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Business environment comprises of internal and the external factors which influences the overall functioning of business units. Sainsbury is the second largest chain of supermarkets in the retail sector. It specializes in dealing with different types of product (Aterido, Hallward-Driemeier and Pagés, 2011). This report discusses about the purpose of different types of organization with the missions, goals and objectives. Different ways are adopted to meet the objectives of the different stakeholders. It evaluates the responsibilities of organization to allocate the resources. Further, fiscal and monetary policies are assessed and the competition policies are ascertained through which the pricing and output decisions can be determined.


1.1 Purpose of different types of organizations and comparison of missions, goals & strategic objectives with the similar organization

In today's context, there are various types of organization which serve in fulfilling the single objective which is associated with generating profits. It is essential to determine the vision, goals and objectives for the purpose to sustain within the business environment for longer duration of time. There are three types of organization which operates in accordance to meet strategic objectives.

Sole proprietorship

It is the single legal entity which is operated by the single individual. The purpose of this entity is to generate maximum profit out of various operations (Baron, 2003). They are legally obligated with the reforms and need to be handle by themselves. For instance: Kurt Geiger is the retail sector brand which operates into the footwear industry for the purpose to generate profit.

Listed company

They are the companies which serve wide range of customer by making best profit along with providing the valuable experience to the customers regarding the purchase of product and services. For instance: Sainsbury is the listed company which function for the purpose to generate maximum profits.

Non profit organization

These are those organizations which do not operate for the beneficiary purpose. They carry out various activities for the betterment of public. For instance: National Health Service England is the organization which operates for the welfare of the public.

Organizations have different mission, goals and objectives which they serve to sustain for the longer duration of time. Sainsbury integrate all the activities to serve best quality of product to the customers to create the positive impact on the customers to whom they are offering their products (Berger and Udell, 2002). The main objective of Sainsbury is to make the products available to wider number of customers. By modifying the offering procedure Sainsbury can enhances its customer services in more appropriate manner. This will help Sainsbury to function in an efficient manner over the performance parameters as per the standards ascertained by them to cater large number of customers.

1.2 Stating the extent to which organization can meet the objectives of the different stakeholders

There are several stakeholders which are associated with the overall functioning of the organization. Sainsbury is associated with several stakeholders that help the company in enhancing their performance and which further result into longer sustainability. The stakeholders of the Sainsbury are discussed underneath:


They are the important stakeholders which makes resources available to Sainsbury to make the offering to the customers (Björklund, 2011). All the information related to the customer requirement need to be passed on to the suppliers for making goods available to the customers with the help of these stakeholders.


They are the key personnel which determine growth and development of Sainsbury as they operate to meet requirement of them by making appropriate offering of the products. Sainsbury adopt proper planning and assessment tactics to identify need of the customers and fulfil them in an appropriate form.


These are those individual who carry out entire functioning of Sainsbury to fulfil the requirement of the customers. As per the transformation into business environment, Sainsbury is required to ascertain effective framework related to the performance and reward them to meet the o