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Marketing innovation is a concept of implementing new ideas of promotion that includes important modifications in terms of design, packaging and promotion of the products in the market. It plays an essential role and is necessary for each business unit to take appropriate actions which are linked with the innovation for attracting a large number of customers and also, to help in attaining competitive advantage in the marketplace. Further, competitive advantage can be termed as different types of situations which allow an organisation to produce appropriate goods and services at low prices which can be desirable for the target customers (Boachie-Mensah and Acquah, 2015). For example, there are various types of innovations that are carried out by Apple along with the new features in their products which developed high publicity in the market. Further, there is an important role played by the market intelligence for achieving success in the business. It will also assist the company to gain proper information related to products as well as to make appropriate decisions in terms of market opportunities.

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Innovation is considered to be an important element that helps an organisation gain a competitive advantage over other competitors. Along with this, customers are more interested in investing their money in terms of innovative products which is advantageous for a company. Further, a business enterprise can make enhancements to its customer base by offering innovative products which is overall helpful in increasing the level of productivity and profitability (Bryson and Daniels, 2015). In this, there is the requirement to have proper innovation in marketing because there are different types of challenges faced by the company for gaining competitive advantage so it is required to create a competitive edge over others in the market to survive in the long run. Further, there is an innovative approach developed by Apple for marketing through the appeal of the brand name. There are different types of ideas of innovation that are carried out by organisations through various stakeholders such as customers, stakeholders as well as employees that help the company to sustain with satisfying the target market as per their requirements. With the help of digital media, there is development in the marketplace where brands are reaching the customers and companies also adopt their requirements. Along with this, technology is considered as another element for creating innovation which is a strategy related to promotion by different suppliers as per the demand of customers.

In addition to this, marketing innovation is significant for a business in which marketers are able to identify the ideas for development with tangible processes and there is a requirement of an innovative work environment which is a success element for achieving competitive advantage in the marketplace. It can be stated that the organisation is required to ensure that it uses an appropriate approach to marketing products that is based on person person-centric approach with the demands of customers. Innovation in marketing assists in order to introducing a strategy for the development of products which helps to increase the level of performance of the company (Carlborg, Kindström and Kowalkowski, 2014). On the other side, for an organisation, it is important to adopt different practices of competitive advantage which is essential for the survival in marketplace. Thus, it can be said that marketing innovation gives appropriate exposure to the business along with increasing the number of customers and also, helps in protecting the competitive advantage of a company.

There is a requirement to adopt Porter's Generic strategy that is beneficial for business and helps in gaining a competitive advantage in the market. In this type of strategy, a way is provided for gaining competitive advantage which firstly includes a cost leadership strategy where there is an increase in market share by charging low prices of products which helps in earning higher profit. It will help the company to attract more customers by providing low-priced products (Damijan, Stare and Kostevc, 2014). Further, through the strategy of differentiation, the organisation makes certain innovations in their products and services that are new in the marketplace or do not have any close substitutes. In this, it is required to ensure that innovation must not be made in such a manner which can be easily re-created by competitors. Moreover, another approach is a focus strategy in which the company increases their market share as its main concentration is on narrowing the market. Thus, it will help in increasing the level of revenue in the company.

Furthermore, there is a direct relationship between marketing innovation and competitive advantage as there are different types of challenges faced by organisations in order to gain a competitive edge over competitors (Ding, Eliashberg and Stremersch, 2014). It is essential for a company to achieve high competitiveness with the help of innovation as it can be carried out by producing less costly products with better quality as compared to the services of competitors. Further, marketing innovation helps to maintain the growth and development in terms of different ideas used by the company. It is considered to be important for businesses where companies can make innovations in their process of advertising products by using social media marketing which is highly growing in the market. Thus, it can be stated that marketing innovation plays an important role in the growth and development of the organisation. In the context of competitive advantage, it provides strength to the company in order to offer appropriate quality of goods and services according to the needs and requirements of customers (Ersun and Karabulut, 2013). Moreover, different competitive strategies of marketing are required to be followed by the company which helps in gaining long-term success in marketing. It will also be helpful for an organisation to remain competitive in the marketplace. Thus, it is important to have appropriate marketing innovation which will assist the organisation to grow and gain strategic competitive advantage over different competitors.


Marketing innovation is considered an important part which is related to the unique attributes of the goods and on the basis of same, there is the differentiation of products in the market and it also acts as an aspect of the growth of the organisation. Further, it is necessary to take corrective measures in a perfect competition market along with innovative products to which customers would be attracted (Hashi and Stojčić, 2013). In the context of the present study Orbit Drops is chosen as a product of Wrigley which was launched in the year 2003 in Austria. This company is considered the leader in confections which provides a wide range of products that cover mints, gums as well and candies. It operates in 50 countries along with the distribution in more than 180 nations. The brand of Wrigley brings smiles to the faces of its customers around the globe. This particular product is selected for launch according to the requirements of customers.

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In this study, a product of Wrigley is chosen for launch in Austria which is considered one of the most popular products (Ilić, Ostojić and Damnjanović, 2014). The main reason behind this launch is that the consumers of this brand have different perceptions so the company is expected to launch Orbit drops and also provide various flavours in the product. This particular product was launched in the year 2003 in Austria. It can be stated that there is a direct connection between the launch of new products and trends of customers as new aspects are always preferred by them so that the product can achieve their target customers. Customer trends can be termed as the behaviour and perception of people regarding buying products as the demands of customers are always changing. This is the reason the company is required to make some specific changes as per the changing trends of customers (Junge, Severgnini and Sorensen, 2016). Further, there is an increase in the level of performance of products of Wrigley which is gaining positive responses that are based on the utilization of products along with the expectations and to announcement of new elements of the products.

In addition to this, in terms of marketing, the company already started to launch their products outside the US. They also provide appropriate services which are based on the perception of customers as goods which give benefits to customers and value of the money along with it they serve high-quality products. Further, it is necessary to use effective strategies of marketing in order to promote the products in the market which is advantageous for the company. It can be stated that in order to achieve success in terms of new product launch it can be done by analysing the requirements of consumers. Further, it will prove to be effective for business to analyse the needs and requirements of customers before launching products in the marketplace (Kam Sing Wong, 2013). It is considered mainly as an appropriate sense of marketing which is required to manage the forces of sales as well as profitability. There are some of the strategies related to marketing which help the cited firm to create a high level of profit in marketplace.

Orbit Drops was chosen for launching it in Australia after appropriate market research which shows the perception of the consumers regarding the products in the market. On the basis of that market research, it will be helpful for the company to analyse the tastes and preferences of customers. It is one of the most successful companies that launch products according to the requirements of customers. In the context of the citizens of Austria, they are already aware of the issues of health and started making reductions in the level of sugar in their diets. This leads to a shift in the choice of their bubble gums to different sugar-free chewing gums in the year 2016. On the basis of the scenario, the stated organisation came up with their brand that is Orbit drops which is sugar-free and also accounts for 90% of the value of shares (Leeflang and, 2014). This also helps in improving the dental hygiene of the people of Austria. Further, due to the high level of disposable income of people in the US, they are able to spend high amount on buying products. They are concerned about their spending on those products which help to increase the level of standard of living to a significant extent. According to the theory of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, an individual looks to satisfy his/her basic needs at the self-actualisation level. In this, the safety needs of consumers are satisfied where they are given more healthy products which are related to sugar-free content and it is considered an appropriate option in order to maintain dental hygiene.

In order to determine the link between customer trends and the launch of new products based on the preferences of consumers, there is an appropriate survey which is carried out by Wrigley regarding the feature of Orbit drops which is to be introduced in the market. It includes a survey where people will be asked about tastes and preferences of products. It can be identified by using the product Anatomy model that helps to identify the different elements of the product which includes the colour as well as the other usefulness of the product. It also covers the main product which helps in analysing the elements of the product that is offered by the company (Mohnen and Hall, 2013). It is considered as the main element which determines the features of products to attract consumers. For instance, in the context of demand for orbit chewing which involves an element of mouth freshener. Moreover, a generic product includes the element that includes core ingredients which is useful in order to produce chewing gum. There is a high-quality material is used by the company for the purpose of producing chewing gum in the market. Along with this, the expected product helps in determining the appropriate features in which the customers may expect that there is a high level of mint is present in the chewing gum over a long period of time. Lastly, it includes the augmented product which covers those features that are not expected by consumers. However, the company also provides some of the essence in goods along with the addition of value in products as compared to its competitors. In this, Wrigley might provide different types of flavours in their chewing gum including orange, strawberry, etc. which give more assistance to a wide range of customers.

Furthermore, in order to determine the market performance it mainly covers the attitude and behaviour of customers regarding the product which can be determined with the help of various techniques. It is essential to analyse the market performance and to make some changes in the products as per the requirements of customers. It will helps in giving contributions (Mooi, Wathne and Kayande, 2016). It includes some of the factors that are required to be considered in the context of market performance such as brand awareness about the product of Wrigley through which customers are able to recall the brand. It is considered as the strategy of advertising and also, the behaviour of customers. Thus, it can be termed as the probability that customers are familiar with the availability of products. Further, there is another factor which is sales that helps to find out the market performance of a new product which is going to be launched in the marketplace which has many criteria that are advantageous for the company. The sale of products and services assists the company in identifying the performance that develops a brand image for a wide range of customers. Also, it provides various opportunities for the company to retain customers for their repeat purchases (Ping and Shunbin, 2014).

Moreover, for the purpose of managing the performance of products in the market, customer acquisition is helpful for describing the process of new products in the context of a specific brand that will help in the enhancement of products and services. It will assist the company in managing the products that are launched in the market according to the needs of consumers. It is considered an essential aspect for the purpose of evaluating an effective combination value that helps to bring customers to business. In addition to this, the new product which is to be launched in the market is required to engage a wide range of customers with the help of various techniques along with innovation that assists in order to increase the employee’s performance in the marketplace. In terms of market performance, customer retention can be termed as the ability of an organisation to retain its customers for a long period of time. If there is a high level of retention of customers which reflects that they are able to purchase it that creates an increase in the development and growth of business. It will help in managing appropriate criteria according to the needs and requirements of customers which also evaluates the brand initiatives and loyalty of people. (Podmetina, Volchek and Smirnova, 2015).

In this, there is another factor which is market share that helps to identify the performance of a new product launched in the target area. It will help in developing an appropriate assessment of the market portion that is controlled by the company and considered as volume on the basis of the total share of business outside various segments. It is calculated by the organisation through the sales over a specific period of time which is divided by the total number of sales of the business. Market performance can be identified by the stated organisation through the use of a balanced scorecard. It is a tool for measuring performance that assists the business enterprise in assessing the level of performance and executing activities according to the set goals. The stated company can utilise this tool through the measurement of performance on a daily basis according to the strategies and objectives. This will help the organisation for getting information of plans which assist them in performing in a better way (Soltani and, 2015).

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In addition to this, diffusion of the innovation model will create awareness among consumers related to products and services. There are different types of advertisements placed by the company on social networking that provide information to a wide range of customers about Orbit gum which is offered in varied flavours. According to the existing customer trends, stated organisation can establish their marketing innovation with the help of digital platforms. The target market which is selected covered for chewing gums is youth and students who are active on social media (Wagner III and Hollenbeck, 2014). Thus, the current trends of consumers help the company to use appropriate platforms so that they can place their product in the market.

From the above study, it can be inferred that marketing innovation plays an important role in a business where there are different types of strategies adopted by firms to attract customers. In this, marketing is related to the brand of Wrigley. There is an appropriate product selected which is Orbit drops of Wrigley which is preferred by the consumers in the marketplace. In terms of above mentioned aspects identified the product is launched according to the requirements and needs of customers. Further, it is mainly considering the appropriate requirements and needs of customers as compared to the existence of products of Wrigley in the marketplace. There is the requirement of analysing the market where the product is going to be launched and it will help the company to produce as per the demands of customers. The selected product, Orbit Drops is required to apply some theoretical models which help company to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It can be stated that there are effective strategies used by the company which help the firm create a strong brand image by producing it at a large level and most of the customers get attracted towards it. Thus, it will prove to be effective for the business to use those tactics so that they can make their product popular among the customers.


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