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Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Assignment

  • Course Code: BUS2010:
  • Course Title: Business Intelligence
  • Country: UK
  • University: Centennial College

Management accounting looks ahead, and focuses on forecasting and decision-making. Management  accounting information is used to advise on how the business can move forward. Management  accounting involves using the internal financial information available to managers, as well as that  information which companies must publish by law. This contributes to forward planning, reviewing and  analysing the performance of the business. Management accounting is fundamental in strategic  planning. When a business is looking to make a strategic decision.  Management accounting uses a number of tools to assist decision-making. These include ratio analysis, budgets, cash flow forecasts, investment appraisals and variances. Management accountants  as an integral part of an organisation help the business make strategic  decisions such as identifying and collecting key information, measuring and interpreting information,  analysing  information,  communicating  findings,  planning  changes,  monitoring,  measuring  and  controlling progress. The tools of management accounting help support the policy of a business. They  use various tools, such as ratio analysis and investment appraisal, to identify measure and analyse the  financial performance of a company.  As a newly qualified Management Accountant in your organization, you have been asked by your line  manager to deliver a presentation on the role and functions of the management accounts department  in an organization, covering the management accounting systems operating in the organization as well  as the range of techniques used. This assignment has two parts:

Part A: Produce a portfolio of completed calculations for financial statements [income statements &
balance-sheet] using variable costings.

Part B: The presentation includes supporting calculations from a portfolio of completed financial
statements, plus:

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