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After the development of digital technology the society has evolved into a new era. Therefore, it is used by most of the company so as to enhance their business operations in a better manner. Digital technology is based on two way process and all the information is recorded in the form of binary functions with the combination of 0 and 1. according to the current market scenario digital technology help the organisation for getting effective results. In terms of people this has made the life of people more easier and now they can get information from anywhere in just one click. Apart from this, it is providing  competitive advancement to the firm by helping them in making appropriate strategies and plan of action. Talent Plus is the organisation that is been taken in this report, it is a consultancy firm that provides legal as well as professional advices to most of the organisation (Adams and Simnett, 2011). They are using digital technology in promoting their activities so that they can be in reach to maximum number of people. This will gradually increase their sales and profitability. As a result it is assisting them in operating their business ion a systematic manner. In addition to this, in this present time period, individuals spend their more time of using the internet sources by using the effective internet applications as well as tools in order to develop knowledge or abilities of persons in various area. Internet is regarded as most necessary marketing source which plays a necessary role in giving an effectiveness to purchasers in context to fulfil needs or demands of consumers in a systematic manner. Talent plus is recruitment organisation and it uses internet services to communicate with people and provide them effective recruitment services in an efficient manner.

P1) Research proposal which clearly define question and hypothesis with literature review.

This research is conducted so as to know the implication of digital technology and its impact on small and medium firms (DurmuÅŸoÄŸlu and Barczak, 2011). It will help readers to get know the impact of digitalisation on companies and also support to create further research. In addition to this, this research project is based upon various methodologies thus results to beneficial in future. In this current scenario whether the company is small or big everybody has incorporated digital technologies in order to get effective results. Therefore the company that has been taken in this report i.e. Talent Plus has optimised latest tools and technologies for conducting their business in a an appropriate way. Thus, it is helping them in  performing their activities in a better manner. Apart from this, company is using these technologies for enhancing the skills and knowledge of the workers and as a result it is enabling the employees for giving effective outcomes. Other than this, Talent Plus is using this for expanding their business in different areas as well.

Background of Research

            In this competitive era, digital technology is an effective source to communicate with people in an effective manner. Through digital technology, Talent plus can achiever the higher success and also increase its market growth in context to execute its business operations at large scale (Büyüközkan and Arsenyan, 2012). As Talent Plus is recruitment company and it provides effective recruitment services to the people of United Kingdom so that they will get job and their standard of living can be enhanced. Through using the advanced technology, firm can make improvement in its production process and reducing time, cost etc. Digital technology is a procedure of making every thing digital and convert information in to the digital format.

Research Aim: