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The present working scenario has changed and it has become important for enterprise to remain updated with the market. Due to globalisation innovation in the business surroundings are taking place on regular basis which needs to be adopted in same manner so that competitive advantage can be maintained. There are both positive and negative changes that occur in environment and each one of them has their own impacts. It is required that administration understands the modifications on time so that planning for same can be made. It further assists in making the resources available which may be required while implementing the modifications. Hilton is a global chain in hospitality industry which is known for its quality of services and effective marketing strategies (Alkahtani, 2011). There is a close rivalry present in this industry and therefore continuous changes are made in this enterprise so that it can increase its scope and can maintain effective position in the hotel industry. The following report will discuss the different issues that come across while bringing alterations in business and other change related concepts.

Task 1

P1 Compare different organisational examples where there has been an impact of change

Be it any kind of any business none of them can remain unaffected by the alterations that are made in business. There are sometimes big changes made and many times small depending upon the current need of an enterprise. As hospitality sector has various competitors it has to maintain developments on regular basis so that customer interest can be maintained. The manner in which it is implemented varies from business to business as the product and services they deal in vary from one another. Whenever a new way of doing work is implemented in business it affects the existing strategies of an enterprise like they need to be modified or needs to be changed entirely (Anderson and Anderson, 2010). This way it affects the continuity of operations too. In order to understand the impact of change a comparative study of two different sectors is done in which one is Tesco which belongs to a retail sector and other is Hilton which has an entirely different operation as it is a part of hospitality business. The impact of change on both these enterprise is discussed below:





It is a part of hospitality sector whose main product is giving accommodation and entertainment facilities to its customer. Changes are brought to provide more satisfaction to the customers so that they can get higher satisfaction after spending their money.

It is dealing in an entirely different range of products. Domestic products, clothing, and other retail items are found under same roof at competitive prices.


This organisation is known to be relying on cost leadership approaches. The offering of this organisation are provided at competing prices considering prices set by rivals.

Hilton International is known to charge premium pricing for its products and services. The reason being clients are charged with higher prices is that they are perceived of superior quality rather than rivals.