Skills And Behaviours Necessary For Every Job


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Organization Selected : Travelodge


Employability skills are set of skills and behaviours which are necessary for every job at the workplace. The high employability skills are helping for getting jobs. It includes communication, team work, problem solving, self-management and learning. In this case study, it will identify the personal and transferable skills. Therefore, Travelodge has been taken into consideration. In this report, it will develop own responsibilities and performance objectives, evaluating the effectiveness against defined objectives, making recommendations for improvement and motivational techniques for improving quality of performance. It will develop solutions to work-based problems and effective time management strategies in relation to work based experience as well (Aeon and Aguinis, 2017).


1.1 Developing a set of responsibilities and performance objectives

Travelodge is a company operating in hotels and hospitality industry throughout the UK. In the hotels, there are many employees working and taking many responsibilities at the workplace such as personal responsibility, decision making process and skills, ability to learn and other duties.

Personal Responsibilities

Direct and Indirect Relationship: It is the main responsibility to maintain relationship in both; direct and indirect manner with employees' at workplace. It is the personal responsibility of employees and management in Travelodge. Managers are trying to increase adaptability for maintaining relationship in between employees (Awadzi-calloway, awadzi and awadi, 2016).

Decision-making Process: In the organization, every employee is taking responsibilities for process of decision making and giving ideas for solving problems. The employees should have skills and knowledge for making decision in company. It helps in achieving the goals and objectives of Travelodge.

Employment Legislation: It is important to apply all the laws and regulations relating to employment at the workplace such as health and safety, wages and compensation. It is the main responsibility of managers to take care of employees at workplace. It helps employees for comfort and safe working environment.

Performance Objectives:

It is the responsibility of manager setting and monitoring objectives of performance of employees at workplace. Therefore, it helps to achieve individual's goals and objectives. Through setting of performance objectives, company is managing every employee at the workplace (Bourbousson, R'Kiouak and Eccles, 2015).

Uses of performance appraisals: For developing the objectives of performance, managers are using the performance appraisals system. It is the method to evaluating the performance of employees in the workplace. Managers are adopting various methods for performance appraisals such as bonus and salary level.

Promotion: Through promotion, managers are improving employees performance and developing objectives of organization. It is important of employees for developing their skills, knowledge and taking high level responsibilities and duties.

1.2 Evaluating own effectiveness against defined objectives

For effectiveness of objectives, it is important of setting and monitoring of performance, identifying the skills, developing knowledge and increasing responsibility for team work.

Identify Skills: For effectiveness of objectives, it is important of identifying the skills and abilities through interviews and selection process in the workplace. Therefore, employees are better working and helping for achieving goals and objectives of individual's and organization (Brown, Thomas and Bosselman, 2015).

Developing Knowledge: For developing knowledge, managers are providing training of employees for improving knowledge level of team work. It helps to improving performance and knowledge of all the team members, so that all members are adopting sudden changes in the organization.

Objectives Effectiveness Activities: Performance Appraisals I am evaluating the performance of employees by using different types of methods. For improving employees performance, I will giving the training. Promotion I am identifying the weakness from their work and getting the promotion. I am adopting different techniques to improving weaknesses of employees by giving training 

Policies and Procedures I am ensuring that all policies and procedures are following by employees in work. In case, any of policy is not measuring by employees, so that I will discus the policy between staff.

1.3 Make recommendations for improvement

For effectiveness of objectives and its improvement, company should make efforts on employees' communication skills, leadership, problems solving and self management.

Communication Skills: The mangers is trying to improving communication skills of employees in the workplace. For improving skills, they are adopting various techniques, conducting training programs at company. In the Hotel sector, all employees are well communicating with customers and management (Dalgaard and, 2016).

Self Management: It is important to complete work in the time frame by developing knowledge and working process among employees. Therefore, managers should make efforts to developing skills and knowledge of employees in the workplace. It helps to managing of works by all team members.

Teamwork: For the effectiveness of performance objectives, managers are trying to developing team work and encouraging all team members to participating in all tasks. The HRM is to implementing target strategies for the involvement of all employees for working in team.

Professional Knowledge: For improving and developing knowledge of working process, manager should adopted various techniques for professional knowledge. It helps to employees for better performance in the workplace. It helps to achieve goals and objectives of individual's as well as organization (Douglas, Bore and Munro, 2016).

Leadership: The leaders who are leads and motivates to their subordinates for team work in the company. Therefore, managers should appointed an individual's for taking responsibilities of leading team. Leaders should adopted various techniques and styles for developing skills and knowledge of team members.

1.4 Reviewing the way motivational techniques can be used to improve quality of performance

In the hotel sector, managers are adopting various motivational techniques for improving quality of performance of employees. Some of them are given as below:

Setting Targets: For improving quality of performance, managers are setting the targets and giving instructions. Therefore, they are measuring performance of employees at the workplace. It helps to develop the knowledge and skills, ability to perform and complete given tasks.

Giving Feedback: Manager is giving both positive and negative feedback and reviews of employees performance on the regularly basis. It helps to employees motivation and improving performance. Managers should give feedback on time and specific which helps to enhancing performance (Elbanna, 2016).

Rewards and Incentives: Managers are giving rewards and incentives for improving the quality of performance at workplace. After giving feedback, they are providing different types of rewards such as bonus, salary and other benefits.

Increasing Strengths: Leaders are giving tasks for identifying the strengths and motivation of employees at workplace, so that they are giving specific and relevant tasks for improving quality of performances of employees. It helps to employees for increasing strengths and identifying the weaknesses.

Performance Appraisals: It is methods for evaluating performance of employees in the workplace. It is method of job analysis for improving quality of performance of employees. It helps to motivation of employees in company. Managers are using various methods of performance appraisal like 360 degree feedback, rating method, paired comparison, etc (Reino, Alzua-Sorzabal and Baggio, 2016).


2.1 Developing solutions to work-based problems

In the hotel sector, there are many problems which are relating to work based. Mangers are adopting various techniques for solutions of these problems, such as communication, leadership, team work, planning, training and time management (Filho, Tenenbaum and Yang, 2015).

Training: Mangers is providing training of employees for developing and improving skills, knowledge and abilities. They are organising and managing various programs for employees performance in the workplace. They are giving training for communication, skills, technological and presentation strategies. There are some problems and conflicts such as technology issues, way of communication, employees are not facing these types of problems. Therefore, managers are organising various training programs and helping problem-solving. They are managing way of communication for improving quality of performance, developing skills and abilities. Travelodge is the company who operating in hotels and travels industry. Therefore, hotel staff is well communicating with other employees, customers and management. Managers should make efforts on training on communication of employees (Giffin and, 2018).

Recruitment: The process of recruitment is very poor of Travelodge hotel. It is problem facing by managers to improving process and methods. For solution of these problems by adopting other methods of recruitment of employees in the workplace. By adopting other method, helps to hiring and selecting suitable candidates in the workplace. The process is helps to improving quality of resources. For solution of recruitment process, they should adopted clear job description and person specification for hiring suitable candidates in company.

2.2 Communicate in a variety of styles and appropriate manner

Better communication is necessary part of growth of company. It helps to improving performance of employees. It helps to solving problems and creating good working environment. Managers are using different ways to communicating employees and senior management. Such as email, team meeting and one to one interaction.

Upper level: Forgiving any information, upper level management is using email and formal letter for communicating with middle and lower level. It is simple way to communicating with large number of employees in the organization. Through email, providing all the information and communicating with individual employees. It helps to communicate with peoples on the different locations (Han, Kim and Jeong, 2016).

Middle Level: Forgiving any information, middle level manager is using the team meeting. It is most effective way to communicating with employees. It is way for providing any information and expressing roles and responsibilities of team. It is tool to expressing the objectives of organization.

Lower Level: The lower level staff is exchanges information through one to one interaction or using memo. It is another way to individual communicate by managers in the workplace. Manager is calling every employees individually and asking problems at workplace. In the large organization, it is impossible to communicate individual employee. Manager is providing freedom to easy sharing ideas to improving working conditions.

Formal Letter
To: Senior Manager

Dear Sir,
This letter is to inform for problems which happen in the hotels, like poor communication, availabilities of rooms, poor services. Therefore, you will take action for solution for all problems. Employees are facing different situations for providing services to customers.
Kindly look into the problems and taking suitable action.
Thanking You
Yours Sincerely

To: Senior Manager
Date: 25 July 2018
Subject: Regarding about the problems.
This is information to all the staff regarding problems in the hotel. Therefore, all staff are better working for customers services. Any of staff member is facing difficulties regarding work, so that they are sharing all difficulties to HR managers or Senior manager.


2.3 Identify effective time management strategies relating to work based experience

For effective time management relating work based experience, manager is adopting various strategies for managing time.

Setting work objectives: For effective time management, it is important of setting work objectives. Therefore, team members are managing time for every activities. Managers are trying for objectives are specific, measurable, relevant, achievable and time oriented. It is easy for employees for managing their time and easily achieving the objectives (Kearney, 2018).

Clearly focus: For managing the time, it is necessary to clearly focusing on work related activities and determining that how to achieve and accomplish. Due some problems like understanding any activity, so that employees should asked their superior or team leaders and resolving the problems. These solutions help to setting clear focus on the tasks or activity.

Priorities tasks: For effective time management, it is important for completing the priorities task. It helps to developing the habits for completing the important tasks. Employees energy and consume time which necessarily dedicated for essential tasks (Madsen, 2015).

Stay away from distraction: For managing time of completing tasks or activities, so that avoiding all the distraction and concentrates the work related activity. It is easy to helping for achieving the goals and objectives. It helps to increasing productivity and effective time management (Kim and Pennington-Gray, 2017).

Working Steadily: It is important of steadily working not erratically for completing the work based activity. The steadily working helps to managing time and completing the tasks and activity. Erratically means unpredictably working in the organization.


3.1 Explaining the roles working in a team

For building up the team, leaders are dividing employees into teams, giving different duties and responsibilities of any team members. There are many roles and responsibilities of any team member for working in a team.

Team Leaders: It is main role and responsibility to leading the teams. They are setting objectives and giving the guidance for their team members. They are taking all the responsibilities during the work based activity. Team leaders are responsible for resolving nay problems and issues while doing activity by team members (Law, Buhalis and Cobanoglu, 2014 ).

Team workers: Team member are playing role as team workers. These peoples are getting goods team from handling projects within organisation. This designation helps to motivating other members to workforce for implementing the tasks and projects on time.

Investigator: In the team, an individual person who is investigating all the strategies and policies regrading work based activity is known as investigator. It is the person who is creating and developing opportunities by every manner. They are helping to developing contacts in the company.

Followers: These persons who are following the instructions and commands for completing the tasks and activity by giving team leaders. It is important for build up the team and achieving the goals. These peoples are improving suggestion by giving the leaders relating to work based activity.

Problem Solver: It is the person who is solving all the problems and issues regarding tasks and projects in the workplace (Lozano and, 2015).

3.2 Analysing team dynamic

Team dynamic are invisible forces which influences team behaviour and performance. It helps to maintaining working relationship, nature of team work and atmosphere of team work. It is improving the overall performance of all team members. This indicate team dynamic is good for team work. But, due to some reason such as different conflicts, demotivation etc. This indicates team dynamic is bad for team work.

Improving performance: Team dynamic forces are helping to improving performances of all team members and organisation. These forces are hidden which improves behaviours and actions of team work. These forces are helping for determining the problems and issues regarding work based activity in the team.

Problem Solving: These forces which influences methods and procedures for solving the problems and issues relating tasks and activity. It helps to determining process and policies of work based activity (Mitra, 2016).

Staff Retention Rates: Team dynamic forces which influences the rates of staff retention. These forces helps to increasing the rates of retains staff in team work in the company.

Company Reputations: These forces which determine performance and reputation of company. It helping to improving overall performance of employees as well as organization. It helps to maintaining work environment, it is easy for employees to working within the company. This helps to maintaining the reputation of company.

Profitability: Team dynamic forces which influences profitability of organization. These forces which improves teams and individual's performance, it is helping to increasing profitability in the workplace.

3.3 Suggestion alternative ways to complete tasks and achieve team goals

For completing tasks and achieving teams goals, there are different alternatives ways of using in the team work (Parmenter, 2015).

Leadership Styles: The leaders are adopting various styles for effective team work and achieving the teams goals. For effective team work, leaders are setting the direction, standards and giving guidance of all team members. These all strategies are helping of members for completing the task and achieving the team goals.

Communication: For working together and completing tasks, it is important to communicating with each members for team work. It is impossible for team work without way of talking in the workplace. For effective communication, leaders are arranging different types of sessions for all team members. It helps to completing tasks and achieving team goals.

Stay Focus: All the team members are staying focus on adopting instructions and completing tasks. By focusing on the tasks, is helps to achieving the team goals. There is no distraction by any member, it is bad effects on the team work. The only focus on completing tasks, it is helping achieve team goals as well as organisation goals.

Discuss policies and procedures: For completing tasks and effective team work, it is important that all policies and procedures should be discussed between team members. It is responsibility of team leaders to discussing and defining all policies and procedures clearly in team (Reino, Alzua-Sorzabal and Baggio, 2016).


4.1 Evaluate tools and methods for developing solution to problems

For developing solutions to problems, there are different tools and methods which are adopting by the managers of Travelodge hotel.

Identifying problems: For developing solution to problems, manager is identifying the solutions regarding work based activity. In the step, managers are focusing to determining the results of overall problems in the team work.

Defining Goals: After identifying the problems, managers are defining the goals between the teams. Manager should make efforts on goals which are specific, measurable, relevant, achievable and time oriented. It is easy for team member of working effectively and achieving the goals (Lozano and, 2015).

Brainstorming: It is way to solving the problems. This step is taking time to solving problems and issues. It is technique of collecting different ideas from all team members and using for finding the solutions.

Assessing Alternatives: By using brainstorming, leaders are identifying the advantages and disadvantages of finding. After that, they are discussing with members and adopting in solution of the problems.

Choosing Solutions: After assessing the alternatives, leaders are choosing the best possible solution of problems and determining its advantages and risks. In case, in possible solution any of consequences are happening, so that leaders are adopting tools and methods for minimizing the risks.

Evaluation: Lastly, leaders are evaluating the correct solutions to problems. In this step, there are no doubts for evaluation the solution regarding work based activity (Mitra, 2016).

4.2 Developing an appropriate strategy for resolving the problems of labour turnover

Training and development Programs: For resolving problems of labour turnover, manager of Travelodge hotel is to arranging the training and development programs for labour turnover in theirhotels. It is helping of employees for developing the skills, knowledge and abilities to better performing in the workplace. This programs helping to improving the interpersonal skills in employees. 

Level of Participation: For resolving labour turnover problems, managers are increasing the level of employees participation in the every activity in the workplace. For increasing level of participation, managers are giving proper guidance and instructions relating to every tasks and activity (Parmenter, 2015).

4.3 Evaluating the potential impact on implementing strategy

For implementing strategies, there are two potential impacts that is financial and non financial impacts.

Financial Impacts: For implementing the strategies, costs are involves. There are two types of costs that is direct and indirect cost. It includes training costs, recruitment costs, health and safety costs. Managers are adopting various methods for reducing the all the costs in company.

Non-financial Impacts: It includes company reputations, images and other factors. These impacts are affecting on the implementing the strategies in the company (Reino, Alzua-Sorzabal and Baggio, 2016).

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In this report, it can conclude developing the responsibilities and performance objectives, evaluating the defined objectives, making recommendations and motivational techniques for using quality of performance. It can conclude developing solution to work based problems, variety of styles for communication at various level and evaluating the time management strategies in Travelodge hotel.

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