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With the passing of time, consumer perpetration continuously changes day to day. In this report, technology very adjuvant perspective that activity to make creative and advanced results in the enterprise. This report is based on search engine marketing tool which is helpful of online marketing, that is helping to search engine result page to promote business website. On the other hand, increase the visibility of website through a search engine or paid advertisement is helping to increase the number of traffic on the internet site (Henderson, 2017). This software is give proper information to relate to organisation on site. The written report is supported on LG organisation. The company basically located in United Kingdom and provide different kind of services in electronics products.


1. Current practice and Simbound game used in industry

Electronics organisation is focus on new trends to improve current market environment, with the help of new technology. SEM is help to connect to the business with each and every customer in market place. This is help or use for a particular time period, when a consumer is interested to purchase a product (Nambisan,  2017). On the other hand, email marketing is help to send the current scheme to each and every customer about the product of the organisation. It is part promotion activity or marketing to increase the number of consumer. Nevertheless, the user receiving the electronic mail may not be fascinated in the commodity or service being sold, or the user may be fascinated in the merchandise or service, but he or she may not be curious at that finespun moment.

Moreover, email selling can be seen as aggressive to some custom-made and may lead to a loss in honour. This is help to improve the current market trend and customer relationship management will be improve (Fairburn,  2017). There are regular updates some time it gives negative impact on regular customer. This is give huge impact on the customer, or may be change brand. There are some new technology must be follow to improve current market trends or increased profitability or productive inside organisation. In addition, customer is chosen the best way for collect the query about the product and services used in market place. There are to be focus on and paid searches each has alone asset with regard to cost, essential origin, technical necessitate, and more than, they some offer robust trailing and the quality to efficaciously control and present carrying into action at a coveted ROI. This is help to improve the website traffic, electronic products and organisation overall strategies. With the help of research work is find that most of traffic in website is cost per click. It is part for strategies to be used to improve productive and profit rate in market. In addition, approximately 85% of the assets spent on Pay Per Click and SEO captured only about 15% in derivative (Pagani,  2017). The understanding of this identifiable integument between two options is that Pay Per Click is respect as the best method acting of heighten visibility. The reason why companies focal point on up their visibility on high profile will lead to more access to steadfast firm's internet site, which could result in more net income for the firm. This is kind of strategies is help to improve the current market structure in online sector. Some new techniques must be follows to improve current market conditions are as follows :-

            Simbound simulation :- It is kind of digital marketing tool to improve current trends and digital marketing simulation for gain the highest score of run done different mental faculty. As portion of their ongoing argumentation of rising learning services, business schools today integrate externally writer acquisition resources into their study programs. This is aid to better the foraminiferous and profit will be modification for long period. This is the strategies is take long time to improve client or profitability both (Redsell, 2017). It is an online mobile technology platform to growth, the ability to mark communication theory at highly applicable potential compose how the selling mathematical function defines the firm’s value statement.

            This places significant value on the up role of the e-Marketer as the first component of action with a gathering, which is method savvy, and in many cases has an above average income. Some change will make as per the need of current online market or increase some new user of total productivity and market improvement rate. It is to be used the different market tactics are helpful of computer to solve any kind problem inside organisation. On the other side, improve computer is help to allow them the different marketing tactics in overall market. All such kind of factor is help to take new kind of new decision must be improve overall imagination of market condition. Some other important factor to be used in simulation are as