Supporting Significant Life Events

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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Understand how life events impact on individuals and their social networks
  • Understand and analyse the support available for individuals experiencing significant life events.
  • Analyse responses made by health and social care services to support individuals experiencing significant life events.
Answer :


Life events are change in the situations such as getting married, and life events is the part of Gurney people faces many problems in their life and this events can happen any lime of the life. Some of them are positive life events and some of them are negative life events which can impact on individuals family and their life.

This report concludes that social networks there were many events which were into addressed and also decreased the quality of the centres. The social network of the centres. The impact of the social groups also impacted the quality of the services to the patients. It is very important for the family and the friends of the patient to be very positive around them so that there is a positive vibe in the room and there are higher chances for the person to feel better. This can be understood from the basic experience one has from life, and he must follow them so that the people can recover faster from their illnesses.



Life events -

While working in cherry tree care home, I came across the incident where an individual of around 50 years of age due to a severe trauma got mentally retarded and began to behave in an abnormal way. The individual began to loose his memory and every day he was unable to recognize even his friends and relatives. A time came when he completely lost his control and forgot every relation and began to develop the an abrupt syndrome of mental (Bleidorn, Hopwood and Lucas, 2018).

Another similar incident occurred a few months later after this incident where a woman of around 60 years of age was missing her family. Her children left her in Cherry care home helpless as they are unable to bear her expenses. This made her highly demotivated and she began to miss her family. Due to this, she started developing depression and began to feel alone. She used to sit alone at a corner ad cry feeling that no one is there to support her from whom she can share her problems and fears.

The major event which was shocking was the case of a young couple who lost their children in a car accident. Due to this, the couple began to feel isolated and thus was seen to remain under depression. They used to feel the presence of their child around them and sometimes talk to their soul. This affected their mental health to a great extent and they began to seek the support of drugs due to which their mental balance got distorted.

Impact of The Events -

The impact of the first event was highly imperative on me as I began to associate the feeling of memory loss with me that how will it affect me. In order to overcome this, I looked for various emotional therapy along with medication which can treat the patient more quickly.

In the second event I began to feel the same with me as how children can leave their parents when they need them the most. This scenario built a sympathy within my heart and shake my mind to a great level. For overcoming this, I began to spend time with that women and began to listen to her problems and feelings. Due to this, she began to feel happy and began to overcome her fear (Bakker, Du and Derks, 2018).

The third event shake me from inside out and thus affected me to a great extent. The couple who lost their child in the car accident took the support of drugs whose hallucination can help them to meet the soul of their child. This was very frightening, and I began to realize that how the life of parents changes due to the death of their kid and this made me to understand the value of life as well as negative effects of drugs. For preventing this situation, I began to take the couple to childcare home where they can feel the same connection with other children. Besides this, I looked for various medication which can reduce the effect of drugs and heal them.

Staff Members Experience-

The Cherry care home's staff members have positively supported me in these life events. They properly guided and supported me to medicated such mentally ill patients. They significantly helped me in preparing various strategies and practices for letting these patients to overcome this mental issues. Staff members had rendered approachable medication so that the patients can be treated by me and could recover soon and we can give them new life back soon. With the help of staff members I had given all these patients a new life and they can start their new life ahead. They can enjoy their life and overcome the pains which is being faced by them. I had also meet the old man's family and their child and let them know by which condition their father is suffering and let them realise their mistake so that they realize their mistake and take their father back to the home. At last they are convened and get back their father to home and they all were happy and they started respecting their father. This all done with the staff members had helped me for searching the details of their families and address so that I could reach them and get back old man to his family (Crawford, Thompson and Ashforth, 2019). I also had given the new life to the couple by proper medication and dropping their drug habit so that they can again start their new life. The staff member had guided me to give psychiatric sessions so that they could overcome the problem of other world and started surviving in the real world. They had further overcomes it and again adopted new child and started new happy life with their child.

Impact on Resident And Other Staff Members-

There has been very adverse impact on the staff members by the death. As they had faced a major depression as they had gain a huge attachment with patients at care home but they somehow lack in receiving that lady and she had putted to death. All the staff member had feeling of regret for that lady and they had created a lot for her that she can recover soon and start her new life but she can't survive more. The lady is full of positive attitude but she had loosed the hope to live that's why she died. Staff now is more aware of caring their patients in well manner and rendering the medication and proper motivational sessions to their patients so that they can raise the hope of living and gaining positive energy in their further life (King, and, 2017). The staff members had also access for finding new strategies so that they can properly treat the old women and creating various source for them so that they can start new life with new spirit.

LO 2

A) Effectiveness of The Cherry Care Home's Company Polices And Procedure in Supporting Polices

According to the polices of The Cherry Care home's, if someone need help which is related to their treatment and if they are not able to pay their bills then company reach to them and help them in the treatment without taking any cost from them (Lusk and, 2019). They are providing free of cost services to the people their staff will not take any charges with the treatment. Those people who choose The Cherry care home's get the professional treatment from their staff, and they provide quality services by reaching to the client's home. company has a reputation for providing exceptional care to the people , which many families have benefited from for over 20 years. We have won over 20 industry care accolades, including the East of England 2016 Care Team Award and have an average rating of 9.5/10 on the Care home. UK an online portal that rates and reviews care homes in the UK. Reassurance that you are being cared for by a trusted and reputable provider, with care and compassion at the forefront of all we do. The Cherry care home's does not have that much long procedure to support any individual or social. People have to call them or otherwise they can content them through the Website of the Cherry care home's company (Zeligman and Barden., 2015). After they get the information of the patent they content them and reach to their home as soon as possible an dafter reaching to their home The Cherry care home's staff start their treatment and give them a medicine for their treatment. This is the process of The Cherry care home's and they work like thing to help people provide them proper treatment and their care. They also call them and ask them if they are facing problem after getting the problem and if they find that patent is facing problem then they provide them and treatment again and they try to find the problem which is affecting their health. Positiveness of the Cherry care is they provide better and proper treatment to the individuals by reaching their homes, and they work according to the polices but there is one negative ness of their polices is that people have to follow the proper procedure and individual have to fill the form with this company, so they can start their treatment. This is an policy of the Cherry care so it is important for the every person is to follow this procedure to take treatment from the Cherry care.

B) Support Could be Provided by The Specific Social Network.

i) Family, friends and religious community play a great role in people's lives who have just lost someone close to them because they will always be there to support and will understand the situation from a closer aspect which is a very important factor for the people because that will help the person who lost someone close. For example, a boy or a girl loses there mother then that can only be understood from the close relatives of the family and not those who are not related to that person at all. At this point of time the person who lost a close one will need people to support and the people around who are close to them so that they feel better, and they do not do something harmful for themselves (Lee and, 2018).

ii) Hospitals and domiciliary also play a great part in a person's life who has just faced a traumatic accident like a heart attack because there is a positive reaction that person will be needed at that point of time so that they can work on. The doctors and nurses will help the person recover and make sure that there are steps which are being followed by the person so that they do not have an accident like that again and after this they are shown the brighter side for living which will motivate the person to recover again. It is the work of the doctor to make the patient recover from the traumatic experience they have had in the past therefore hospitals and domiciliary play a very important role.

C) External Sources Of Support For Individuals Experiencing

Terminal Illness of a Young Child:-

There is nothing much the doctors or the parents can do about this illness but there is a positively which the people can show towards that person so that the young child is living the life positively so that there is a hope for curing that illness, and they will be better again so that the family is going to have happiness again (Woodhead, Northrop and Edelstein, 2016). Terminal illness can make a family depressed and support is very important for this family so that they can think straight and improve their situation and not cry over it. If individual is having in serious condition then support from medical professionals and family members matter a lot. If doctors and family members support individual in such sensitive condition then it will develop their confidence and individual will recover from his condition soon.

Macular Degeneration:-

this is another kind of external source that may support person. Physicians, employer may help the person in improving their condition. If person in serious condition and employer provides them leaves and support them by providing medical expenses recovery facility then person may feel relax which can aid the person in improving from his condition. Government is another external sources that have made many policies to support such patients those who are in critical condition, government policies may help person in feeling independent financially which supports them in improving their situations well.

Cancer of a Close Family Member:-

It is very important for the family who is meeting the person with cancer to be positive so that they get a positive vibe because a positive vibe can make the people change and make them feel better so that they can recover faster. It is very important for the person to think positive about their situation so that they can improve and make a change in them faster. Cancer takes a lot of treatment and a lot of time to be cured and staying positive the entire time is very important for the family.

There are some external sources as well that can be provided to people suffering from life events. They will help in providing a better environment to overcome life events. Every individual behaves differently with others (Jones and et,.al., 2018). So, it becomes difficult to identify the nature and attitude of person. In this external sources can be very useful to fulfil their needs which are as follows :-

Give And Take Treatments-

here, various therapies can be given to patient like homeopathy is used. It helps in understanding the person so that its needs can be identified.

Meditation And Dream-

It is best support given to recover form life event is meditation. There are people who provide training and yoga services. the main aim of these group in to provide treatment and care to person recover from life event.

Workplace Support-

 It is related to work place support that is given by co-workers. There are many communities that provide support to people. For example - Alzheimer's society is encouraging people to work with employees so that focus of dementia people can be changed.

Hospital Care-

It is provided by hospitals to improve behaviour of people. It helps in making the person independent and comfortable. Here, doctors communicate with them to identify need. This changes the mental health of person. In this way, individuals can be recovered from life event

It is evaluated that all external agencies help in providing effective health care services to ill person. with this it is easy to fulfil their needs and recover quickly from life event. Moreover, hospital care is highly effective in this.

LO 3

In this part of the report a reflective essay will be presented on the experiences of the writer to gain better vision for the future tasks.


I also have experienced some life events in which I saw many old aged people who were not treated well on the social cares centers, and they have also gone into depression due to the pressure of the being tortured with the health care givers as they were not qualified to give care to the old ladies, and they were also physically abused by the male nurses when the ladies are intoxicated with the high medicine dozes, and they do not have any senses to what is going on with them (Hostinar, Johnson and Gunnar, 2015). So I went to the health care center and spoke to the ladies which were mistreated as they were like my grandmother and I have created a bond with them and I wanted them to be treated as they were treated at their respective homes. When I met them the old ladies were crying in despair and remorse about their situation which they can't change as they are facing the illness of dementia and need to be kept in health care center for treatment. I was concerned about the health and the treatment quality of the old ladies, so I hire a consultant who interviewed the old ladies to know all the details and gather all the information which they were not above to tell more were traumatized to speak about (Hood and Carruthers, 2016). The consultant used the psychological practices to gain the knowledge and helped the lady tom open up so that they can understand what is wrong how the consultant can help them to avoid the instances like that. I then went to the authorities and also filed a case in the government office against the healthcare and social care center which formed me to withdraw the case. The jurisdiction also helped me and passed a law stating the proper efficiency of the employees of the caretakers and also install the CCTV camera in the center to keep the proper inspection on the condition of the patients. By this incident the ladies also gained the confidence and knowledge and the government also got information about what is going in the these centers. They also helped me to support other patients which are abused or were not treated well in these centers. Physical abuse and the mental torture were only done to the patients as the employees where not educated and had no qualification and the patients were also uninformed abut what is going on with them (Burkard, 2017).

Also Read:- Role of Residents in Decision Making

It is important for Cherrytree Care Home to provide support to people to recover from life events. These policies are made to identify their needs so that it can be fulfilled. For this care worker can identify the person behaviour and on basis of that needs are determined (BOMAN IV and Mowen, 2018). Beside this, home care facilities can be provided by care home to make recover from life events.

Second thing that can be done is to guide the patient for care centre. In involves clinics, dispensaries, etc. where proper treatment and care be given. Experts can be involved in providing those care facilities and following up patient to observe his mental health.

Care giver organisation in UK provide social, physical care, etc. to patients. For this strategies and plans are developed as per needs of person. Through that, needs of those are fulfilled. Alongside, Cherrytree Care Home is having highly capable staff that can be used to provide care to old age people. Apart from it, there are other things as well related to care services that can be taken into consideration by care home. It will enable them to work as per care plan of individuals. The doctors and specialist can be involved in decision making along with care workers.

At the top level there are health committees that develop procedures for providing care to people. They set basic standards so that each individual can be given equal treatment. Professionals and staff develop various methods to support bereavement people.


This report concludes that social networks there were many events which were into addressed and also decreased the quality of the centers. The social network of the centers. The impact of the social groups also impacted the quality of the services to the patients. It is very important for the family and the friends of the patient to be very positive around them so that there is a positive vibe in the room and there are higher chances for the person to feel better. This can be understood from the basic experience one has from life, and he must follow them so that the people can recover faster from their illnesses.

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