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Research Project on Hospitality Industry Chapter-3


Another chapter within the research project focuses on justifying the methods as well as research techniques that is employed to accomplish the aim of project that is to evaluate the impact of training and development of employees on the delivery of customer services. In order to accomplish the stated aims and objectives effective research methodology will be selected to accumulate the required information and

3.2 Research design structure

Research design is consider as important aspect within the research that will support the researcher in addressing the topic in effective manner through gaining necessary data. The research design is consider as an effective research specification that focuses on blue print of the research that mainly carriers how the data or information will be collected, measured or formatted so that research may acquire the adequate information (Jackson, 2011). There are different form of research design technique that will be used by researcher for collecting the data related with the topic that mainly include descriptive design, exploratory design as well as experimental design etc. for the present research project the selected research design is descriptive design as it support the researcher to engage in carrying out the in-depth and descriptive research for the selected topic that is measuring the impact of training and development on the development and performance of employees. The justification for selecting this design technique is that with the help of this researcher may easily gain the positive and negative impact of training and development methods on the development of employees. Along with this, with the help of using this research design investigator would results in gaining new ideas and information that is beneficial for them to engage in introducing the training and development approaches.Online Dissertation help help available At Assignment Desk

3.3 Methods used

Sample organization

This research project will focuses on undertaking the research by taking data with the help of framing questionnaire that is circulated among the staff within the hospitality organisation that is Marriott International, UK. It is one of the leading hospitality organisation within the UK that deals in serving numerous of services related with accommodation as well as food services to different segment customers and guests (Kothari, 2011). The hospitality organisation also manages and franchises the broad portfolio of lodging and hotel in the different region. Along with this, hospitality organisation also have more than 5700 properties in the different countries that meet all the leisure and luxurious requirement of guests and customers. The company is the best place to be work by the staff and employees.

Along with this for carrying out the research project in effective manner researcher may also focuses on sampling technique. With the help of choosing or selecting the sample researcher may easily gain the required information and data (Amaratunga and et. al, 2002). Sampling is considered to be the most crucial characteristic within the research methodology as it principally focuses on the selection of most appropriate representative for the investigation in order to acquire accurate information from the survey. For the present research project the selected sample size is 50 employees operating their activities and services within the Marriott International UK. For selecting the sample size researcher will use simple random sampling that so that researcher may impartially select the staff and employees for the survey.

Research approach

Another specification within the research is research approach it is defined as the key way in which the researcher will conduct study forward so that they may assists in attaining the desired aim and objectives (Silverman, 2010). The present research project will focuses on evaluating the impact of training and development on the performance of employees for this the research will uses the inductive approach. Under this research approach the researcher will focuses on observation then researcher will frame the tentative hypothesis and then it may results in formulating the theory that would support in conducting the research in effective manner. Whereas another research approach is deductive approach that is associated with the development of proposal which is resulting from the suggestion of the theory. Here conclusions are derived from the premises and takes place with the expected pattern that is tested against the observation (Coviello, 2005). Therefore, for the present research project the selected research approach is inductive approach.

Data Collection methods

For conducting the successful research there are different data collection method will be used by the researcher so that they may easily accumulate the relevant and reliable information for the research project. There are different data collection method that will be used by researcher for conducting the proper research it mainly include primary method as well as secondary method. The foremost data collection method that will be used by the researcher include primary method in which the researcher will accumulate the first hand information and data with the help of devising questionnaire or thorough conducting interview. The significance of using primary method for data collection is that it support the investigator in accumulating the reliable and accurate information that benefit in accomplishing the aim and objectives of the research project (Downey Hamilton and Catterall, 2007). On the other hand, another data collection method that will be used by researcher include using secondary methods and sources for accumulating the data. For collecting the secondary data and information researcher will focuses on using the published source, articles as well online journals etc. that support the researcher in collecting the adequate information and data that support them in understanding the impact of training and development on the development of employees and staff performance within the hospitality organisation. For the present research project the selected data collection method will be both primary as well as secondary as they assists in gaining reliable information that support in attaining the stated aim and objectives.

Data analysis methods

Another specification within the research methodology include data analysis method it focuses on the method that will focused by investigator so that they may effectively measure and analyse the data. It has been assessed that after collecting the data from various sources it is essential for the researcher to analyse the gathered information with using the appropriate technique so that close findings or results can be acquired easily. Primarily there are two techniques that is used by the researcher for analysing the data namely quantitative and qualitative technique (Durling, 2002). Investigation technique directly calculate on the kind of survey or examination that has been conducted by the seeker. Under quantitative technique the researcher will focuses on using the different analytical methods and tools for managing and analysing the data. On the other hand, another data analysis technique that qualitative technique in which the researcher will engage in thematic analysis. For the present research project the researcher will focuses on the qualitative technique in which the researcher will focuses on the designing the theme on the basis on questionnaire and interpret the theme accordant with the answer provided by the sample.


3.4 Access and ethics

In order to conduct the proper research there are some key areas as well as ethical issues that need to be covered by the researcher that mainly include privacy of respondents, deception of respondents as well as maintenance of acquired data. It has been further assessed that for executing the study or research project in ethical and proper manner, it is required by researcher to engage in ethical aspects. Furthermore in this respect they are bound to maintain privacy of respondents from whom information has been collected so that other or third party may not utilize the data for other purposes. Whereas to store the information collected from the secured sources will be also focused by the researcher. Ethical procedure assists in deciding what is right and fallacious with respect to society, individual and other parties. It entirely focuses on protecting the right of people and maintain interest of people those are connected with the study related with evaluating the impact of training and development on the performance of employees those who are rendering services within the hospitality organisation. Often it is accomplished that third party may exercise the important data gathered by investigator but the secrecy issue is focused so that no other party will be allowed to approach or access the data. Furthermore the issue that is associated with biasness is mainly focused so that suitable outcome can be acquired by disposing the entire study on the topic.

3.5 Validity and credibility

Research credibility as well as reliability assists the researcher and investigator in obviating any kind of incompatibility and dissimilarity linked with the investigation and prevents researcher in carrying out the aims of the study. Reliability plays significant role in the research that directly assist investigator to conduct experiments in similar manner and main stress is on uniformity of outcomes and safety of standardization. On the other hand research validity helps in knowing the exactness from the acquired aims and objectives in order to acquire proper series of the investigation. It immediately assists in intentional the accuracy of the research from conducting the survey that view in accomplishing the main aim of the investigation. The validity and credibility also state that the present study will be carried out in accurate mode so that right outcome can be easily acquired. Furthermore researcher has paid attention on various activities like at the time of assembling data and analysing it with the help of using appropriate technique. Therefore it can be easily said that research is reliable as data has been collected from trusted source. Whereas any information which is too old is not considered and data published before the year 2000 has not been used in the study by researcher. So it can be said that data collected is valid and reliable too.

To be continued....

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