Strategy To Improve Customer Service

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Question :

Customers are the king of the market and the company so it is important for the business to come up with such strategies which can be customer-centric. The company chosen is Crabtrees Ltd which is planning to come up with the strategies which can offer the best service to customers. This project will cover the strategy to improve customer service.

  • Analysis of links between the organizational values, mission, vision, and customer focus.
  • Analysis of customer expectation and preference.
  • Explanation of connection between the customer service strategy and marketing positioning of the company.
  • Importance of customer retention and satisfaction.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Crabtrees Ltd


Customer focus is very imperative in this competitive environment. The organization develops different strategies to get customer’s attention. This report is about Crabtress Ltd. that is a real estate organization in the United Kingdom. Reports help in identifying relation between the mission, vision, and objectives of organization.

Further, it covers explanation of connections between customer service strategy and an organisation’s market positioning. After this, the report will explain the concept of listening in an organization. Lastly, it consist about the importance of customers services to stakeholder.



Consumer is the king of market and every organization produces products according to customers’ needs and desires. An organization focus on needs of customers and draft plan according to their requirement. They adopt various strategy to implement plans. (Bailey and, 2018). The SMT (Senior Management Team) of Crabtrees Ltd frames organizational values such as vision, mission and objectives to keep their customers in mind. Link between customer focus and organizational rules-

Values- SMT of Crabtrees Ltd has its own core values like excellence, customer’s respect, integrity, community etc. Those values are decided according to customer’s taste and demand. Main purpose of value is to provide customers’ satisfaction.

Vision- In order to satisfy customers requirement they provide them with comfortable accommodation with well developed society area. They render quality services to fulfil customers requirement. SMT of Crabtrees Ltd provides comfortable and valuable services at low cost.

Mission- they provide excellence services to become leading real estate organisation. SMT of Crabtrees Ltd provides their best services to customers with their prefixed mission.

Objectives- Designing, developing and leasing properties to the customers are the objectives of Crabtrees Ltd that provides properties to customers according to their investment. Further, it always focuses on customers’ requirements and provides services that satisfy them.


Users are becoming increasingly demanding in today's era. They not only want high choice commodities but they also expect high quality customer services. The SMT of Crabtrees Ltd evaluates market demands and customer’s expectations. They also decided to implement new products and services to their consumers and gain its former share.

Identify gap - SMT determine gaps between customer beliefs and actual employment provided at contrasting stages of service transfer (Bryson, 2017).

Evaluate consumer expectation- Situational expectations are helpful to evaluate consumers’ expectations. SMT identify customer demand which reflect human relationship between the customer and supplier of product or service.

Needs and Values- SMT To meet customers expectation the provide quality services. Company satisfy demand of customers by utilising there resources.

Human Resource Policy- Human resources policies are adopted by company to fill gap between expectation and reality. They design products according to desire of customers. Their main motive is customers satisfaction.


Consumer service scheme – Impressive customer services strategy play major role in growth of enterprise. Customer care services help in creating satisfaction among customers, helping to hold loyal customers and to gain levels of enterprises globally.

Organization market positioning - It plays vital part for organizational and business strategy. Positioning is the key to effective marketing strategic planning. Organization’s market positioning increases the sales, stakeholders’ interest and also helps in maintaining the goodwill. Market aligning help in creating brand image of company.

  • Customer service strategy creates customer service vision and understands their responsibility (Cooper, 2017). Positioning refers to business identity of a brand. Positioning and customer services strategy assesses customers’ needs.
  • Market positioning and consumer service strategy helps to set goals according to consumers’ needs and wants. It helps to reach their organizational goals.
  • Having a strong vision and effective strategies for market positioning is a critical component for occurrence of any organization. Client service strategy is necessary for the growth of organization and business.


Financial Execution- It includes analysis and representation of business statement of the organization or business. A Financial Report is a summary of Business Performance. reports identify the financial wellness of a business. Financial performance includes analysis -

  • On the job Analysis
  • Financial construction Analysis
  • Action Analysis
  • Profitability Investigation

Business Growth- Business growth is a stage, which reaches the point for sales expansion, market expansion, business value and growth. Business growth requires organizational system and procedures that will manage growth in effective manner. Maintain the owner and management role helps in business growth.

Build Infrastructure – Financial performance and business growth helps customers to build infrastructure that supports their strategies.

Resolve customer issue- customer care strategies helps to resolve issues faced by customer.

Continuous Improvement- It improves organizational system and helps in business expansion. It improves team performance and achieves performance targets (Ginter, Duncan. and Swayne, 2018). Continuous improvement helps in identifying improvements that any business can adopt in order to attain success.

Build a reputation – Business growth help to build reputation in the market and it helps in market expansion. Financial performance develops customer care strategies.


Client retention- It mentions actions and activities of company. It measures the customers’ loyalty and capacity of existing business in market. Consumers’ retention shows that consumers are satisfied with both services and products. Understanding future needs of customers help in customer retention.

why employee and customers’ feedback is important-

Customer Retention- Satisfied customers will stay with Customer Spirit- It evaluates customers’ concern of goods or services supply by company. Consumer satisfaction is a reflection of business, which gives positive and negative outcomes for business (Kumar and Reinartz, 2018). Customers’ satisfaction is important because it helps to solve problems. Business ethics helps customer satisfaction that creates goodwill for existing business.

1.Information that is not available to competitors, guiding organizational and market position in Market Research is crucial in developing that is sustainable competitive advantage because it discovers.

2. A sustainable competing benefit is the key to business success in international market. Understand the strength and core areas of the business to gain attention in the competitive market.

3. A sustaining competitive advantage is an in providing value to the customers. Understand the global market and its segments.



Listening skills is effective in an organisation. Listening skills give the other person full attention and helps to build the relations within the organisation. Listening helps to develop trust and maximizes each other’s strengths in an organisation. It includes maintaining reputation, motivates employees, reduce conflict, developing trust, etc.

Maintaining your reputation- Listening skills help to maintain reputation of an organisation, which helps you to interact in the corporate world. Organisational listening refers to effectively capturing opportunities. Listening can tarnish the company's reputation.

Motivating Employees- A good listener is able to improve the morale of employees. Attentive listener motivates their members and employees (Luo and Bu, 2018). Further, it also helps workers to find characteristics of tasks and they find the most profitable and difficult.

Reduce Conflict- Listening can reduce conflicts. Organizational listening refers to a process of deploying listening tools and effectively capturing appropriate employee sentiments at points and frequencies to enable effective organizational decision making.

Developing Trust – Listening is essential for building trust. It helps in collaborating and maximizing each other strengths. It enables to adopt facts to make judgements that goodness of our business concern.


Customer response is information supply by consumers and clients just about whether they are satisfied or discontent with a commodity or work they had with an organisation or company. Customers’ feedback helps to improve products and services. Employee and customer feedback helps to ensure that end production will actually meet their supply solve problems and execute their demand. Listening to clients and employees help to communicate that their opinion is important for the company.

Below given are the reasons why employee and customers’ feedback is important-

Customer Retention- Satisfied customers will stay with longer in the organization. Employee and customer feedback helps to determine that consumers are satisfied with divine services and detect region where should modify.

Taking business decisions- Employee response is one of the most reliable points for real data that can be used in taking any business judgement. Clients’ insights will help to read consumers and their necessarily profoundly.

Helps to create best customer experiences- The most impressive way to give surprising experience is to request clients and employees what they look-alike about their divine service and what should be developed.


Effective listening skills make employees more responsible. The power to listen cautiously allows worker to better realise assignments and task which are given. Listening reduces risks of misunderstanding (Van Androniceanu, 2017. It gives a person to inspire and motivate employees.

Below given are the profits of an organisation of hearing to customers-

Spread out capability and knowledge- Effective hearing skills make an employer more efficient and confident of their position. It improves knowledge and helps to fulfil job requirements through innovative learning.

Saves time and money- Effective listening to customers and clients cut down risks of misinterpretation and mistakes that could be very negative for business; it saves time and wealth for business.

Figure out difficulty quickly - A businessperson should be attentive to what employer has to express and understand client’s needs. Listening helps in to make cleared decisions and to discover more about all feature of the organization.


All employees and customer are valuable to business and company. Costumer views and feedback helps an organization to evaluate their products and services. The more we know about customer and their opinions and experiences helps in to evaluate the global market. Sorting feedback will immediately help to show a wider picture of how customer views any services (Haines, 2016). Evaluation can help in discover most loyal influencers. Analyse information is a great tool to drive regular communication between your customers. Information collected from customer experiences manages and identify key drivers which helps in to track the future business.

Understand the value of customer- Clients and consumers are valuable for any business enterprise. It is essential to understand worth of costumers.

Look for trends- Analysing customer opinions help in growth of a business. Identifying trends is also one of the most important trends that could show right and wrong things for business.

Look at root causes- We need to understand what driving consumer loyalty is if we want to survive in global market customer feedback will help. It is useful to make the analysis of root cause.



People development is an organization’s job or looking to take responsibilities of career growth.

Stretch assignments and projects- Organization think about special assignments in the next coming months and who can take this responsibility to improve skills. SMT gives assignments to employees to find out the best customer service strategy to develop their marketing skills.

Job enrichment- These employees' development opportunities beneficial for employee’s current job role. For example, presentation at meetings, volunteering etc. gives SMT opportunities to increase their job skills.

Mentoring- Organization provides demonstration benefits of quality work, excellent communication skills and also provides solutions to problems (Homburg, Jozić. and Kuehnl, 2017). SMT conducts training for employees’ developments.

Job Shadowing- Job shadowing is a great path for employees to learn different elements apart from their job, while future developing in their job. SMT provides this way to its employees to explore their career.

Job Rotation- For employees’ development, SMT provide a chance to their employees to move and rotate through one or other working positions. Rotation of job can for days, months and for years.

Lateral move- Lateral move is important for employees to prepare them for new challenges and develop new skills.

Promotions- SMT promote those employees who are more talented and skilful. Give new position, new job responsibilities and hike in salaries.

People development of an organization increases the market value. SMT develop their develop people and these develop people build a relation with customers and provide the best customer services to them.


Leader is the head of section, is in charge of a group of people and supportive. Leader takes actions to do their job as follows-

Trust building- Trust cannot be acquired; it must be earned. Without trust, a leader cannot work. SMT leader should be trustworthy towards their employees and job. If employees feel that their leader is not trustable then they will do half-quartered performance.

Demonstrating courage- An opportunity comes when a leader takes a team. SMT leader must be courageous to handle team and accomplish goals (Cooper, 2017). A leader always inspires employees to do their job efficiently.

Challenging- Part of a leader's Customer Focus for Strategic Advantageous is to create a teamwork culture; a leader ready to accept challenges and complete team goals. Leaders have an ability to motivate their employees to do their job with zeal. SMT leader motivate employees to accept challenges and complete job responsibilities.

Communicating effectively- Leader should be an effective communicator at all team levels. He must deliver clear and informative message to employees. SMT leader has two communications to accomplish goals.

An effective leader motivates employees, creates relationship with customers and provides quality services according to their needs.


People are the main branch of organization. Their development increases the organization value. For employees' development, SMT conduct training and development program to provide assignments for improving employees’ skills, give opportunities to employees through presentations in team meetings for improvement in their spoken skills, job rotation for days, months and years to understand other job responsibilities.

Motivate employees by promote them and increase their salary. These all-developmental efforts polish the employees’ skills and make them more skilled and qualitative. Skilled empowerment increases organization’s productivity and creates a clear image of organization.

Qualified and skilled employees easily come to know customers’ requirements and helpful to produce qualitative production (Bryson, 2017). Customer services are an important part of an organization’s responsibility. The Best customer service attracts more customers and Increase Company’s revenue. Customer expects that organization give good customer service like their products and this customer expectation will be complete by skilled develop employees. Therefore, people development, empowerment and customer service depends on each other. Develop people, well empowerment provide best and qualitative customers services.


Developed and skilled empowerment is an important part of an organization to produce qualitative products. Empowerment employees provide guidance to organization what and how they produce their product and actual customer’s needs.

To provide the best customer services, an organization empowers employee’s research on customers’ desires and study the market environment to collect data; collected data give an idea to production and service department and provide services according to data collection. In today's scenario customer wants a qualitative customer service with good product quality (Bailey and, 2018).

SMT focus not only on products but also on customer services too. Development in empowerment will increase company customer service. Let's take an example- if unskilled employees of an organization try to make a healthy relation with customers and want to know their requirements and opinion about their products and services, they can't get success. While skilled employees doing the same job at other side they can easily build a relation with customers and provide good customer services according to their needs. Therefore, employee's empowerment is important to provide the best customer services.



Manager of Crabtrees Ltd is using some strategies to support customer service by recognition and reward to staff. Company can only increase or maintain its share if their staffs are good as because if staff is not good that company's customer is not satisfied.

In order to satisfy customers, Human Resources Manager uses some techniques that are as follows-

Involvement of all employees’ in development, implementation and revision of reward programs- This is the best way to motivate employees as if they are motivated or encouraged, customer services will be outstanding. There is direct connection in between employee’s motivation as well as customer services (Saeidi and, 2015). Addition to this, this strategy will also encourage effective communication between employees’s and top management.

Ensure that employee’s view the reward as worth the effort- In the program of reward development procedure, it is very critical to ensure that they value rewards and see them as worth the efforts. It is essential that manager of company must measure inputs of employees and then select rewards accordingly. By doing this work, this will surely increase satisfaction of customers by giving valuable and effective services to them.


There are many theories or models of motivation and models of performance that contributed in achieving objectives of customer services.

Abraham Maslow' Theory- This is the theory of motivation that has five stages. In this theory, employees are motivated by achievement or fulfilment of certain needs. By this theory, employees are motivated which results in fulfilment of customers service of organisation. (Demil and, 2015).

These are five stages as follows-

Physiological needs- Food, shelter and cloth are main needs for a human that includes the first stage of this model. If these needs are not satisfied then individual cannot able to function optimally.

Safety needs- Security, protection, order law, freedom from fear, stability are included in safety needs. In order to work optimally in an organisation, it is very important that an individual must feel safe and secure.

Love and Affection needs- After all these needs, this is the third need, which is also necessary for humans. Without love and affection, one cannot work effectively, workplace within organisation looks like jail or war. Like- friendship, family, trust etc.

Esteem needs- According to Maslow, each and every person who is the part of organisation needs respect and reputation. Dignity, achievement, status, prestige are the main elements of esteem needs.

Self-actualization needs- Personal growth and peak experience is the most essential part of human as every needs to become what he/she is capable with.

Therefore, it is very essential for Crabtrees Ltd to use these tools or theories of motivation, which in result help contribute to the achievement of customer service objectives.

Other than that, there is performance management model, which is also very essential for achievingt objectives of customer services (Wuyts Rindfleisch and Citrin, 2015).

Goal setting theory- This is the theory of performance management, which was given by Edwin Locke in 1968. This theory explained that it was very important to establish goals of an individual by all employees of a company. Motivation of individual is largely increased by setting of goals because employees keep walling on the path of achievement of goals. They will improve the performance if the goals are not achieved. Therefore, managers of Crabtrees Ltd are using this model of performance for achievement of objectives of customer services.


There are various options available to communicate with stakeholders about strategies of customer services. Communication with stakeholders is the most essential way to identify target market. There are some options available to communicate with key stakeholders are as; the manager of Crabtrees Ltd can use formal and informal methods for communicating with key stakeholders and they are as follows-

Meeting- Meeting can be conducted by a company with shareholders so that company will be able to improve customer services (Lechner and Gudmundsson, 2014). Meeting can be small or can a thousand based or audience based. Views, dialogues and discussion will be there in any meeting. It is the best way to have both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Conference Calls- This is also the best way to communicate with key stakeholders as it does not require lot of time and money to travel. This can be done by voice calls and it largely depends on the network and clarity of the verbal message. Only cost of phone call is required and company can easily do meeting by voice call with employees and others.


It is very important to communicate present customer service strategies to stakeholders as company do each and every task for the sake of their customers. Therefore, the vision and mission of company should be clear. The reason behind is that if suppliers of company do not know about customers needs in a product like quality, size, packing etc. or what it is going to offer then they will not supply the products as per the requirements; it should be clear and specified and suppliers should know about strategies of customer services (Dong and, 2015).

In addition to this, it is also very essential to present strategies in front of employees of a company so that they will work or perform accordingly. Besides this, it is important to present customer service strategies in front of shareholders so that adequate capital or cash flows can be obtained on time.

These are the reasons why it is important to present customer service strategies persuasively to stakeholders of any company. Crabtrees Ltd is also following this strategy so that they can give the best services to their customers and grab large market share.



Business development is the process of enhancing the number of sales and revenue of a company. It is a procedure of gaining potential customers. In order to stand in the world of competitive world, it is very essential to formulate strategies and techniques (Bryson, 2018). There are some approaches for business development like continuous development and service excellence approaches with financial and growth-driven approaches. There is a great comparison in between them and a company can use two approaches either it can grow or develop its business by profit and market share, or by giving outstanding services to customers and continuously improving the quality. By following first approach, continuous development and service excellence company.


As per author Banerjee, 2017, there are certain ways to improve the customer focus across their company. Customer focus is usually a strong contributor to the entire success of a business.

There are some challenges that the company faces in maintaining customer focus and continuous improvement programs. They are as follows-

High Competition- Crabtrees Ltd is facing high competition in the market. In order to maintain the customer focus, company has to give its efforts in the quality of products to beat competition as well as to attract people towards their products.

Leadership challenges- This is the challenge, which company faces internally but it affects company as whole (Jansson, Nilsson, Modig and Hed Vall, 2017). In maintaining customer focus and continuous improvement needs, leadership plays a vital role. Without leadership skills, company cannot able to focus on customers.

High cost- In order to grab or maintain the customer focus, company must enter in market with low prices. This will make the cost of production very high thus, sometimes company faces losses. This is also the biggest challenge faced by company.


Feedback plays a vital role in the entire development and growth of a company (West, Ford and Ibrahim, 2015). Feedback can be positive or negative but it is very useful continuous development or improvement of a company. By getting feedback, a company can identify needs and wants of customers as per their feedbacks given.

There are some important points of feedbacks-

It is cheapest and the most powerful weapon- feedback taking is not the costly affair; it is the cheapest and the most powerful weapon of a company for doing regular improvement in services to give optimal satisfaction to customers.

Increase the value of customers- If company takes feedbacks from customers then they feel valued by them and if customer feels valued they become loyal customers for company (Bettencourt, Lusch and Vargo, 2014). Once company has loyal customers than company will get adequate market share in the market place.

Feedback improves the performance- Feedback is the best way to improve the performance of the company as feedback is positive and negative both. Employee’s performance will be increased by taking feedbacks.


There are some factors that determine the speed at which customer service improvement can be made -

Training and Development of employees- this is the best factor for the improvement of customer services as if company will provide training to employees that result in huge amount of improvement in customer services (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). Trained and skilled employees are needed for giving effective customer services.

Effective communication and teamwork- It is very essential to have effective communication and teamwork for continuous development of customer services. Employee must have effective skills of communicating with customers (Peppers and Rogers, 2016).


From the above report, it was concluded that in order to win the market, it is very essential to focus on customer first. Further, the report also concluded the analysis the link between customer focus and organizational vision and mission. Besides this, this report also make understood the customer expectations and preferences in the context Crabtrees Ltd. Comparison of the importance of customer retention and one-off customer satisfaction when sustaining and developing competitive advantage customers is also concluded in this report.


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