60 Fascinating Philosophy Dissertation Topics on 5 Different Branches

14 Jul 2020 5016
Philosophy Dissertation

Philosophy is a discipline that is applied to almost every area of our lives. The subject deals with many different problems in various fields, such as knowledge, culture, wisdom, values, and so on. While studying this subject, students often cross their path with various academic writing tasks, and in that dissertation is the most important one.

Writing a philosophy dissertation is tedious because it presents many challenges, as most philosophy topics have no specific answers. Such questions entirely rely on critical thinking that students have to develop to defend their arguments effectively. 

Many students struggle to find unique and trending philosophy dissertation topics. Are you looking for the same? In this blog, we have explained different areas of philosophy and dissertation topics related to them. Go through the list and choose the topic that resonates with your interest.

What Are the Main Branches of Philosophy?

Before you pick any topic for your dissertation, it is essential to know all the main areas of philosophy. It will help you narrow down the area of your interest and select the best topic to write a perfect dissertation.

1. Ethics

Ethics is the branch of philosophy that involves defending and systematizing the different concepts of right and wrong behaviour. It basically deals with resolving questions related to human morality by defining concepts for good and evil.

2. Politics

Every opinion that involves political arguments to solve major societal problems comes under philosophical politics. One may characterize politics as the activities and practices that are concerned with the government.

3. Anthropology

The main aim of anthropology is to study empirical investigations of human nature. It helps in understanding different individuals that create their values related to putting some efforts into research.

4. Logic

It is another branch of philosophy that deals with different sets of questions related to predication, identity, truth, and necessity. It is about applying formal logical techniques to every philosophical problem in the world.

5. Aesthetics

Aesthetics is the philosophical branch that deals with the appreciation of different art, beauty, and good taste. It is also termed as a critical reflection of art because people who study this branch always learn to admire the right things and forget about extracting flaws from anything.

These are the five different branches of philosophy. Our experts have provided the most interesting and unique topics on every branch to make sure you choose an effective one for your dissertation.

Let's get started with the most philosophy dissertation topics on ethics.

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Best Ethics Philosophy Dissertation Topics

  1. How to compare the education quality on the basis of teaching business ethics to students in developed and underdeveloped countries?
  2. How is the concept of 'aesthetics' and 'business ethics' are interlinked with each other?
  3. How is bribery completely against the business ethics?
  4. The ethics perspective: What motivates a company's business decisions?
  5. How do business ethics contribute to winning employee trust?
  6. What is the impact of ethical decision making on online business operations?
  7. Why does ethical business decision making come under historical countdown?
  8. What is the role of the share market, and how it contributes to exploring business code?
  9. Why is it mandatory to get rid of corporate egoism for effective business decision making?
  10. University students in business institutes in the USA - An exploration of business ethics perceptions and practice
  11. How to conduct a critical analysis by discussing management ethics on the market failure approach?
  12. How does an extensive literature review on business ethics help in discussing the parameters of hiring an employee?

Politics Philosophy Dissertation Ideas for College Students

  1. What is the role of government and people in making the country corruption-free?
  2. Why must the citizens hold a right to learn about the wealth of crucial politicians who are governing different states of any country?
  3. What are the biggest threats to the United Kingdom's foreign policy?
  4. Why should there be a good transparency among different political groups?
  5. How can one explain that democracy is the best way to run any nation?
  6. Are the governments around the globe taking enough measures to cope with environmental issues like global warming?
  7. Discuss the changes and impacts brought by the political party in the United Kingdom since they came to power
  8. How has the evolution of the internet changed the practice of election campaigns in recent times?
  9. Do imposing ban on illegal practices related to gambling and lotteries have any relation with political parties?
  10. How to compare and contrast the functions of the legislative and executives in the presidential and parliamentary system of the UK government?
  11. In the wake of the UK Brexit, How can Britain employ its military, economic, and diplomatic power to improve its position in world politics?
  12. Why are countries like Iran and Syria punished while Pakistan and China are allowed to get away with international law infringements?

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Interesting Philosophy Dissertation Topics on Anthropology

  1. How one can determine the impact of political systems on individual societies by using anthropological research?
  2. How to explain the expansion and development of anthropology in the late 20th and 21st centuries?
  3. Why is it important to study the comparison of different art forms in an anthropological context in Eastern countries and non-Eastern countries?
  4. How professionals of Ayurveda discovered and developed medical treatments to cure many rare and deadly diseases?
  5. Explain the significance of social anthropology in relation to the overall subject of anthropology
  6. Explain the importance of trust in the client-lawyer relationship
  7. What can students learn about themselves through anthropological research?
  8. What are all evidence of devolution that contributed a significant amount of knowledge over the past million years?
  9. How is the field of semiotics used by anthropologists while studying linguistic anthropology?
  10. In relation to nutritional anthropology, what have been the significant consequences and benefits of globalization?
  11. What are the major difference between biological and physical anthropology?
  12. How cultural and religious anthropology help general people understand more about themselves?
  1. What are the key parameters that hold students thinking and increases their IQ level?
  2. What do students study in advanced logic?
  3. Explain axiomatic propositional logic with relevant examples.
  4. Describe the deduction theorem in reference to mathematics and present all the key elements by citing relevant examples in it.
  5. What is the modal logic and how professors teach students this mathematical logical reasoning by giving relevant examples given in the textbook?
  6. On what basis experts tell that physical science alone cannot explain the conscious experience?
  7. What are the key reasons behind not declaring humanity as a supreme religion?
  8. Is there any logic behind killing people in the name of religion?
  9. How to evaluate the relationship between war and peace?
  10. Why should parents be held responsible for the actions of their kid?
  11. How can one connect traditions supported by humanity and force people to follow them as customs?
  12. What moral obligation do develop nations have to address issues such as famine?

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Philosophy Dissertation Topics & Ideas on Aesthetics

  1. Is there any fine relationship between morality and arts?
  2. How does art specialists relate economic power to class structure?
  3. What are the characteristics of aesthetic intelligence, and how does it relate to other sorts of intelligence?
  4. Why is it necessary to find the relationship between fine art, commercial art, and craftwork in the field of aesthetics?
  5. Why do researchers suggest enhancing a clear conceptual methodological attention to workplace aesthetics?
  6. Why universities and different research centers are interested in neuroaesthetics and empirical aesthetics?
  7. Why is there a difficulty in understanding aesthetic theology?
  8. What technique is helpful in finding the Visual Aesthetic Sensitivity Test (VAST)?
  9. Is there any legal act that helps in regulating aesthetic and cosmetic treatments in the UK?
  10. Which ‘normative' dimension determine to create a good perception in the residents of the UK?
  11. What factors signify semiotics a simple dimension of aesthetics?
  12. Which method is considered as the best for effective measurement of architectural aesthetics in private and public buildings?

These are a few philosophy dissertation topics on five different branches. It is quite normal if you get stuck or confused about choosing a topic when you have so many topics in front of you. If you are struggling with the same, you must seek assistance from our professional writers.

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