Development Process of Construction Industry

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Question :

This assessment will cover certain questions which are like:

  • Provide appropriate factors for the construction industry.
  • Critically evaluate construction company and also their projects.
  • Elaborate the changes and the collaboration.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hi- Tech Construction company


Construction practice management plays an important role in small as well as big companies. Construction is the fastest and one of the most developing industry in UK in which both private as well as public sectors are concerned. Report aim is to provide deep knowledge about construction sites and it is based upon a case scenario in which medium size family owned construction firm wants to change its structure, wants to maintain relationship through form, contracts and tendering and the name of a company is 'Hi- Tech Construction company'. Study presents the history of construction industry and the importance of all parties which are involve during construction organization. Further it also critically evaluate how companies have develop their structure and business ethos. Further report also presents different types of construction companies in a market and their relationship within a tendering process. It discuss the key stages in a construction project and how building information modelling informs different stages.


a) Development of the Construction Industry

In UK, construction industry contributes a more than 60 Euro million in country's economy in 2004. After some years in 2009, the industry employed more than 2.2 million peoples in which 194000 construction firm are involved (Ashworth and Perera, 2018). Earlier, the sector was not as much confined and did not contributed much amount to the GDP of a country but a sudden change occurred in 2012,. One of the largest construction project in UK took takes place named as Cross-rail. In 2018, a new railway line is open which is running from east to west and consider Europe's one of the largest project and at time this industry comes into professionalism with a cost of 15 Euro billion. Before the company follows flat structure but as the time passes they wants to follow a hierarchical structure. Therefore, as the developing times passes, construction industry changes their structure in order to get professionalism in this modern world. So that they will helps to contribute their part in the modern world.

b) Presenting The Scope and Linkage Between All Parties During Construction

As per the case scenario, there are different parties got involved while construction project such as :


As per the case scenario, it is a first party under which owner is one who owes the project or wants to construct. As per the case scenario, owner is one who wants to construct a couple of near parallel highways 12 km apart which link London to international airport in outskirts of London, Heathrow (Hammond, 2018).


It is second most important party who takes whole responsibility to complete the work on time and he is engaged by the owner itself. In the context of case scenario Contractor is a person who finalises the budget and maximizes the resources efficiency through labour, material and equipments and helps them to complete all the work on time.


It is the third party in the case scenario who basically provide designing for the project which is going to be executed. Architect provides a detail plans with his strong vision as well as creative ideas in order to satisfies the client or owner (Javed, Zhan and Pan, 2018).


It is the third party in the case scenario who invest or provide some funds to start the work on time.

These all parties are linked with each other such that when the owner initially mind make to get the work start at that time they need a contractor in order to finalize the budget while on the other side architect provides design layout so that to how the project looks in future. To get start the work early they needs funder who provide funding so that entire work will start.

c) Identifying Different Types of Tendered By Contractors

There are different types of tenders which are presented by contractors some of them are mentioned below:

Open Tender:

Under this, contractors are advertise their project and permits many contractors to apply for tender documents. Sometimes this method is said to be wasteful for contractors because it spends so many times in order to prepare tender.

Selective Tender:

Under this, employers are selected by those contractors which have enough knowledge and skills of doing construction in an effective manner (Winge and Albrechtsen, 2018). Therefore, contractors are also pre- qualified and it is quite difficult for them to reject lowest contract.

Negotiating Tenders:

It is obtained by the employer where contractors are going to be invited, in order to submit their prices for a project. It is one the good satisfactory tender all the queries are being settled and this is for specialized work when particular equipments are needed to complete the work (Types of tender, 2018).


among, all Negotiating tender is being chosen as per the case scenario because various price list are being offered by contractors and it is up to the owner to choose best and lowest price for the completion of construction (Abidemi and, 2018).

d) Presenting How Construction Industry Has Developed Overall in Terms of Structure, Employees

The construction company has developed overall in the terms of company structure. As the industry mainly follows following organizational structure such as:

Functional Design:

It is a common form of traditional and hierarchical organizational structure which includes well defined lines of top- down communications .

Departmental Horizontal Separation:

It helps to determine the size of a company in which business owner assumes general management roles as well as responsibility (Liao and Teo, 2018).

Inter-departmental Design:

Under this, specific job roles follows the same hierarchical structure in which decision making as well as communication flows. For example, authorities in the construction industry have hierarchical structure in which operations department head to project executives (Hurlimann and, 2018).


Functional design is quite suitable for the case scenario because it is traditional and follows hierarchical structure in which different authorities and communications flow from the owner to the management team in order to rank and file construction employees.

e) Critically Evaluate How Construction Companies Have Developed Their Structure and Business Ethos

Construction industry developed their structure in the form of functional design as well as departmental horizontal design while on the other side, business ethos are those moral principles which must be follow during the time of contract. Such as incontext of case scenario, every decision must be taken in right manner so that a system must have some moral principles in which human actions and proposals are being judged in respect of particular class of human actions (Belle, 2017). However it has been critically evaluated that companies needed both structure and business ethics and it creates positive impact for the construction industry because it helps to determine all moral standards which are used to guide the decision making that going to effect entire process of construction.


a) Presenting Different Types Of Construction Companies With Features

There are various kinds of construction companies that are being run in the market area. They are described as follows:-

Small Renovation Contractors:

These are small amount-based companies that do their entire work from home. Some features are mentioned below:

  • These companies generally work on jobs that require small amount of capital and it is not require to estimate for large construction organization.
  • They have their office in their homes and perform all paper work at night (Ball, 2014).

General Contractors:

These companies are experts when they needs some alteration work and to work in new buildings. Some features are mentioned below:

  • They are specialized in basically public work.
  • They sub contract the major portion of their work in which they generally perform many of the trades.

Owner Building:

They act as an owner builder not in the form of contractor such as they either sell on completion or rent it. Some features are:

  • These type of companies basically build only for their own ownership with a motive of either to sell on work completion or to rent and operate.

Real Estate Developer:

They build companies on the basis of personal ownership and features are

  • This type of owner-builder build for the ownership who wants to build in order to sell before or after the completion of work.


Forthe given case scenario, a small renovation company will be suitable because they work at small capital and provide best work and further their office is also at their own home. Therefore, they also perform home alteration or small official work for the company.

b) Relationship Which Exists Between The Companies Working On Construction Project

As the small renovation company in construction project helps and provide job opportunities which are require at small amount of capital and further it does not require much estimating for large organization. In the context of case scenario, as they wants to manage work and therefore it is quite necessary for a company to maintain relationship with contractors, owner and labour in order to get work completed on time (Finkel, 2015).

These small renovation companies have the ability to grow from this type of contractors into a general contractor which mainly depends on the training and ability of business. Therefore,they has to maintain better relationship with all the co- workers who are involved during a project. The relationship between main contractors and sub- contractors is such that contractors allot work to their sub contractors and keep monitoring them in order to get the work completed on time. They reflect positive relationship with their sub contractors so that the entire work will be completed on time.

c) Link Which Connects Construction Companies

Construction companies have strong linkage with each other such that they contributes maximum amount of its share to the economy of a country. All the construction companies are link with each other such that small renovation contractor company provides good small renovation contractor so that they may be expected to eventually move into the forward directions (Ashworth and Perera, 2018). while on the other side, general contractors are expert in their all work such as alteration in work or develop new building and for owner builder they may uses the companies in their own personal way such that they may either sell or rent those companies when the work is done on time.

d) Factors That Differentiate Between Construction Company Contract And Tenders


it is an agreement that is entered between the buyer and some another party. It is an execution of all work in order to supply of goods , works as well as services. This are differ from tender because it belongs to various specific terms such as duration, quality of work and specification etc. Or it is a legal binding agreement that is signed by owner and builder in order to execute the work in specific time period.


It is a formal invitation to trade under some specific terms which are accepted by company's owner and builder (Hammond, 2018). Or it is a construction bidding process or a proposal that is submitting before the construction is being started. This is undertaking of a construction project which is not choose on the basis of low cost prices but it is selected by the quality that they are offered.


a) Presenting The Modern Construction Process And Sequence That Used by Today's Industry

Precast Flat Panel System:

Modern construction companies sues modern techniques such as they chooses concrete and inter- connecting infrastructure in order to do work in more effective way. Moreover, they also uses precast flat panel system which includes floor and wall units which are produced in off- site in a factory (Winge and Albrechtsen, 2018).

3D Volumetric Construction:

It is another modern process includes 3D volumetric construction that further involves benefits of concrete such as thermal mass, sound and fire resistance as well as provide best quality of factory equipments with great accuracy.

Hybrid Concrete Construction:

It is the another modern method that is used by today's construction industry which helps to provide greater construction speed with best quality and overall economy.

Ways of Sustainability Needs:

  • It helps in less traffic disruption.
  • Improves in energy performance.
  • Reduces the waste while construction.


b) Presenting Contract Planning Techniques

Critical Path Analysis:

It is one of the most important tool management that help manager to handle complex and time sensitive operation during construction. It is a planning tool that is a list all activities that are required to complete the project as well as time duration. Using this, builder calculates longest path of planned activities to end up the project.

Line of Balancing Techniques:

It is planning tool of diagram that comprises a series of all lines that helps to represents the work between repetitive operations in a sequence of construction (Abidemi and, 2018).

Precedence Diagram:

It is a diagrammatic tool that is used for scheduling all activities in a construction field. It is network of schedule diagram which uses boxes and nodes which are connected with arrows.


critical path analysis is the best suited planning technique which is used in the current scenario because it helps to manage all complex operations during the time of construction. It further helps to determine which task can be delayed and how long it takes time to manage entire project.

c) BIM Impacts Upon Operations and Construction Companies

BIM is a model which is a new form of information processing that helps to get work completed on time. In the present scenario, the use of BIM helps to creates efficiency so that all users will do work in proper time and overall it creates positive impact upon construction industry (Belle, 2017). Moreover, in the operational field, using of BIM will help to identify actual reality of doing work, managing the control of work and moreover it helps to reduces the chances of doing work again and again.

Overall, BIM helps the construction companies to improve their collaborations and resolve the conflicts during work place. Therefore, it helps to creates positive impact upon operations as well as construction industry such that BIM is increasing the number of stimulation tools that helps in calculation of building energy performance.

(d) Describing Construction Has Developed Innovation Designs Within Contracts For Micro and Macro Projects Within The Context of BIM.

Constructive industries are the most innovative and challenging industry firm that helps to build up the new managerial infrastructure and long term growth such as company build-up the new building. The term BIM that is building information modelling is the process which involves generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places. This term helps to invent innovative designs of building that helps to get good results and goals. Constriction industry has invested long term plan and innovative designs for its clients and country such as BIM helps to make this happen. They develop new designs and growth channel. Constructing or manufacturing industry are the leaders of innovation. Global construction market is forecast to grow by over 70 % by 2025. In order to UK to be at the forefront of this growth. In terms of status or forecast market of the firm that affect the business UK market helping growth. In terms of forecasting process that helps to make the better target marketing goals (Kelly, Male and Graham, 2014). Innovation is the long term process of translating an idea into a good or services that meets the better growth. Innovation and make them more competitive and growth. Overall, innovation or the process of translating the overall growth. Innovation is the process which transfers an idea into a good or services that meets a new or existing needs and create value.


(a) Explaining How Health & Safety Become an Integrated Part of The Construction Process.

Health and safety is the foremost concern in constructive industry which affects present workers' confidence and self confident. Expectations from workers are very much high in construction industry that helps to motivate it into the biggest manner. Construction sites around the world that affect the leading resourceful goals (Baldwin, 2017). In constructive industry health and safety is very much essential to manage interests and influences of multiple and projects contributors and stakeholders goals. This brings the new positive working environment goals. It becomes integrated part of the company or interindustry that makes positive and healthy environment. Such as this facts helps client to get the proper attention towards the goals amd make the better industrial building and factories manufacturing for baby foods soaps etc. Construction company needs to implement all safety or precaution needs between the safety zone. That affect the long term growth and best leading sources. Safety designs are the integral part of UK constructive companies. All state and territory H&ampS legislations requires some form of systematic approach to managing proper policy legislations. Safety and design play a crucial role in the development of workers stability (Walker, 2015). Safety from all injuries would help in making buildings near Heathrow Airport. Due to this site inter connecting with main road on the other side of the site 6 km away from the river.

(b) Describing The Government Legislation Which Has Benchmarked Health &amp Safety Within Construction.

On the basis of current scenario, under which client needs many building and structural design in order to build manufacturing industries. For that, they need to acquire all necessary health and safety precautionary needs. In order to make the proper effective goals. Health and safety precautions are the relevant crucial concern for construction industries (Howarth and Greenwood, 2017). Constructive industry must be protected and also minimizes the hazards which will vary in nature and significance. In order to built different manufacturing design. Industry needs to modify the growth and implemented all necessary H&ampS precautions on the measurements. Constructive industry needs to set the following stages to make the H&ampS needs alive within the working place (Hardin and McCool, 2015).

Such as policy, organising, planning and implementation and measuring performance. This also helps to control the better resourceful planning goals. Policy includes all legal requirement and gives best practices level to the workers. There are some act that helps constructive industry to do better job such Legislations are the building act 1984, CDM regulations 2014 etc. these act must be acquired by construction industry in order to meet the company as well as client needs.

(c) Explaining The Role of Collaboration Industry and Communication in Ensuring Safe Working Practices.

Apart from this, safety and culture as a concept has benefited from greater growth channel. Collaboration and communication is more fruitful and ensuring safety and working practices. This helps to keep the working environment positive and most effective growth channel. This helps to control the better environmental growth. This also most effective and best effective growth channel (Bratton and Gold, 2017). Collaboration mainly solve the problem approach that encourages researches to work together across department. It helps to resolve the problem issues and make the better decision making approach. Collaboration plays a most important role to get the best productive outputs. Collaboration in work place would help to motivate people and more appropriate channel of growth. This would help to control better task goal objectives. This overall working activity will help company to build different nature of buildings and goals.

(d) How The Construction Industry Has Benefited Through Changes in Health &amp Safety Legislation.

By improving the health &amp Safety needs company can get the better resourceful planning to implement better resourceful planning growth. Improving H&ampS needs will help to protect staff protection level. This helps to enhance the level of growth. This also helps to reduce the absence and sick leave by the employees (Howarth and Greenwood, 2017). This process also helps to develop the overall needs and goals that affect the overall business perspective. Overall, this improvement in health and safety policies will help to make the reputation of the company. This also helps to make the better resourceful planning.

Benefits of Health &amp Safety Legislation

  • It helps to protect staff from uncertain activity or injuries.
  • Reduce absences and sick leaves from employees
  • Helps to retain potential employees
  • Encourage productivity and profit margin for the company.

(e)Evaluate The Impact of Health & Safety Legislation, How it Has Evolved The Drivers For it, And its Advantages or Weaknesses Within Construction.

It is very important to follow health and safety legislation in construction industry. This is because it led to a healthy and better environment. Also, it helps in minimising the risk that and health hazards that are associated with it. Moreover, by following rules and regulations it becomes easy to work in systematic way (Bratton and Gold, 2017).


the health rules provide a basic guideline about what policies and rules can be developed. Through this, industry provides tools and equipment that are necessary in it. This enable in considering the health measures and standards.


Its main drawback is construction industry is expanded all over the world, so it is very difficult to cope up with changes. Also, government regulates this industry so there is constant change in standards (Baldwin, 2017). Furthermore, there is a great impact of natural disaster on this industry.

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On the basis of overall study, it has been concluded that the construction industry is the most important sector that helps to keep a better reputation in the market. Overall study has been clear about the construction industry and their scope between all parties within a constructive organisation. Overall study discussed the development process of the construction industry after implementation of Health and safety needs. Need more details about online assignment help connect our experts.

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