50+ Attractive Politics Dissertation Topics & Ideas for High Grades!

16 Aug 2022 7285
Politics Dissertation Topics


A recent study revealed that 41.37% of the students fail to choose interesting yet informative politics dissertation topics. Well, the reason is simple, viz., the vast academic curriculum that comes along with the academic discipline. To bring an end to the student's problem, the experts providing politics dissertation help came forward. But, before moving forward, let us have a look at a conversation extract between two friends so that you can relate to the problem better.


Student A: Hey, B! I am going for a movie, wanna join?
Student B: Hi, A! Thanks for asking. But, I have to complete my politics dissertation, which I have not started yet.
Student A: Bro, what is taking you so long? Where are you stuck?
Student B: Dude, I couldn't even finalize the topic.
Student A: Ohh!!! Sorry to hear that. I gotta go, see you soon.

If you think that dissertation writing is difficult, then try searching for appropriate politics dissertation topics. The chances are high that will end up banging your head on the wall. Moreover, if your story is similar to that of student B, then this blog is your match made in heaven.

Hello, UK students! Assignment Desk is back again with another informative blog for reducing your academic stress. The dissertation writing help service providers have prepared the list of 2022's best topics for politics dissertation writing task. Grab a pen and paper as you start reading this blog!

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Which Are Some Good Politics Dissertation Topics? Here's the Answer!

Assignment Desk, the leading academic writing website in UK, has always strive hard in helping students by all possible means. And, this blog just proves it right. The proficient dissertation writers came forward to answer the common question coming into the mind of the students, viz., "What are the best politics research topics in 2022?"The list of 50+ powerful topics is prepared by consulting different areas of studies. Have a look at them and get ready to surprise your class professor.

1. Good Comparative Politics Topics for Dissertation

As the name suggests, comparative politics refer to the critical analysis of the government system in different countries. Also referred to as comparative government, the branch of political science involves two research methods, namely, the comparative method and empirical method. Furthermore, the topics incorporated in this sub-discipline are related mainly to the functioning & impact of political institutions and their conflicts on different aspects of politics. Are you wondering, Which are the politics topic for dissertation writing? If yes, then here are some ideas that you should not miss:

  • An overview of Mill's Method of Difference
  • A qualitative study on the difference between comparative politics and comparative government
  • Significant approaches to the study of comparative politics
  • Democratization and regime change. Comparative politics examples related to UK and US.
  • A brief about the different methodologies for research in comparative politics
  • Influence of media on the political scenario of countries (Example of developed countries)
  • An in-depth research on Presidential vs Parliamentary Democracy
  • Elaboration of difference between the foreign policies in UK & European countries
  • A research-oriented case study on the voting behaviour (in reference to UK and US)

2. 2022's Latest Politics Dissertation Topics on International Relations

International Relations is also referred to as International Affairs, Global Studies, International Studies, or Global Affairs. The dissertation writers of Assignment Desk explains that the subject revolves around the interaction of a country on a global level. The relation between two countries often depends on the political and economic scenarios along with the law imposed. The beginning of 2022 witnessed many political gradual shifts, and therefore, preparing the academic paper on the current international relations topic will surely help you in seeking the attention of the professor. Below are some politics dissertation ideas:

  • Elucidate on the IMF(International Monetary Fund) structure
  • How has Britain closeness with EU countries affected the economy of the country?
  • Brexit: The impact on international relations
  • Is china a big threat to UK? Comment your views
  • Effectiveness of globalization in the last decade (support with examples)
  • The financial situation of the world is greatly influenced by the issues pertaining to global parties. Support with arguments
  • International arms dealing: What are the controls that the UK government needs to exercise?
  • A critical analysis on British overseas territories
  • How successful are Britain's foreign policies?

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3. Current Topics for Dissertation on Political Economy

Politics and economy go hand-in-hand, and this is the central idea behind the academic discipline of political economy. It is regarded as the sub-category of international relations that focuses mainly on the influence of a dominating economy on the relations pertaining globally. Moreover, the subject also takes into consideration the development of the economy in a political scenario of a country. Are you tired of searching, "Who can provide top politics dissertation topics in UK?" If yes, then the dissertation helpers will solve your problem. Read below for the answer:

  • How has UK government reshaped the economy in the last 10 years?
  • Important steps taken by the Britain government in fighting corruption
  • Role of political issues in changing the dynamics of the world economy
  • Preventive measures taken by the government of UK in fighting the financial crisis
  • Significance of technology in changing the scenario of the global economy
  • Is Brexit a good move? Share your views
  • Highlight the pros and cons of an economic alliance
  • Labor government vs Conservative government: Whose policies are better?
  • UK government should imply some urgent adjustments in the legislative process. Support with arguments

4. Latest Politics Dissertation Topics Related to Political Philosophy

It is also known as political theory. The subject deals with the number of arguments in relation to political opinion. The branch of political science emphasizes majorly on answering the questions related to topics like law, justice, property, ethics, etc. As per the politics dissertation help service providers of Assignment Desk, the subject constitutes of vast phenomenons which are interconnected with each other, and this is where all the problem lies. The majority of the students fail to shortlist an interesting yet informative topic/idea. If you also fall in the same category of students, then the below-mentioned list will help you big times:

  • A comparative study on the history of political thoughts
  • An overview of the Islamic political evolution in the middle-east
  • List of top political philosophers who gave new meaning to the political theories
  • Elucidate on the views of Aristotle on the functioning of the government
  • What are the liberty and justice challenges currently faced by the Britain government?
  • Impact of culture and society on the political environment of UK
  • Important attributes of John Austin theory. Findings from the past
  • A brief analysis of the philosophies given by Plato
  • Highlighting the views of Jean Bodin on sovereignty

5. Political Conflict Dissertation Topics for A+

The failure of a government due to issues related to terrorism, interstate wars, rebellion, repression of the government, protests, etc., is the major part of this study. The politics dissertation writing helpers believe that the choice of topic becomes a tedious task for the students due to unavailability of findings related to the topic. And, let's not forget that a topic without supportive arguments is similar to a human without brain. Thus, a student needs to settle down with a topic which is research-oriented. Few trending dissertation topics are listed below:

  • The causes and effects of the Civil War
  • Elucidate on the government repression in Syria
  • Role of Britain in the conflict arising in Syria
  • Effective Conflict resolution methods (in reference to UK)
  • Review on the Iran oil conflict
  • Identification of strong negotiation methods during wartime (in reference to the current political scenario)
  • What are the alternative methods for dispute resolutions? Explained with examples
  • How to conduct negotiation for the hostages present in foreign countries?
  • Political conflict dissertation titled What is mediation hearing preparation process?

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You are now well-acquainted with the best politics dissertation topics related to different areas of study. But, that's not all. The team of professionals has also hand-picked some of the most effective topics which are currently ruling the popularity chart. Keep scrolling to know more!

Top 10 Dissertation Topics for Politics to Ace the Grades!

1. Importance of foreign labour for the development of a country

2. What are the significant changes done by US in their foreign policies after the 9/11 attack?

3. Best approaches for conducting a political campaign successfully

4. A research on Marxism. Explain using famous illustrations

5. Should religion be dragged into politics? A qualitative study against the statement

6. An examination of spatial modelling in reference to the current political environment

7. US vs Iran: How UK will suffer from the disturbing political conflict?

8. Role of game theory in taking effective political decisions

9. Democracy vs Dictatorship: Which one is better?

10. Should world leaders use social media?

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All good things must come to an end! Therefore, the time has come to wrap this piece of information. Reading so far, you must have known the top politics dissertation topics (2022) for drafting the academic paper. You can choose the topic from the list or wish to create dissertation topics on your own, as per the time constraints. In case you still struggle with your research papers, then visit our research paper writers for help. Hurry up! We are offering unbelievable discounts on our services.

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