel, 2008). Customers of Apple IPhone5 are also provided with mobile tracker system wherein they can find it out when lost the phone. Apple has been emphasizing on several marketing strategies so that to make the products managed at market place and also to attract large pool of customers towards innovative phones. To consider the value of customers, Apple has come up with convenient services wherein customers are allowed to make payments of all types of bills through online modes (Hsu, 2011).

This saves time and other resources and hence it also works as a portable device which avoids the need of portable systems. This states that Apple IPhone5 can perform number of functions at a time; thus it makes the product highly useful for potential consumers. The company has changed the perspective of value in which they provide high speed and accessibility to the customers (Saunders and, 2004). Such products are suitable for school going students as they have to prepare several projects related to work study. In order to comprehend such theory, distinct motivational theories, value chain model and customer derived theory. The theory of Maslow states that at present Samsung is the only one provider in competitor’s list which has changed their way to deal with customers and thus they came with several improvements in existing products (Singh, 2013). With this, they are satiating needs and demands of customers by emphasizing on technology and other aspects. Such services helps the customers to stay connected with their families since Apple IPhone5 can be used by sitting at any place anywhere.

The Uniqueness of its Design Elements, Shape, Colour, Design, Imagination, Relevance along with Usefulness

Apple’s products are the most attractive ones as that persuades large pool of customers since the company follows the concept of uniqueness. Design, colour and shape, all have been determined after considering status and preferences of customers.

Range of enticing products is there in the category of Apple’s products which also states how much they are offering different functions in a single featured product. Design of Apple IPhone5 is very unique and new and which is essentially not copied by any of the competitor in mobile world (Slater and Olson, 2001). The products are provided in single shaped which makes it different from competitors and that also reflects its uniqueness. In terms of usefulness, Apple IPhone5 leads people to carry out number of activities as the instrument is competitive enough. There are so many colours in all categories of phones which increases demand ratio. Thus the main motive of Apple IPhone5 is to help people to reflect their status symbol in front of others (Stamm, 2008). It has also been observed that Apple provides relevant information to the customers about the usage of its mobile phones which encourages faith in company’s products and services. Only limited colours are provided such as black, white, blue and green because Apple considers colourful aspects as cheap which could lead it into a typically defined plastic smartphone (Linus, 2001). A common problem with many plastic smart phones is a lack of rigidity when compared to metal devices like the outgoing iPhone 5 its replacement, the iPhone 5s. In order to overcome this issue, Apple has introduced a new construction method which attaches steel reinforced sun structure to hard coated polycarbonate shell. I pad and other music devices of Apple are also available in single colours as that makes the product different from others (Hsu, 2011).

Apple’s Brand Appeal in Relation to Competitors in Contemporary Markets

The major competitor’s of Apple are Samsung, Sony, HTC and Nokia and they are using competitive brand appeal strategies so that to promote mobile product appropriately at market place. In several researches, it has been seen that the brand appeal strategy of Apple majorly focuses on acquiring huge market share with adequate ratio of customer satisfaction (Lamb, Hair and MacDaniel, 2008). Thus the main motive of Apple IPhone5 is to deal with technological facets and also to enhance brand image of I phones in contemporary markets. It is the product attribute and design only that helps Apple to acquire huge range of business and this is the only reason of getting enhanced market share (Lin, Chen and Chiu, 2010). Moreover the main aim of Apple here is to create competitive edge to other rivalries so that brand identity of Apple can be developed. The features of Apple are quite attractive and useful which helps the customers to perform number of functions at same time.

The product (Apple IPhone5) is highly useful for all types of customers and that also ensures minimum cost on different applications (Linus, 2001). Apple IPhone5 is composed with full speed and greater amount of applications in it which helps in posing challenges to different other players in same industry. The design of Apple’s products are also changed as per changing time since earlier it was available only in square shape; however now curve shaped and slim phones are coming. Laptops and projectors are also there in the list in which improvised technology is taken into account (Martin, 2009). Apple has been constantly changing design of its products so that customer related issues can be eradicated. However at the same time, it has also been analysed that Apple is considering brand extension strategy in which they use single branding concept to promote the product even in different market places. Through the concept of product autonomy, it is evident that apart from basic functions, Apple IPhone5 has fast internet access and sharp picture capability (Slater and Olson, 2001). Through the concept of augmented products, Apple has been emphasizing on those elements which are unexpected by the customers.

Essay On Journey Of Discovering Present Study

At the time of preparing current study, I am very much clear about marketing planning and its concepts and what factors company are undertaking to make the product more attractive. This has helped me out to have an in- depth knowledge about the activities prevailing in product development. I have acquired deep knowledge about Apple and its market strategies and what factors they are considering to maintain existing customer base. To prepare the study in relevant manner, I have used primary as well as secondary both the sources as that helped me to collect relevant and quality information. All the sources not only helped me to complete my assignment with thorough research but also in practical application in subject matter. I can now also identify the authenticity of the sites as which one to consider and which one to not. The current study has also helped me to know about those sources which are not at all relevant and germane. The entire coursework although was a challenging task to me as it made my thinking deeper about analytical concepts.

If I talk about learning derived from the current study, I can say that I have acquired knowledge about concepts of marketing and what forces they are considering to increase the brand awareness of Apple’s products. Further I have also analysed that marketing is the only concept which assists the company to enhance the ratio of growth and success and also to maintain its brand identity at market place. From the entire course work, I have also realized that Apple has been following concentrated marketing strategy in which each and every aspect is well defined and that also helps the business to emphasize on specific market segments. Moreover the concept also challenges detailed researches which further take time and resources. Instead of that, I have also faced some types of limitations while making the study such as adoption of irrelevant sites and also about the concept of websites which are not useful for different types of studies. Sources were required not only to complete my assignments but also in overall knowledge enhancement and learning towards marketing promotion activity in context of present scenario of Apple.

The most essential part which I have realized is that the pricing factor of Apple sometimes leads the business to face many sorts of difficulties which further impacts profitability ratio of Apple. Most of the cases are also revealed at the time of preparing such study which also helped me to validate the content of research. At the same time, I also realised that different sources of information needs to be collected while coming up with new research. I have deeply analysed that Apple has been making several types of changes in marketing planning perspectives only for the purpose of coping up with the needs and demands of customers. Hence I also realized that it is the concept of marketing planning that leads the business to avoid all sorts of complexities and therefore it states produces valid study. Today mobile industry has captured almost 39% of overall market which is the main reason that development is taking place in the entire field. To overcome issues related to customers, Apple has been focusing on determination on the needs and demands of customers. The company is also maintaining direct and effective relationships with the customers so that possibilities of errors and market failures can be reduced. It is recommended to Apple to proceed with marketing planning concept as through this, ratio of customer satisfaction can be increased.


From many researches, I have analysed that Apple has been investing lot of resources in R&D area so that to make its research strong and also to develop competitive policies for business upliftment. I have also realised the importance of brand appeal and its concept in business expansion. Moreover the study also helped me to ascertain the areas whereby Apple needs to emphasize so that demand of products can be enhanced. I also realised that design, colour and shape of the product are quite essential to consider while promoting the products at marketplace, since these are the only elements which persuades large pool of customers. From a research review, it is recorded that customers of Apple are quite satisfied with the design and attributes of products as this helps them to show their status symbol. Concluding, it can be said that Apple is the only competitive brand in today’s mobile world whose products can even survive at international market without having any trade barriers. The major competitors of Apple states that they need to develop essential strategies to cope up with the brand awareness of Apple as this may impact sustainability aspects. In many cases, it is revealed that customers of Apple are switching to other companies only because of the pricing factor as sometimes, purchasing power and ability influences their buying behaviour. Hence the major factor by which Apple is increasing its market share is- its brand value. People prefer to have products of Apple and Apple IPhone5 just to show their status and to increase their standard of living.

Apple and its competitors all are coming with range of competitive strategies which leads them to sustain at contemporary market place. However at the same time, I have also realised that to enhance or to promote products at market place, Apple as well as other competitors need to invest huge resources in marketing research process. Hence to conclude, I can say that the current study essentially helped me to develop several sorts of skills such as marketing skills, research skills, planning skills and so on.


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