Use of Technology in Living Independently

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Living independently is not so easy, as most people think it would be adventurous. Technology has been a great asset in re-leaving the pain of people who are using health and social care services (Turnbull and et. al., 2015). It has provided support in living these users without depending on others. Advancement in technology has given hope to those who are in need of self-managing their life and don't want to depend on others. This paper is about how technology has an impact on the user of health and social care.


1.1 Use of technology to help users of health and social care services in living independently

This era is the generation of technology and it has made the life of people smooth. In fact, people are surviving but not living their lives, so to give them hopes technology has been a boon for them. Some people are deprived of living their lives normally because they are differently able or abnormal. These abnormalities are either from their birth or due to some incident causing lack of control on their body. To overcome such inabilities technology has proved itself a reliable substitute.

The medical field is that region of society that has utilized the innovation in technology or its advancements on improving hospitality and facilities provided to its users. Also it has played an important role in studying the anatomy of human beings, which has helped at a greater extent. New machineries to diagnose human body in a precise manner has helped in identifying the real reason of any disability possessed in a man. Approach of medical sciences has always been inspired by advancing technology. Research and Development sector has seen an immense growth in new generation of gadgets and machineries. From MRI machines to Fit band technology has grasped each and every person intact (Turnbull and et. al., 2015). It can be said that it is not limited only to those who are in grave need of supporting devices but people who are fit or don't need much amount of health care are using technology to maintain their lifestyle healthy and full of energy.

Even at small scale technology has benefited people in regulating day to day functions which is directly or indirectly linked with the health and care of users. For example, earlier thermometer readings were in analogy type which makes it difficult to note down the temperature of patients but now digital barometers and thermometers are used which has helped to know the exact readings of diagnosis. Moreover, advancement in radiology has also provided treatment of cancer in a precise way. Medical facilities are innovating day by day. Engineering and Medical sciences are working hand in hand to improvise the equipment’s and gadgets used in health and care services. Department of surgery is advancing with 3D technology, complicated surgeries are practised by using 3D technology to see its outcome and then it is applied on human body. Moreover, side equipment’s are also modifying giving a detail report about the information of patient. In this manner technology has its impact on health and care services users.

1.2 Barriers to use technology to support health and social care services

Technology has always been a subsidiary asset in providing benefits to a common man. Similarly, it has its negative effects also. Technology play a vital role in health and social care services as it assists in improving the health of Sally at significant level. She is facing problem of Multiple Sclerosis that require proper treatment and this can be possible by adopting advanced and modern technology system (Stephenson and Limbrick, 2015). Hence, it assists the patient to realise her actions and responsibility in effective and efficient manner. Sally require proper treatment with use of proper technology system and one of the practitioner shares his views that PDA which have been selected to solve this disease is lacking number of use of correct and accurate technology means. Sally is facing numbness and blurred vision in her body. For example, an individual is facing several health issues that do not have any option to solve the challenge as they have to be under control in 24*7.

There are several challenges that occur with the use of technology in health and social sector that include breakdown and defectiveness that cause barrier in development in health of person. Hence, in order to remove such issue, the patient have to consult some good doctor so that problem can be removed. Technology involve proper utilisation of machines that is utilised in treating several diseases that may face obstacle which pertain repairing of some part that get destroyed with time. Therefore, in such condition technology do not support in fulfilling final objectives and aims of removal of particular disease of patient. The difficulties which are faced by particular patient like emotional stress, various other disorder, depression can be removed with the introduction of proper and modern technology as they assist in implementing personalised health care.

1.3 Benefits of these technology to health and social care organization and their users

Applying technology in proper manager leads to generation of numerous benefits or advantages so that they could live a happy and healthy life (Reichherzer and et. al., 2016). Some of the welfare of technology to health and social care organisation are illustrated below:

  • It assists in bearing the overall cost of available social care services by making use of proper and problem free technology modes or techniques.
  • The improvement which can be seen in life of Sally is that she has gained control and protection on her life in the form of freedom in carrying out her daily activities.
  • The day to day actions of Sally are also conducted by her in potential way with the help of technology system. Activities related to home, career all are carried out by her in improved way.
  • The attitude and belief of person also gets changed or modified in optimistic way, and this can be possible through adopting technology means.

Sally is gaining a precise set of health and this is recorded through medication in which goes through technology (Ni, García Hernando and de la Cruz, 2015).

Apart from the advantages which are enjoyed by individual, there are some benefits which are adopted by organisation as well as, some are discussed below:

  • The major advantage of benefit bear by company is that they could able to meet the health issues of their patients in effective and efficient means.
  • They could able to solve number of diseases that require modern and advanced technology.
  • It also results in formulating a correct structure so that organisation could able to build good planning system. It also assists in earning sustainable amount of goodwill in market place.
  • It aids in posing positive effect on patient's health as it results in increasing the productivity of organisation so that they could self-sufficiency could be maintained.


2.1 Health and safety considerations during application of technologies

Application of technologies is essential to bring improvement in the health and social care sector and provide higher amount of safety to the individuals of society. It is the responsibility upon the management is to effectively consider all the aspects which are important while using and implementing new technologies within the healthcare home (Linner and et. al., 2015). Here, need to provide more emphasis on safety and reliability of the technologies which adopted for the treatment of patients in innovative ways. From the diagnosis of sally identified that she is suffering from medical illness. The issues from which Sally is suffering are related to standing and eyesight. It is observed that to treat the sally effectively and for their timely recovery from such issues required to apply innovative technologies such as AFO and PDA which allows living her life comfortably. To optimally utilise the capacity of technology, need to understand the do and don't while operating them this will not only ensures the safety of patients but employees also. If proper considerations is not taken regarding use of technologies this will enhance the chance of failure and results in negative impact upon the health of Sally. It is assessed from the above discussion that to attain positive results need to rely on medicines also instead of technologies (Kerssens and et. al., 2015).

The government of nation has the responsibility is to provide appropriate guidelines which directs the personnel of health and social care sector to effectively consider all the aspects which are important while implementing technologies. But it is observed that government is failed in their task which has negative impact upon safety issues in this sector. This will lower down the quality of services which are provided by healthcare homes. There is need to develop adequate training programmes for the improvement of skill and knowledge of staff members regarding use of new equipment’s. This will ensure the higher safety of Sally during the process of treatment and reduces the chance of mistakes. There is also need to implement risk assessment mechanism in the place before application of technologies for the purpose of identification of risk factors in advance. This will not only provide the opportunity regarding removal of such risks but also helps in improvement of the decision making of personnel’s while providing their healthcare services (Hackney and et. al., 2015). This will also enable them to effectively understand the specific needs of each and every individual and provide treatment according their problem. Overall. It is assessed that consideration of health and safety aspects is essential before implementation technologies to attain positive outcomes.

2.2 Ethical considerations in use of assistive technologies

Ethical considerations refer as the process which includes determination of the right and wrong aspects which are present within the organisation. These considerations are defined as values and principles required to adhere by the management of healthcare homes to provide their services in effective and appropriate manner to attain desired results within the given frame of time. So, it is important to comply all the standards and principles while adopting the assistive technologies within healthcare organisation to accomplish their desired objectives and effective treatment of patients (Van Hees, Moyson and Roeyers, 2015). According to the present report, new technologies are used regarding treatment of Sally for the diseases of Multiple sclerosis and cognitive inefficiencies. The ethical considerations which are required to oversee by the government, practitioner and patients are defined below:

  • The patient has full authority regarding taking decision about getting the treatment with the help of assistive technologies or not. If patient is not satisfied with the working of technologies, then he/she is not enforced to get the treatment from them.
  • Another aspect which is included under ethical consideration is about not using the confidential information of patients without their confirmation. The code of conduct which is framed according to that restricts the personnel is not to misuse the information in their benefit. All the information which they get from the patients is only used in the case of their personal treatment. In this regard, healthcare organisation has the obligation is to secure all the data of patients which are lined with them in proper manner and take adequate measures which are essential for their safety.

One of the ethical consideration is related to the relationship which persist between service user and providers. This will include about the services which are provided by healthcare organisation is optimum in quality which ensures higher safety of the health of service users (Greeson and et. al., 2015).

  • There is also need to pay attention on the aspects such as religion and cultural practices while treating the individuals. This will provide the opportunity regarding attainment of the trust and loyalty of service users. This enables the practitioners is to effectively guide the individuals in respect of living better life.
  • While providing the medical services required to kept the interest of patients as prime consideration and not to use any unethical practices. There is always a need to take the approval from the patients while using any technologies for their treatment.

2.3 Impact of recent technological development on health and social care

It is assessed that large number of technological advancements are incurred over the period of time from last many years. Such developments not only having the impact upon the heath of patients but also improves the capacity of healthcare organisation to delivering their services more effectively and efficiently. In the present report, it is identified that Sally is suffering from many diseases simultaneously which makes her unable to live their life normally and independently. The advancements in technologies enables the professionals to easily detect the problems which need to cater in future period of time for their optimum health (Fischinger and et. al., 2016). Application of technology provide the innovative ways to treat the individuals without harming their mobility’s. For example, in the present report AFO is used regarding the treatment of right foot of Sally. Also, to treat the problem of Sally regarding vision, specialised keyboard is used in removal of the issues which are faced by her. This will allow healthcare organisation to serve their services large number of individuals effectively. This will enable the patients to get the positive outcomes in less period of time.


3.1 Identify the specific needs of an individual requiring support to live independently

For an individual, it is requiring to live a healthy life that helps to maximise their specific need. Along with this, it is required to analyse effective frame and structure that can affect individual's health as well as abilities (Dunlop and et. al., 2015). If an individual is suffering from any kind of disease, they need to get proper treatment at an appropriate time. Through this, they can easily analyse how to protect themselves through such disease. Different types of issues get arises with individuals who have specific needs and wants. Thus, health and social care organisations needs to understand individual's requirement and their need in order to provide them appropriate treatment as well as care services. All these activities assist to raise possibility of proper recovery soon. According to this case study, Jane wants to go back her home with positive health. She is troubled from dementia which make her depressed and unhappy. So for this, it is need of Jane to get impactful care, support and motivation to recover easily from such issues. She is suffering from some learning disabilities, so for this it is responsibility of health care organisation to provide them proper treatment and care to make the healthy in short term period. In this procedure, they need to use advance and digital technology for providing maximum benefits to clients. These kind of activities helps to analyse new and innovative ideas to resolve issues of individuals properly. For this management of health and social care organisation needs to provide proper training to their employees to implement transformational in treatment procedure. In this process, an effective planning is required to frame a proper structure of health care activities and practices. Such learning and training module aid to analyse all needs and wants of individual to provide them proper and impactful treatment easily (Blackman and et. al., 2016).

3.2 Recommendations for technologies use which might support the independent living

In the health and social care there is continuous improvements so that the quality of services can be improved. It is of great importance that whatever new is done it is being adopted by the care workers so that the total standards and good health standards of the firm can be improved. Assistive is one of the most important application which is giving a major helping hand to the care takers and receivers. It has assisted the individuals with their specific needs which further helped them inn leading a better life. Jane has a range of specific requirements which are as follows:

Reminder message system:This is a new system in which audio recording is done of special task which needs to be performed by the different dependents. It helps them in reminding the important task they have to do specifically in concern to their health. This way they do not skip the important task and can help themselves in leading a healthy life (Al-Shaqi, Mourshed and Rezgui, 2016).

Wheelchairs– It is an important medium of moving for Jane. As he is incapable of moving here and there through this medium he could move easily and can live a better life. it has also reduced the dependency of jane on there for their day to day operations.

The above discussed applications are effective enough in providing assistance to jane and leading a better life. it is suggested that there should be continuous working on further developing these applications so that they can contribute in the development of present state of health care users.

3.3 Usefulness of technology for users of health and social care services

In order to improve the state of health of a particular user it is important that different technologies are used so that what is best is delivered to the care requisites. It usefulness can be evaluated in the following manner:

It raises the state of health for the caretakers which helps them in living a possible better life.

Through the advancement of the latest applications caretakers become more self-dependent and hence their life become less complicated which further reflects upon the speed of their recovery (Bedaf, Gelderblom and De Witte, 2015).

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It has been concluded from the above-prepared report that technology play an effective role in social and health care organization. These technologies if implemented effectively it will result in supporting the independent life of individuals so that they could live a healthy life. Apart from it, the assignment also highlights the ethical requirement and considerations that is implemented in social care company. There are some unique needs and necessities of patients that have to be solved by health organizations.

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